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The moment she opened her eyes, Snow White knew something was different and as she jumped into sitting position and looked around she knew she was right- they were back. Back in their marital bed, lying on their silken sheets, buried under heavy duvet the sounds of nature and city surrounding them made their way into royal chambers.

''James! James!'' Snow shook her husband, until he stirred

''What?'' he asked, disoriented as he turned around looking at his wife. Seeing her exited look on her face he quickly looked around and reality hit him right in the face. ''We're back. We are really back.'' he whispered

''Yes, yes we are.'' confirmed Snow looking happy ''We'll get to see our daughter and grandson!''

''I know, I know.'' replied James with genuine happy face, as he couldn't wait to see Emma and Henry. He knew, unlike Snow, that it won't be on their terms. There was this feeling deep inside him that knew that Emma went through portal with Regina because she loves her, not because she was forced.

''We need to alert the council to meet immediately.'' said dark haired woman throwing duvet off of her and jumping out of the bed. James sighed knowing what kind of long day lays before him.

Groaning from dull pain that consumed his right side of body, Neal sit up from the dirty road he found himself on. Getting up he brushed off the dust of his pants and shirt looking around to see just where the hell he is and how he got there. As he remembered the sounds and smell of forest that he tried to forget long time ago, he spun few times in panic, sounds of the animals and wind came crushing down on him as they became louder every moment. He tried to breathe but he couldn't, air was almost none existent for him, even though he took gulps of fresh air deep inside his lungs. If he was in right state of mind, he would notice the first signs of real full panic attack and tried to calm himself, but he was so enraged at being in Enchanted forest again that he couldn't wrap his head around anything but the face that he was in a place he never wanted to see again. Through his blurred vision, he spotted a dark, lanky figure few feet away from him that was rapidly approaching; he would recognize slight limp and those body movement everywhere.

''Father?'' he questioned, taking few steps back, staggering as he could not keep a good balance to save his life.

''I'm here Bae. I'm here.'' Rumple reached out to his son and steadied him. Coming back to his senses, Bae shook his head a bit and then took a step back from his father ''Why did you bring me back?! Why?'' he yelled

''It wasn't me!'' said Rumple quickly ''There was a portal opening timer and when it went off, it sucked all of us back. Including you.''

''I don't want to be here!'' Bae yelled at his father

''Not even if I say your son is here?'' Rumple asked looking right into his son's eyes with smirk on his face.

Emma and Regina were both on high alert, they knew the rest of people were transported back from Storybrooke and they anticipated Snow's next move. Emma was determent to go and talk to her parents in the evening, but until then, both Emma and Regina had to think about all of the possibilities.

''You seemed troubled.'' said Emma ''Even more so than I anticipated.'' she moved behind Regina who was seating on a small bench that she placed next to balcony door so she could gaze in distance. Emma was charmed with the view from the first day- forest and mounting with white crowns made spectacular view, especially during sun set. She massaged tensed shoulder under her gentle, but firm hands as she tried her best to relax the monarch.

''Army is ready and we did everything in case your parents don't see the light of reason.'' Regina sighed still looking in distance ''I just remembered the battles I witnessed, those I caused and those in which I defended my own kingdom. Many battles and one war was against your parents, there were few battles against armies and warlords that didn't really had their land they just pillaged wherever they went and of course- the war against king George.'' Regina paused exhaling deeply as Emma patiently waited for her to continue ''You know how Henry compares everything with the books and movies he knows?'' feeling Emma's nod more than seeing it Regina continued ''He had seen many movies that idolized war heroes and warriors, battles between good and evil and I've seen it. There is no dignity in death Emma, there is no rewards for either side. Most importantly, there aren't good or bad people in the battle- only those who die and those who do anything not to die.'' Regina gently shock her head and then turned slightly looking up into Emma's eyes while squeezing hand that was on her right shoulder ''I know that if it happens, I will make sure Henry never sees it but knowing that he is here and however small that there is possibility of something happening to him makes my blood run cold.''

''Regina, we will reach agreement.'' Emma assured Regina ''Even if we don't today, we will soon- I'm sure Snow wouldn't let unleashed her army on her own daughter and grandson.''

''Emma, she already did when she sent those seekers against us in Storybrooke. The essence potion they took made them dangerous and there is no way Snow didn't know that or that somebody didn't warn her about side effects of it.'' Regina stated

''Hey, hey.'' Emma said as she sat next to Regina taking both of her hands into her own ''I will do everything I can to prevent the war, alright? We will see where we stand in few hours honey. What I want you to know and not to forget tonight is that Henry and I aren't going anywhere, we are family- whether they accept it or not. You are not alone in this and you will never be alone again.'' finished Emma as she kissed Regina's palms ''I can sense your fear Regina and I promise I will never choose anything over you.''

''Thank you, my love.'' said Regina pressing her lips against Emma's in soft and chaste kiss.

Snow White's head was hurting seriously as she spent her entire day with her Council and Generals planing to invade Evil Queen's land, but she was glad that plans are moving smoothly and without resistance from her Council. Army is getting ready for battle and the word will start to spread through land about upcoming war.

Just when she thought she could retire in her room for the rest of the day, her maid walked into her office

''Your Majesty, Rumple and his son Baelfire are waiting for you in Throne room. They said it was urgent and to send for both you and His Majesty, king James.'' she bowed

''Did you send for James as well?'' Snow asked as she got up from her desk.

''Yes, Your Majesty.'' maid replied and Snow nodded, moving pass her maid and down the hall towards the Throne room.

As she reached the door of Throne room, Snow spotted James coming towards her from other direction ''Do you know what's going on?'' asked James as he came up to her.

''Have no idea, but it's Rumple- we can expect almost everything.'' Snow said sighing as they both entered the room. Rumple and his son stood in the middle of the room and as royal couple entered, they both bowed- Bae out of duty and his father out of mocking.

''You asked for us, Rumple?'' asked Snow as she sat down on her throne, James sitting next to her in his own throne.

''Yes, Your Majesty'' he nodded ''I brought to you my son and biological father of your grandson Henry.'' he stated making both Snow and James gasp

''Is this true?'' Snow asked looking at the handsome man standing few feet away.

''Yes, your Majesty.'' he nodded ''I have dated Emma 10 years ago and I knew she was pregnant with my child. I have never seen he boy, as life separated Emma and myself before I could.''

''What kind of life event did separate you from the woman you love and your child?'' asked James in cold and threatening tone.

''She was imprisoned, Your Majesty.'' Bae responded '' I was not, I ran away.''

''Coward then.'' James responded, not really taking in his surrounding and his wife's expression.

''James...'' said Snow in calming voice ''This is our grandson's father and future husband of our daughter. They were separated before, but they will find their way back, they will find each other like we did.''

''Snow, you can not be serious!'' James gasped, looking at his wife as if she had gone mad ''He abandoned our pregnant daughter in jail!''

''James, people change, that happened 10 years ago.'' Snow replied looking at her husband who was overreacting in her opinion 'Now, maybe I'm getting ahead of myself saying he is Emma's future husband, but he must be Emma's real true love! Henry is the proof!'' she exclaimed

Before James could reply or Rumple interrupt, a loud crack followed by purple smoke filled the right part of the room making guards as well as James pull out their swords. When the smoke cleared it revealed Emma, Regina and Henry standing in front of balcony door.

''Emma! Thank goodness! You're alright!'' exclaimed Snow, rushing towards Emma and Henry, hugging them closer. Then she looked at Regina while putting her arm on Emma's left side of body pushing her away from Regina ''You! Get away from my daughter!''

''MM!'' Emma exclaimed pushing away Snow's arm and putting her own around Henry pulling him closer and moving back to Regina ''What is wrong with you?''

''With me?! Emma, she is the Evil Queen! She's the reason you grew up alone! You have no idea what she has done!'' Snow screamed. With her husband she always had a final word, she was the Queen so her followers had no choice but to listen to her, but Emma was her daughter- daughter who grew up in foreign land without her so she had no power over her and that scared Snow the most.

''I know, MM! I saw it! I experienced everything she did through life when I kissed! When I kissed her and broke the curse!'' Emma yelled back, still holding Henry tightly against her.

''She has magic, she made you believe things that aren't true!'' said Snow, her voice still raised. Emma noticed the change in petite woman as it happened and Emma was skilled with reading people and knew the type of people who went from happiness to absolute rage in matter of moments. Those were most unpredictable, easy to blow up and quick to make a decision that would later regret. All the hope Emma felt earlier disappeared into thin air as she watched the woman in front of her and was replaced with worry.

''MM, she has magic, but so do I.'' replied Emma calmly ''True loves kiss broke the curse. You knew I was in love Regina, you knew everything! You couldn't have forgotten so soon! Why is this such a big surprise?'' asked Emma, her voice gradually rising.

''No!'' yelled Snow, pointing to Rumple and Bae standing almost in the middle of the room. ''He is your true love! He's Henry's father'' exclaimed Snow making all three faces look at the man.

''What?'' yelled Regina and Henry, while Emma just looked at the man whom she once believed. Once upon a time, she even believed she was in love with him.

''Neal.'' she said, warning tone in her voice clear enough. She looked at Snow again ''MM..'' she began but Snow interrupted her

''It's Snow! My name is Snow, I'm your mother not your best friend.''

''Very well, Snow '' growled Emma ''What is meaning of this?'' she hissed looking into Snow's eyes.

''He showed up saying he's Henry's father and I'm sure you, as his mother, would like your son to know his father.'' replied Snow, scheduling her features and smiling.

''Henry already has two parents!'' Emma yelled ''Regina has been his mother since he was born and I'm grateful to be in his life now! You can bark and scream as long as you want, but Henry's real mom is Regina. I gave birth to him- yes, Neal was the sperm donor-yes, but the only parent he had through out his life up till recently was Regina.''

''I think I was more than just a sperm donor, Emma.'' Bae said moving towards Emma and Snow where they stood arguing. Emma could feel Regina's rage coming of her in waves and she wanted nothing more than run to dark beauty and tell her that everything will be alright, but she had an argument to win.

''No, you weren't anything more to Henry.'' Emma replied ''To me- you were the first person I believed and the person I thought saw the real me. However, that was not true, only a teenage fantasy that imploded as you left me pregnant in jail for something you did. I was 17 at the time and let's be honest- I had no idea what was I getting myself into. So to me, you're long forgotten mistake.'' finished Emma making both Bae and Snow gasp at harsh tone.

Snow recovered first and moved pass Emma to Henry who was standing next to Regina, he still couldn't believe that Emma was his biological mother or that he had a father. Henry always knew he had biological mother and father somewhere, but he didn't really think about them, because Regina was the only parent he ever wished for.

''Henry, you now know that you have a mother and a father, you don't have to stay with Evil Queen anymore.'' Snow said bending over so she was eye to eye with Henry. Suddenly Snow felt a blast of energy that moved her few feet away, she didn't fly through air and she wasn't hurt in any way but energy pushed her away.

''Get away from my son, you empty headed, two faced idiot.'' growled Regina at Snow, deadly look in her eyes.

''Did you see it Emma?!'' Snow screamed ''I told you we can not trust her!''

''Enough already!'' roared James at his wife ''Can we all just take a minute to calm down.'' he finished then looked at Snow ''Snow, we'll never reach understanding this way.''

''I don't need an understanding! I want my family!'' replied Snow

''You can't just take us Snow!'' Emma said ''We're not property!'' yelled Emma ''We already have a home and our own family! We want to be in good relations with you as well, but that's not gonna happen if you don't snap out of this madness.''

''You really want to live with a murderer?! She killed and tortured people!''

''So did you!'' Regina yelled, for the first time since they arrived ''Just because you looked away, doesn't mean your soldiers didn't do it for you! You know it!''

''I only did those things when there wasn't any other way!'' Snow defended

''Well, join the club!'' Regina yelled back

''We should go.'' Emma said loudly, moving towards Regina and Henry ''This was obviously a mistake.''

''Emma, wait!'' her father called desperate ''You came here for a reason, please.'' he pleaded. Room was suddenly quiet and Emma spoke ''I wanted to tell you that I'm fine and that you don't need to start a war against us.''

''We would never start a war against you!'' said Snow ''We'll kill Evil Queen, people want a revenge Emma!'' exclaimed Snow

''Well then, you are starting a war against me.'' said Emma ''If you go to war against my future wife and our son, you're going to war against me.'' blonde finished

''Hold on a minute.'' Bae said ''I have a right to see my son!'' he also yelled.

''You have no right whatsoever!'' yelled Emma, blood rushing to her cheeks in anger.

''Maybe we should let Henry decide!'' said Snow looking at Henry ''Henry, would you rather go with Evil Queen or would you rather stay here with your real grandparents and father?''

Henry was silent for a moment, looking at everybody in his room, information he learned in last few minutes going through his mind. But then memory from few days ago hit him:

''Honey, what's wrong?'' she questioned as she sat down on the chair nearest to her and started caress his back trying to comfort him, while looking at Emma for some answers.

''They said I won't see you!'' exclaimed Henry, tears falling down his cheeks. ''I want to go home! I don't want to see you only at dinner and if you have time! Please, mom!'' he sobbed hysterically. Emma moved towards them kissed Henry's temple ''Henry, it'll be alright, we won't leave you.''

Regina quickly realized what was the problem, being well acquainted with the laws and ways of this realm, and her anger on both of her maids raised. She knew it wasn't their fault and her anger subsided a bit, just enough not to yell at them in front of Emma and Henry.

''Honey, listen to me.'' said Regina ''I will not leave you, nor me nor Emma, we won't see each other only at dinner time, our days will be exactly the same as they always were, alright?'' Henry didn't respond, even though his sobbing stopped. ''Nothing will change, except the house we live in and few people. I will make sure our days don't change, if it means I'll change rules on the way, it will be so. Emma and you are much more important to me than the throne.'' Regina explained, not noticing her maid's wide open eyes and shocked expression.

''You promise too, Emma?'' Henry asked

''Of course, honey.'' said Emma kissing his temple once again ''You and Regina will always be my top priority, no matter what. I love you Henry and your mom as well, nothing will ever change that.''

''Okay.'' he nodded looking at his parents and smiling, feeling safe in their embrace.

Within a moment another memory came into his mind:

''You love Emma?'' he asked

''I do.'' she answered ''But Henry, I remembered.''

''You remembered what?'' he asked lifting his head to look her in the eyes

''I was a terrible person Henry, I hurt people, so much.'' she cried again

''I love you mom.'' he said hugging her once again

''You won't if you find out what I did.'' she said quietly

''Mom, Emma and I talked about stuff.'' he started ''She said how she did wrong in her life too, but that she didn't know better at the time.''he paused ''I think that when person tries to be better, we have to give her a chance.''

''Oh Henry'' sighed Regina ''I know how will others react.'' she started ''I just want you to know that no matter what mistakes I did before, I will always love you and that I would never hurt you. Ever.''

''I know, mom.'' he murmured ''I love you, mom.''

''I want to stay with my moms.'' said Henry loudly and clearly. Emma nodded, moved back to Regina as the purple smoke encircled the and they disappeared.

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