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Emma sat on the roof of her apartment building trying to figure out life. Jack always blabbed about karma and reincarnation so she wondered, assuming that he was right, what kind of monster she had to be in previous life. Even if she scratched that bullshit about karma and reincarnation, she still couldn't help but wonder- 'What the hell did I do this to deserve this kind of life?' She never allowed herself to ponder about questions like that, because they couldn't bring nothing but the pain. Life is a bitch, she concluded, as she remembered how she was put in another home every few months, how some of adoptive parents were cruel to her and others seemed to just leave her alone not caring at all, how she only allowed herself to care for one man who broke her heart at the end.

But far the worst feeling Emma ever experienced was the pain she felt as she gave away her son. There hasn't been a day when she didn't think about him, hoping he was out of the system she grew up in, praying to the heavens she didn't believe in that he's safe and secure.

Emma sighed and went back to her apartment thinking 'What kind of monster leaves their child? Leaves their child in the hands of the system? The same system that tortured them and left empty shell out of them.' As she walked into apartment, Emma noticed envelope with her name on it on the floor. She picked it up and opened it, for the first time in too many years bright smile appeared on Emma's face. She knew where her son is.

''Mom!'' yelled Henry as he sprinted towards Regina who was waiting for him in front of the school. Regina made sure she always worked from 8am to 4pm, to make sure Henry was never alone too much or with the babysitter. She was always available for emergencies, just like Dr. Whale, but other than that she never worked outside her work hours. People never had a problem with that, besides there never seemed to be that many patients with life-threatening illnesess' around the town anyway.

''Hi baby'' she embraced him

''Mom!'' he whined ''Not in front of the school.''

''My bad'' she nodded and whispered to him ''But you'll always be my baby boy.''

''I know, mom'' Henry rolled his eyes and followed his mom towards their car

''Hey mom'' he said when they entered ''Can we go camping?''

''Like that one time we went to the forest near lake?'' she asked smiling

''Yeah!'' he said excited

''Abosolutely out of the question.'' she said loosing her smile ''I ended up with six stitches.''

''I said I was sorry'' he pouted

''I know you are'' she smiled warmly but then added ''Still, when hell freezes over.''

''Fine, but let me tell you, I'll be the only boy who will not have a clue what to do on the school trip this year.''

''Well honey, you can always camp in our back yard.'' she smiled ''That way you'll learn how to set up tent.''

''How will that help? I should be able to start a fire and look for wood as well.''

''You can always compromise with others, each takes one task.'' she started ''So if you learn how to set up a tent, you can always be a maid.'' she joked

''Not funny.'' Henry said, trying to keep a smile from his face

'Welcome to Storybrooke' was the sign Emma passed about half an hour ago. The town was deserted, which was not strange considering it was almost midnight. She found herself in the middle of the small town and she stopped in front of the only bed and breakfast she saw on her way. She get out of her car and entered the small restaurant

''Hello there'' tall, beautiful woman approached her ''You are new around here.''

''Yes, I am.'' Emma nodded ''I'm Emma.''

''Well, I'm very pleased to meet you Emma'' woman said checking Emma out ''I'm Ruby.''

''Nice to meet you too Ruby'' Emma flashed her smile ''I've noticed your sign, so I was wondering do you have an available room?''

''Of course we do sugar, it's only beginning of the month.'' Ruby smiled and added ''I'll take you to the reception.'' Emma followed Ruby through nicely decorated hall and to the small reception where elderly woman read some paper.

''Hey Grandma, this is Emma.'' Ruby said causing Granny to look up

''Hello'' Granny smiled

''Good evening.'' Emma smiled

''Emma would like to rent a room.'' Ruby said

''For how long, honey?'' asked Granny

''I'm not sure, until I ran out of the money or I find a place to live.'' Emma smiled sheepishly

''Alright then, honey. I'll get you the key and papers to sign.''

''Hey Ruby, what did you mean by 'it's only beginning of the month'?''

''To tell you the truth, Granny only had restaurant before. But, every month, few men ended up sleeping on the couch or in front of their house after their wives kick them out. So when she opened this, they started to come here instead of sleeping on the cold floor. We don't charge much, but again, we earn more now.'' Ruby smiled

''You have some dangerous women around here.'' Emma shook her head, smile on her lips

''Well, actually the man around here are to blame. They are local drunks, so their wives throw them out at the end of each month to have some peace.'' Ruby said and then laughed ''They're not bad or violent people, but they tend to sing a lot.''

It was Emma turn to laugh at the picture that conjured in her mind. ''Well then, I'm sure they've gotten what they deserved.''

''Good morning Ruby'' Regina greeted as she entered the small restaurant

Emma was sitting at one of the tables near the bar, her back turned towards the door as she sipped her morning coffee. She looked towards the woman that greeted Ruby and stopped her movements- the woman was pure perfection, at least from behind. Her beautiful figure clad in blue dress that did justice to her behind and legs, short black hair was well taken care of and her voice send chill down Emma's spine. Emma was shocked for a moment, she never had a feeling like that, she never even liked people at first sight.

''Good morning Dr. Mills'' 'Mills?! Regina Mills? She adopted my son!' was the next thought that ran trough Emma's mind

''How are you Ruby?''

''I'm great'' Ruby smiled widely ''I have a new friend.''

''Oh really?'' Regina laughed

''Yes, this is Emma Swan.'' Ruby said and pointed at Emma. Regina turned around to see newcomer, Emma was stunned at the elegance and beauty of the woman in front of her.

''Hello, I'm Regina Mills.''

''Hi,'' Emma said and shook offered hand ''I'm..I'm Emma.'' she smiled

''Welcome to Storybrooke Emma.'' she said

''Thank you.'' Emma said

''Is Henry coming to the game at Saturday?'' asked Ruby, drawing Regina's attention to herself

''Yes, he is.'' smiled Regina ''Not only to watch though, coach said he is old enough to get into the game.''

''Way to go kid.'' Ruby cheered ''Your order will be in only a minute, our oven had mind of its own this morning.''

''It's okay.'' smiled Regina

Front doors opened and sheriff walked in ''Good morning Ruby, Dr. Mills.'' he smiled

''You look stunning as always Dr. Mills'' he flirted

''Thank you Sheriff, you look the same as always too.'' she offered weak smile

''And who do we have here?'' he asked

''I'm Emma'' stated Emma

''You're here on business Emma?'' he questioned and she laughed ''Wouldn't you like to know?''

She saw both Regina and Ruby smile at the comment.

''I would, I am the provider of safety around here.'' he stated with hands on his hips

''Oh, I see.'' Emma said ''Good thing you don't have a lot of work.''

''What would you know about being a officer?'' he snickered

''I know quite a lot actually, but that's not something you should worry about. I'm not here to harm anyone nor to do damage to anyone.'' she said seriously and calmly.

Once again the door of the small restaurant opened up and interrupted Sheriffs comment as huge dog ran inside and towards the kitchen, successfully nudging Regina on the way. Regina lost her balance and prepared herself to land on cold tiles, but the fall never came. Strong arms circled her waist, stopped her fall and helped her up; Regina noticed how soft the skin of other women is and that Emma smelled like vanilla and honey. Emma helped her up and in process ended up pressing her front to Regina's back, which caused both women to swallow hard.

''Pongo!''yelled Ruby catching the dog

''Thank you Emma.'' Regina smiled and look at the blonde as she took a step away from Emma. Emma couldn't believe how beautiful smile the woman had

''Don't mention it.'' Emma smiled and then looked at Ruby who was still holding the dog ''I'll see you later, Rubes.'' with that she walked out on the street thanking fate, karma, god, anything and everything that Henry ended up in Regina's arms. Emma never knew just how she could see through people, but she did and when she saw Regina and talked to her (even only for a moment) she knew that Regina is good mother to her son. She sighed and hoped she'll see him soon, maybe even friend him.

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