Phoenix' transformation

Price of magic

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Purple smoke disappeared and three figures, holding onto each other were revealed. The smallest figure moved away quickly looking up at his mothers, who looked at him in suspense not knowing how he is going to react after everything that had happen at White Kingdom. He didn't utter a single word, just fled with his teary eyes. Regina jumped to follow him, but Emma stopped her

''Let him go.'' she said and Regina turned to look at her as if she'd lost her mind ''Just trust me, he needs to process it. Give him an hour or so, Ruby is looking after him, nothing will happen.''

''Are you mad?'' asked Regina, her anger at Snow, her anger at Emma for telling her how to treat her son, 'My son, where the hell did that came from?!', her inability to protect Henry from the truth and her anger at herself fuelled the raise of Evil Queen and Regina could feel herself slip into her deadly persona.

''I'm not mad, he needs to calm down, he won't hear anything we tell him now anyway.'' said Emma, not really registering the change in Regina. After a moment of silence, Emma finished removing her jacket and turned to Regina presuming dark beauty was angry and she would get the silent treatment for the rest of a day. When she looked at Regina she could see she was wrong, Regina wasn't angry, she was furious and if purple haze that had appeared in her eyes for a moment was any indication- she let the dark side took over. Emma gulped a bit, a thread of fear appeared in her gut: she knew Regina wouldn't hurt her badly and permanently, but she also was very aware how Regina could get when angry. She witnessed it on the night they broke the curse and she relived all of Regina's memories and emotions. Suddenly she felt all of the lectures she watched on tv about deadly animals come into her memory as voices of many tv presenters, the voice of David Attenborough being the loudest, telling her to stay calm and not to draw attention on herself. Her body instinctively reacted; her breathing got heavier, her pupils dilated and her body stiffened. If Emma was honest, while her body prepared to be attacked, it also sensed that it's Regina and the sight of older woman made Emma's body fill with arousal.

''I do not think you understand your place.'' growled Regina moving towards, now backing, Emma. Emma's body was soon pressed against cold, white stone wall made of perfectly cut rectangle shaped stones that, Emma was certain, were made by Regina's magic. Emma gasped as she felt a force around her wrists, a velvet smooth, purplish see through force that was extension of Regina's magical core tighten around her wrists, making Emma press the entire length of her arms against the wall. While her first thought was to fight, Emma resigned and believing that Regina would keep her safe, she put her entire being into Regina's hands. If Regina was surprised at Emma's submissive behavior she didn't show it at all, as she waved her hand making Emma's clothes disappear. Younger woman's body shuddered as her whole body was now exposed to the fresh air of the room and cold wall behind her; her nipples hardened and a visible shiver passed through her body. Regina smirked as she noticed Emma's reaction as she took in the sight before her, while Regina was more curvaceous, Emma was stronger: her muscles weren't ripped but they were tense and her body was solid and lean.

Regina's nails scratched Emma from the valley between her round and full breasts, down to solar plexus and her abs, making sure to put just a little more pressure into her work as she passed her lower abs and steadied her hands on Emma's hips. Emma's breathing was much harder than before, her chest moving up and down making Regina grin at the sight; Emma closed her eyes as her tongue wet her dry lips. Blonde yelped as the queen pulled her forward slightly, grabbing her blond locks to bend her head backwards surprising Emma whose eyes were now wide open.

''They stay open.'' commanded Regina, her voice deep and raw, her eyes almost black from desire ''Look at me at all time. Never forgets who can make you kneel.'' she finished with a snarl pushing blonde down to her knees. Emma felt the magical force around her wrists loosen enough for her to fall down on her knees as Regina pulled her down by her hair. At the same time older woman's body was surrounded with purple smoke who cleared a moment later, leaving naked Regina in front of her.

Emma found herself in front of Regina's heat and her mouth dropped open as her brain finally caught up with her surroundings, the way Regina so swiftly and efficiently played her.

''Good girl.'' Regina cooed smirking as she pushed her hips forward, making Emma take her into her mouth. As soon as she came to her senses, Emma's lips closed around Regina clit making older woman moan deeply as she tightened her hold of blonde curls. Emma groaned at the taste of Regina which she adored so much and began to alter her movements between sucking at her queen's clit and licking her folds making sure to put pressure on the points that she knew would make Regina mad with desire. As Regina's moans became louder, she moved forward, pressing Emma's head against the wall as she started to grind her hips into blonde's mouth. Regina was sky rocketing towards her climax and she opened her eyes to look down at Emma, who was looking up at her with her eyes open and filled with desire. Seeing Emma in such position, down on her knees in front of her with her mouth pleasing her and letting her do anything she wanted, was what made her reach her climax as she pushed her hips one more time and screamed Emma's name. Emma let Regina ride out her climax and as dark beauty's hands released her hair, her head pressed against the wall as she panted from her orgasm, Emma licked all the juices that flown from her pussy.

After few moments as Regina finally caught her breath and looked down, Emma could clearly see that Regina's eyes were once again normal and that her dark side was sated and it let go of her doctor Mills. Emma easily spotted the trace of regret, shame and fear in Regina's eyes so she grabbed older woman's hips with her now free hands; pulling her closer and kissing her navel gently. Looking up she said ''I'm yours my Queen.''

''Emma...'' chocked Regina

''I told you before, I love you.'' Emma interrupted her ''All of you. Good side, dark side and everything in between.''

Ruby found Henry sitting down in the garden on the bench, his sulking and hurt expression very obvious on his young face. After a moment of debate with herself, she approached him and sat next to him.

''You alright?'' she gently asked. Henry stayed quiet, looking into the distance and she decided not to push him. After few moments, he turned his head towards Ruby and looked up to her asking ''Why do grown ups lie?''

Ruby's lips formed a light lopsided smile as she looked at the boy who was so much more mature than kids his age, but in so many ways still a child that needed protection. He was smart and he understood much more than kids who were older than him, he was so good at reading people around him and in all the years she watched him growing up he showed courage in a ways she would never expect. Still, he was just a boy, believing that good always wins, that people always tell the truth to those they care most about. He was still naive, as the harsh reality and injustice never hit him hard.

''Well, sometimes, grown ups are idiots.'' shrugged Ruby ''Sometimes they lie because they feel they have to, to protect themselves. Sometimes they do it to protect those they love and sometimes they do it to gain something. To get ahead in life.'' Ruby looked at him ''There are many reasons people lie, Henry. The truth is that everybody lies, the only difference is why they do it. It's also the only thing that matters.''

''How come?'' asked Henry, looking confused ''Lying can't bring anything good, it only causes people not to trust you!''

''I agree, lying isn't something people should do as a first choice, but rather as the last one.'' Ruby looked at the boy ''Henry, if someone who you love and they love you lied to you, you should ask yourself why they did that. Did they do it to hurt you? Or did they do it to protect you? Never judge before you know why they did it ad if you don't know why yourself, ask them.'' finished Ruby and looked at the boy who was once again gazing into the distance, look of concentration on his face.

Ruby got up and moved away, moving back to the hall of the castle, close enough to look after him and far enough to give him space to think in peace.

Regina was curled next to Emma, who didn't let older woman apologize for what happened earlier. Emma was gently caressing Regina's hair and kissed her forehead.

''We should go to Henry'' murmured Regina ''We let him think long enough, we need to explain to him what happened and why we lied.''

''You are right'' nodded Emma ''He must have though about it long enough and he deserves an explanation.''

After making sure they looked proper, both women made their way down to the garden where they found Ruby leaning against the wall looking at Henry who was sitting on the bench. Ruby's werewolf hearing made her aware of both Emma and Regina as they made their way towards her and she turned to them.

''The kids a bit disappointed and we talked for a while.'' stated Ruby ''But I have a feeling only you can make this situation right.''

''Yeah, we know.'' said Emma ''Thank you for looking after him, we wanted to give him some time to think before we talk.''

Ruby nodded ''I'll be nearby, if you need anything, yell.'' she said going inside the castle.

Regina sighed and looked at Emma who gave her encouraging smile. They moved towards Henry and sat next to him on the bench so he was sitting between them. Henry hadn't moved or talked, he kept looking in the distance, even though the distance was a grey wall of the castle. Garden wasn't small at all, but it was still only an inner garden and surrounded with walls.

''Henry...'' said Regina sadly, moving her hand through his short hair ''Talk to us, please.'' She knew that he would only remain calm for a short while, he was always so hurt when something he felt was injustice happened and he would always be vocal about it.

''Why would you lie to me?'' he asked, anger evident in his voice. He looked up to Regina with his eyes full of anger and hurt and Regina knew he felt hurt because he thought they didn't trust him enough to tell them the truth.

''We would tell you, it just wasn't the right time.'' said Regina and Emma added ''It's my fault mostly.''

Henry now looked to Emma, questioning glance made Emma sigh ''Regina didn't know at the beginning. I wanted to find you and see you one time before I die, I just wanted to know you are okay. When I came to Storybrooke I had no intention to stay, but I did and that was the best thing I ever did. I thought it was very cruel of life to make me fall in love with your mom and let me feel what great feeling is to have a family of your own, only few months before I die. I didn't want to tell you, because I didn't want you to hurt even more when I die. I'm sorry I lied.''

''We're both sorry for lying.'' said Regina ''We only wanted to protect you.''

A brand new expression fell onto Henry's face-fear. He looked at Regina, his eyes full of tears as e remembered that Emma is sick ''You have magic! Can't you save her!''

Regina hugged him tightly and started rocking him gently ''Henry, darling, relax. Everything will be alright, don't worry.'' Emma gently rubbed his back ''Henry it's alright, your mom already healed me. I won't die anytime soon.''

''Really?'' he asked while he buried his head into Regina's shoulder.

''Yes, really.'' said Regina kissing the top of his head ''Emma will not die, she is healthy. We will be a family.'' smiled and looked at Emma who gave her one of her own smiles.

James looked at his wife who was busy talking to Blue how to get Emma and Henry back.

''Snow, will you stop it please?'' he pleaded, both Blue and angry Snow looking at him ''She is with Regina because she wants to be there. I don't like it and you don't like it, but this'' he gestured at both Blue and Snow and at the papers and maps for war that were on nearby table ''will not bring her back. If anything, it will drive her away!''

''Don't take that tone with me!'' Snow yelled ''I know what is best for us, our family and for our kingdom! Emma is sick, James! She won't live long enough for us to meet her properly!'' Snow yelled, tears gathering in her eyes. ''She took my baby girl and I want her back!''

''Listen to me, just listen to me.'' James said to her as he cupped her face with his hands ''If Emma is sick and she doesn't have a lot of time, then she won't survive the war. Regina's army isn't weak and war will be long, she won't survive it! If you send Blue after Emma and Henry to bring them back with magic, Regina will be here sooner than we can blink and you know it. You are spending the last days of our daughters life away from her and it's your fault.''

''My fault?!'' Snow screamed ''It's Regina's fault!'' tears started to fall down her face, but once again rage towards Regina outweighed her love for Emma.

''Snow, Emma loves Regina, she loved her in Storybrooke and she loves her here as well.'' said James ''We need to make our peace with it, or we'll lose her forever without even getting to know her!''

''No! I will have my revenge!'' yelled Snow, but then suddenly grabbed her sides and yelped. The pain went through her body, making her fall to her knees.

''Snow!'' yelled James and knelt next to her, but Snow already lost her consciousness. ''Snow, wake up!'' James caressed her face, hoping Snow would wake up ''Blue, get the healers!''

''Your Majesty'' said Blue, her hoarse voice making James look up and then followed her look down to Snow's lower part of body that was covered in blood. James knew immediately what it meant and it broke his heart as he yelled ''Guards! Get the healer!''

As guards entered and then rushed to get the healer, Rumple made his way into the room and at the sight in front of him said quietly ''Every magic has it's price. Including one done for all the right reasons.''

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