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Saturday came faster than Emma imagined it will, two days of void Emma filled with sightseeing. Storybrooke was neat little town where almost everybody knew each other, where you could still count on good neighbourly relations and where you could let your kids play without worrying too much. Emma also got used to the looks people gave her, none of which were unpleasant or hostile; quite the opposite, most people welcomed her and made small chat without problem after meeting the blonde. Emma was overwhelmed most of the time, she didn't know how to respond nor how to act; she lived in the city all her life and the rules of the game there were very different than here. Thankfully, Ruby eased the situation after she laughed at Emma's scared face when she described Storybrooke as 'Stepford society'. Ruby gently explained that there are indeed people in Storybrooke who don't like each other, who gossip about each other and who fight all the time and that Emma hadn't had chance to meet them yet.

Emma made her way to the half full bleachers and sat quietly at the end of first bench, on farthest side from the field. The field was situated just behind the elementary school and Emma noticed two teams warming up. She tried to recognise her son, son whose name she didn't even know, son whose face she saw only on few brief moments before he was taken away from her, son who will never know her as his mother. Tears filled crystal green eyes, but before they had a chance to fall, Emma heard voice beside her

''Emma?'' Emma turned her head and saw Regina standing only few steps away

''Hello, Dr. Mills.'' greeted Emma

''Are you alright?'' Regina asked concerned about blonde

''I'm fine'' said Emma too quickly, looking away and wiping away tears at the corner of her eyes.

''No, you're not.'' Regina said ''But I know better than to push the matters.'' Regina offered sad smile to the blonde who was once again looking at her direction

''Emma, would you like to stay with me and watch the game?'' Regina asked and added ''I know you're from Boston and that you're used to watch important games...''

''I'd love to'' Emma smiled cutting in ''I haven't seen a honest game in years.''

Regina and Emma sat closer to the field, when a boy came running towards them

''Mom! Mom!'' he yelled and came to Regina ''Guess what?''

''What honey?'' Regina asked getting up to lean over the fence

''I'll be the first pitcher.'' he smiled brightly

''That's great, Henry!'' Regina smiled ''I will be here, along with Emma,'' Regina smiled and look at the blonde who sat next to her in utter shock '' to cheer for you.''

''Hello Emma'' Henry said smiling genuinely

''Hi'' Emma said in pitched voice

''Mom, I think your friend needs a glass of water.'' Henry laughed and Regina looked at Emma in concern once again

''I have to go! Wish me luck!'' Henry said as he heard his coach's whistle

''Knock them dead!'' said Regina, but quickly yelled ''Henry! Not literally, please!''

''I know mom! I only knocked Jeremy unconscious once.'' Henry laughed as he turned his head towards Regina and Emma

'His name is Henry. He's perfect, he is perfect little creature. He has Neal's eyes, but my nose and my colour of the hair. He loves his mom, he loves Regina, he's happy. That's all I ever wanted.' Emma's unrelated musing was cut short as she felt a hand on her shoulder shaking her lightly

''Emma? Are you alright?''

''I'm sorry, I'm just...'' she trailed off

''Look, I'm not going to question you nor judge you, but please tell me if you're not feeling well. At least, in that area I can help.'' offered Regina

''I know you can Dr. Mills, but I'm fine. I just remembered something that makes me feel uncomfortable, I'm truly sorry for my behaviour.'' Emma apologised ''If you want me to go, if I make you feel...''

''I want you to stay'' Regina interrupted her ''If you feel like it, of course.''

''I'd love to.'' Emma said with warm smile

''And Emma'' doctor started with bright smile ''Call me Regina.''

''Mr. Gold'' mayor Glass greeted the man who entered his office ''How can I help you?''

''I came to inform you that you have a perfect candidate for that deputy position at sheriff's office.'' said Gold

''Really?'' asked Glass confused and opened the folder to his right ''I just got Sheriff's report today and there weren't any applications.''

''There couldn't be one when nobody applied.'' Gold said ''However, you can always offer the job to someone.''

''And who would that someone be?'' asked Glass leaning back in his chair

''Miss Emma Swan.'' Gold replied

''Blonde who came to town three days ago?!'' asked Glass astonished ''She's been in the city for three days! How on Earth could she possibly be fit for this job?''

''She's fit for the job because'' started Gold and took out folder from his briefcase and threw it in front of the mayor '' she finished military academy and afterwords worked for Boston PD as a bounty hunter.''

''I wasn't aware that bounty hunters worked for police.'' Glass said as he read the file in front of him

''Well, only the best ones cooperate with police and Emma Swan was working for Boston PD from the beginning of her career til the end.''

''It doesn't say why she quit.'' mentioned Glass and looked up to Gold

''Well, that I do not know.'' Gold smiled and said in lower voice ''What I do know is that it would be very advised to take her as deputy.''

Glass was very familiar with that tone of the voice and nodded ''I'll offer her position as soon as possible.''

''You were great!'' exclaimed Regina to Henry who finally reached her and Emma on parking lot

''Yes, Henry you played excellent.'' Emma added

''Thank you.'' Henry smiled brightly

''Well Regina, thank you for keeping me company during the game.'' started Emma ''I'm sure you have plans...''

''We don't.'' Henry quickly said seeing disappointed look on Regina's face ''I mean, we're going to the town for ice cream. She promised me ice cream if we won and I'm sure you can go with us. Right mom?''

''Right.'' said Regina ''I did promise you ice cream and who knows,'' Regina looked at Emma ''maybe an ice cream will help you feel better.''

''Well, when you say it like that.'' Emma said ''I can't really pass offer for ice cream, but only if it's on me since I'm the one tagging along today.''

''That's not...''

''I insist.''

''Well then it's settled, let's go.'' Henry interrupted two women ''Where's the car?''

''Near the dinner, I figured I'd treat you ice cream anyway, so it would be nice walk to there with our ice creams.'' Regina said

''Great, I don't even need to eat fast then.'' Henry exclaimed

At Emma's puzzled look Regina chuckled and said ''He's clumsy. Very, very clumsy'' 'I guess he got that from me' ''So after I had to replace the leather in my car, he's not allowed to eat or drink in there.''

''You had to replace the leather?'' asked Emma taken aback ''What did he do?''

''He decided to spill the liquid they got in science class and then he decided it would be for the best not to tell me.'' Regina stated ''When I got in the car next day, backseat had quite big whole in the middle.''

Emma laughed seeing Henry's sheepish grin. ''Well, accidents happen.''

''I like the way she thinks!'' Henry exclaimed and Regina rolled her eyes

''Yes, well it wasn't his first accident with spilling, but it was definitely his last one.'' said Regina

''Sorry kid, I tried.'' Emma said

''It's okay.'' he shrugged ''Always worth a try.''

Emma, Regina and Henry got to the ice cream cart, picked out their ice creams and continued to walk through beautiful park, when they were greeted by tall, black man in expensive suit.

''Dr. Mills, Henry'' he smiled showing his white teeth

''Mayor Glass'' Regina nodded politely and for first time Emma noticed how Regina was always talking with people with some sort of distance, except with Henry and maybe her? 'I'm imagining it, she doesn't even know me. Why would she be in better relations with me than with people of her home town?'

''You must be Emma Swan'' man offered his hand and Emma accepted it

''Yes, I'm Emma.''

''I've been looking for you.'' he stated surprising all three persons in front of him

''You've been looking for me?'' asked Emma

''Yes, I want to offer you a job.'' he started ''If I'm not wrong, you're planning to stay for a while in our little town.'' he waited for conformation

''You are right.'' Emma stated

''Well, I had a look at your files and they are very impressive, Miss Swan.'' he said ''To cut the story short, I'd like to offer you position as Deputy in Sheriff's department. Maybe even a Sheriff's position with time.''

''I am well aware that you already have a Sheriff.'' Emma spoke calmly

''We do, that's why I'm offering you a job as a Deputy.'' he smiled ''However, I'm sure you'll catch the drift of the town soon, so I'll be able to grant Graham's request and he'll become our new ranger, while you'd be a Sheriff.''

''Have you discussed this with the sheriff?'' Emma asked

''Well, everything will be discussed on Monday.'' he said ''I expect you in my office at 9 o'clock.''

''Alright, I'll be there.'' answered confused Emma

''Great! Miss Swan, Henry, Dr. Mills'' he nodded and walked away

''You are a cop?!'' asked Henry excitedly the moment mayor left

''Not exactly.'' answered Emma

Regina noticed the stiffness in Emma's voice so she cut in before her son could ask another question ''Henry, leave Emma alone. You'll have time to ask her questions later, since she decided to stay in our little town.'' she finished with a smile

''There are many beautiful things to look at in this town.'' Emma smiled

''I agree, we have the coolest lake, forest and waterfalls! And of course this park! '' Henry exclaimed, unaware that Emma's glance was on his mother, not on the park around them.

Regina swallowed and said ''I agree with you Henry, this town indeed has a lot to offer, now even more than ever before.''

Before either Emma or Regina said something, Henry said

''Finally! My legs are killing me.'' Emma and Regina became aware of their surrounding, they reached main street and the dinner.

''Well'' Emma coughed ''Thank you both for lovely afternoon.'' she smiled

''Pleasure was all ours.'' Regina said

''I like you Emma, you're cool.'' Henry added, drawing their attention on himself

''Glad to meet your standards.'' laughed Emma

''I'll see you at Monday morning I guess.'' Regina said as she unlocked the car and went around it towards the drivers seat while Henry got in.

''Of course you will.'' Emma smiled and Regina entered the car. With final wave from Henry, Regina and Henry drove off.

'Did Emma flirt with me?' Regina asked herself as she drove

'You can't flirt with mother of your son. You certainly can't fall for her! Especially when she doesn't even know who you really are!'

Emma entered the dinner, only to be greeted with dart which flew beside her and got stuck in wooden doorway.

''What the fuck?'' she exclaimed loudly and look forward towards the man who obviously threw it. Sheriff Graham stood in the middle of the dinner, all eyes upon them now. He moved towards her and when their faces were only inches apart he growled

''Get away from her and get the hell out of my town. This is your last warning.'' with that he walked out of the dinner, picking out his dart on his way.

'Monday will be such a success, I can see it already.'

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