Phoenix' transformation

Deputy Swan

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Emma walked into the Town Hall feeling very insecure and tired. She barely slept the night before and if her last encounter with town sheriff was any indicator for the meeting, she was in trouble. Given her history, Emma was very familiar how foster homes and families worked, she still remembered very clearly how difficult it was to break down strong belief of other foster kids that believed she would take their place. Graham's behaviour was very familiar, Emma was intruder in his mind, someone who was after his position as a sheriff and after the position he wanted to have in Regina's life. Dr Regina Mills was the other reason why Emma hadn't slept, she liked the adoptive mother of her son too much for her liking. Emma knew that it wasn't very smart to get attached to Regina, it would complicate everything and she'd probably end up being kicked out of the town when Regina finds out who Emma really is.

Emma was so deep in her thoughts that she didn't see person coming in her direction and she successfully ran into them. Her instincts were, thankfully, intact so she reached out and grabbed the person she ran into, stopping their fall. Emma recognised the person who invaded her mind just few minutes ago was standing in front of her, startled by the impact. Her subconscious then decided to held Regina little firmer and closer than Emma wanted; without Emma even noticing. Regina, however noticed that Emma moved closer when she recognised her and for some unknown reason to Regina, her heart started to beat faster and her breath was caught in her throat.

''God Regina, I'm sorry.'' Emma started ''I didn't even noticed...''

''It's alright'' Regina cut in

''No, it's not'' continued Emma ''I should watch in front of me and I was lost in my...''

''Emma'' Regina smiled ''It's alright, I swear. Nothing happened and if I remember correctly this is second time you saved me from falling down.''

''I don't think this one counts, since I caused 'falling down' part.'' said Emma grinning slightly

''Perhaps.'' Regina mused and then added ''Emma, would you let go of me now? No matter how comfortable this position is, I know you have a meeting in 15 minutes.''

''Right, God, I'm sorry'' said Emma and let go of Regina. Emma saw the papers which fell from Regina's hand onto the floor so she bent down to retrieve them ''Here let me help with the mess.''

''You don't need really, I can...'' Regina said while she started to pick up papers herself

''No,'' Emma interrupted '' I got you into this mess, remember?'' she smiled

''I do'' Regina smiled back. Emma picked up papers and when Regina finished with those in front of her, she gave her pile to the brunette. ''You have beautiful smile.'' blurted Emma

''Thank you'' Regina responded with one bright smile

''Well, isn't this cute?'' voice startled them making them get up from their kneeling positions and spring away from each other

''Sheriff Graham'' Regina greeted

''Dr. Mills'' he nodded and then looked at Emma ''You'' and Emma snorted at the greeting

''Always a pleasure seeing you sheriff'' Emma responded sarcastically

''What are you even doing here?'' asked Graham

''I have a meeting in few minutes with the mayor.'' said Emma

''I have a meeting with mayor.'' Graham said

''I know.'' responded Emma ''I'll be there as well.'' she smiled

''What the hell?'' he questioned ''I will not have this happening in my city.'' he growled and passed by two women towards the mayor's office.

''Now I understand why your head was in the coulds'' Regina commented

''Yeah'' Emma responded weakly ''I really have to...''

''I understand, good luck Emma.'' smiled Regina

''Thanks, I'll need it.'' she said, moved away and went after Graham

''Hey hot stuff.'' Loreen greeted Regina as she walked into the hospital

''Morning Lo.''

''Morning for you hot stuff, I've been here since 5 am. I'm getting to old to get up that early.'' Loreen smiled

''Well, you can always ask for senior status.'' grinned Regina ''I'm sure they'll be happy to arrange shifts to accommodate your age. You'll even be able to make it to the Bingo nights.''

''Screw you'' Lo laughed and then smirked ''You're in awfully good mood, you finally got laid?''

''Why does everything has to revolve around sex with you?'' asked Regina as they walked into the locker room

''Because you're never in good mood when you're not with Henry and last I checked he can't fit into that handbag.'' Lo smirked as she leaned against locker ''Besides, I don't remember you ever talking about sex.'' she paused ''And I mean ever. Some might think you're a bloody virgin.''

''Good God'' Regina started to laugh as she pressed her forehead to the cold locker ''I'm not a virgin and I'm not in good mood because I had sex.''

''So what's the reason behind that good mood of yours?'' asked Lo

'' Nothing. Nobody. '' said Regina as she started to change her clothes

''Nobody, huh?'' asked Lo ''Well then, who is it? And don't you dare lie to me!''

''You don't know her.'' said Regina ''Her name is Emma.''

''That blond sugar that came to town few days ago?'' asked Lo

''That would be the one.'' Regina responded

''That makes sense.'' Lo mused

''What makes sense?'' Regina questioned

''Well, for years Graham, Dr. Whale, hell even the mayor have been chasing your tail and you never threw a glance in their direction. Now I understand why.''

Regina just rolled her eyes as she finished dressing.

''Well, from now on, you will be in good mood because of sex.'' winked Lo but Regina stiffed

''What's wrong?'' Lo asked seriously. ''Nothing'' Regina immediately responded

''Don't lie to me, I know you too well for you to get away with that crap.'' commanded Loreen

''I don't remember.'' stated Regina simply, sitting down at the bench in front of her locker

''Honey, you don't remember many things, you had a serious accident.'' Lo took Regina's hand in her own as she sat down next to her

''No, I don't remember it.'' Regina said

''Oh...'' Lo started and then realisation hit her ''You don't remember how to have sex? Oh my God''' she gasped ''That means you hadn't had sex in...''

''Yes.'' Regina interrupted her embarrassed

''Oh honey, I'm sorry.'' Lo apologised ''I just...''she paused ''Regina look at me please'' and Regina looked at Lo so she continued ''You are beautiful woman Regina and I just though...''she paused again ''Someone as beautiful as you, both from outside and inside, should not be alone. That's all I'm saying.''

''I have Henry, I'm not alone.''

''I know you do Regina. But Henry is your son, not your life companion.'' Lo said and then asked ''Why?''

''What why?'' Regina asked confused

''Why haven't you had sex or any kind of relationship with someone?'' asked Lo

''I don't trust them enough to let them that close.'' responded Regina

''Dr Mills! Dr Whale needs your help, there has been a car accident.'' nurse appeared at the door and Regina jumped at her feet

''Who is it?'' asked Lo in hurry

''Katherine.'' Regina ran out of the room towards the surgery rooms

''Mayor, what is going on?'' Graham asked as he stormed into Glass' office

''I'd like to ask you the same question.'' Glass answered displeased at sheriff's bursting into his office

''You needed to see me, Mayor Glass?'' Emma asked from the doorway

''Yes, I did Miss Swan.'' Glass answered ''Please come in and shut the door behind you.''

Emma did as she was told and walked up to Glass' desk and stood next to Graham.

''I'd invite you to sit and chat, but I do have an important meeting afterwards so we'll cut to the chase.'' Glass smiled in sleazy way ''Sheriff Graham, I know you have an ambition to become a marshall and took jurisdiction over the our woods and everyone in them.'' at Graham's affirmative nod he continued ''I decided to grant you your wish.'' he smiled again ''Miss Swan here is our new deputy.'' he could sense Graham's questions and objections so he raised his hand to stop him ''You will show her how this town is functioning and you'll make sure she's informed about everything important. When you do that and I feel that she has enough experience in dealing with our little town, both of you will be promoted. You will become our new marshall and Miss Swan will be our new sheriff. Did I make myself clear?''

''Yes sir, you did.'' Graham responded ''I just hope that Miss Swan here has some kind of experience in law enforcement.''

''Oh, she does.'' Glass responded ''Much better than yours, I might add.''

Graham's response was cut short by his mobile phone ''Sheriff Graham.'' he listened for few moment ''I'll be right there. Time for your first task Swan.'' he said looking at Emma.

Emma and Graham arrived at the sight few minutes after the call. Ambulance was already there, pulling blonde woman out of the wrecked car. Both Emma and Graham ran out of the car and towards the ambulance crew.

''What happened? How is she?'' asked Sheriff

''She's alive, but we won't know anything until we get her to the hospital. She'll need surgery.'' one paramedic answered

''Swan, you're going with her.'' Graham ordered ''Talk to the doctor after the surgery.'' Emma nodded and followed paramedics to the ambulance

After two hours, nurse came to Emma who was waiting for the news and told her that doctor will be with her shortly. Emma waited for the doctor in front of the big blue doors that separated surgery unit with the rest of the hospital. After few minutes, Regina clad in dark blue walked out of the surgery unit


''Regina'' she paused seeing Regina's tired face ''How is Mrs. Nolan?''

''You know her?'' asked Regina confused

''No, I'm the new deputy, I need to know how she is doing for report.'' Emma stated

''Oh'' Regina said remembering their encounter with Glass last Saturday ''She had serious internal bleeding, we managed to patch her up and she's stable. Next 18 hours are critical, but if she makes it through without complications, she'll fully recover.''

''Are you okay?'' Emma asked

''Yeah, I'm fine.'' responded Regina ''I just need to change and drive to Henry's school. They have play today and I promised I'd be there.''

''Alright.'' Emma responded ''If you need anything, don't hesitate to ask.'' she paused ''I'll let you go and change, I need to pick up some papers anyway.''

20 minutes later and one phone call to Graham later, Emma found her way out of the hospital. She noticed standing in front of driver's door, her head bowed, her body shaking from sobbing. Emma instinctively fled towards Regina and when she was close to the brunette she slowed down not wanting to scare her.

''Regina'' Emma breathed and Regina's response was to turn her back to Emma, trying to hide her tears

''You don't need to hide your tears, it's alright. Just tell me what's going on?'' Emma said moving around Regina to stand in front of her

''She doesn't have anybody.''

''What?'' asked Emma confused

''Katherine's husband has been in coma for last few years.'' Regina said, looking at Emma for the first time ''She doesn't have other family than him.''

''She has you.'' Emma responded ''You're obviously friends.''

''She does have me, but I'm not her family. I can only do so much.'' said Regina

''Sometimes having a real friend is better than having any kind of family. I know.'' Emma said and against her better judgement and plain reason she reached out and wiped Regina's tears with her hands.

''You're in no condition to drive. I'll drive you to Henry's school and I will not take no for an answer.''commanded Emma and Regina seeing her determination, nodded.

Regina used 10 minutes drive to collect herself and was thankful that Emma let her do it in peace. When they arrived and Emma had parked Regina's Mercedes, Regina asked

''Would you come with me?'' and quickly added ''Only if you want to, I'm okay and I don't want to force...''

''I'd love to see that play.'' Emma cut in as they exited the car ''What part is Henry playing?''

''Ophelia's brother.'' responded Regina

''Hamlet.'' Emma said ''Isn't that a bit too much for ten year olds?''

That made Regina laugh a little ''They have very...''she searched for the proper word ''special teacher.'' It was Emma's turn to laugh at Regina's response as they went towards the school.

Hour and half later, they greeted Henry at the entrance of the school.

''Kid, you were great. You really are the best Laertes I ever seen.'' Emma said

''Thank you'' he smiled proudly but then asked ''I slipped in one moment, did you notice?''

''Hardly.'' Regina laughed ''I think you played it off great.''

''Yeah, it looked like you rehearsed it that way.'' Emma said

''I'm glad you came too Emma.'' Henry smiled

''Yes, I am too.'' Emma responded ''I'll see you both very soon, all right?''

''Of course.'' Regina responded ''Thank you for everything.''

''It was my pleasure.'' Emma smiled ''Good night, drive safely.''

''We will.'' Regina responded with heavy sigh ''Good night to you too, Emma.''

''Hey Rubes'' Emma greeted entering Granny's ''I'm dying of hunger here, can I get something to eat?''

''Of course you can'' winked Ruby ''So I heard you're staying.''

''I am.'' Emma nodded

''Then I'm sure you need a place to stay.'' Ruby smiled

''So eager to throw me out?'' joked Emma

''No'' Ruby rolled her eyes ''I know someone who needs a roommate.''

''And who would that be?''

''My friend, Mary Margaret.'' Ruby said ''She'll be here in few minutes actually so you can meet her and see if that could work.''

Emma smiled and said ''Let's give it a try. I don't have anything to loose anyway.'' she added with a pout ''Where the hell is my food Rubes?''

''It'll be here in the moment.'' Ruby rolled her eyes and went towards the kitchen

That's it for this chapter, I hope you like it. Yes, Regina's accident will be explained in next few R&R! :)

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