Phoenix' transformation

May I have this dance?

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Glancing at the clock on the wall, the one on your hand or of course glancing on your fancy smart phone is usually the way people keep track of the time and date. However, Storybrooke was different city,people indeed had watches and calendars, but they hardly kept track of time. Years kept passing by and nobody was remotely concerned that they weren't getting older, that no one new marched in their little town, they were used at the things being the way were. The curse itself gave each person thorough and vivid memory of the life they never led, it also made them believe that time is irrelevant,not worth of keeping track of it.

It was 9 o'clock when Regina heard door bell, she marched towards the door, thankful for house's thick walls which made sure Henry would not be woken up. She opened the door and found Loreen standing in front of them.

''Lo?''she questioned with a frown ''Is everything alright?''

''Yes, everything is fine.''Loreen assured walking in ''I wanted to talk to you.''

''Oh'' Regina exclaimed ''Let's go to the living room then.''

They both walked in the living room, Loreen took her seat on right end of the couch and Regina went to the liquor cabinet to pour them two glasses of her famous cider.

''What did you want to talk about?'' asked Regina as she sat down and passed Loreen's glass to her

''You.''she paused ''Our talk few days ago left me wondering and you know I care about you like I would for my own daughter. What is going on Regina? Why haven't you tell me about it?''

Regina sighed ''I didn't know exactly how to bring it up, I just feel uncomfortable talking about it.'' she played with the glass in her hand ''I don't remember anything before the accident, I know there was someone I cared about, I can feel it. But I also get this bitter taste in my mouth whenever I think about my past. I know something bad had happened and I'm fairly sure I did something bad as well.'' she paused ''When Henry came into my life, I finally relaxed a bit and I just forgot to wonder of my past. It made me happy, it still does.''she paused looking at Loreen ''But Lo, when I think about being with someone, I sense this panic in my chests, fear that runs soo deep...'' she gulped ''I'm not even sure I want to know why is that.''

''I wish I could help you, Regina.'' Loreen moved closer to Regina and took her hand between hers ''Only thing I know is that your parents sent you to a boarding school, I remember you as a little girl. The second time I saw you was on their funeral and then you disappeared again to that medical school of yours.'' she paused ''That car accident brought you back here, memory less and much more tired. I know Cora had been rough on you'' she glanced at Regina's scar above her upper lip

''You know about it?'' questioned Regina ''Why haven't you told me anything?''

''I felt that after all that has happened to you, you deserve the break.'' Loreen sighed ''I figured, if you don't remember it, I won't bring those feelings back.''

''I maybe don't remember it, but I feel it.'' Regina said quietly and stared at the flames in her fireplace ''I don't have a clue how it was, but I feel hurt, used, abused and betrayed.'' she paused looking at Lo with tears in her eyes ''And worst of all, I feel guilty.''

''Oh, honey'' Loreen moved closer to Regina, took her glass, put it on the table in front of them and hugged her tightly. After few moments, Loreen let her go and asked ''Why haven't you talked about it before? With Archie at least? He helps people, it's his job.''

''After a while, I decided to do so.'' started Regina ''But then, Henry came into my life and I didn't need it anymore. He's making me happy and I forget about all of it, about the mystery and questions.''

''I understand.'' Loreen nodded

''I like her.'' said Regina absent-mindedly ''I don't know why, nor do I know how the hell it happened in only a two weeks, but I like her very much.''

''Maybe you should ask her out?'' Loreen suggested

''As on a date?'' Regina asked almost shocked, looking at Loreen as if she's out of her mind

''Well, yes.'' answered Loreen simply

''Out of the question.'' replied Regina ''Even if I wanted, I have no idea, how to ask her that!''

Loreen smiled ''I'm sure we can came up with something.''

''That was the last box.'' Emma said walking out of her room

''That's all?'' asked surprised Mary Margaret ''Five boxes?!''

''I like to travel light.'' smiled Emma

''Super light.'' Mary Margaret shook her head ''What would you like to eat?''

''Whatever you had planned is fine.'' Emma smiled and said ''Thank you once again for letting me stay here.''

''I needed a roommate, you needed a room.'' shrugged Mary Margaret

''Good morning Deputy'' said Regina as she walked into the dinner

''Morning, Regina.'' smiled Emma who was sitting at the bar nursing her cup of cocoa ''How are you?''

''I'm fine.'' said Regina as she moved closer ''I wanted to thank you...''

''Morning Dr. Mills'' Ruby interrupted her as she walked out of the kitchen ''Usual?''

''Yes please, Ruby.'' Regina stepped away from Emma, which didn't go unnoticed by Ruby

''I'll be right back.'' Ruby said grinning and lost herself in the kitchen

''You don't need to...''started Emma

''No, I do.'' Regina cut in ''If you hadn't helped me, I would probably had a car accident myself. Then you stayed for the play and you helped me go through it, so thank you very much.'' she paused ''I'm also sorry it took me few days to thank you.''

''It's fine, Regina.'' Emma said with a smile

''I want to thank you properly. Would you like having dinner with me and Henry tonight?'' she asked

Emma was stunned for a second and Regina immediately thought the worst ''I'm sorry, I don't want to...''

''Yes'' Emma cut her off ''I'd love to have dinner with you and Henry tonight.'' Emma flashed her best smile

''Your order, Dr. Mills.'' Ruby said walking in again and giving Regina her coffee and bagel. The door of the dinner opened as well, Sheriff Graham walked in and greeted

''Emma, Ruby.'' he nodded and then looked at Regina and smiled ''Dr. Mills.''

''Sheriff'' she said politely and then her attention moved back to Emma who was still sitting and looking at her ''I'll see you at 7?''

''I'll be there.'' Emma answered nodding slightly. Regina put a bill on the counter, took her order and then looked at Graham and said with her best authoritative voice ''I hope Sheriff won't keep you away with too much paperwork?''

''I wouldn't dare.'' Graham almost snarled through his teeth.

''Excelent.'' smiled Regina and then turned to the counter and nodded her goodbye ''Ruby, Emma.'' with that she walked out of the dinner.

''I lost my appetite.'' Graham said and went outside slamming the doors of the dinner

''You dog!'' Ruby exclaimed

''What?''asked Emma

''She never asked anybody out! Hell, she never said yes when someone asked her out!'' Ruby said excitedly ''You, my friend, are one lucky girl.''

''Henry, we have a guest for dinner tonight.'' Regina said as they walked in the house with the groceries

''Really?! Who?'' asked Henry excited

''Emma is coming by.'' Regina answered

''Great!'' exclaimed Henry ''We can play Call of duty!'' Regina just shook her head at her son's excitement

It was six o'clock when Emma finished getting ready, she looked herself in the mirror. She looked great in her white dress shirt, dark blue jeans and boots. No matter how great and calm she looked from outside, she was mess inside. She was torn apart by her mind and her feelings; she was dying for gods sake, she couldn't let Regina fall for her, she couldn't let herself fell for Regina, she had to think about Henry and his happiness. She decided that she would leave this place in five months, half of a month should be enough for her to find some nice place to drop dead. She sighed, shook her head and get up; she decided to go, it's better to arrive early than late.

At 6.45 pm Emma arrived in Mills' household, but before she knocked or rang, doors swung open to reveal excited Henry.

''Hi, Emma!''

''Hi Henry.'' she tousled his hair as she walked in

''Come here, mom is finishing the dinner.'' he said and led her to the kitchen. Regina was slicing vegetables for salad, her face looked adorable while she was focused on what she was doing, so she hadn't noticed Henry and Emma walking in the kitchen and coming close to her.

''Need help with that?'' Emma asked and Regina jumped in surprise. She looked to her left and saw Emma smiling and Henry laughing at her

''Not funny, young man!'' she threaten, but smile was visible on her face ''Henry, set the table.''

''On it.'' he hurried to the dinning room

''I brought this.'' Emma said and lifted her hand to reveal bottle of fine red vine she held

''Could you just put it in the fridge, my hands are a bit busy at the moment.'' Regina smiled

''Sure, no problem.'' responded Emma and put the bottle in the fridge ''What are you making?''

''Dinner is finished and salad will be ready in a minute or two.'' responded Regina putting vegetables in the salad bowl and adding few more spices.

''So, nothing I can help with.'' Emma pouted

Regina looked at adorable pout and smiled ''Do try act your age, Emma.''

''I discovered that if you pout every now and then, things go your way.'' she winked

''I'll have that in mind for future.'' Regina said

''It doesn't matter, it's kryptonite for everybody, not even you can resist it.'' Emma teased

Deciding that two can play the game, Regina responded ''Maybe I don't want to resist you.'' she winked and moved towards the dinning room carrying the salad, then she turned and said to Emma ''Could you take that lasagna with you, dear?''

''Sure.'' nodded Emma dumbfounded. Dinner went by smoothly, Henry did most of the talking, while Regina and Emma listened carefully his stories. When dinner ended, Henry rushed to the living room to set up his xbox and the game he wanted to play.

''Don't you dare.'' Regina said making Emma freeze. ''I will clean up, I invited you to dinner, not to clean up. Don't you dare insist, Miss Swan, I'm serious.'' she said and walked out of dinning room with few bowls. Emma rolled her eyes and gathered the rest of the plates and glasses and moved to the kitchen.

''I've never been good in following the rules.'' Emma smiled as she put down the plates on kitchen island making Regina turn around and abandoning bowls she just put in the sink. She narrowed her eyes and wanted to say something, but Emma beat her to it and said quickly

''Henry is waiting for me.'' with that she left Regina in the kitchen.

After few minutes of playing the game Henry asked ''Do you like my mom?''

''I do, she's great person Henry, you're lucky to have her as a mom.'' Emma answered and Henry rolled his eyes and paused the game

''I meant, do you like her?'' he emphasized

''I...''Emma was speechless

''I mean, it's okay if you do.'' he said quickly ''But, she doesn't remember how to date so be patient or something.''

''Henry, time to shower and go to bed.'' Regina said as she walked in the room

''I don't want to.'' Henry whined, but was silenced by Regina's look and quickly said ''Goodnight Emma. Goodnight mom.'' she kissed Regina on the cheek and run upstairs.

''I didn't realised how late it was.'' Emma started ''I should go.''

''Nonsense, it's only 9. Join me for a drink.'' said Regina

''I'd love to.'' Emma said and watched as Regina moved towards the liquor cabinet ''Would you like the glass of best apple cider you ever tasted?''

''Sure.'' smiled Emma ''You've made it yourself?'' she joked

''Actually, I did.'' grinned Regina as she turned around and walked towards Emma

''Well, if it's yours, I'm sure it tastes great.'' Emma smiled

''Why are you so sure?'' she asked Emma giving her her drink

''I can not imagine that anything coming from you can taste bad.'' at that Regina laughed

''Regina,'' started Emma ''can I ask you something?''

''Of course.'' was Regina's reply

''Henry mentioned you don't remember something, what did he mean by that?'' Regina stiffened a bit and Emma said quickly ''You don't have to tell me...''

''It's alright'' Regina assured her ''I had accident some time ago, before I adopted Henry and I don't remember anything from my life before. It's very curious, I know everything I learnt, for example how to cook or how to do my job, but I can not remember events of my life.'' she shrugged ''It's something I love to leave in the past, if it's alright with you.''

''Of course it is.'' Emma smiled ''Thank you for telling me.''

''Mom!'' came call from upstairs and Regina smiled while she put her glass to the table ''I'll be right back. Please wait, I want to show you something.''


Ten minutes later, Regina came downstairs and stood in doorway of living room and said ''Come with me.'' Emma followed Regina to the back porch, Regina switched a light on and back garden was illuminated in a second.

''This is beautiful'' exclaimed Emma as she followed Regina outside, garden was enclosed with high cypresses, it had a lot of flowers, small fountain in the middle and few trees, apple and Japanese cherry, standing proudly. Whole garden had small, knee high, lamps that showed the path through all the flowers and around the fountain.

''I'm very proud of my work on it.'' Regina said

''You should be, it's breathtaking.'' Emma looked at Regina ''Just like you.'' Regina blushed deeply. Emma noticed old gramophone on the table to their right and asked ''You have gramophone?''

''I do.'' Regina answered looking at the gramophone and record that was on it ''I always put it there on Friday when I don't have to work on Saturday morning. I love to listen to music while I'm gardening.''

''And if I am to go there and turn it on, what kind of music would play?''

''It's actually mix of old songs, I found the record when I came back in the house, I presume it was my mothers.'' Regina answered as Emma went to the gramophone and turned it on. The sound of piano was heard first and then Emma recognized the song when a very famous man start to sing

''Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald.'' Emma said smiling

''Yes, Cheek to cheek.'' Regina nodded ''I'm surprised you know the song.'' she added

''I'm full of surprises Dr. Mills.'' said Emma laughing a little as she approached Regina and stopped only a step away. She extended her hand and smiled

''May I have this dance?'' asked Emma

''I don't know how to dance, Emma. I've never...I don't remember...'' Regina stammered

''Regina it's okay.'' Emma said calmly ''I know you don't remember, but let me have one dance. I'm not a good dancer myself, I assure you'' she flashed Regina her best smile ''We'll just move with the sound of music. Please''

Regina took her hand and moved closer to Emma, Emma put her other hand on the small of her back and pulled her closer, successfully pushing her lightly into her own body. When Regina put her hand on Emma's neck, Emma looked Regina straight into her dark brown eyes started to moved them lightly matching the sound around them making Regina relax and put her head in crook of Emma's neck. Emma heard Regina's breath hitch as she moved her hand up and down Regina's back lightly, Regina once again looked into Emma's eyes and swallowed hard. Emma smiled and asked

''May I kiss you?''

''You don't need to ask.'' Regina responded and Emma pulled her into sweet kiss.

I'm in heaven And my heart beats so that I can hardly speak And I seem to find the happiness I seek When we're out together dancing, out together dancing Out together dancing cheek to cheek

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