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WARNING-abuse is mentioned and described in this chapter.

Emma woke up early, too early for her liking. She glanced at her nightstand clock and saw it was only 6.30 and on Saturday morning. She groaned and covered her head with pillow. Then she remembered events of previous night, she remembered the dinner, xbox march and dancing. Playing on xbox with her biological son was truly wonderful, listening to his stories and watching him laugh, she felt like she was a part of his life. Then there was Regina, Regina- woman who captured her heart in only few days, Regina- mother of her biological son, Regina- successful and smart woman, Regina- beautiful creature who was lost and couldn't remember most of her life.

Emma's eyes filled with tears, her heart felt complete yesterday, for the first time in her life she didn't feel like she didn't belong, for the first time she found herself stealing glances at beautiful dark haired beauty and for the first time in her life she found someone she could fall in love with. Everything she wanted so desperately to have in life was just a step away in this small sleepy town and Emma wondered how ironic it was- to feel it, to taste it, to sense it, but knowing she would never have it. Knowing she'll be gone in few months forever, knowing this was what she could have had but will never have. She would never have a chance to enjoy in her happiness, in first break of her sorrow and short life. At that though her tears shed down her pale cheeks and started running down her neck onto the pillow under her blond curls. She sobbed loudly and hugged other pillow tightly, just like she did when she was a child in foster home, like she did when Neal left her brokenhearted, like she did in prison, like she did when she gave Henry away.

''Emma?'' Mary poked her head in Emma's bedroom after few minutes of sobbing ''Is everything alright?''

''No'' sniffled Emma

''Is there anything I can do?'' asked Mary as she sat down at Emma's bed and stroked blonde's arm

''No, nobody can ever do anything about it.'' Emma shook her head and schoolteacher's heart stung seeing blonde like this

''Mom?'' called Henry

''I'm on break.'' mumbled Regina covering herself with fluffy duvet. She hoped he would let her sleep a little longer on Saturday, but that was not the case. He jumped on bed next to her and shook her to wake up.

''Please go away'' mumbled Regina

''Mum, I'm hungry!'' Henry said and she turned her head towards him seeing him pouting, a pout soo similar to Emma's that it stunned Regina

''Henry, I need to force you out of the bed every morning and the only morning we have to sleep in, you barge in and wake me up?'' it was her turn to pout ''Don't you love your mother Henry? She feeds you, buys you comic books, loves you; can't you let her sleep?''

''You didn't feed me, that's why I'm waking you up!'' he grinned and Regina stuck out her tongue in mockery

''Mom, it's 11 o'clock.'' Henry said gently

''What?!'' Regina jumped and glanced at the clock on her nightstand ''Why on Earth haven't you wake me up!?'' she got up and hurriedly went towards the bathroom ''What is wrong with you, how could you let me sleep that late? Don't you know your responsibility as my son is to harass me on only day I can sleep in?'' she disappeared in bathroom.

Henry shook his head with smile, his mother was always a basket case on Saturday mornings and he enjoyed it very much.

Mary Margaret was sitting at the kitchen island looking at her roommate who was sitting down on the couch wrapped in warm blanket holding tightly hot mug of coffee. Emma's eyes were still puffy and red from crying, her hair was tied in loose tail and she looked very tired all together.

''Emma'' Mary Margaret started as she sat down on other side of the couch ''Please tell me if I can help you in any way.''

''You can't.'' said Emma weakly ''Trust me you can't.''

''Try me.'' said schoolteacher ''You don't have to tell me everything, you don't even have to tell me quarter of it. But tell me something, just to ease all that pressure on yourself.''

Emma sighed pondering what to do and after a minute she asked ''Have you ever been in love? But knew from the beginning that it can never happen? And even if it did, you couldn't have it for very long?''

''I have, actually I am in love with someone I can never have.'' Mary Margaret said sadly

''Did you tell him?'' questioned Emma

''No, I haven't.'' she shook her head ''I will though, very soon. I hate not being honest with him, I am in love with him and I feel like I'm deceiving him while trying to act as his friend.'' she paused ''I believe one should always be honest with the person they love.''

''Even if it meant loosing them forever? Even if it meant having them hate you?''

''Yes.'' Mary Margaret sighed deeply ''Because if they don't know the truth, how could they love the true you? You'd be deceiving them about who you are and yourself believing that relationship you have is the real one.''

''What if you know you'll never see them find out the truth?''she paused ''What if you know you can make them happy and you know you'd never live to see them find out the truth?''

''Emma...'' Mary Margaret gasped ''Why would you even think you won't live to see it?''

''I...'' Emma trailed off

''Emma?'' Mary Margaret moved closer to Emma taking her hand in her own squeezing her lightly

''I'm dying.'' blonde breathed out

''Oh my god'' cried dark haired teacher ''How? Why? Can't we do anything?''

''No'' said Emma defeated ''It could be done if they caught on it when I was younger, but you know how foster parents are- doctors are unwanted expense.''

''You grew up in foster home?'' asked Mary Margaret

''Yeah.'' Emma nodded ''I was born alone and I guess it's destined for me to die alone as well.''

''You'll never be alone, I'm here now.'' said Mary hugging Emma fiercely

''I have a heart defect'' Emma mumbled against the teacher's shoulder

''Regina can help you!'' yelped Mary Margaret backing away slightly ''I don't know her that good, but she's cardiologist and from what I heard great one too!''

''No!''Emma practically yelled ''She can't know!''

''Why?'' asked Mary Margaret confused

''She...I...It's complicated.'' sighed Emma looking away

''She's the person you're in love with?'' gasped Mary Margaret

''No,'' Emma paused ''I'm not in love with be, but I like her, very much so. I think I could fall in love with her.''

''Emma, she's an ice queen. I've never seen her on a date, kiss someone other than Henry and we both know that's very different kind of a kiss'' said Mary Margaret in a hurry ''I've never seen her let anyone beyond her walls. She's a robot, that woman. Besides, she's not gay.'' she finished

''Well, you're wrong.'' said Emma ''I already kissed her.''

''What?!" Mary Margaret gasped ''Wow, that's...that's something.''

''Do you know about her accident?'' asked Mary Margaret

''Yes, I know.'' Emma nodded ''That's making whole situation worse, how can I let her feel something, show her what it is to be in love with someone knowing she'll have to deal with the pain after I'm gone?'' she let her head hit back of the couch and closed her eyes ''And that's not even the worst part.''

''If this isn't the worst part...''

''Don't wanna talk about it.'' Emma silenced her roommate

Graham was sitting on the couch of his living room nursing a glass of whiskey, he had lost count which one it was. He followed Emma to Regina's house night before and spied on two women, how they ate dinner, how Emma played xbox with Henry and how kid liked her. Then he watched as two women went on back porch which made his work easier, he didn't have to watch through windows and could actually hear what they talked about.

He drank the remains of his drink and gripped the glass stronger remembering how that blond bitch danced with Regina, how she wrapped her arms around the dark haired beauty and kissed her slowly and then passionately. His anger was bubbling, he had tried everything he could think of and still Regina never looked his way. Now, in only two and a half weeks, his replacement in sheriffs department had her way with his woman. She kissed her lips, she caressed her cheek, she traced Regina's body with light touch over that red dress he adored and she earned Regina's moans. The images in his head made him scream into the darkness of his living room and crush the glass he hold in his hand.

He got up not caring about the hand that was bleeding and made his way towards his car. Woman can not please Regina as a man can, Emma could never compete with me. I will have her, I've been working for that too long to let that blonde take her from me. She will love it, she will love the way I'll take her. Then she'll forget about that bitch. With those thoughts he entered his truck and drove to 108 Mifflin street.

Emma sat on the bench deep in thoughts when Henry approached her ''Hey Emma.''

Emma was startled by the kid at first but then smiled warmly ''Hey kid.''

''So did you have fun with us yesterday?'' asked Henry

''Yes, I did.'' Emma said ''Did you?''

''Yeah, I did.'' nodded Henry ''I'm sorry I whipped your arse and gloated about it.''

Emma laughed and asked ''Your mom made you apologise, didn't she?''

''Yep.'' Henry laughed with her, but after a moment asked seriously ''Will you and mom start dating?''

''Where did you get that idea?'' Emma swallowed hard

''It's just the feeling, besides I never seen mom smiling at someone this much and nobody was ever in our house except for my friends, Mrs. Nolan and Lo.'' shrugged Henry

''Lo?'' asked Emma

''She works with my mom, she's a nurse.''he paused ''mom always says she's like a mom to her, which would make her my grandma.''Henry finished

''Oh...''Emma nodded ''I'm not sure what will happen between us, kid.''

''Just don't hurt her, okay?'' Henry pleaded ''Please.''

''I'd never intentionally hurt her, Henry. Nor you, for that matter.'' Emma said and Henry nodded

''Where are you going anyway?'' Emma asked ''Your house is the other way.''

''I'm having a sleepover.'' he said and glanced at his watch ''I have to go! I'm late.'' he hurried away, only to turn around after few meters and yell to Emma ''Bye Emma, I'll see you soon.'' she smiled and waved as he continue to run.

Emma sighed and decided to pay Regina a visit. She needed to come clean with her and she needed to do it now.

Regina was going through some papers when she heard the doorbell. Smiling, she went towards the door thinking that Henry, as usually, forgot something. She swung the door open and saw Sheriff Graham standing there. She fixed her posture immediately and gripped the door handle firmer

''Sheriff, is everything alright? Is Henry alright?'' asked Regina worried

''I'm sure Henry is fine Dr. Mills'' he spat her name ''I haven't come here for Henry.''

''Why are you here then Sheriff?'' Regina asked

''I think you know Dr. Mills, or should I maybe say Mrs. Swan?!'' he spat and smell of whiskey made its way to Regina's nostrils

''Sheriff, you are drunk and I think you should go home.'' said Regina in her stern voice which had intimidated many people, but she couldn't fathom way, she would never harm anybody.

''I don't think so.'' he smiled maliciously and pushed Regina inside, grabbing her wrists and pinning them over Regina's head as he slammed her body against the wall.

''What the hell do you think you're doing?!'' screamed Regina as she struggled against the man. He firmly held both of her slim wrists in his hand while other, now free, went to Regina's hip to steady her.

''I know you want it.'' Graham said

''Let me go!'' yelled Regina

''Shut up!'' he yelled slamming her petite body against the wall again making her gasp in pain ''I saw you! I saw you kissing her yesterday! It made me think...''he trailed off admiring beauty in front of him

''I thought you have to have a brain to think!'' spat Regina

He just smiled and said ''It made me realise how desperate for a fuck you are.'' he started '' So desperate that you'd let a woman touch you.'' he hissed grabbing bottom of her dress and yanking it up

''Stop it!'' Regina yelled, pleaded while tears ran down her cheeks. Many emotions she had bottle up inside came back and she started to shake from fear and hopelessness she felt.

''She will never be enough'' she heard the man grunt in her ear ''Woman can never please another woman as a man can.'' she heard ripping sound of her dress and then she felt him pressing his body against hers, making her legs shift as he settled himself between her legs ''Woman can never fill you up as a man can, Regina. You'll love it.'' he said pushing his hips against hers. Regina turned her head to left and screamed ''Help! Please!'' hoping someone would hear her.

She closed her eyes and wept as she struggled, which was of no use. Until she felt the weight being removed from her body and she found herself on the floor. That was the last thing she remembered before everything fade to blackness.

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