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Regina woke up and took in her environment, she was in her bedroom, in her bedroom, but she didn't have slightest idea how she got there. Then memory of previous night invaded her mind, she bolted into sitting position and panicked started to look around herself. She felt movement from her right side and she saw blonde waking up and glancing up at Regina from her spot on the floor.

''Regina?'' she questioned getting up and moving to Regina, which made older woman move away slightly ''It's alright, I won't hurt you. Nobody will hurt you, I promise.'' Emma said and moved towards Regina once again, but this time Regina didn't move away.

''What happened?'' asked Regina, remembering once again last nights events, which made her shook and sob slightly

''It's alright. I'll make it alright, I promise.'' said Emma as she sat down next to Regina and embraced her. Regina Mills never enjoyed being hugged, Regina Mills didn't like it when she felt she's being pitied and most of all Regina Mills hated when people saw her weak. But Regina didn't feel that way when Emma hugged her- she welcomed the touch of comfort, she felt only sympathising and care coming from blonde and she didn't feel weak but tired and hurt. She let her emotions run free and sobbed in Emma's arms; she felt Emma hand moving up and down her back, she felt light kisses Emma's lips made on her shoulder.

After few minutes, Regina's sobs disappeared and brunette calmed down a bit. ''What happened?''

Emma sighed and started to talk but she didn't let Regina out of her embrace ''I wanted to talk to you yesterday and on my way here I saw Henry in park. He told me that you are home, so I continued. When I entered your front yard I noticed that your door is open and then I heard you scream for help. I rushed inside and tore away Graham from you, after which you fell on the ground unconscious.'' she gulped ''He didn't...'' she paused ''I came before he...''

''Raped me?'' offered Regina

''Yes.'' Emma closed her eyes as the shiver went through her body as she remembered the scene she walked in on night before ''I hurt him, Regina.'' she swallowed hard

''What?'' asked Regina moving slightly so she could watch Emma in her eyes, but without removing herself from the hug

''When I saw him on you, my rage took over him. I hit him Regina and I didn't stop until he didn't move.'' Emma gulped

''Is he...?'' questioned Regina

''No, he has broken arm, few ribs and few stitches.'' answered Emma

''Thank you.'' Regina said

''You don't need to thank me.'' said Emma ''I don't know what I would do if he hurt you.''

''Don't leave me.'' said Regina as she clung onto Emma

Few weeks passed away since the accident- Graham was imprisoned, while Regina and Emma made a way towards Regina's recovery. Emma and Regina established some sort of rhythm in those few weeks. Emma would came by the manor every night to have dinner with her and Henry, and after Henry would go to bed, Emma would stay with Regina. Regina didn't have a problem falling asleep in Emma's arms, while she couldn't even close her eyes when she was alone. She scolded herself for being weak, but she couldn't help herself. This evening their schedule repeated itself and older woman found herself standing in doorway of living room looking at Emma and Henry watching Avengers. She remembered the talk she had with Lo that day

''You need to let it go, honey.'' said Lo as she watch Regina getting dressed


''What happened with Graham, you have to let it go.'' said Lo again ''Emma is wonderful, she's been there every step of the way and I know you like her. Maybe it's time to give her a shot.''

''I can't.'' said Regina sighing ''What if she thinks I'm disgusting? I have scars and after happened with Graham...''

''Listen to me!'' yelled Lo cupping both of Regina's cheeks ''What happened to you was not your fault! Not the accident, not your parents abuse, not Graham. Do you understand?!'' after a nod from Regina she said ''You deserve to be happy, you deserve to feel again, Regina. So go and feel! But you have to learn how to trust somebody, how to let someone in.''

''I can try, but what if she hurts me too?'' asked Regina

''I saw her taking care of you, I was there on the night when Graham attacked you. She wanted to make sure you were alright, she was scared and nervous that something might be wrong with you. If she hurts you, I guarantee you it won't be intentionally.''

''Henry, bedtime.'' she ordered and sensing his protest ''Not debatable.''

''Fine,'' he huffed ''Night Emma'' he kissed Emma on cheek and ran to Regina ''Good night, evil mother who won't let me play my games.'' he kissed her on the cheek and hugged her before he ran upstairs.

''Good night, baby.'' whispered Regina while watching him go ''He's growing up so fast.''

''Yeah, well he's ten, wait a year or two when puberty strikes.'' commented Emma softly

''Emma, I...''she paused ''I wanted to thank you for making this period much more better for me and him.''

''It's my pleasure Regina.'' Emma paused ''I want to see you both happy.'' Emma's nature always made Regina's heart flutter little more. She took few steps forward and found herself in Emma's personal space. She cupped Emma's cheek with her right hand and moved her thumb over soft skin she found there,


''Shh...'' Regina shushed her as she leaned closer and kissed Emma. Emma responded immediately and what started as a chaste kiss, turned into passionate one. There was no rush, no hurried affection, just two of them pouring the unspoken emotions into the kiss. Regina pulled Emma closer so that their bodies crushed against each other, Regina's hand went to Emma's hair, while Emma's danced across Regina's back.

''Regina...'' Emma pulled away, but Regina attacked her lips once again and moved them towards the couch behind them. Emma lost herself in the kiss as they lied down on the couch, but after a few moments, she put her hands on Regina's shoulder and stopped

''I'm sorry Emma...'' Regina start pulling away, but Emma held her stronger and pulled Regina back on top of her

''I'm not sorry.'' Emma whispered ''I just need to tell you something before we continue with this. '' she paused ''There are things you don't know and I know you should before we do this.''

''I don't want to know.'' said Regina ''Don't tell me, not now. Tomorrow, someday, never. I beg you.'' hearing the plea, Emma swallowed hard and pulled Regina into a kiss once again.

They made their way to Regina's bedroom, locking the door behind them. Emma could feel how nervous Regina was, so she kissed her gently

''Relax, nothing you don't want will happen.'' at that Regina did relax slightly and tugged at Emma's shirt. Emma raised her arms letting Regina take off her shirt, Regina tossed the shirt away and stared at half naked Emma in front of her swallowing hard. Emma smiled and started to unbutton Regina's white shirt, kissing every inch of soft skit buttons revealed and Regina moaned as Emma kissed valley between her breasts.

''Oh god'' breathed Regina when Emma unbuttoned last button and kissed her just above her pants. She looked down at kneeling woman in front of her and found green eyes looking at her, blonde smirked as she unbuttoned her pants and slid down the zipper, pulling down pants altogether revealing black lace panties and black stockings. Emma kissed her right on the top of her panties making Regina moan out loud.

''Take of the shirt'' growled Emma and Regina tugged at loose shirt and let it fall on the ground. Emma helped Regina to step out of the the pants, so that Regina stood in her underwear, stockings and high heels.

''Good god woman, you are made for pleasing.'' Regina heard Emma say and her hands automatically went towards her scars, but Emma stopped her.

''No'' she breathed ''I want to see you.'' Emma then proceed to kiss the length of a scar on Regina's left hip, and the one on her ribs. Emma got up and kissed small scar on Regina's left shoulder, then licked it earning herself a loud moan. ''You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen..'' Emma said against Regina's neck

''Emma please.'' Regina whispered and Emma walked around her and kissed her neck and continued to kiss down Regina's spine, until she reached the lace that held Regina's round breasts together and unclasped it. She continued to shower Regina's back with wet kisses and as she went lower she slid down Regina's stockings. Once again kneeling, Emma helped Regina to step out of her high heels. She got up and turned Regina so she was facing her, she groaned at the sight of free full breasts as she stood up, put her hands under Regina's behind and lifted her from the ground. Regina yelped at sudden change but clasped her legs around Emma's waist and let herself be carried and gently lowered down on the bed. Emma kissed her once again and after few moments she started to kiss and nip at her neck while she gripped the two breasts in her hands as best as she could. Emma squeezed what she could and relished the feel of her handfuls. They were, as Emma had hoped, pillow soft, but delightfully surprised Emma by still being firm to the touch. Emma had taken her hand off the beautiful breasts because Regina's moan at her touch had been her loudest to date and Emma had briefly worried that she'd been too rough.

But one look at Regina's face gave her all the answers, Regina enjoyed every bit of it. Regina was lost in clouds, her breasts were intensely sensitive to the touch, centred exquisitely at her nipples much in the way her sex spiked at her clitoris. ''Don't stop!'' moaned Regina and Emma let her hands fill up with as much of the heavy breasts as she could fit, feeling the nipples press against the top of her palms and cupped them before squeezing.

''Emma, please'' pleaded Regina desperately and Emma used her thigh to start grinding against Regina's centre. Emma removed her left hand and replaced it with her mouth. Tenderly, softly, she began kissing the olive flesh in a circle, from it's top to the underside, letting her tongue trail around in between her kisses. Creating smaller and smaller circles around the nipple, Emma teased the most sensitive part of Regina's chest by drawing closer and closer. Emma's free hand moved lower, hooked her fingers at damp lace and tugged it down. She broke the delicious contact with Regina's breast to remove the panties completely.

''Undress'' requested Regina and Emma did it in a heartbeat, tossing away her clothes. She lied on top of Regina once again, both women shivering at the feel of their naked bodies pressed against each other.

''Let me love you.'' requested Emma and Regina nodded in permission.

Emma kissed her way down Regina's body and found herself between Regina's thighs looking at dripping wet pussy in front of her ''God, you're so wet.'' Emma kissed both of Regina's thighs before kissing her centre receiving moan from brunette. Emma growled at the sound and burrowed her tongue into the pussy that she had been dreaming about for weeks. Emma lost herself in the sweet, silky velvet of Regina's slit under her tongue, the heat of the opening into Regina's body, and the way she trembled as Emma tongue eagerly explored her soft folds. Emma started to give her gentle, luxurious licks, and felt her shudder again. Emma moaned as she felt her own arousal throbbing within her as she burrowed her tongue deeper, swirling it lightly around Regina's clit and then dipping it inside her, holding in a moan as her sweet flavor coated Emma's tongue. Emma let her tongue slide deep inside Regina, moaning again at the sweet flavor of brunette, her scent filling Emma's mind, and then swirled her slippery tongue over Regina's clit, slowly accelerating the motion. Emma's lips gently sucked the little bead into her mouth as her tongue vibrated on the tip, and Emma felt Regina's hips lift off the before she jerked, gasping for air as she screamed

''Fuck! Emmmaaa!''

Her hips jerked several times, twitching, and Emma drank every drop of her nectar. Finally, Regina's relaxed with a deep shudder, her body going totally limp, her breathing suddenly deep and laboured. Emma made her way up Regina's body as she kissed Regina gently.

''Sleep'' softly commanded Emma pulling covers over their body.

''But..''half asleep Regina started to protest.

''Shh, this was about you.'' Emma said pulling Regina against her body ''Tomorrow.'' she kissed her forehead gently

Gold smiled evilly as the ring in his shop started to glow red. The Evil Queen found her true love. It looked like his plan will succeed after all, even though in a different way than he planned.

It was only a matter of time when the curse will break.

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