Phoenix' transformation

It's never black and white

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Three weeks passed since Emma and Regina slept together for the first time. Emma tried to tell Regina the whole truth, but Regina successfully managed to avoid it, claiming she did not want to know yet. Emma wasn't sure who was Regina trying to fool, who was she trying to deceive since they both knew that growing relationship they were having was not being fully honest. Emma admitted that she was falling in love with beautiful brunette; Regina was everything Emma ever wanted in a partner, she was perfect mix of beauty with scars, manners with temper, courage with fear and love with mystery.

Emma sat on a couch in an apartment she shared with MM and thought about Regina when her cellphone vibrated on the coffee table. Emma snapped out of her daydream and reached for the device and looked at the alarm that was set:

'Four months until day D.' the note said. Emma sighed loudly, two months passed since they diagnosed her, she was in Storybrook little less than that, for about a month and a half. She closed her eyes and sank deeper into the couch as tears started running down her cheeks. She remembered the birth of Henry, meeting Regina and seeing Henry again. The pain shook her body as she started to sob really loud, unable to move from fetal position on the couch.

She sobbed for long time, until she was calm enough to make her way across living room to grab the bottle of tequila. Alcohol was always last option for Emma, but she felt that she hadn't had any other options at the moment, so she swung the bottle and took first generous gulp.

Regina started to get worried as Emma hadn't picked up her cellphone after she called her for sixth time, so she decided to check on Emma herself. She told Lo she was leaving for the day and if there was emergency to call her immediately. She made her way towards the Sheriff's station and entered Emma's office

''Emma?'' she called

''She's not here.'' familiar voice said and Regina spun around to find Graham leaning against the bars of her cells.

Regina gulped as she automatically stepped back ''You.'' she breathed

''Regina, I just wanted to say that I'm sorry.'' Graham started, but Regina interrupted ''Stop it! Whatever you have to say, don't!'' she turned on her heels and in a hurry left the room.

Panic started to grip her as she exited the station and grabbed on the railing of the stairs. After a minute of deep breaths, she calmed herself down enough to start walking again. She wasn't sure where she was going when she entered the car, but her mind was on autopilot and she made her way towards Emma's apartment.

Gold sat in his shop pondering why the curse hadn't been broken yet. He had planned to make Emma and Regina worst enemies at the beginning, but that had truly changed when that red ring glowed. He was shocked to find out Emma was Regina's true love and he cursed himself for not knowing it, for his visions which failed him.

What was even worse, Gold couldn't figure out why the curse was intact. The curse was made to be broken by true loves kiss and Gold stalked and observed two women for weeks. He could easily connect the dots and he knew they were sleeping together, which surely meant they kissed plenty. He fumed, until it hit them like a train. Regina hadn't really knew who Emma was, of course! Gold was successful in tracking down Emma after the blonde had begun searching for Henry.

Even though Gold did not know for Emma's heart condition, he knew she was Henry's mother and he knew that Regina had to get the information very soon.

Regina made her way up the stairs to the apartment and was greeted by loud rock music. She identified the music as Nirvana's Man who sold the world as she reached for the handle expecting it to be locked. She was surprised to find the door unlocked and entered the apartment; she looked for sign of Emma as she stepped inside and closed the door behind. She moved towards the stereo under the tv and turned it off,; Regina turned around and spot blond curls barely visible behind the kitchen island.

''Emma?!'' she hurried to the blonde

''What are you doing here?'' asked Emma looking at Regina as the brunette kneeled next to her

''What happened honey?'' Regina asked as she saw Emma's puffed and red eyes, along with extremely pale face. Her trained mind check her body for injuries and immediately she spotted bloody towel in Emma's left hand

''Emma, what did you do?'' she asked as her voice shook reaching to the towel. Emma had a nasty gash on back of her hand

''I slipped'' said Emma quietly as she closed her eyes and leaned her head on the kitchen island behind her.

''This needs stitches.'' said Regina seriously

''I know doctor Mills.'' Emma smiled

''We need to get you to a hospital so I can patch you up.'' replied Regina

''Do it here, please.'' Emma pleaded looking at Regina's eyes ''I don't want to be seen like this. I know you're good doctor and you'll be able to stitch me up here with first aid kit.''

''Of course I can do it here, I could do it with normal needle and string.'' Regina rolled her eyes

''Then do it, my love.'' said Emma ''Please.''

Regina nodded as she took in Emma's broken state, her sad eyes. Regina moved blonde to the couch and sat her down as she went to get the kit. After half an hour Emma's hand was carefully and precisely wrapped up in bandage.

''Will you please tell me what happened to get you into this state?'' asked Regina as she kneeled down in front of Emma between blonde's legs and took both of Emma's hands in her own ''You have that sad look you had when you first arrived here.''

''You are so perfect Regina.'' breathed Emma as tears slipped down her cheek again ''You are such a great mother and doctor, you are beautiful and strong woman, you're gentle and attentive lover.'' she paused while Regina caressed the her hands ''I always dreamt to have someone like you. I think, I think...'' she swallowed hard ''No, I know I fell in love with you. I'm in love with you.''

''Well, that's no reason to get drunk and mess up your hand.'' Regina chuckled a bit while her eyes filled with tears as well ''I'm in love with you too, Miss Swan. You swept me of my feet when we first met and you keep being everything I want ever since.'' she finished

''I have a past Regina and when you allow me to tell you about it you'll hate me and everything will fall apart.'' Emma sobbed

''Nothing will fall apart, we both have past. I promise you'' Regina breathed hard as she connected her forehead with Emma's and said ''Just because I can not remember my past, doesn't mean I can not feel it. I know I did something horrible Emma, I can feel it because I can feel the guilt that accompanies every bad deed. I don't know what it was, but I know that rage made me do it; I feel it all Emma, I just don't know what it's about. That will always hunt me, so if you think you can deal with my baggage, I assure I can deal with yours.''

''When you'll find out you'll be angry'' started Emma ''I promise you that, but promise me you'll think back to this conversation and remember this: that I love you and I love Henry and I'd never do anything to hurt you or him in any way.'' she paused ''Remember that the only time I ever felt I belong somewhere, it's here with you two. Promise me you'll remember.''

''I promise.'' said Regina

''I love you.'' whispered Emma

''I love you too.'' Regina kissed her gently ''You need to sleep, I'll help you to bed.''

''You should see her Lo, she was so broken.'' Regina finished the story about the events of previous day

''Do you think you'll be able to take whatever she has to tell you?'' asked Lo

''Yes.'' nodded Regina ''She loves me and I love her, I'll do everything in my power to accept whatever it is. I don't think it can be that bad, you know.''

''Maybe she's a murderer.'' Lo said

''Don't be ridiculous.'' Regina shook her head ''She's sheriff, for gods sake. I've seen her file, she showed it to me- she got into trouble when she was 18 and judge sent her in military academy. She was in army for five years and then started to work as bounty hunter for Boston PD.''

''Okay, so we know she was a troublemaker as a kid.'' Lo said and Regina shot her the look that made people gulp ''What? That look doesn't work on me and I'm just stating the obvious. I'm glad she got out of it though.''

''Dr. Mills?'' nurse called as she entered lounge room ''Sheriff Swan is here to see you.''

Regina moved towards the hall with Lo hot on her heels.

''Emma?'' Regina smiled as she saw beautiful blonde waiting for her in much better condition that day before

''Hi'' Emma smiled ''I just wanted to ask you if you'd like to have dinner with me tonight?'' she paused ''Both as a apology for yesterday and thanks for taking care of me. I also thought we could talk about it, you know, so we can have a clean, secrets free relationship. If you're ready, of course.''

Regina knew there was no other way, they danced around it for too long. She was in love with the blonde and she knew they had to discuss whatever it was and move

''Yes, I'd love to.'' said Regine ''I'll have Katherine watch Henry for the night, she's recovered well and been begging me whole week to spend the day with her godson.''

''I'll text you details.'' Emma smiled and Regina nodded, closing distance between Emma and her kissing Emma gently before saying ''I have patients to take care of.'' she smiled, turned on her heels and made her way down the corridor, ignoring the gasps and gossip of the nurses.

''I need to talk to you blondie.'' Lo said ''Let's have a chat in coffee shop across the street..'' Emma gulped remembering Henry saying Loreen was like a mother to Regina and followed the nurse.

They sat at the table with coffee in their hands when Lo said ''Spit it out. What is it that you're hiding from Regina? All of it.'' she commanded with firm look

''Alright, but you have to promise me that you'll let me tell her.'' Emma said and Lo nodded ''I give you my word.''

''I found out I'm dying two months ago.'' Emma stated surprising Lo ''They gave me six months tops with best medications, but I couldn't afford the best medications. So full six months would be a miracle. It's a heart defect, I will start to have have serious effects in matter of weeks.''

''I'm so sorry Emma.'' said Lo reaching out to squeeze Emma's hand

''That's not all.'' said Emma and Lo nodded her head indicating to Emma she could take time so Emma took deep breath and started again ''I didn't come to Storybrooke by chance.'' she paused ''I gave birth when I was 18. I gave the boy for adoption and Regina adopted him.'' Lo gasped

''You have to understand'' Emma said quickly ''I never wanted to take Henry away from Regina and I know that's what she'll first think. I just wanted to see him, I just wanted to talk to him for few minutes as a stranger, just to see him smile and talk. That was all, that was my plan, after which I would pack back to Boston and died there.''

''Oh Emma.'' older nurse got up and hugged the blonde

''I didn't think she'll invite me to that baseball game, that I'll fall in love with her.'' Emma said as she cried silently in Loreen's shoulder. She hated herself for crying in front of two people in only two days span, but she couldn't help herself. ''I never would want to hurt her, but I can not stay alive, no matter how much I want to.''

''I know dear, I know.'' Lo said as she caressed blonde's back.

Regina made her way towards her car when her phone beeped. She pulled it out and read the message 'I'm waiting for you at the baseball court.'

Regina smiled and looked up from her cellphone only to be met with grinning Gold who was leaning against her car.

''What can I do for you Mr. Gold?'' she asked coldly

''It's not what can you do for me, but what I can do for you.'' he smiled

''I don't think there is anything you can do for me.''

''I can, you just don't know it yet.'' he said and then seriously said ''Emma Swan is here to take away your son.''

''Excuse me?'' she asked shocked ''Are you out of your mind?!''

''No, I'm not. She's Henry's biological mother and she's here to take him away.''

''You're lying.'' she said

''No, I'm not.'' he said and handed her the Henry's birth certificate '' I dealt with Henry's adoption papers and since it was closed and secret agreement, I could not give you this birth certificate, but since she's here, there is no need to be secretive about it anymore.''

Regina stood in shock as she looked at the paper she held in her hands.

''I'm sure you'll protect Henry well, Dr. Mills.'' he smiled ''Good night.'' he finished and walked away leaving shocked Regina behind him.

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