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Sticky Notes{Yoonmin}


In which Jimin find anonymously written sticky notes in his locker with compliments on them. (Includes Taekook and Namjin)

Romance / Fantasy
Lisa’s whore
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Chapter 1

Dear Jimin,

Do you know how beautiful you are?

Jimin held the sticky note in his hand, when he opened his locker this morning the neon blue sticky note fluttered out catching the pink haired omegas attention.

He looked around to see if he could possibly spot the unknown writer but with avail. He folded the small paper up and slipped into his back pocket.

He shrugged it off and grabbed his textbooks needed for all the classes he had till lunch.


“Chim over here!” Kim Taehyung one of the omegas closest friend (also an omega) waves the pink haired boy over. Jimin nodded and grabbed his lunch tray walking over to the blue haired omega.

“Hey taetae.” Jimin said looked around the cafeteria. He really wanted to know who had given him this note. Was it not meant for him? Did others get one? Was it a prank?

“Jimin! Look at your best friend!” Tae pouted punching the pink haired boy arm playfully. Jimin flinched and angry pouted at blue haired boy.

“Tae can I ask you something?” Jimin asked the other who leaned in and nodded his head to his friend. Jimins hand slipped down to his back pocket and pulled out the blue sticky note showing it to the other.

“Did you maybe get a note too?” Jimin unfolded the note letting Taehyung read the contents of the letter. Taehyung shook his head confused before his eyes widen and he smirked.

“Park fucking Jimin has a secret admirer!” Taehyung squealed feet bouncing quickly off the ground in excitement.

“Yah! Would you shut up!” Taehyung whisper yelled covering the others mouth.

“Hello cotten candy~” Kim Seokjin another one of the omegas friends sung out playfully sitting down with his try at their lunch table. Unlike his omegan friend Jin is a beta along with their last friend Jung Hoseok.

“JINNIE!!” the two omegas greeted their friend who had been gone all summer long with a hug. They all sat down and had small talk waiting for Hobi to come aswell.

“I think he found it.”

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