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Swords and arrows🔞 [MxM] [COMPLETE]


{Must read the Cop’s boy first} Massimo Sanchez is the heir to the Sanchez empire. A drug lord, a loner who never opens up to anyone until circumstances brought him to a beautiful Thai boy that woke something inside him that he never thought was any longer there. Even though he couldn’t make the beautiful boy his, he was glad to know he still has a heart and the ability to care about another human being. What does fate have in store for him when he founds himself risking his life to protect the prince of the yakouzas?

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

The last few months have been eventful. Dealing with Clarington and coming out of hiding to take back his business, Massimo have been busy. But never too busy to still keep an eye on the boy that made him fall in love just by watching him from afar. He is not that kind of person. Everything about the boy made him question himself.

It definitely hasn’t been easy getting back to work with Pablo Sanchez and keep up with his demands. His uncle. He is the only family he has left so Massimo has no choice than to indulge the old man even though he can be a pain in the ass since he keeps nagging him about going over the files he has put together concerning an alliance with the Japanese. Pablo kept the business running while Massimo was in hiding so basically he owes the man.

He found it hard to go back home to Mexico and he knows too damn well why. Ruben. The boy that touched his cold heart melting the ice around it only to hand it back to him. He sighs pouring himself a glass of bourbon as he walks slowly to the glass widow staring out at the peaceful looking city.

He blames that kiss that keeps giving him a glimpse of hope at a chance with Ruben even though he was effortlessly turned down. I don’t blame him. His parents died because of me. It was doomed from the very start. He gulps the rest of his drink as he makes his way back to his desk.

Might as well take a look at the files and get it over with. He sighs as he rummages trough the pile of papers spread out in front of him.

Two hours in and he had to admit his uncle has done his work. The two parties will clearly benefit from this alliance if he is ever able to pull it off. He heard rumors about the Nakamotos and he might say they are not to be messed with. Even though Massimo doesn’t scare off easily, he hates bad business. He is not ready to put his men in danger. The yakouzas clearly scream danger and ninjas or whatever.

“Hello?” Pablo answers the phone grunting.

“Sorry to wake you, uncle. I have been going trough your list of proposals. I must say it’s pretty impressive.” Massimo chimes.

“Couldn’t this wait till morning, Massimo? Have you looked at the time?” Pablo mumbles rolling over in his bed.

“Actually no.” Massimo looks at his watch, “oh shit. I should let you get back to sleep. I will call back in the morning. My regards to aunt Carina.” Massimo apologies.

“Yeah yeah whatever...” Pablo hangs up.

Grumpy old man. Massimo chuckles getting up from his seat and picks up his coat walking out of his office and towards the elevator and up into his penthouse where he turns on some jazz music taking off his shirt and walk into the bathroom for a warm bath.

Massimo gets woken up by the sound of very loud footsteps as they approach his bedroom.

“Good morning, Massimo.” A short woman with rosy cheeks and beautiful grey long hair parted in two braids barges into the bedroom with a cheering smile.

“Rosario...” Massimo groans dropping his head back unto the pillow.

“You’ve been working late again haven’t you.” She scolds walking to the nightstand to place the cup of coffee she brought with her, “here is your coffee. You need to get up so I could make the bed.” Rosario orders walking into the bathroom.

“Why are you up so early anyway?” Massimo yawns sitting up with much needed effort to rest his head against the headboard of the bed.

“I always wake up early just so I could wake you. You know that. You need to find yourself a wife so I could retire, si?” Rosario laughs from the bathroom as she rummages trough the laundry basket.

Massimo smiles to himself as he sips on the coffee.

“You know I only need you, corazon.” He says sweetly.

“Yeah right. Such a sweet talker.” Rosario chuckles as she comes back into the room hugging a big laundry basket, “oh and before I forget, Pablo is in your studies.”

“What!?” Massimo jumps out of the bed.

“Yeah I knew that will give you a boost to get you out of bed.” She laughs watching Massimo as he runs into the bathroom and straight under the shower.

Rosario is more than a maid. She was Massimo’ s nanny growing up. He grew found of the jovial woman and haven’t been parted of her since.

“Uncle...” Massimo greets as he walks into his office.

“You finally decided to show up.”

“It is too early for you to start being grumpy. Let’s go to business, shall we?” Massimo groans as he takes his seat.

“I'm trying to get used to your ‘new’ face, you know...but behind that, you are still the same brat inside.” Pablo laughs wholeheartedly.

Massimo shakes his head with a laugh, “it is nice to see you again, uncle. Believe it or not, I missed you and aunt Carina’s cooking.”

“She misses you too.” Pablo nods with a smile.

“So....business. Can you tell me more about the Nakamotos.” Massimo crosses his fingers together placing them in front of him on the desk.

“Well for starters I know they will bring good money, that’s for sure.” Pablo chuckles.

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