Swords and arrows🔞 [MxM] [COMPLETE]

Chapter 11

Massimo invited the Yakouzas to stay at his home for the night and deemed it a good idea they stay together. You never know who made it out of the underground alive and probably plotting a revenge.

The dinner table was quiet as the four elder brothers stared daggers into Massimo’s skull as compared to their father and Myung that whispered to each other during the meal.

Massimo was in his office when Myung came in, offered him a smile and walks out unto the balcony to stare at the amazing view of the city. Massimo stole few glances at the beautiful man as his hair moves to the rhythm of the wind.

Massimo picks up his coat and gets up walking up to Myung and places it over his shoulders.

Myng still staring into the distance smiles lightly, “it’s beautiful.”

“It really is.” Massimo was staring at the prince with so much affection in his eyes that even surprises himself.

“Will you come see me in Korea?” Myung turns his head towards him.

“Why would you even ask? Of course I will.” Massimo chuckles lightly wrapping his hand around Myung’s shoulders.

“I will miss you. We didn’t get to do anything fun you know.” Massimo says a little disappointed.

“It’s been a while I fought so...I had a little fun.” Myung laughs placing his head on Massimo’s shoulder.

“Yeah that was a little fun.” Massimo laughs.

Nakamoto has asked to speak with Massimo when his sons retired to their rooms.

They sat on the floor in Massimo’s studies with cups of tea in front of them.

“It’s late and we are both tired so I will not beat around the bush.” Nakamoto speaks calmly.

I will have to say Myung got this trait from him. Always calm even when their lives are in danger. Massimo thought as he stares at the man before him.

“I have been watching you and Myung. You wouldn’t have risks your life so many time to save his if you didn’t care about the boy and I know he feels the same.”

Massimo nods gently.

“My question is what are your intentions?”

Massimo furrows his brows.

“Am a man of principle and culture. There will be no inappropriate behavior between the two of you until there’s been a proper introduction.” Nakamoto informs.

“I really don’t understand.”

Nakamoto offers him a tight lip smile, “when are you two getting married?”

Massimo’s jaw drops to the floor.

And here I thought I have seen and heard everything when it came to this family.

Back in his room, Massimo tosses in bed unable to fall asleep when he hears the doorknob turn slowly. He picks his gun and quickly lays back down with eyes closed.

“I could throw a knife at you and kill you before you get the chance to use that gun.” Myung chuckles as he crosses his arms over his chest watching Massimo as he pretends to be asleep.

Massimo chuckles sitting up, “will I get stabbed or tortured if anyone finds you here?” Massimo asks with a smirk as he walks up to Myung and pulls him into his arms.

“Probably.” Myung laughs in his face.

“I have nothing to loose then.” Massimo husks leaning in to capture Myung’s lips with his.

“Did father give you an impossible task?” Myung smirks pulling away slowly to sit on the big bed.

Massimo scratches his head awkwardly, “well he asked when we will be getting married.”

Myung gasps and breaks into laughter.

Massimo chuckles sitting beside him.

“That’s insane!” Myung couldn’t stop laughing, “he is just trying to scare you. You know that right?” Myung asks trying to control his laughter.

Massimo gets up and moves in front of Myung and kneels in between his legs. Myung stops laughing as he looks at Massimo with confusion.

“But I want to...” Massimo whispers looking right into his eyes .

“W-what?” Myung blinks.

“Not right now. But when you say yes. I want you to think about it and I will like an answer when I come to Korea. And am hoping it will be a yes.” Massimo whispers as he moves closer his lips inches away from Myung’s, “okay?” He husks.

“Okay...” Myng breathes heavily.

Massimo kisses him hard as they moan into the kiss. Massimo’s hand moves slowly from Myung’s shoulders down to his waist and Massimo moves his hand slowly into Myung’s kimono only to find him completely naked underneath.

Massimo smirks into the kiss, “that’s very naughty of you Myung. What did you think was going to happen coming to me like this? Hmm?” Massimo husks against Myung’s shoulder while he tries to catch his breath.

“Nothing...” he moans when Massimo starts feathering kisses on his neck and chest.

Massimo traces his hand over Myung’s hard member and grops him gently causing Myung’s toes to curl at the feeling.

“I don’t think that’s true, baby.” Massimo kisses over his nipples causing Myung to moan and his head to drop back.

“Has anyone ever touch you?” Massimo asks running his hand over Myung’s hard cock.

“No...” Myung whispers with eyes closed.

“Have you ever touched yourself?” Massimo smirks watching Myung’s face turn red. Massimo has never seen the prince in this state and he must admit is quite a beautiful sight right now.

“Yes...” Myung confesses looking away from Massimo’s eyes.

“I want you to look at me...” Massimo husks, “does it feel different when someone else is doing it? And by someone else I mean me.” Massimo whispers in the prince’s neck. Myung nods quickly thrusting his hips forward.

“Good.” Massimo moves back down and gets under Myung’s kimono while the latter’s eyes shot open,

“What are you doing?” Myung mumbles out as his voice starts to fade when Massimo places his lips on Myung’s cock and kisses it.

“Am doing what your future husband should be doing to you...just relax baby...” Massimo reassures taking Myung into his mouth.

“Oh my god...Simo...” Myung moans as his hand lands on Massimo’s head while the latter on his knees, sucks him with passion.
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