Swords and arrows🔞 [MxM] [COMPLETE]

Chapter 2

The awaited arrival of the Sanchez new business partners was finally here. The yakouzas landed in the states last night and Massimo and his boys made sure their new home for the next couple of weeks is comfortable.

Massimo picks up his suit from the bed and puts it on over his dark blue shirt as he stares at his reflection in the giant mirror in his room.

“Ready to meet the ninjas?” Rosario laughs walking into the room.

“Yakouzas, Rosario.” Massimo chuckles as he opens the wardrobe to his watch collection. He smiles picking up a beautiful piece and puts it on around his left wrist.

“I really wish we could just sign the damn contract and be done with it but you know Pablo. He wants me to get to know them. Play nice. Some sort of introduction or whatever.” Massimo groans walking away from the dresser.

“He is right. You need to know a little about the people you are getting into bed with.” Rosario offers him a comforting smile.

“Just because he stayed in Korea for a year he thinks he knows everything.” Massimo disses his uncle causing them both to laugh.

“Just go already.” She laughs, “and don’t forget the package he sent for you to take along.”

“Right! The wine.” He nods giving her a quick peck as he rushes out of his room.

Massimo didn’t want to attract any unwanted attention so he drove with just two bodyguards to the Yakouzas new residence.

Two tall men in long black kimonos stood at the entrance of the hanok(a traditional Korean house). Massimo remembered when he was looking for the perfect home for his guests, he thought they might like something that reminds them of home. He gave a small smile to the men that gave him a slight bow as they proceeds to open the door for him and stopping his bodyguards from entering.

Massimo gave them a nod, “it’s alright boys. Wait out here.”

A lady appeared in a beautiful long Hanbok and bows slightly which he mirrored. She offers him a smile and directs him with a hand gesture into the next room.

Does anyone knows how to speak here? He thought as he groans internally.

She offers him a seat on one of the cushions that lays on the floor with a table in the middle. She bows again and walks out. Now what? He looks around wondering when he will be graced with Nakamoto’s presence.

He was sending a message from his phone when the door slides open causing him to look up. He puts his phone back into his pocket and slowly stands up.

A not so tall man walks into the room in a rather big and large kimono his hands lost inside the large fabric accompanied by four men dressed the same, that looks younger as he watches them move into the room like shadows. He walks up to them and bows slightly which the five men return.

“Annyeonghaseyo.” (Good evening in Korean.) Massimo greets with a slight bow and straightens himself up slowly.

Mr Nakamoto offers him a tight lip smile and a slight nod, “well said Mr Sanchez.”

Massimo blinks and sighs, “you speak English. That’s good. It is finally nice to meet you in person.”

Nakamoto motions to the cushions, “let’s seat.”

The four young men sits on each side of their father, placing him in the middle.

“These are my sons. You boys will have the chance to get to know each other.” Nakamoto calmly speaks.

“It is nice to meet you all. I must say your English is very good. Am glad I don’t have to use my broken Korean.” Massimo smiles.

The five men returns his smile.

“Before we start talking boring papers, let’s share some wine if you don’t mind Mr Sanchez?” Nakamoto offers.

“Of course not. I brought you a welcoming gift by the way. I hope it is up to your liking.” Massimo places the box on the table gently.

One of the Nakamotos opens the box and gently takes out the bottle presenting it to his father.

“Mmmm...you know your wine. Am impressed.” Nakamoto compliments.

Massimo bows his head slightly.

“We have something for you as well. “ Nakamoto claps his hands and the door slides open slowly. The same lady from earlier on comes back into the room, a box in hand as he walks up to them slowly her head bowed the whole time. She places the box on the table and retreats.

“For you.” Nakamoto with a hand gesture motions to the box looking right a Massimo.

Massimo slowly opens the box.

“One of the finest. I hope you will appreciate our gift.” Nakamoto speaks with pride.

Massimo let his fingers fumble with the beautiful material, “it’s breathtaking... I shall wear it with pride. Thank you.”

A well printed kimono.

“It seems we are on track in getting to know one another. Let’s have some wine.” Nakamoto speaks calmly, “but we are missing one person.”

Massimo looks up wondering who they could be waiting for.

Right then the door slides open. Two ladies walks in followed by someone Massimo couldn’t clearly make out.

The person moves in between the women to stand in front of them and bows slightly,

“Nakunatta ōtosan gomen’ nasai.” (Sorry am late father.)

Nakamoto hums with a slight nod, “seat. We were just talking about you.”

Massimo couldn’t believe his eyes. He will never have guessed that was a man.

The young man nods as the ladies proceeds to take off the big fabric that was wrapped around his shoulders to reveal a long white kimono. The young man walks around Massimo as the latter couldn’t stop staring. He watches the young man as his back is turned to him and almost gasps at how long his hair is.

Am I in a freaking Korean drama or something?

The young man sits down gently as he folds his legs with so much poise, Massimo couldn’t look away.

“This is Myung-dae Kyong. My youngest. Mine and his brothers pride.” Nakamoto introduces with pride as he watches his son with love in his eyes, “now that they are all here, they can introduce themselves.”

“Akihiko Nakamoto.” The eldest introduces with a bow.

“Arata Nakamoto.” The next one introduces with a bow as well.



“Myung.” The youngest speaks once more getting Massimo’s attention once again. His voice was so deep it is hard to believe it came out of him. His face looks like it was made with porcelain.

“M-Massimo Sanchez...” he introduces with a bow.

“You might be wondering why he has a Korean name?” Nakamoto guessed that might be the reason why Massimo kept staring at his son.

“What?” Massimo blinks, “oh am sorry. I didn’t mean to...”

Nakamoto rose a hand up in front of him with a small smile, “no need for apologies. People often wondered. He is my only son to be born in Korea. I had his brothers back home.”

Massimo nods, “I understand.” Even though his mind was in shambles.

“Now let’s open this wine shall we?”

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