Swords and arrows🔞 [MxM] [COMPLETE]

Chapter 3

“Hello uncle.”

“How did it go, Massimo? Are we in business yet?

“Yes. Everything is in motion now.”

Massimo could hear the excitement in Pablo’s voice, “so proud of you, nephew! We should celebrate!”

“I was thinking just now about throwing a party. It should be nice to have a few old friends around and get our new partners to have a good time while they are here.” Massimo explains as he takes off his suit.

“Excellent! It’s a wonderful idea.”

“Say, Uncle...what do you know about the Nakamoto heirs?” Massimo sits on his bed.

“The kids? Nothing really. They live a very private life. I do know the eldest is married with a son but nothing about the young ones.”

Massimo humms with a nod, “I was thinking about the youngest...”

“The prince?”

Massimo furrows his brows, “prince?”

“Well at least Nakamoto refers to him as such. He is said to be very different from his brothers.”

“Yeah I noticed.”

“Wait...you met him!? He must have been in a good mood. The whole year I spent in Korea and conducting business with them, I never once met him. He always declined any invitation to join his brothers in business meetings.”

“I see.” Massimo wonders.

“Why are you asking so much questions about them? It’s not so important right now. The deal is done. We should be celebrating.”

“You are right. I will get back to you once everything is prepared.”

“Excellent!” Pablo hangs up.

Massimo falls on the bed as he stares up the ceiling. The images of the young prince’s with his floating hair dancing around his brain.

“Myung...” he whispers to himself as he smiles loving how the name rolled out of his lips.

The party was a success. The Nakamotos finally arrived and they were dressed for the occasion. The elder brothers wore suits that complimented their features perfectly as it got them attention from the ladies in the room. They stood behind their father who had both his hands behind his back as he stood with dominance in front of them. He wore a very impressive hansok with a long grown that hanged on his shoulders.

Massimo noticed them and rushes to their side to welcome them and take them to their seats. He kept looking around wondering where the prince could be but dared not ask.

He felt the room go a little quiet for a moment and he looks around wondering what was the center of the attention or in this case who.

Myung stood by the entrance with two men on each side of his hands. It’s clear Massimo wasn’t the only one thinking it. The ladies lingered their eyes over the young man. He looks unreal. He stood gracefully and tall and everything about him screams delicacy and dominance. He wore similar dress to his father’s but his is adorned with handcrafted flowers around the sleeves.

He sure knows how to make an entrance.

“Glad you could join us. Come with me.” Massimo greets with a slight head bow which the prince retuned with a tight lip smile.

Massimo and Pablo were glad their guests looked cheerful and was mingling casually with the other guests.

Massimo couldn’t stop watching the prince the whole evening. He excused himself when he noticed the young man walking out of the room accompanied by a man he doesn’t remember being on the guest list.

He follows them till the exit door and yells after them, “hey you there! Stop!”

They both stop in their tracks without looking back. Massimo walks up to them a little confused. He stands in front of the prince as he watches his expression that remained calm the whole time, “Is everything okay? Who is this person?” Massimo asks looking back at the mysterious man that was standing way too close to the prince. Massimo quickly understood the situation but it was too late as he felt a gun on his back.

“Don’t make any sound or I will shoot both of you right here.” The voice threatens.

Massimo nods raising his hands up in surrender, “take it easy. Can you at least tell me what this is about?”

“You will know soon enough.” The voice growls, “get them in the car.”

“Myung? Are you okay?” Massimo whispers to the prince that is strangely way too calm for what’s happening to them.

He says nothing as they are being pushed into the backseat of the car.

“Do you understand what am saying?” Massimo blames it on the language barrier. Clearly the young prince didn’t understand him.

“Will you two shut up back there!?” The driver yells as he speeds up like a lunatic.

Massimo has no idea what to do. What’s the plan here? He could take the gun from the guy sitting beside them easily but the one in the passenger seat will shoot him or the prince which he can’t risk. Or he could try strangling the driver and they will go crashing. None of these are good ideas. He can’t explains why all of a sudden any plan that will jeopardize the prince’s life, scares him.

The car stops in front of an abandoned house as the kidnappers proceeds to drag them inside.

“Two for the price of one.” One of the kidnappers grins pointing a gun at Massimo.

“The boss is going to be so pleased.”

“What do you guys want? Money?” Massimo asks angrily.

They pay no mind to him as one of them moves closer in predatory steps towards the prince, “Sam? How much do you think they will pay for a man this beautiful if we auction him?” He grins while his friends laugh. He lifts his hand stretching it towards the prince’s face.

“Don’t you dare touch him!” Massimo’s voice booms trough the old house causing the men to flinch a little.

“What are you gonna do about it huh!? Since am the one with the fucking gun!?” He points the gun to Massimo’s head as he glared at him.

“How about I take it from you and make you eat those bullets?” Massimo growls looking straight at him.

It happened so fast even Massimo didn’t see it coming.

“So annoying...” the prince mumbles as he slides a sword trough the man’s gut. He pushes Massimo behind him and grabs his hand. Electricity shot trough Massimo’s body as he freezes for a second. He felt an object in his palm. A knife. They move in accordance as they both jump in front of the rest of their kidnappers slitting their throats.

Massimo walks up to the prince with disbelief in his eyes, “you could have done this the whole time and yet you let them take you? Why? I don’t get it.”

Myung smiles cleaning his sword placing it back inside his kimono gently, “for adventure...and this.” He adds pointing to the cars coming their way.

“Shit! Come with me!” Massimo pulls on his arm and drags him behind a wall to hide. He speaks English...and that accent...Massimo found himself daydreaming.

He pulls the prince back causing him to bump into Massiomo’s chest as he holds him by his arm firmly, “we need to hide if we want to get out of here alive.” Massimo breathes down his neck.

“I need to know who tried to kidnapped me.” Myung whispers back.

“How could one person do this!? I thought you said he is harmless!” A man yells with frustration his voice echoing trough the abandoned house.

“Ayasan...” Massimo whispers.

“That’s him?” Myung asks still pressed against Massimo, “I only know him by name. Father isn’t going to like this.”

“Ayasan doesn’t like me very much and it’s very obvious he doesn’t like your family either.” Massimo whispers.

“We need to get out of there.” Myung tries moving but almost fell down face first as Massimo quickly grabs him by his arm pulling him back as he slams against his chest.

“Are you okay?”

“I-I don’t...feel so good.” Myung mumbles his head dropping back on Massimo’s shoulder.

Massimo touches his neck gently, “you are burning up. I think I know what happened. They drugged you. I need to get you out of here.”

Massimo leans down sweeping the prince off of his feet to carry him bridal style as he looks for a way out without getting caught.

He knows this wasn’t the time nor the place as he looks down at the prince who is resting in his arms with his eyes closed, but all Massimo could see are the prince’s beautiful rosy lips.

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