Swords and arrows🔞 [MxM] [COMPLETE]

Chapter 5

A knock on the door gets Massimo’s attention as he was going trough more paper work spread out on his desk.

“Sorry to disturb you señor. Mr Nakamoto is here.”

“Let him in.”

The men left behind to stay with the young prince, walks into the room first as Myung follows after them calmly with both hands in his pockets.

Massimo was hypnotized. Those were his clothes but it was more about the person wearing them. Half of Myung’s hair was held in a bun while the rest fell on his back. He wore a white shirt with the sleeves rolled up and dark blue pants that fits him perfectly. In this outfit Massimo is able to see how tall and elegant the man really is. The shirt is a bit big on him but it just adds to his charms.

“Have a seat, please.” Massimo gestures to a chair in front of him.

Myung sits down with the same poise as Massimo remembers only this time, he crosses one leg over the other.

“Very big office.” He notices looking around.

“Yeah I guess.” Massimo chuckles, “would you like something to eat before we leave? Rosario could fix something for you.”

“Who is Rosario?”

“She is my nanny.” Massimo replies nonchalantly but shakes his head at the young prince’s amused face, “not like that.” He chuckles, “she is more like a family friend that takes care of me. Cooking and mostly getting me out of bed.” He laughs at the last part.

Myung nods with a smile, “I see. But that’s okay. Father has already called like five times. This is very new for him.”

Massimo watches the prince calmly, “he must really love you guys.”

“It’s....how do you say it....suffocating. Yes suffocating sometimes.” Myung laughs.

A laugh so genuine, Massimo was afraid if he blinks the young prince might disappear.

He finally clears his throat, “we should be on our way then. I will let him know we are coming.” Massimo says picking up his phone.

Myung excused himself after he was escorted back home leaving Massimo and Nakamoto to talk about more business.

“We will love to have you stay for dinner. And you could spend the night here if you don’t mind. We have to attend an early meeting in the morning as well.” Nakamoto offers as he pours himself some tea.

Massimo was a little taken aback by the invitation but deemed it will come off as rude if he declines, “I will be glad to stay. Thank you.”

Dinner wasn’t what he expected. He didn’t think he will enjoy the dishes as much as he did.

He was taken to his room and offered a kimono that strangely he must admit is very comfortable. He laid on the bed staring up at the ceiling when a melodious sound took over his mind. He gets out of bed and follows it to it origin.

He found Myung sitting on the porch with his father while his eyes remain closed as he gently plays the flute.

Nakamoto turns around when he heard footsteps coming from behind them.

“Oh am sorry...I didn’t mean to disturb.” Massimo apologies in a whisper.

“Come. Sit.” Nakamoto motions with his hand to the empty space beside him, “he plays when he can’t sleep. I don’t sleep much these days either and I enjoy listening to him.” Nakamoto whispers to Massimo once he sat down.

Massimo nods as he drinks up the image in front of him. Myung had a blanket over his shoulders and he was once again wearing a long white kimono as his eyes stayed close while he plays the flute with elegance.

“Am pretty tired. I will see you tomorrow, Mr Sanchez.” Nakamoto says as he gently pats his son on the shoulder as he walks back into the house.

Massimo nods at him still watching the young prince.

Myung stops playing as he opens his eyes watching his father’s back fade into the house with a smile.

“He is getting old.”

Massimo didn’t know what to say to that.

“Can’t sleep or did I wake you?” Myung adjust the blanket over his shoulders as he turns to Massimo.

“Can’t sleep. That was beautiful by the way.” Massimo compliments.

Myung smiles softly as he stares at Massimo.

“What?” Massimo asks a little uneasy as the prince’s eyes were piercing trough his soul.

“Is it true you didn’t always looked like this?” Myung asks softly.

Massimo chuckles, “that...yes. It’s a long story...”

“Well I got time... and tea...” Myung laughs lightly motioning to the crate beside him.

Massimo nods with a smile. Myung’s expression stayed the same as he listens to Massimo narrate his story.

“That’s all of it I guess.” Massimo laughs awkwardly as he lets out a heavy breath.

“It’s very....interesting.” Myung says calmly, “so are you still in love with this Ruben person?”

Massimo blinks. That can’t be all he got from that story.

Uhmmm...I don’t think it was love to begin with but I think I was feeling too guilty for what happened and I started caring about him. I felt the need to protect him.”

Myung humms, “well it’s his lost. You seem like a good person.”

Massimo a little taken aback by the compliment, didn’t have a come back for that.

“I mean you don’t know me but yet you risked your life to save me.” Myung adds looking at the sky full of stars, “ I don’t know what you looked like before but am sure I would have liked that face too.” He turns to Massimo with a bright smile.

What the hell is happening right now? Massimo couldn’t breathe under his gaze.

Massimo closes his eyes for a second as he shakes his head, “you are not surprised that it’s a guy?”

Myung shrugs, “what does it matter?”

Massimo couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Does this mean the young prince will maybe accept him if he tries going after him? One can only hope.

“Something’s wrong.” Myung says after a moment of silence as he looks around them.

Massimo coming out of his little trance follows his eyes but couldn’t see anything, “how?” Everything looks calm to Massimo as he scans through the place with his eyes.

Right then an arrow flies over his head. Massimo on instincts, jumps to his feet and pushes Myung to the ground to shield him with his body.

“Are you okay?” Massimo asks in his face.

“Don’t move....” Myung whispers back as they hear footsteps coming closer. Myung manages to slide his hand into the side of his kimono to pull out a knife. Massimo was still laying on top of him as they stare into each other’s eyes.

“Check if they are alive! We need the prince alive!” Boomed a voice trough the house.

Massimo felt a hand on his shoulder and before the person could pull him off the prince, Myung stabs him right in the neck, his blood spilling over him and Massimo.

The Nakamotos were already outside as they could hear the clicking of swords and flying arrows.



Akihiko calls out frantically as he rushes to them pulling Massimo off of Myung.

“Am fine, Akihiko San.” Myung reassures as his brother helps him up to his feet and hands him a sword.

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