Swords and arrows🔞 [MxM] [COMPLETE]

Chapter 6

Nakamoto runs to his son and starts checking him for injuries.

“Am fine. It’s not my blood.” Myung reassures as his father pulls him into a hug.

The fight was over and the Nakamotos were busy stacking up the dead bodies of the intruders.

“I need to teach that bastard a lesson!” Nakamoto yells as he crosses his hands behind his back and stands still his eyes looking in the distance.

“I thought we scheduled a meeting with him. What’s going on?” Massimo asks the question that was clearly on everyone’s mind.

“He doesn’t play by the rules that’s why he was refused the title that I hold now. And he knows how to get to me. My sons.” Nakamoto turns around, “me and my eldest sons will do everything it takes to keep Myung safe and he knows that.”

“That’s enough dad...let’s get you back to bed.” Myung argues as he walks up to his father, “I want you all to stop acting like I can’t defend myself.”

“I know you can my boy.” Nakamoto places a hand on his son’s shoulder, “you may all leave. I need to speak with Mr Sanchez alone.”

The five young men bows slightly as they take their leave.

“Have a sit please.”

Massimo nods as he crosses his legs following suit as Nakamoto takes a seat on the cushion.

“It all began twenty six years ago when I met Myung’s mother. Young, beautiful, intelligent and very much younger than me. I had just lost my first wife and I swore I will never meet anyone like her but when I met Myung’s mother...” Nakamoto stops with a shake of his head and a smile, “I was like a teenager. And imagine my surprise when she returned my feelings. Her father was the leader of the clan of Ninjas back then and of course he did oppose to our union at first but he loved his daughter very much and couldn’t refuse her anything. So we got married.” He smiles brightly at the memory, “what I didn’t know was Ayasan had eyes for her but she politely declined his advances.” Nakamoto pours Massimo a cup of tea, “so on the night my beautiful wife gave me a son, Myung, he sent ninjas to attack us. I was in the nursery with the baby when they came in. My wife woke up by the commotion and couldn’t find me in bed and she knew where to find me, she walks into the nursery and sees a man hiding behind the door ready to kill me and the baby and she gave her life for me and our son.” Nakamoto stops.

“I am so sorry...” Massimo was at a lost for words.

“Now that I think about it, I know it’s more about hurting me than it’s about the title. Myung is the spitting image of his mother and the reason am still alive. All my sons are. But he knows Myung is the way to get to me.”

“It makes sense.” Massimo listens carefully.

“We are a vey private family and organization, Mr Sanchez but within the short period of knowing each other you risked your life twice to save my son...why?”

Massimo’s heart starts beating in panic.

“Because it is the right thing to do I guess.”

Nakamoto nods but his expression showed clearly that he isn’t convinced, “let’s go with that for now.”

Massimo shifts uncomfortably on the cushion.

“The reason am telling you all this is because I believe you deserve the truth and I have decided to trust you, which I don’t give out on impulse. It must be earned. You are still proving yourself also we clearly have a common enemy. Just to let you know if you ever decide to join the yakouzas after all of this is over, even though you don’t have the bloodline, you will be welcome.” Nakamoto finishes with a nod.

Massimo blinks for a moment to gather his thoughts, “it’s a great offer that I would like to take into consideration once all of this is over of course.” He bows his head slightly in return.

“I understand. Now I will say let’s go back our rooms and have some rest. We are going to need it.” Nakamoto stands as Massimo does the same and they part ways to their rooms with head bows.

Back in his room Massimo can’t sleep. Have I been that obvious? Is Nakamoto suspecting me of something? He wouldn’t be wrong. I will admit the young prince has gotten into my head. Good lord....I just need all this to get taken care of so I could get back to my boring life. And Myung far away from me.... the last thought broke his heart but it’s for the best. What does it expect? The leader of the yakouzas giving his blessing for him to go after his precious son? No. He isn’t ready to get turned down once again. Even though all rational thoughts tells him to forget about the beautiful man, all Massimo could think about was the memory of the prince laying underneath him moment ago and how close their faces were.

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