Swords and arrows🔞 [MxM] [COMPLETE]

Chapter 8

What does this mean? Massimo kept replaying the events of the evening in his mind. Is he in shock that the prince has a thing for him? Big yes! He knows there is still an obstacle between them. Nakamoto. Nothing proves he will give his blessing to their relationship. God knows how he will react when he hears of their little confession to one another over dinner.

Massimo tosses in bed trying to catch some sleep but to no avail. He gets out of bed as he plans to get himself a cup of coffee when his phone rings.

Speak of the devil.

Hello? Is everything okay?” Massimo answers.

“Myung never made it home.” Nakamoto informs.

Massimo’s heart drops, “I promise you we left the restaurant together. What do you mean he never made it home?”

“It’s best you come over. We are ready to move.”

Massimo didn’t need to ask anymore questions as he picks a pair of pants and a shirt from the closet hastily.

What the fuck is going on!? Nakamoto sounded calm...how can Myung be taken or whatever and he remains calm?

He calls his men that quickly got dressed and rushes to their cars following him. Myung please baby...be okay. I swear to god if Ayasan has anything to do with this I will kill him!

“Can someone tell me what’s going on!?” Massimo yells as he steps into the Nakamotos residence.

Nakamoto and his sons sat together on their cushions while Akihiko has a laptop on his lap typing on it frantically.

“Have a seat first Mr Sanchez.” Nakamoto gestures to the next cushion besides Akihiko.

“What’s happening? I thought we are supposed to go look for him?” Massimo looks between them after sitting down.

“That’s what Akihiko is doing.” Nakamoto confirms, “I will let you on a little secret, Mz Sanchez. All our men had a chip planted in their backs secretly. Right now the one driving Myung didn’t know that when he took him and Akihiko just located him.”

Massimo lets out a breath of relief as he looks at Akihiko busily typing on the computer. Massimo runs his hand trough his locs impatiently as something caught his attention on the computer, “I know that place...” he points to the location on the screen and his eyes bugs out, “oh my god...” Massimo’s blood was boiling at this point.

“That’s good then. Let’s _”

“_it’s not good. If we don’t get there right now, Myung will be sold to the highest bidder and smuggled out of the country this very night and there is no way in hell am going to allow that!” Massimo cuts in as he stands up ready to storm out.

“Sold!?” Nakamoto places his hand over his chest feeling faint. His sons quickly catches him.

“I will take the lead and enter the building as a buyer since Ayasan still has no idea what I look like now and you guys get ready with your men to follow. We are ending it all tonight.” Massimo walks out of the house and whistles getting his men to gather around. He gives them few orders and asks them to stay behind and come along with the yakouzas. He needs to go in alone so there will be no suspicions.

Massimo grips the wheel with so much fury his knuckles turned white. What reason did that guard have to do such a thing? Money obviously but it will just sound too easy. He is risking his life and he knows it. Myung can defend himself then how did he get himself into this mess? He must have been drugged. So many questions run trough Massimo’s mind while he drove trough the empty streets.

After what felt like an eternity of driving on adrenaline, Massimo arrives at the underground parking lot and turns off the engine. The place looks dark and cold as he remembers it. He fixes his shirt and hair and takes a deep breath before stepping out. He walks to the door and knocks.

“What’s your business here?” Came a dark voice from behind a huge red door.

“To see your majesty.” Massimo groans back. Lame code, I know.

Zillions of doorknobs turns as Massimo taps his foot on the ground with impatience.

“Enjoy your evening, sir.” The man offers after patting him down for weapons and opens the door letting him in.

Massimo hums as he marches into the dark room. It still has the same smell even. Alcohol and murder. He walks into the large space with tons of chairs and a lot of occupants cheering with drinks in their hands.

A lady stood in the middle of a rotating table only in underwear as she tries to cover herself with her hands and hides her face underneath her long red hair. A waitress walks up to Massimo with a smile and a tray of drinks which Massimo picks two and gulps the first one in one go and drops the glass back on the tray and takes a sit with the other in hand.

I hope am not too late. Massimo prays as he looks around hoping to get a glimpse of Myung anywhere.

Massimo wasn’t paying much attention but it appears the red head has been sold to a sultan that wouldn’t stop screaming and laughing at his prize.

“Gentlemen please settle down.”

Ayasan. Massimo growls gripping the chair tightly breaking his nails in the process.

“I have something extraordinary tonight for you all. You know how we do it.” Ayasan smiles cockily as the crowd of shameless men laughs.

“A jewel. Something unique...some of you must’ve heard of him. I was rather astonished when I met the beauty myself.” Ayasan walks around the table with a glass of drink in hand, “I hope you brought enough suitcases of cash!” He yells and the men cheered.

There was no doubt in Massimo’s mind that this was Myung, Ayasan was talking about.

“I won’t keep you waiting gentlemen. We don’t have all night. Bring out the beauty!”

Massimo was on the edge of his seat hie eyes fixated on the red curtain.

The curtains pulls open to reveal Myung in a black kimono, his hair pulled up in a ponytail and a chain around his neck and his hands in handcuffs while a man stood behind him holding the chain with a cocky grin as he pushes Myung unto the table causing the men around it to gasps in surprise and excitement.

Oh god no.

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