Swords and arrows🔞 [MxM] [COMPLETE]

Chapter 9

The room goes silent after a moment of whispers and mumbles.

“This is the favorite son of the one and only yakouza, Nakamoto!” Ayasan announces proud of his possession, “I know many of you have questions and the rest of you are scared but this is what makes this fun!” Ayasan chuckles as the men joins him, “we are not here to talk or answer questions about how I acquired this jewel in front of us but rather have fun! Now I know many of you have met his father and if am speaking from experience, got screwed over by him. Right!?”

The men quickly nods as the fear that was in their eyes earlier fade and turns into hatred for the young prince as they glare at him.

“I will have to go against the rules this time and place a bet myself. I will raise you gentlemen. The bit starts from 5million dollars!” Ayasan glares at Myung with an evil smirk.



Ayasan laughs as he nods.

Massimo kept his eyes on Myung the whole time. All he wants to do is take him out of those chains and out of there. Myung’s face was so full of anger Massimo could feel it radiates all the way to his seat but the young prince remained calm. Massimo wonders how he can stay like that under so much pressure, he was impressed.

“20 million!” An old man yells in the back getting everyone’s attention, “his father fucked me up in a business transaction. It’s going to feel amazing screwing his favorite kid!”

All the men cheered with wicked laughter.

Massimo relaxes back in his seat.

“50million dollars.” He speaks calmly causing the crowd’s laughter to die instantly as all eyes fell on him and Myung’s neck snap towards the familiar accent he has grown to like.

“Wow!” Ayasan walks up to him with a grin, “do we have a winner!? Nakamoto must have really pissed this one off!” The crowds laughs as they raise their glasses in happiness.

Massimo steals a glance at Myung that was staring right back at him. He gives him a little wink and turns his attention back to Ayasan.

“You know how it is...I don’t really care about the business but it has always been my dream to own an Asian sex slave.” Massimo smirks.

“And who might you be my dear friend?” Ayasan asks stretching a hand forward.

Massimo grits his teeth as he reluctantly shakes the man’s hand, “I thought this place is a non-identity underground?” Massimo shakes his hand firmly.

Ayasan laughs with a nod, “you got me there...he is all yours. But if you ever get tired, I could buy him off your hands.”

Massimo growls but holds back his anger, “I don’t see why not.” He smirks back, “do you have any room available? I will like to start enjoying my little slave. He costs me lots of money.” Massimo laughs.

Ayasan pats him on the shoulder with a bright smile while Massimo wishes he could punch that smirk right off his face.

“As a matter of fact we do. Have fun! Go crazy!” Ayasan points him into a direction while Myung gets pulled by the chains to follow him.

“I will prefer if you don’t hurt my possession. He costs me money and I wouldn’t want any damage done to him.” Massimo growls in the face of the man dragging Myung.

“Apologies, sir. He is all yours.” The man bows slightly handing over the chains and the key to Massimo as he quickly rushes out of the room.

Myung was staring at Massimo with an amused face as Massimo was busy working on the locks to set him free.

“Are you okay?” Massimo asks dropping the chains to the ground.

Myung caresses his wrist gently with a squint. Massimo takes his hands in his to inspect the injuries.

“I thought I was going to get something more than “are you okay?” Myung chuckles as Massimo rose his eyes to bore them into Myung’s.

Myung sighs pulling Massimo into a hug. Massimo froze for a second at the sudden contact of their bodies and soon relaxes into Myung’s arms as his hands slowly moves up to the prince’s back and the latter closes his eyes letting out a breath of relief.

“Am really glad you are here, Simo...” Myung whispers in Massimo neck causing goosebumps to take over Massimo’s entire body.

“And am glad I wasn’t too late...” Massimo whispers back, “and I wanted to do this....” Massimo adds as he gently entangles Myung’s body from his to stare him in the eyes, “for so long...” he whispers leaning forward to gently place a kiss on Myung’s lips as the latter closes his eyes and Massimo places a hand in Myung’s hair to move his head to the side and deepen the kiss.

“You Americans really move fast...” Myung chuckles lightly after breaking off the kiss.

Massimo still with his eyes closed and his forehead resting against Myung’s, he chuckles lightly, “well I am originally from Mexico so_”

Myung shuts him up with his lips and Massimo moans pulling the young prince more into his arms.

After an eternity of making out, Massimo holds the prince’s hand as he directs him to the bed.

“We do have a plan to get out of here right?” Myung asks with a serious face as he stares at Massimo.

“It should be any seconds now.” Massimo nods looking at his watch.

Myung nods back as he bends over to pull something out of his sock.

Massimo looks at the long pointy metal thingy in his hands. Myung chuckles as he notices Massimo’s questioning look.

“It’s usually to hold my hair....like this.” Myung explains as he expertly turn his hair into a man bun held up by the metal stick. Massimo’s mouth opens a little as he watches him feeling impressed, “but it’s quiet a weapon when I need to stab someone in the neck since I didn’t have my sword.” Myng smiles at him as he pulls out the stick out of his hair letting it drop back on his back and gently place the metal stick in his kimono.

“Whatever happens out there, stay behind me until we get you a weapon, alright?” Massimo squeezes his hand for assurance.

Myung let’s out a little laugh, “whatever you say.”

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