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Pretty Boy {Taekook}


In which Taehyung has to act as a pretty stripper to kill the greatest mafia leader Jeongguk.

Romance / Erotica
Lisa’s whore
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Chapter 1

Jeongguk sat at the bar, sipping on his drink when he noticed most of the club had flocked to the performance stage. He turned his head and saw i pretty blond boy walking elegantly in a circle one hand one the poll.

Jeongguks eyes trailed down the boy, he wore black laced lingerie, white knee high socks, a pretty black corset and a black heart thigh choker on his left leg. He had glossy lips and one pink gem under each eye making him look angelic.

Jeongguk stood and walked over being followed by his goons, he took a seat closest to the stage and watched. He watched the way the pretty stripper swayed his hips and swung oh so elegantly on the pole.

The blond boys eyes met Jeongguks and for a second it felt as though the boy was dancing only for him. When Jeongguk felt a tap on his shoulder he leaned back and was told in his ear that Kim Namjoon his right hand would be needing his for something very important.

Much to Jeongguks dismay he stood and signaled for the two other last too leave aswell, but not before slipping a 100 in to the pretty boys lingerie.

Jungkook stepped out of the fancy car and walked up too the large house knocking on the door three times. Through a small speaker somewhere off the the side he heard the words ‘Enter’ so he did.

“Ah Jeongguk, take a seat.” Namjoon said as Jeongguk stepped into his formal living room. Jeongguk nodded back grabbing a full wine glass and sitting on the couch crossing his legs.

Jeongguk sat looking expectedly at the brunette who had a small smile set on his lips. Namjoon took a sip of his wine and nodded at the taste and motioned to Jeongguk to try some.

“Namjoon. What did you do?” Jeongguk sternly asked know this was how namjoon acted when he was trying to eat around the bush.

“Well...Baem Gang...um they stole the drugs from the Busan warehouse.” Namjoon didn’t make eye contact with the ravenette.

“Fuck! How long ago was this?” Jeongguk leaned forward angerly slamming his wine glass on the table enough to crack it.

“Last night boss.” Namjoon said looking at his feet. Jeongguk sigh heavily rubbing his temples in stress.

“Alright. We are getting those drugs back.” Jeongguk stood and walked out of the huge house slamming the door.

“We are getting those drugs back.” Jeongguk angrily mumbled as he got into his overly fancy overly expensive car.
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