No one mourns the wicked


This is story about forbidden love and betrayal. With every chapter our girls will give away a piece of themselves only to be together. Bellatrix/ Hermione. Angst!

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Hello everyone :D This is my new Bellatrix/Hermione story.

Note#1- I do not own anything except these words, my half working brain and my laptop. I found cover picture online, so if you know whose it is, I'll gladly credited it to them.

Note#2- English is not my first language so there will be grammar mistakes. Don't want them, don't read this story. Every comment about it will be respectfully ignored :)

Note#3- I am still writing Hourglass, don't worry :) But the idea for this story is in my mind for a while now and I'd like to start and write it. My updates will be weakly, but not more frequent. I'm not planing to make this story as long as Hourglass is and it's gonna be much darker story. It's an AU story of course and just for the purpose of the story Ginny and Harry are dating since the summer after 4th year.

Note#4- They are out of character a bit. The main thing is forbidden love and betrayal.

Well, that would be all. Enjoy the story.

Often it is the most deserving people who cannot help loving those who destroy them.

Hermann Hesse

I always hated the fact that I'm different. I learnt to keep my thoughts for myself from early age and I tried to bury them deep inside myself. So I decided to be what everybody wanted- a good daughter and student. And even though Harry, Ron and I probably broke every rule there is in Hogwarts, I was known as a stuck-up girl who followed the rules. Homosexuals are accepted in wizarding world, but knowing that the word will probably reach my parents sooner or later I kept the information that I'm gay to myself.

I always thought that my biggest problems were hiding that I'm gay and Voldemort. But that changed almost nine months ago, when my best friend Harry started dating Ginny. I would be happy for them under any other circumstances, but Weasley's were expecting Ronald and I to start dating. And I really didn't want that, for the love of God he is the worst kind of man- not too bright, uncivilised, rude, jealous and with manners of a pig. And I say that in the best way because he's my other best friend.

I admit that I may have allowed him to kiss me in March when we were on holidays, but that's only because I had too much firewhiskey. And ever since, he's been trying to get a date with me. No matter how many times I've told him no, he won't budge- 'you're acting hard to get.' is his reason to pursue me.

Ginny and Harry were also asking me why I haven't started to date Ron and even though I always answered that he's not my type, they never stopped asking. Lavender and Ginny always talked about their future, dating boys, how they want to loose their virginity and how many babies they'll have. How could I explain to them that their perfect little families, good marriages and babies are disgusting to me? Being a perfect housewife for a man is simply a nightmare for me? They have such simple expectations in life, what good is in that way of simple, stupid life? I don't mind have one kid in future, but to live as a housewife whose goal is to produce children and cleaning after them? Hell NO!

''Hermione, why don't you want to date Ron?'' asked Lavender ''He has good body and he can be sweet sometimes.'' Their big expectations never stop to amaze me.

''Well, if that's what you're looking for Lavender, feel free to ask Ron out.'' I answered

''Hermione!'' Ginny looked at me funny

''Really?'' asked excited Lavender

''Sure, have fun.'' I smiled. I doubt anyone can have fun with Ron, you need to have certain level of knowledge and IQ to understand little more complicated jokes. But then this is Lavender we're talking- they'll be perfect together.

''I'm going out for a walk.'' I exclaimed

''Hermione, it 11.30 pm, we're not allowed to leave dormitories.'' said Ginny

''Don't worry Ginny, I promise I won't be caught. I know almost every secret passage in the castle and I have Harry's Marauder's map. I'll be fine.'' I said grabbing my wand and map and leaving before they could annoy me more.

I expertly moved down the halls and out of the castle. That wasn't my first trip that year, I have never done it before but in situation like that one, I couldn't even feel guilty for breaking the rules. I made my way to the Black lake which was always abandoned.

I was sitting on the beach leaning against a rock behind me when I heard Stupefy being yelled behind me. My body went limp, I couldn't move any part of my body and I was scared because I hadn't recognised the voice behind me.

''Well, well, well. What do I have here?'' asked female voice- strong and hoarse voice. And then I heard movement and in next moment I was met with Bellatrix Lestrange. Fear and horror gripped my mind and I swallowed hard. She knelled next to me and brought her hand to my cheek.

''Pretty.'' she mused ''Why aren't you on our side so we could have fun...Well, if I remove the spell will you be good girl?'' she asked and then she took the wand from my pocket and muttered some words. I could instantly feel my body start to relax and I was able to move.

''What do you want from me?'' I asked getting up, but since my body wasn't fully under my command I lost my balance. She caught me and gripped me tightly.

''I don't want anything Granger.'' she answered '' I just came to think and I found you here. Now, you'll be good and you won't scream or try to run back to castle and alarm everyone, will you? And I'll continue my evening stroll.'' Her breath was warm on my skin and I shivered, never had that happened to me. But there I was, eye to eye with one of the most cruel Death Eaters in the world and I was shivering not out of fear but out of something I didn't want to admit.

''Can I...Can I come with you? In the evening stroll, I mean.'' I said. What the fuck? Am I mental?

''You want to come on my evening stroll? Girl, don't you know who I am?'' she asked clearly confused

''I know.'' I nodded and she smirked. In the next moment my body was pressed against hers and she hold my wrists in her hands.

''Oh, don't tell me that you're finding me interesting?'' she whispered in my ear. I moaned, where the hell did that come from, I couldn't stop myself.

''Well, I guess that answers my question.'' she licked the shell of my ear and instinctively moved my head, offering my neck to her. She released my hands and grabbed my hips pulling me into her while she was biting my neck and then kissing it better. My hands moved to her hair and I couldn't help but moan as her teeth sink in my skin. That'll leave trace.

''Listen to me pet, I'll give you three days'' she said grabbing my ass and thrusting her leg between mine. I gripped her shoulders and bite her neck, she moaned and her grip became harder.

''I'll give you three days to think about this and if you'll still feel the same about this...'' Bellatrix said

''You'll give me what I want?'' I asked looking in her eyes

''Yes. Think hard about what you're accepting and what you're giving up.'' she said moving a step back and appareted

I went back to my dormitories only to see Ginny and Lavender soundly asleep which wasn't odd because it was 01.30 pm. I grabbed my things and went to bathroom, the bruises and love bites could be noticed already. Of course out off all spells I knew, there wasn't single one for situation like this. I just went to bed hopping that Ginny and Lavender wouldn't notice the traces on my neck in the morning. The sleep came easy, but dreams came easier.

Bellatrix Lestrange was walking towards me in her panther like style and I just stood mesmerised. In next moment I was on the bed with her above me kissing and biting me and just when I reached for her corset something kicked me in the head.

''Hermione! Wake up!'' I heard Ginny in background

''What?'' I asked

''We have to go, we have classes to attend. When did you came back yesterday?'' I opened eyes and I was met with angry Ginny.

''What? I'll be up in a second.'' I said

''Fine, Harry is waiting for me, I'll see you at breakfast.'' with that she exited the room

''What's with turtleneck?'' asked Ron

''My throat is hurting a bit and I don't want to catch a cold.'' I lied

''Well, if you just stay in the room at night maybe you wouldn't catch cold.'' commented Ginny

''Where did you go?'' asked Ron angry

''I went out for an evening stroll. I wasn't sleepy and fresh air always helps.''

''When did you come back anyway? It was 1 o'clock when we went to bed and you still weren't back.''

''I came around 01.15, you were already asleep.'' Ginny and her stupid questions

''Well, maybe if you had other ways to spend your energy you wouldn't have to go out in the night.''

''Yes, well maybe I ought to do something about it.'' I smiled

I was never like that, I usually kept up with the class but every time I tried my focus went to beautiful Death Eater. I know it was terrible to do that, I was betraying everything I ever believed in and I wanted to stop myself, but I couldn't. Her sent was intoxicating, her skin was as of silk, her lips were full and skillful. Why was this happening to me? It was time to decide. I still had an option and my mind was screaming at me not to go, not to throw my life away. But I found my way to the Lake that night.

''You came I see.'' I heard her say

''Yes.'' I said turning around to see her. She was breathtaking, her corset showing off the curves of her body perfectly. Black curls falling down her shoulders, perfect contrast against porcelain skin.

''So does this means that I get to do what I want with you?'' Bellatrix smirked and I swallowed. In a heartbeat she stood before me, licking her lips and looking at me as I was her meal. What have I got myself into? ''Let's go pet, you have classes in the morning.''

I looked away for a moment into the forest to catch my breath, but my senses knew she was still there, I couldn't stay away and with that my last doubt was gone. Once again I gazed at her, my eyes roaming down her body only to stop at her breasts.

''See something you like?'' she chuckled

''I...I wasn't...yes.'' I stammered

She appareted us deeper in the forest ''You can scream as loud as you want here, no one will hear.'' she said, kissed me roughly and slammed me against a tree. My hands were in her hair in matter of seconds, I was breathing hard due to the hit against the tree. I moaned as she grabbed my leg and put it around her waist. I felt everything, everywhere. Pain, pleasure, lines between them disappeared. Groans, moans and screams- as she promised filled the air.

Her taste was sweet, even her blood tasted like nectar of Greek gods. Her voice was ripping the dead silence of the night, her whimpers, growls and screams became my favourite sounds.

I awake as the sun started to raise. I looked at the naked, sleeping figure next to me. She lied on her stomach, the scratches of my nails were visible on her back, my bites marked her shoulders. Then I lifted the blanket and looked at my body, it was full of scratches, bites and bruises. I smiled and I wondered- when did pain started to feel this good?

''Good morning.'' I heard a voice say

''Good morning Bella.''

''I see you're quite satisfied with yourself this morning. I never thought you're the type, my dear.'' she grinned.

''Humans are surprising species.'' I shrugged ''I'm afraid I need to get back before they notice.''

We agreed to meet every second day and after few encounters I found myself in the library looking for charms to hide scratches and bruises.

''I don't understand why won't you go on a date with me?'' asked Ron. Harry, Ginny, Ron and I were only one left in common room that evening.

''And I don't understand why are you still asking me? I won't say yes Ronald, I'm not interested in you!'' I yelled back

''Why not?'' asked Ron

''Maybe you should just try Hermione.'' Ginny said

''And you too, I've told you no and that means no. Harry help me here.'' I said looking at Harry

''Look guys, if she doesn't...'' but he went silent as Ginny shot him an angry glance. Just great, even he wasn't on my side. Well screw all this.

''You know what? You can think whatever you want to, but I'm not going to date him just to please you and your family.'' I looked at Ginny angry.

''Accio coat.''

''Hermione, where are you going?'' Harry asked me worried

''Out. I'll see you in the morning.''

''In the morning?'' yelled Ron ''So you are shagging someone else.''

''What is to you Ronald? You aren't getting in my pants anyway.'' I said and went out of Griffyndor common room. I had no idea where I was going, Bella and I were to meet tomorrow. The only idea I had was to apparate somewhere while thinking on her, McGonegall said that in emergencies we should try that as a last resort. Well, it was an emergency so I did it. I found myself in front of a big house surrounded with black, high fence.

Well, maybe I should get back. I don't want to mess with Death Eaters.

Someone put a hand over my mouth and pulled me into their body. I panicked and started to struggle, but a familiar scent of honey teased my nostrils. I stopped resisting and relaxed.

''I think that you're the only one who stops struggle and relax in my arms.'' she chuckled

''Bella, stop it.'' I hit her on the shoulder ''You should know better then to sneak behind my back.''

''So sorry'' she snorted ''How do you know where I live?''

''I don't. I thought about you when I appareted.'' I admitted

''Risky. Why?'' she questioned

''I had another fight with Ron and Ginny. And Harry didn't want to say anything because of Ginny. I mean honestly, just because she holds him by the balls doesn't mean that he can't stood up to her.'' I said angry

''Are you saying that you ran to me because you were upset?'' she asked me confused

''Where would I go elsewhere? You're And you need to make me feel better.'' I said

She took me by the hand and guided me into the house. As she felt I tensed she said ''I live alone. And even other followers don't know about this place.''

I awoke hours later, first I flinched at the pain in my body and then the metallic scent of blood hit me. And it felt good, I'm not sure when, but being torn between good and evil, pain and pleasure became my new life.

A appareted in front of main gates of Hogwarts and I ran to Griffyndor common room. I ran to my room, grabbed my things and went to bathroom. I needed to wash now dry blood and sweat of my body.

''Well, did you have fun?'' asked Ginny the moment I stepped back in the room. Lavender was still asleep. ''Did he fucked you good?'' I never talked about my private life with them and I figured out that they all thought I'm waiting for Ronald or something. Now, I've had it- I was angry at her for being an idiot just because I didn't want to date her brother.

''Yes, I had a good fuck as always. But what do you know about good fuck?'' I snickered

''I'm too young and too chaste to spend my whole night in somebody else's bed.'' she huffed. That was the biggest bullshit I have ever heard

''The only reason you don't fuck Harry is because he wants to wait.'' her eyes widened ''Did you really think that I don't know Harry and his moral standards? Please, he's my best friend for 5 years and he's your boyfriend for only few months.''

''You have no idea what you're talking about.'' she yelled and went to bathroom. I felt good as I went to breakfast. Even though the morning started so promising, it ended completely different.

''We're going to the Ministry. We have no other choice, I need to know what the prophecy is!'' exclaimed Harry and off to Ministry we were.

So the question is- do you like it and should I continue? R&R

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