No one mourns the wicked

Chapter 9

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If I go crazy then will you still Call me Superman If I'm alive and well, will you be There holding my hand I'll keep you by my side with My superhuman might

3 Doors Down

''Minerva?'' said Dumbledore

''Yes, Albus?'' asked Minerva looking up from some files she was reading

''I must warn you that there is a person in Order who might be a threat for our mission.'' Dumbledore sighed

''What are you talking about?'' shocked Minerva asked

''One of us is having affair with a Death Eater.''

''That's a treason! Who is it? We have to eliminate that person this instant.''

''I doubt that the person I speak of would ever do anything to harm Order directly.'' said Dumbledore

''You're putting us all in risk! Who are you talking about, Albus?'' asked Minerva very upset

''Does it matter?'' Dumbledore asked ''What I need to know is whether this involves more then one person.''

''Albus, are you telling me we have more then one traitor?''

''No Minerva, I'm telling you we have a person who's having affair with a Death Eater and another person who knows about it.'' said Dumbledore calmly

''Albus, either you do something about it or I'm telling others!''

''You'll spread fear and panic in the order without good reason. Let me handle this.'' said Dumbledore

''Albus, you told me this because you knew what my reaction would be. The only reason you told me this information is excuse!''

''I assure you...'' started Dumbledore

''Cut the crap!''Minerva interrupted and added ''You needed excuse to do something! You want to believe this people so much, but there is still a seed of doubt in you. Telling me would give you a proper excuse and it did- you'll sanction them so I wouldn't tell the others. My threat is covering your cowardliness!''finished flushed Minerva

''I guess you're right.'' Dumbledore admitted sighing

''Albus, this is not the time for giving up! Do what you must!''

''It's matter of day.'' sighed Hermione as she and Harry were sitting on back porch

''You don't know that.'' Harry replied sadly

''He's thinking about it constantly and if he won't be able to remember I'm certain he'll ask Moody for that potion.''

''What will I do with you gone?'' Harry questioned

''You'll fight and find Horcruxes. Defeat Dark Lord and live happily ever after.'' said Hermione

''While you'll be hiding in some dump afraid of what next day brings.'' he replied darkly

''We talked about this.'' sighed Hermione ''We'll see each other every once in a while Harry. We'll end up on some muggle cruise together by accident or something...''

''Hermione, come quick! Bring Harry with you!'' voice entered her mind

''Bellatrix is calling us.'' said Hermione ''She needs something.''

''She's calling me?'' Harry asked suspicious

''Yes, she told me to bring you.''

''Where?'' asked Harry

''Let's go behind that tree, she apparated there the last time.'' said Hermione hurrying towards the tree, Harry behind her with wand in his hand

''Bella!'' exclaimed Hermione seeing Bellatrix leaning against the tree waiting for them

Bellatrix smiled wickedly as she hugged and kissed Hermione passionately. Harry coughed slightly reminding two beautiful women in front of him that he is still there

''Sorry Harry'' apologised blushing Hermione

''It's okay, it's your thing and all...'' he said quietly and added louder ''What happened?''

''I have a information for you, Harry. You're looking for Horcruxes and I know where Helga Hufflepuff's cup is.''

''Where?'' asked both Harry and Hermione

''In my vault at Gringotts bank.'' Bellatrix smiled

''Can you get it?'' Harry asked

''No, if I do Voldemort will find out immediately and I'll be dead. You'll have to find a way to do so yourself.''

''I'm sure we can figure something out.'' muttered Hermione sighing

''What's wrong?'' asked Bellatrix

''Nothing.'' Hermione replied too quickly

''Tell me what is wrong Hermione! This instant!'' said Bellatrix in raised voice

''It's nothing we can't handle.'' said Hermione angrily

''Did he tried to do something again?'' Bellatrix' eyes full of anger and rage ''I'll kill him!''

''He didn't do anything to hurt me Bella!'' said Hermione grabbing Bellatrix' arm

''Then what is it?''asked Bellatrix. Seeing how Hermione refused to answer, she got worried and asked her again, this time her voice was filled with worry and gentleness ''Hermione, something is wrong. Please tell me what it is.''

''They'll find out sooner then we hoped. We have to change our tactic or we don't stand a chance.'' said Hermione

''We will, we'll find a way to get away from here.'' said Bellatrix hugging Hermione

It was evident to Harry that Bellatrix was deeply worried. He felt again that guilt bubbling inside him as if he was the main reason for all of this.

''Hermione! Harry!'' called Molly

''Go, I'll come back tonight. I'll let you know when I get here.'' whispered Bellatrix, stepped back and disappareted

Hermione and Harry spent afternoon planing. They wanted Ron to be there too, but he already went to help Dumbledore with something. Hermione's instincts told her what was happening, even though she hoped that Dumbledore isn't extracting information from Ron's brain. She already owled Bellatrix to bring what was needed to get her and Harry in Gringott's vault.

''You okay?'' Harry asked as they cleaned the table

''After tomorrow, I'll be on the run. This is the last thing I'll do for the Order, sure I'll help in any way I can Harry.'' she assured him ''But, I won't be able to help you directly anymore.''

''Why are you so sure about this? Maybe Dumbledore is just trying something, you and I both know that he does a lot of things we aren't informed about.'' offered Harry

''He knows Harry, I am a threat for the Order- therefore he'll eliminate the threat. Simple as that.''

''Hermione...'' started Harry

''Harry stop hoping. Please, let's just enjoy out last day as friends.'' Hermione interrupted

''You'll always be my best friend.''

''Yes, but after tomorrow I'll be enemy for the world-you included. Which means you have to be quiet.''

''Then, I suggest we move this to back porch- I want to spent our last hours talking to my best friend.'' said Harry

After they finished cleaning up, they went outside and remembered all adventures and stupid things they've done together.

''I have a question for you though- how did you and Bellatrix hook up?'' asked Harry

''I knew you'll ask at some point.'' smiled Hermione ''It's complicated Harry. I always knew I was gay and with all the pressure Ron, Ginny and you put on me, I often found myself wandering the halls of Hogwarts or shore of Black lake. One night she found me on the shore, but to my surprise she hadn't done anything to hurt me, she actually suggested something else.'' sighed Hermione ''Harry, we all love on our own way and she knows how to love me. My line between passion, pleasure and pain is blurred as well as hers. We fit together because we're addicted to each other- to hurt and to love one another at the same time.''

''She protects you. You two are in some kind of destructive relationship, but in her mind no one else is allowed to hurt you. But her, is that it?'' asked Harry

''Yes that's it and it goes both ways.'' confirmed Hermione

''I can't say I understand, but if it makes you whole- they I'm okay with it.'' Harry said and added ''I'm sorry for being a moron and forcing you to get together with Ron.''

''It's okay Harry, stop worrying about it.''

''Hermione'' started Harry, swallowed hard and asked ''From what you just said- can I conclude that you would refuse to live without her?''

''Yes Harry.'' confirmed Hermione knowing where this is going.

''You would follow her in death?''

''In a heartbeat.''

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