No one mourns the wicked

Chapter 10

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Taste me, drink my soulShow me all the thingsThat I shouldn't knowAnd there's a blue moon on the rise

''Are you sure about this plan?'' asked Ron after finally arriving

''Yes Ron, we are sure.'' snapped Hermione ''Where were you anyway?''

''Dumbledore took me and interrogated me about the kidnapping. I couldn't remember much.'' shrugged Ron ''He said he'll take care of it.''

Hermione gave 'told you so' look to Harry

''Okay, Ron you understand the plan?'' Harry asked, at Ron's nod he said ''Well then, I believe it's time to go!''

Hermione took Polyjuice potion and transformed into Bellatrix, Harry into Lucius and Ron into Dolohov. They marched into Gringotts bank and straight to the reception demanding access to Bellatrix' vault.

''Would you please show me your wand, Mrs. Lestrange?'' asked goblin at the reception. Ron felt panic creeping up his throat

''Hurry up with it, you scum.'' said Hermione as she gave her wand

''For final check, please use your wand Mrs. Lestrange.'' said goblin giving Hermione Bellatrx' wand back

It was now, Harry's and Hermione's turn to feel panic.

''They will want you to use the wand. That's the only way you're getting into my vault.'' said Bellatrix as she gave Hermione her wand

''Only an owner can use the wand properly. This will never work!'' exclaimed frustrated Hermione

''That's not entirely true. You're powerful witch and you can do this right- you just need to take control in your hands. Take my wand, feel the power it gives you, let it consume you. It will be weird in first moment because you're already used to your own wand, but let it be.'' said Bellatrix stepping behind Hermione and putting her wand into Hermione's hand

''Feel it'' silent command while she squeezed Hermiones fist around the wand ''Let it be, my love.'' she released her fist and whispered to Hermione's ear ''Try''

''Bombarda maxima!'' Hermione exclaimed and tree few feets away exploded

''See, you can do it. Just let it consume you.'' smiled Bellatrix kissing her exposed neck

Hermione convinced herself that she was able to this right so she took the wand and asked with wicked smile

''On who? You or your buddies?''

''Please Madam Lestrange, we don't want any trouble. You know this is our job.'' goblin bowed

''Stop being so pathetic!'' Hermione yelled ''Grrghh! Bombarda Maxima!''

Half of the reception blew up into tinny shreds, goblins jumped in time to miss their death.

''Happy?'' goblins nodded

''We'll take you to your vault madam.''

''Wow, Hermione! You really looked like Bellatrix in there.'' said Ron

''I did my job Ronald. Like I said I will.'' Hermione replied coldly walking through the forest in direction of portkey

''Move away from them, we need to talk.''

''Guys, I'll meet you there.'' said Hermione stopping

''Mione, are you okay?'' asked Ron putting his hand on her shoulder

''I'm fine, I just need to take a break.'' Hermione said shrugging his hand off

''We'll stay in case...'' started Ron, but Harry seeing Hermione's look interrupted him

''Ron, c'mon. Let's go, she's big girl. If you don't come back in 15 minutes we'll come back.'' Harry finished dragging Ron away

''Harry we can't just leave...'' Hermione heard Ron's weak protest as they were walking away

''Yes, you are big girl.'' came voice near her

''Where are you?'' questioned Hermione

''Close.'' said the voice ''You really can pull me off, my love.'' Hermione could hear her grinning

''Bellatrix, I don't want to play. We don't have much time!'' said angry Hermione

Before she knew it, her body was painfully slammed into a tree to her right and she was eye to eye with Bellatrix.

''Now, is there really a reason for being rude?'' questioned Bellatrix ''Here I am, congratulating you on your good work and you are pissed at me. Is there any special reason why you are edgy or is it just that time of the month?''

''Fuck you.'' growled Hermione as she tried to free herself

Bellatrix showed Hermione's legs apart with her thigh and pressed it hard against Hermione. Hermione's breath hitched, but she remained silent.

''It felt good, didn't it?'' Bellatrix grinned ''Being bad is something you are good at baby.'' she laughed ''Maybe I should reward you for it.''

''No! Harry and Ron will be back in less then 10 minutes.'' Hermione struggled again

''I can smell you Hermione.'' she pressed harder against Hermione earning a throaty moan ''I can feel your heat. You want this, you want me.'' she whispered against Hermione's skin realising Hermione's arm and cupping her mound through trousers.

''Bella...'' moaned Hermione

''Face it love, you won't last 5, let alone 10 minutes.'' smiled Bellatrix unfastening Hermione's jeans and pushing it down so she could reach Hermione.

''Bella, please. I need to...'' Hermione started but was cut of by Bella's fingers going through her folds.

''You need it? You need me?'' Hermione nodded with sway of her hips

''Well then you shall get it.'' said Bellatrix pushing three fingers in Hermione

''Fuck!'' breathed Hermione throwing her head back giving Bellatrix space to bite painfully on her neck which was awarded with scream

''Hader Bella, please!'' Hermione pleaded and what Hermione wanted, Hermione got. Bellatrix drove her fingers deep inside Hermione and picked up rhythm

''Hermione!'' Harry ran but froze at the spot seeing Bellatrix fucking Hermione against a tree

''Don't stop now!'' Hermione growled in Bella's ear when she felt Bellatrix was to pull out because of Harry ''Just fuck me, he'll go away'' she said and wrapped her legs around Bellatrix granting her permission

Bella grinned at the idea of her lover and continue to screw her only much more harder, as to show Harry why was Hermione with her. Harry knew he should go away, that it was absolutely wrong to stay on that spot and watch his best friend getting fucked. But he couldn't tear his look away, just like he couldn't in Mansion, so he watched as Bellatrix teared Hermione's shirt and bit on her breast as she forcefully and thoroughly took her. Hermione's breaths were shallow and frequent, her moans became louder and were turning into screams, her nails were scratching Bellatrix' back visibly leaving angry red traces

''Yes Bella...oh god...Bella...Belllaaa!'' with final scream Hermione gripped Bellatrix as if trying to fuse their bodies together

Only then did Harry turned and ran away, not wanting Ron to witness this in case he went to look after them.

Ron, Harry and Hermione arrived at the cabin with Helga Hufflepuff's cup in their backpack. When they entered the cabin Hermione grabbed Harry by the arm causing him to pause

''You perp! Why didn't you walk away?'' asked angry Hermione

''I'm sorry'' said blushing Harry ''I couldn't, I tried'' he defended himself ''But I really couldn't.''

Hermione rolled her eyes ''You're awful.'' and walked away in direction of living room. Dumbledore, Minerva, Molly, Ginny and Arthur sat in living room, Ron standing opposite to them and now Harry and Hermione also joined them.

''What's going on?'' asked confused Harry

''We're here to see what really happened that night at the Manor.'' Minerva said ''We think Ron's memories are crucial for our victory.''

''Aren't our memories enough for you?'' asked Hermione

''No, you do not like sharing informations'' started Arthur'' and we can benefit with every information there is. Even if you think it's not important, it could be very big news for us.''

''Drink this, point your wand at the wall there and read this spell.'' said Minerva as she gave Ron potion and made him sit in armchair facing blank wall. Ron drank up, pointed at the wall and read the spell. He dropped his wand and grabbed the arms of armchair and memory appeared at the wall.

Hermione already knew what the memory will show, but at the vision of her and Bellatrix in bed even left her frozen. She knew why Harry didn't look away, loud moans, scratching, leaving marks on porcelain skin and erotic movement of their bodies lost in delirium of sexual high. Minerva, Molly and Arthur were gasping, Ginny looked like the train hit her, Ron was in shock as they looked at the wall. Dumbledore was the only one who looked towards Hermione with sorrow in his eyes. Memory finished with Bellatrix' spell hitting Ron.

''How could you do this to us?'' screamed Ron jumping out of his chair ''I love you! And you went off to fuck female Death Eater!''

Hermione gripped her already drawn wand and shot back ''You tried to rape me in the forest you scumbag! Who I fuck or who I love is not your business!''

''Not my business?''

''You love her?'' asked shocked Minerva

Hermione looked at Minerva ''I'm sorry professor, I truly am. I never gave her any information about the Order or Harry. I just can't live without her.''

''You don't love her!'' screamed Ron. Hermione ran out of the cabin, everybody after her.

''Crucio!''Ron yelled but Hermione put shield around her.

''Ron!'' screamed Molly

Hermione was now standing further from cabin faced with Ron and everybody behind him, their wands drawn and pointing at each other.

''Let's go back in the house and resolve this in peaceful manner.'' suggested Minerva

''NO!'' Ron shot back ''She's mine! Or no ones!''

Loud crack filled the air and Bellatrix apparated behind Hermione.

''I've told you once before boy, do not touch what is mine.'' growled Bellatrix pointing her wand at him

''Bellatrix, we are leaving. Let him be.'' warned Hermione which caused to lower her wand little

''Bellatrix'' greeted Dumbledore

''Albus'' she nodded

''What are you doing to my student?'' Minerva asked

''I do not ask you what you do with you women, Minerva.'' Bellatrix said, Minerva flinched

''Look, we do not wish to fight.'' said Hermione ''We are leaving as it is.''

''Forever on the run?'' asked Dumbledore ''I don't think you can do that, it doesn't fit you. Both of you are too loyal to give up.''

''We are not giving up.'' said Bellatrix ''But this time it's us we don't give up on.''

Ron dropped his wand in fury and jumped towards Hermione, only to have Bellatrix wave her hand and he flew 10 feet back. Everyone gasped and Molly ran to her son

''Bella!'' Hermione turned to her cupping her cheek as she tried to get Bellatrix look at her and lower now pointed wand

''He wants to hurt you.'' said Bellatrix

''Let's go. Please, we need to get out of here.'' pleaded Hermione. Bellatrix looked into Hermione's eyes, lowered her wand, hugged her and they dissapareted.

I'll die for you, my love, my loveI'll lie for you, my love, my love (Make me wanna die)

I'll steal for you, my love, my love (You make me wanna die)I'll die for you, my love, my loveWe'll burn up in the light

The Pretty Reckless- You make me wanna die

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