No one mourns the wicked

Chapter 11

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My lips are pale and vicious. You're foaming at the mouth. You've suffered in the darkness. I'll suck the pain right out. So come and taste the reason I'm nothing like the rest. I kiss you in a way you'll never forget about me.

Halestorm-Love bites

''I can't believe that bitch!'' screamed Ron as they entered the cabin again

''Ronald...''warned Arthur ''Calm down!''

''How can I calm down? She's been fucking Bellatrix Lestrange! I will not calm down!'' Ron continued with his ranting

''Harry, did you know about this?'' asked Ginny and now all eyes were pointed to Harry.

''Just for once in your life Harry, don't do the right thing. Just this once look the other way and forget about us. If you support us they'll stop trusting you and we'll be either gone or dead so we'll have no benefit out of your sacrifice.'' Hermione's words echoed in his ear

''No, I had no idea.'' he lied

''What if she told them where we are and what are our plans?'' asked Molly

''I don't think we need to worry about it.'' said Albus calmly ''She said she never told anything to Bellatrix.''

''She had affair with Death Eater while she was in the Order!'' Molly protested ''She can not be trusted!''

''She never denied her relationship with Bellatrix, she confessed it immediately when she was confronted. Not to mention that she always knew where we were and what were our plans- Death Eaters never came at Headquarters of the Order or interrupted our plans. So I can safely presume she never said anything.'' finished Dumbledore

''I told you she wasn't seeing anyone at school'' Ginny said looking at Harry

''Want a medal for that?'' asked Harry

Hermione and Bellatrix apparated in Bellatrix' house. Bellatrix cupped Hermione's cheek and looked her in the eyes, seeing that young woman in front of her was alright she moved away. Hermione could sense something was wrong, she could feel the change of electricity around Bellatrix, when she looked into her eyes they were almost completely black fulfilled with desire and lust. There was something else there, flood of mixed emotions out of which strongest were anger and love. Hermione knew that there were two scenarios and she wasn't in the mood of letting Bellatrix cool off. She decided to provoke her, no matter how much dangerous it might be- she needed to feel something and she knew Bellatrix would deliver, both pleasure and pain, over and over again.

''What's wrong?'' Hermione asked

''It's nothing, I need to think.'' Bellatrix moved away and got out of the room.

''What the hell is wrong with you?'' Hermione screamed as she entered the bedroom

''Get out!'' Bellatrix yelled ''Just get out before...''

''Before you what?'' Hermione asked moving to circle Bellatrix who was standing in the middle of the bedroom ''Hurt me?''

''Hermione, I'm serious.'' Bellatrix gave her a warning. Last warning, noticed Hermione

''Are you?'' mocked Hermione ''I think you lost your touch- hesitating to hurt me? To blur my lines between pleasure and pain? What do you think brought me to you in the first place Bellatrix- your kindness and playful character?'' asked Hermione sarcastically

Before she could understand what's going on, strong hand clasped around her neck making it hard for her to breathe. Bellatrix slammed her into dresser next to the bed growling

''Is this what you want?''

''Yes'' Hermione struggled to get the words out

''You made me weak!'' roared Bellatrix ''I could have killed that ginger idiot, but you stopped me! I'm Bellatrix fucking Lestrange- nobody stops me from killing''

''Don't blame your incompetence on me!'' Hermione shot back ''You've killed people when I was around before and it was always your decision!'' she struggled against hands pinning her down

''You knew I would stop!'' yelled Bellatrix ''You have me wrapped around your little finger and you used it!''

''It goes both ways darling, I'm here with Death Eater when I should be where I belong!'' Hermione spat back

''You belong to me!'' said Bellatrix

''It goes both ways darling.'' smiled Hermione

''I know, that is what scares me.'' Bellatrix admitted removing her hand from Hermione's neck. That surprised Hermione, she was sure Bellatrix wouldn't back down that easily

''What's wrong?'' Hermione repeated question

''Stakes have changed.'' whispered Bellatrix

''What are you talking about?'' Hermione asked confused

''Is there anything other, than my sadistic, nature you like about me?'' questioned Bellatrix

''I love you!'' Hermione yelled pushing Bellatrix away in fury ''How can you ask me that? I love you! It's totally fucked up and crazy and it makes no sense but I love you! What should I do to prove it- I left the life I know to run away with you! What else do you need as a proof?''

''One thing, I need only one thing as a proof you me.'' said Bellatrix turning to look Hermione in the eyes

''What is it? Tell me and I'll do it.'' confirmed Hermione walking to Bellatrix

''Give birth to a child you are bearing.''

''Harry'' said Dumbledore to boy who was sitting behind the cottage

''Yes, sir?''

''I know you knew about Hermione and Bellatrix.'' Harry flinched at that ''I presume Hermione told you to deny it.''

''Yes, she did.'' admitted Harry seeing no point in denying

''She loves you very much, Harry.'' started Dumbledore ''She stayed loyal to you even though she is in love with Bellatrix. She never give her any information about the Order.''

''Are you trying reverse psychology on me? Looking for confirmation of your thoughts?'' asked Harry

''I understand you're hurt Harry...'' started Dumbledore

''That is understatement of the century! My best friend fell in love and now she's being punished for that, even though she never did anything to compromise the Order or any of its members!'' said angry Harry

''Mr. Potter'' he could hear scottish accent behind him ''Please keep it down. I know you're upset...''

''You don't know.'' Harry shot back

''I know how it hurts seeing the woman you love falling in love with somebody else.'' Minerva said

''I don't mind.'' said Harry defeated ''I love her and I want her to be happy, okay? She's my best friend, possibly the love of my life-yes, but I want her happy. You didn't see her in that dungeon, she loves Bellatrix and Bellatrix loves her. She belongs next to Bellatrix and what hurts- is inability to watch her be happy because you suddenly wanted to know the truth.''

''Hermione is smart and loyal, but her involvement with Bellatrix is just too much of a risk.'' Dumbledore said

''That's it, isn't it? The most loyal will be remembered as a traitor, that lie will spread as plague.'' finished Harry and walked to the house again.

Bellatrix decided to find Hermione who stormed out after she had told her about pregnancy. She found Hermione at back porch, silently looking at the sunset.

''It's strange.'' said Hermione feeling Bellatrix' presence ''I bet whole world believes you live in some cave or dark dungeon with only one candle flickering in the background. I wonder what would they say if they saw all of this? Big house, surrounded with nurtured garden and beautiful view on sunset.''

''They would say it's not my house.'' replied Bellatrix simply

''Why doesn't Voldemort know about this place?'' asked Hermione ''I thought you can't hide anything from him.''

''You're right, nothing goes pass him, except me. He never could enter my mind, that's why he respects me the way he does. I am loyal and never cause any problems, he trusts me in a way- if that's even possible in his case.''

''That's dangerous. From his point of view, I mean. He always showed his paranoid behaviour not trusting nature.''

''Hermione, he thinks I'm at Malfoy manor and I apparate there the moment he calls. You're safe here, nobody will hurt you.'' said Bellatrix sitting next to Hermione

''Why did you do it?''


''Got me pregnant? Putting me in this situation without even telling me there is a risk of getting pregnant.''

''Because there weren't any risks first time.'' admitted Bellatrix ''When we were at Manor, after Ginger brat tried to rape you, I just... I wanted make sure you'll come to me in the end.''

''You thought that if I had no choice...'' Hermione knelt in front of Bellatrix, cupping bot of her cheeks ''Listen to me. I love you when you're sadistic and mad with anger and when you're rough with me. But I also love you when you're gentle and careful, when you protect me and when you let me in to see your weak side. It's a package- with bad comes the good too.''

''Does that mean you're keeping it?'' asked Bellatrix hopefully

''Yes, it does.''

''What are you doing Harry?'' asked Ginny as she walked in his room only to see him packing things

''I'm going to find Horcruxes.''

''We are coming with you.'' Ginny said

''No, you're not.'' said Harry grabbing his bag and walking past Ginny. He went downstairs, Ginny in hot pursuit.

''Harry, stop!'' yelled Ginny and getting the attention of every person in living room

''What is going on?'' asked Minerva

''I'm going to find Horcruxes.'' Harry replied

''I'm going with you.'' said Ron immediately

''No. Nobody goes with me.'' said Harry ''I don't want you there.''

''Harry, what are you talking about?'' asked Ron

''I don't want you there. You tried to rape Hermione, you wanted to hurt her! Did you really think I would forgive you? That I would forget it? I'm better on my own then with people who care only about themselves and their reputation.'' he glared at the Weaslys, except Arthur

''Harry..'' Dumbledore started

''We'll be in touch.'' he said and ran out of cottage

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