No one mourns the wicked

Chapter 12

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yamiperv - Harry is in love with Hermione- it'll be better explained in this chapter. Bellatrix got Hermione pregnant because she was afraid that what she had to offer wouldn't be enough to Hermione and that she'll choose Order over her. After Ron tried to rape her, she realised that she never wanted to loose Hermione and did what she was taught to do- make someone do what she want.

She eyes me like a Pisces when I am weak

I've been locked inside your heart-shaped box for weeksI've been drawn into your magnet tar pit trap

Nirvana- Heart shaped box

One month later

''What will this potion do again?'' asked Hermione

''It'll make development of child faster.'' said Bellatrix ''I wouldn't ask of you to take it, but we don't know how much time we have before chaos starts. I don't want you to be in the middle of it with baby in you- it would make you easier target.''

''You mean I'll be too fat to hide?'' asked Hermione through her teeth

''No, what I meant that you'll be slower and your movements won't be as effective as they are now. Which will put you in danger and since you would be pregnant not only you but our child as well.'' Bellatrix defended

''And if I take this, pregnancy will be reduced for...''

''When you take it, you mean.'' said Bellatrix ''Instead of 9 months, you'll be pregnant for 3 to 4 months. Depends on your body really'' explained Bellatrix

''How come I never heard of this potion before?'' Hermione glared at Bellatrix

''Because you're not pureblood.'' said annoyed Bellatrix

''Now you have a problem with it?'' yelled Hermione

''What?'' Bellatrix yelled back ''No!''

''They why did you bring it up?''

''Because that's how things run in pureblooded families. Only in them- that's why we only know it.'' Bellatrix said ''Merlin, you drive me up the wall, you know that?''

''Will it hurt the baby?'' asked Hermione

''No, it has no effect on the baby except that it grows faster.''

''Fine, I'll take it.'' said Hermione

''Good, I'll go to Narcissa and take it.''said Bellatrix ''I'll be back in 15 minutes.''

''Okay.'' smiled Hermione ''Bring me back some cherries.''

''Okay.'' smiled Bellatrix ''I'll be back in 25 minutes then.''

''And ice cream.'' added Hermione ''And some milk too.''

''Okay.'' mumbled Bellatrix and turning away said ''I'm not coming back.''

''Cissy!'' yell was heard through the house. Elf appareted next to Bellatrix

''Mistress is at back porch.'' elf bowed his head

Bellatrix walked out to back porch, Narcissa was sitting in rocking chair reading some magazine.

''Is the potion ready?'' asked Bellatrix

''Yes, it is.'' Narcissa said putting away her magazine

''Hormone control included?'' asked Bellatrix as she slumped down on the bench. Narcissa laughed, for first time in years as she watched her sister back again. Her Bellatrix- funny, playful, protective and sometimes wicked sister, not Voldemorts Bellatrix- coldblooded killer.

''Yes, hormone control included. Is she really that bad?'' asked Narcissa

''I love her, I do.'' said Bellatrix ''But right now, I just want to kill her. Everything I say is wrong on some level I never knew existed. She's twisting my words and looks herself in the mirror saying she's a whale. I mean, c'mon, she's barely showing.'' she huffed

Narcissa laughed out loud ''My big sister is sexually frustrated.''

''Don't see anything funny in this.'' Bellatrix barked

''Well you have to admit, it's rather funny.'' Narcissa tried to control her laugh ''Besides, you wanted that kid. As I remember, you tricked her into pregnancy.''

''I didn't trick her into anything.'' Bellatrix defended ''I merely brought her to the point of no return. That's not a trick, it''s... it's tactical decision.''

''Well, don't worry about it; hormone control is inside that potion. She'll be back to normal within days, I wouldn't practise rough sex though- the child is still inside her.'' Narcissa said

''Right now, I'm aiming at sex. Any kind of it'' Narcissa laughed at her

After few minutes of comfortable silence Narcissa spoke: ''Bellatrix, Dark Lord will want some kind of plan tomorrow.''

''I know.'' sighed Bellatrix

''What will you do?''

''Kill. As always.'' simply said Bellatrix. ''I don't want to talk about it. I'll have to think about that tomorrow as it is.''

Narcissa not wanting to see her sister back in her killer mode just nodded



''Do you, maybe, have some cherries, milk and ice cream?'' asked Bellatrix smiling sheepishly

''Did you tracked down Harry?'' asked Albus

''Yes, but he ran away when we arrived.'' Moody said

''This is stupid!'' yelled Molly ''We are on his side and he's running away from us!''

''Are we?'' Tonks asked earning glare from everyone in the room ''Are we on his side? We basically made him ran away.''

''Tonks, I don't think this is the time for the discussion.'' Minerva said

''Maybe it is, after all, just because we don't want to talk about this doesn't mean it'll go away.'' Tonks said

''We did what we had to do.'' Moody protested ''Bellatrix is sadistic, cruel murderer. Her involvement with Hermione could have endangered us all. We can't risk everything just because the girl can't keep her legs crossed.''

''Enough!'' Minerva yelled at Moody

''Why are you defending her?'' Molly asked

''Because she didn't betrayed our cause. It doesn't matter with who she sleeps, that is not concern. We did what we thought was necessary, but I will not allow anyone talk about her like that.'' finished Minerva

Harry sat down on rock near creek he had found day earlier. He was so tired from search and from hiding, both from the Order and Death Eaters. He missed Hermione, he missed Hogwarts, hell he would go far as saying he missed his uncle.

He knew that it wasn't good idea to confirm Dumbledore's doubts about his feelings towards Hermione, but he couldn't care less. He was hopelessly in love with her for years and he knew from day one she would never be his. That drove him to Ginny- a girl who was there his entire life, his friends little sister, a part of family who welcomed him as one of their own. He knew that his heart would shatter if Hermione would give in Ron's courting; but when he actually saw Hermione having sex, with no one else but a Death Eater, and when he saw her truly happy his heart was content. He couldn't explain it, hell a part of him didn't even want to be happy because of it but he was happy for her, it made him happy as well.

He knew that he promised her not to stand on her side, but he couldn't stop himself. He could play on insanity later, but what was his biggest problem in the moment were-the Horecruxes.

A voice snapped him from his thoughts ''Harry?''

Two weeks later

It was middle of the night when Hermione entered forest. She quickly found a place of meeting, even though her breath hitched because of extra weight in her tummy.

''Thank you for coming Hermione.'' said Minerva greeting her

''You said it was very important.'' Hermione said slowly removing her cloak showing herself

''Dear Merlin!'' said Minerva with wide eyes ''Hermione, you're...''

''Pregnant?'' asked Hermione ''I know. Trust me, I know.'' she finished with small smile

''I don't understand, how is that possible? I mean, you are with Bellatrix, who is very much a woman...'' Minerva tried to pull pieces together

''Well, I'm sure you used sex spells professor with your women.'' said Hermione simply

''Well, of course. Different women...''she stopped realising that she confirmed Hermione's suspicion of her being gay ''I've never come across spells that allows women to get pregnant with other women.''

''I'm sure you've come across spells that allows women to get extra...''Hermione searched for a word ''...body part.''

Minerva blushed cursing herself mentally for getting into sex talk with one of her best students.

''Judging by that blush, I'll assume it's affirmative answer. Well, that would be the same spell only slightly altered. It's common in pureblooded families, but commonly unknown. '' Hermione explained

''Hermione'' Minerva said trying to collect herself and stop mental images ''I know it's not place to say something, but why would you get pregnant now out of all times? And how on earth, do you look like you're in sixth month of pregnancy?''

''I didn't plan to stay pregnant, I thought that it was normal spell.'' Hermione said honestly

''She did it on purpose.'' Minerva said as realisation hit her

''Yes, she did. But I understand why she did it and...''

''That's not love Hermione!'' Minerva cut her of ''If she's making you do anything you don't want to...''

It was Hermione's turn to cut Minerva off ''She doesn't make me do anything professor. I understand why she did it.''

''Hermione, I beg of you to come back. You have a chance of better life, a life you deserve.'' pleaded Minerva

''Love is not universal professor, who are you to say that our kind is inferior?'' asked Hermione then continued ''I'm not coming back, my life is with her and our child. I know who she is, that is not forgotten, but what I see is what she can become.''

''Alright'' Minerva nodded knowing that she won't get anywhere with this subject ''Hermione, Harry ran away...''

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