No one mourns the wicked

Chapter 13

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"I have loved to the point of madness;That which is called madness,That which to me,Is the only sensible way to love."F. Sagan

2 months later

''Harry, are you sure about this?'' asked Luna

Harry looked at blonde who tracked him down almost two months ago and was currently looking at him questionably.

''You were there with me and you know what happened before. What do you think we should do?'' asked Harry sitting next to her

''I think we should find Hermione, discuss it with her and then decide what to do.''

''We don't know where she is Luna. I have no idea where to search.'' slumped Harry

''Well we can't try to communicate by owls. How about patronus?''questioned Luna ''We should get prepared to run just in case something goes wrong before we send it.''

''I agree, after all we are hiding from both Death Eaters and the Order.''

Bellatrix was looking at Hermione and their daughter who were asleep on their bed. The rest of Hermione's pregnancy was much more pleasant to bear, for them both, but deep inside Bellatrix was one piece of doubt that made her think about what she has done. She moved away from the door and entered in bathroom at the end of the hall. She needed to clean herself up knowing how Hermione criticised her whenever she entered the house covered in blood. She claimed that it wasn't good for the baby and knowing how she herself witnessed her father coming home covered in blood she couldn't agree more with Hermione.

She cleaned herself up with magic but still splashed some water over her face and looked up in the mirror. Beads of water rolling down her tired face revealed her weakness. Killing was not enough anymore, it wasn't pleasure it was pain, memories of past came back hunting her, she relived them every night in her dreams. Hermione asked her already what is troubling her, but she never replied. She remembered Narcissa's words:

''Do you truly believe you changed?'' asked angry Narcissa

Even though she knew her sister's words were meant to hurt her and were said out of desperation Bellatrix answered: ''Yes, I want new life.''

''You are murderer. No matter how much you want to run from it, you are brilliant killer, you made it into some sort of mad art.''

''I can change.'' Bellatrix greethed through her teeth

''Don't you think it's little late for that?'' asked Narcissa ''It's in you, that thrill that is running through your veins every time you kill, every time you feel your victims last breath.'' even though Narcissa's goal was to remind her sister on high of murder, she only made her sick so Bellatrix ran away.

Maybe it was too late to change, hell, maybe she ought to protect Hermione and Alice from herself.

''I'm going to take Alice to Narcissa tonight.'' said Bellatrix as she entered kitchen

''Why?'' asked Hermione not really wanting to give away her baby, even for little while

''I want to have all for myself tonight.'' replied Bellatrix

''You have me all for yourself for quite some time.'' Hermione smiled and as realisation hit, asked ''You miss being mad, don't you?''

''Yes.'' simply answered Bellatrix ''You can't say you don't miss it too. The way we were before.'' she looked at Hermione with sparkle in eyes that Hermione knew very well

''So, we're boring now, hmm?'' asked Hermione

''Yes. No. I mean, we need to get in touch with ourselves every once in a while.''

''Well, I can't argue with that.'' smiled Hermione and then looked at Alice ''You'll survive Narcissa for one night, won't you?''

''Bellatrix, where are we going?'' asked Hermione as they stumbled through forest Bellatrix apparated them

''We're going to have a little duel.'' said Bellatrix with wicked smile

''What?'' Hermione almost screamed ''Are you mad?''

''No!'' Bellatrix said as she turned around to face Hermione ''You and me are on our best when we're filled with adrenaline.'' she moved behind Hermione and started whispering against her ear ''That moment when we can hear our hearts in our ears, when blood is pumping so fast that we can feel pulse in veins as they press skull. You know what you felt when you threatened those goblins, when you almost blew them up.'' Hermione swallowed hard knowing that Bellatrix was right and that there was no sense in trying to hide it because Bellatrix read her too damn well

''I suppose you should see what your wife can do with wand, the war is coming.'' said Hermione

''So we're avoiding conformation? Very well'' said Bellatrix stepping back and moving away from Hermione ''That title, you have to earn.''

''What title?'' asked Hermione turning around to face backing away Bellatrix

''Wife of one Bellatrix Black.'' she grinned

''As far as I know, you're still Bellatrix Lestrange.'' Hermione spat back

''You really hate Rod, don't you?'' laughed Bellatrix

''Wouldn't you?''dared Hermione ''Woudn't you hate man who was between my legs, whose I belonged to before?''

''I was never his!'' growled Bellatrix and looking directly into Hermione's eyes said ''And you, you are only mine!''

''You never know when I'll decide to go away, find myself someone new.'' Hermione taunted

''Get your wand and lets start this.'' Bellatrix almost barked

Bellatrix and Hermione were standing with their wands in their hands, facing each other standing few feets away. Bellatrix was first to yell spell that caused Hermione to flew few feets away even though she put protective spell around herself. Hermione got up and started to attack with full force, mad at Bellatrix for bringing out heavy artillery. Somewhere in the middle of fight they just stopped and looked at each other, both covered in small cuts and bruises, blood running down mixing with sweat, chest rising up and falling down rapidly as the body's need for oxygen was slowly being satisfied.

Bellatrix lapped first, dropping her wand and grabbing Hermione pulling her into her body. Hermione threw her wand nearby tangling her hands into Bellatrix' messy hair. Bellatrix slammed Hermione against tree, grabbing her wrists and pressing them into the tree. She murmured few words and Hermione's hands were trapped against oak bark,

''Bellatrix, let me go!'' whined Hermione

''Hmm..'' Bellatrix stopped as to think about it ''No.''

''Think about what I can do with my hands free.'' Hermione said trying to lure Bellatrix into letting her go

''I did. But think how much begging will you do with your hands bound.'' winked Bellatrix

''I want to touch you, let me go.'' Hermione protested as Bellatrix ripped her shirt sending buttons into every direction

''That was my favourite shirt.'' growled Hermione and started to struggle. Just because she couldn't move her arms didn't mean she needed to stop making things difficult for Bellatrix, especially if that meant better sex. She managed to kick Bellatrix with her leg, kick wasn't strong but it was enough to show Bellatrix she's not backing down.

''You little...'' growled Bellatrix, grabbing both Hermione's legs and kicking them apart and settling between them

''Bellatrix, how much begging will I actually have to do before you give me what I want?'' asked Hermione

''Well, after this kick, more then before.'' grinned Bellatrix ''But first...'' she started to unbutton Hermione's pants ''I want you to admit.''

''Admit what?'' Hermione swallowed hard

''That you like to be bad girl.'' Bellatrix murmured against Hermione's neck ''That you got aroused that day at Gringotts.''

''I didn't!'' denied Hermione

''I remember that day very well, you were very ready for me dear.'' continued Bellatrix not even bothering with Hermione's attempt at denying

''That's because of you!''

''It's always because of me.'' Bellatrix confirmed ''but that doesn't change the fact that you are horny as hell after fight. And I have no problem proving it.'' grinned Bellatrix and moved her right hand, which was resting right under Hermione's left breast, down

''Let me just check...'' said Bellatrix and pushed her hand into Hermione's panties

Hermione moaned loudly while Bellatrix grinned ''Now, I'm ready to torture you very slowly and denying you pleasure or I can give you what you're dying for.'' she kissed her collarbone and then moved to whisper against Hermione's ear ''The only thing you need to do is admit...''

''Fuck, Bellatrix. Please...'' Hermione said buckling her hips against fingers that were tortuously slowly circling around her clit very carefully not to touch it

Bellatrix smacked Hermione's ass ''No! No pleasure until I admit.''

Tear roll down Hermione's cheek out of desperation ''Bellatrix please, don't make me...I'm not...please...''

''No. Admit who you are, admit that there is cruel streak in your body.'' Bellatrix insisted pressing harder into Hermione without really giving her what she needed

''Yes! I admit! feels good...I know it's bad...but it feels good.'' Hermione admitted

''That's all in needed to know.'' Bellatrix smiled, kissed Hermione and plunged into her with three fingers

''God yes...Belllaa'' Hermione moaned the moment Bellatrix released her mouth

Bellatrix, determent to give Hermione hard and fast orgasm, continued with deep pumps of her fingers while she circled Hermione's clit with her thumb. Seeing Hermione losing control, moaning loudly and knowing that she is the only one who has ever got this response out of her pleased Bellatrix immensely.

''Bellatrix! Oh...god...yesss!'' Hermione screamed as her orgasm rocked every part of her body.

Blue light which appeared out of nowhere had Bellatrix on full alarm so she immediately released Hermione and let her body slump against hers. Hermione sensed Bellatrix startled state and forced herself to open her eyes and look around them

''Bellatrix, that's Harry's patronus!'' Hermione exclaimed

''What?'' asked Bellatrix and asked ''Can you stand?''

''Yeah, I'll lean against tree, I don't think my legs can carry me at the moment.'' smiled Hermione

''Yeah, I'm that good.'' smirked Bellatrix putting Hermione down on her unsteady feet

''Wands...wands...'' Bellatrix said as she searched for her wand

''Accio wand!'' Hermione commanded and her wand flew to her hand ''Well, miss arrogant, it seems that I'm not only one effected.'' Hermione smirked

''I would've remembered that if I had a chance.'' Bellatrix raised her eyebrow ''Accio wand.''

Two loud cracks made Hermione and Bellatrix point their wands to intruders.

''Hermione, it's me!'' Harry's voice said ''It's me and Luna.'' they slowly approached until Bellatrix and Hermione could see their faces

''Hermione, what happened?'' asked Harry seeing Hermione's ripped clothes, bruised lips and tussled hair. Not to mention the scene itself- trees were damaged by various spells, grass burned on few places.

Harry looked from blushed Hermione to Bellatrix who slumped ''Foreplay, boy.''

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