No one mourns the wicked

Chapter 14

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You may be a sinner But your innocence is mine

Please me Show me how it's done Tease me You are the one

Muse- Undisclosed desires

Harry, Hermione, Luna and Bellatrix appareted to Hermione's and Bellatrix' back yard.

''Wow, you have a really nice house.'' commented Luna looking around amazed

''Thanks Luna, c'mon. Let's go inside, we have a lot to talk about.'' Hermione responded

They settled into living room, Luna and Harry sitting on couch while Hermione and Bellatrix occupied two armchairs opposite to couch, near fireplace.

''Where have you been Harry?'' Hermione asked ''Minerva told me you ran away. I sent you messages by owl, but had to stop with time, too afraid I'll get caught.''

''I was trying to find out where are all the Horcruxes when Luna found me. She was a really big help, we figured out where the Horcruxes are.'' Harry said

''Excellent.'' Hermione said smiling

''Not really, I have Death Eaters and Order trying to find me.'' Harry sighed ''I'll never get close to Horcruxes if you don't help me Hermione.''

''No'' Bellatrix cut in

''Bella'' Hermione said ''let him finish. What's your plan?'' Hermione looked towards Harry missing death glare Bellatrix sent her way.

''I have Gryfindor sword and with it I can destroy Horcruxes. With cup you destroyed in the forest, there are only four left. Two out of them are at Hogwarts. I though you could help me with that, with your brain we'll find it more quickly.'' Harry said

''Do you know how many followers Dark Lord has?'' asked Bellatrix

''No.'' responded Harry

''See, that is your problem boy. You have lousy technique, you can't run and not keep up with the enemy. Dark Lord's army is at least two times bigger then the Order's. What is very important for you is that biggest part of Order is in Hogwarts and that the Final battle is approaching and will take place at Hogwarts. Now would be a good moment for you to rejoin your friends, to tell them you figured it all out.'' Bellatrix said

''They are not my friends anymore.'' Harry said

''That doesn't matter really, what you need is an army and you have one at Hogwarts. Understand me? You have no choice but to join them, you may have ran from them and you can run after the battle, but now they need you as much you need them.''

''Have you left Voldemort's army?'' asked Harry

''Not yet.'' Bellatrix said ''When the chaos begins we shall ran. I do hope you win Potter because it'll be so much easier for us to hide from you than from him.''

''What if I could make a deal for you?'' asked Harry ''You fight on our side in exchange for Order's promise you're free to go later?''

''I don't think that the Order will give us any deal.'' said Hermione ''We will help you anyway we can Harry, but we have to discuss few things on our own before we can decide what to do.''

''I understand.'' Harry nodded

''You'll stay here for now, okay?'' Hermione asked

''We don't want to...''Harry started

''You're not.'' Bellatrix interrupted ''Nobody knows where we live, you're safe.''

''Hermione?'' Luna questioned

''Yeah?'' Hermione asked with smile

Luna smiled brightly ''What is the name of your child?''

''What child?'' asked Harry quickly

''How do you know that?'' asked Bellatrix while Hermione was just shocked

''Hermione glows in a way only a mother can.'' Luna responded

''You have a child?'' asked Harry

''Yeah, a daughter.'' responded Hermione ''Alice.''

''But Hermione, you weren't pregnant when you left! It's impossible!'' said Harry clearly confused

''How about we explain everything in the morning?'' Hermione asked ''Everything.'' she added looking at Harry

''All right, we are all tired, after all.'' agreed Harry ''All day wandering around.''

''Yes indeed, sex and all that.'' added Bellatrix earning a smack from Hermione

''Bella!'' Narcissa's voice echoed the house making Hermione and Bellatrix bolt from the bed straight to kitchen

''What?!'' Bellatrix asked when they barged into kitchen

''There's...there's...well the house.'' stammered Narcissa pointing her wand at the other end of the kitchen. Hermione and Bellatrix turned around only to see poor Harry pressed against the wall only in pants holding a glass of water

''For the love of Merlin Narcissa, why the hell did you scare us like this?'' questioned Bellatrix ''We thought something happened to Alice.''

Small baby girl was still asleep in Narcissa's arms to surprise for both of her mothers.

''Narcissa, lets all calm down.'' Hermione started ''Just put down the wand, nobody will hurt you and nobody will hurt Harry. Alright?'' Narcissa lowered her wand.

''Good, now one very important question: how is it possible she's still asleep, after that shout?'' Hermione questioned taking Alice into her arms

''I put silence spell around her.'' Narcissa answered putting her wand away but not taking her eyes off of Harry

''Why would you do that?'' asked Bellatrix

Narcissa looked at her sister with a grin ''Well, I thought your sex escapades will continue till the morning so I protected my niece. Maybe I should've took into consideration your age.''

''Or maybe you should've took into consideration interruptions.'' Bellatrix shot back

''Right, whatever you say.'' Narcissa smiled sweetly

''Let's start making breakfast, shall we? Before we all say or do something inappropriate.'' Hermione suggested

''Good morning.'' everybody looked at the blond that had joined them

''Morning, Luna.'' Hermione smiled ''Narcissa this is Luna and you already know Harry. Harry, Luna this is Narcissa Malfoy.''

''Pleased to meet you.'' Narcissa nodded politely

''Dear Merlin, I just saw mother.'' Bellatrix said

''What?!'' Narcissa looked at Bellatrix ''I do not look like mother.''

''Pleased to meet you'' Bellatrix said in her best 'mother interpretation' and laughed

''I do not sound like mother.'' Narcissa defended pouting

''Yeah, whatever.'' Bellatrix said ''I need to dress, give me my little girl.'' she finished taking Alice and making her way back to bedroom

''I do not sound like her.'' Narcissa said in hot pursuit of her older sister

''Are they always like that?'' asked Harry with slight smile

''When they are here yes,'' said Hermione putting kettle on the stove ''when they're at Malfoy manor or among others I doubt it.''

''Yeah, I don't think that would Voldemort be too happy to see them that way.'' Harry added

''Hermione, I just wanted to say that I now understand why you find Bellatrix attractive.'' smiled Luna, Harry choked on his water while Hermione just blushed.

All four adults and baby sitting on Harry's lap were in the living room.

''So what were you like growing up?'' asked Luna

''Well Bellatrix was badass one, Andromeda was confused one and I was sweet one.'' Narcissa answered

''She whined, a lot. Every day, every night, she whined. Andy and I wanted to kill her, we tried to three times before she was two.'' Bellatrix started her tone even and deep ''But then mother got angry and said that enough was enough so we had to stop. She lives and still is whining.''

''Go to hell.'' Narcissa said ''Besides you loved me.''

''Of course I did, you twat. You're my sister and I still do, even though you married Malfoy.'' said Bellatrix

''Does that means you still love Andromeda?'' asked Hermione. Everyone had that question in their heads, but only Hermione could ask it and get away with it.

''She'll always be my sister.'' Bellatrix said and Hermione seemed pleased with the answer

Bellatrix hissed looking at her Dark Mark ''Narcissa, we have to go. Now.''

Both sisters stood up and appareted.

Hermione leaned on the door frame watching Harry looking at sleeping Alice.

''You know'' she started slightly startling Harry ''we talked about it and both Bellatrix and me would like you to be her godfather.''

''Really?'' asked Harry with smile

''Yeah, you're my best friend Harry. I wouldn't have it any other way.'' she smiled

''My lord, you wanted to see me?'' Bellatrix questioned bowing her head

''Yes Bellatrix, I wanted to speak with you. You are my most loyal one and I think it is time to reward you for it by telling you more information then I tell others.'' he said

''I would be honoured, My Lord.'' Bellatrix responded

''Everybody knows that Horcruxes are the secret to my existence, but no one really knows where are these objects. I'm afraid four of Horcruxes are already destroyed. You see Bellatrix, everything I do has a meaning. When I created two last Horcruxes I decided that they ought to be special ones, you see one is Nagini because he is my baby and other is my arch enemy. Now that is really funny, isn't it?'' he laughed

''Harry Potter is last Horcrux?'' asked Bellatrix shocked

''Yes, imagine surprise on the faces of his little blood traitors when they realise he must die to be given a chance to kill me.''

''That's brilliant, My Lord.'' Bellatrix smiled ''Simply brilliant.''

''Hermione, we need to talk.'' said Bellatrix storming into the house ''Immediately.''

''Harry would you?'' asked Hermione giving him Alice

''Yeah, no problem.'' he took her in his arms

''I'll be right back.'' Hermione smiled and went to hers and Bellatrix' bedroom.

The moment she entered the bedroom, Bellatrix casted silencing spell

''What's going on?'' asked Hermione confused

''Dark Lord wanted to speak with me today, he decided to award me for being his most loyal one. You remember how Harry said that he knows where two Horcruxes are?'' at Hermione's nod she continued ''Well, I know where are other two.''

''That's great.'' smiled Hermione

''Not that great.'' sighed Bellatrix

''How do you mean?'' asked Hermione

''Hermione, one Horcrux is Nagini and other one is Harry.'' Hermione fell on her knees, Bellatrix rushed to her side.

''Why are you acting so strange?'' asked Lucius

''How do you mean strange?'' asked Narcissa

''You're hiding something.'' he got up and moved to Narcissa ''What is it?''

''I do not know what you're talking about.'' she responded her Black posture kicking in

''Don't lie to me!'' Lucius barked slapping her across her face

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