No one mourns the wicked

Chapter 15

Death ends a life, not a relationship. Jack Lemmon

''Now what?'' asked Hermione as she calmed down

''I'm not sure.'' Bellatrix sighed

''He's going to die.'' Hermione said eyes full of tears ''Voldemort will win.''

''The moment Harry dies'' Bellatrix started ''Dark Lord will be vulnerable, anybody could kill him then.''

''You know anybody good enough to stand against him?'' asked Hermione ''Dumbledore aside, nobody could kill him. Not to mention that prophecy says Harry must do it himself.''

''Dumbledore is all we need actually, he could kill him. If he wouldn't be able to, others could-it doesn't mean it has to be one person.'' offered Bellatrix ''Somebody could keep his distracted while other killed him.''

''Right.'' snorted Hermione putting her head in her hands

''We're going to Hogwarts..''Bellatrix said ''Maybe Dumbledore knows how to solve this.''

''Right, we're going to Hogwarts, no problem'' Hermione replied ironically ''Let's just throw ourselves into Azkaban''

''Do you have better idea?'' growled Bellatrix switching to her Death Eater mode

''We need to tell Harry.'' Hermione said ''He must know. We'll think of something.''

''Hermione!'' yell was heard through the house making Bellatrix and Hermione sprint to living room

''Snape!'' said Bellatrix surprised ''What are you doing here?''

''You need to go.'' Snape said quickly ''He knows you betrayed him, Lestrange!''

''Impossible!'' Bellatrix yelled ''How would he know?''

''Lucius tortured Narcissa until she broke down saying everything she knew.'' he said

''I'm going to kill them!'' Bellatrix roared

''You can't Lestrange, Dark Lord believes she told those information willingly! You'll endanger her life!'' he snapped

''Get your things together!'' ordered Bellatrix to Harry and Luna

''We're going to Hogwarts.'' she said to Hermione

Bellatrix, Harry, Luna and Hermione with Alice in her hands stood at the beginning of forest looking Hermione's and Bellatrix' house in the distant.

''Here they come'' said Harry spotting black smoke in the sky. Death Eaters torn place apart in mater of minutes

''What now?'' Luna asked

''We wait until sun goes down.''said Bellatrix ''We'll apparate in Forbidden forest and enter Hogsmeade.''

''How are we supposed to do that?'' asked Harry ''The place is crawling with Death Eaters. You said it yourself- they are surrounding Hogwarts.''

''Well, you have your cloak, right?'' asked Bellatrix

''Yeah'' Harry nodded ''But we can still be traced.''

''Look, do you honestly think I couldn't hold a fight if I had to?'' asked Bellatrix ''I'm one of the famous dualist in the world, give me some credit kid.''

''Where should we go in Hogsmeade?'' asked Hermione trying to get them both off the subject

''To Honeydukes, there's a passage that leads back to Hogwarts, close to Dark Arts classroom.'' stated Bellatrix ''We should be able to reach Dumbledore's office quickly from there.''

It was already half past eleven when they apparated to Forbidden forest. They expended cloak while Bellatrix put on few spells that made sure cloak wouldn't fell off or show any of them. They made their way through half ruined Hogsmeade and finally reached Honeydukes, the building was still holding, everything was in place. They entered only to find two Death Eaters guarding the celler.

''Dark Lord will kill that bitch the moment he sees her.'' one said

''Yeah, can't wait. She has talent, it'll be fun watching her squirm.'' other laughed ''Can't believe she fell for Mudblood whore.''

Bellatrix' anger raised on comment as she slipped off cloak and asked ''Talking 'bout me boys.''

''Shit!'' both exclaimed drawing their wands.

''Avada Kedavra!'' Bellatrix yelled and green light hit one man in chest

''Expelliarmus!'' yelled Harry making other man's wand fly through the room.

''Crucio.'' breathed Bellatrix making the man suffer with small smile ''Apologise.'' she ordered

''Bella...''Hermione begged

''Apologise you worm!'' yelled Bellatrix lifting of the spell

''I'm sorry, miss, so sorry.'' he cried of pain

''Yes you are,'' Bellatrix said

''Don't Bella.'' said Hermione seeing murderous look in Bellatrix eyes

''Hermione, he'll kill us.'' Bellatrix tried reason with her ''He'll tell him we're here and they'll attack Hogwarts immediately.''

''Obviliate him.'' suggested Luna

''Yes, make him believe he killed him!'' pleaded Hermione

Bellatrix nodded against her will, but knowing that not doing so would hurt Hermione.

As one-eyed statue opened and Harry stepped out of the passage he was met with three raised wands.

''Harry?'' asked Tonks ''You're okay. Get in here.'' she smiled ''We're sealing all the passages, you came just in time.''

Harry nodded getting in, Luna behind him smiling at Tonks. Hermione, Bellatrix and Alice came under the cloak.

''Okay boys,'' Tonks smiled ''Let's finish this.'' Tonks and two Aurors who were unknown to them finished the job and sealed passage completely

Aurors went away as Tonks turned around to Harry and Luna. ''You have no idea how glad I am to see you Harry, others will be relieved to.''

''I don't want to see them right now,'' started Harry ''I want to see Dumbledore first.''

''Alright, let's go.'' nodded Tonks, she couldn't blame the boy for not wanting to see them

''Fudge Flies'' said Tonks and stairs to Dumbledore's office started to open up

''I'll go with Tonks, see you later Harry.'' Luna said

''Yeah, see you later Luna'' he smiled

Harry, followed by Hermione and Bellatrix stood on moving stairs

''Somebody is in love.'' noticed Bellatrix

''Bella, leave him alone.'' Hermione said removing the cloak

''What?'' asked Bellatrix ''Isn't it true?''

''I'm not...don't know.'' Harry replied blushing

''Told you.'' grinned Bellatrix looking at Hermione

They stepped into Dumbledore's office finding Dumbledore, Minerva and Kingsley standing in the middle of room

''Harry!'' exclaimed Minerva ''Dear Merlin, you're alright. We were so worried.'' she came closer to see him better

''Miss Granger, Mrs. Lestrange.'' Albus greeted ''I'm glad you found your way back. Along with your new addition.''

Alice looked around new room she found herself and smiled seeing old man with long white beard.

''I hope you're coming with some good news.'' sighed Kingsley

''I have Gryffindor sword and know that one Horcrux is in Room of Requirment.'' said Harry

''Excellent.'' Dumbledore said ''Kingsely would you be kind and get that Horcrux back here?'' Kingsley nodded and left

''We know what are the Horcruxes.'' Bellatrix said ''But so do you, don't you Albus?''

''Indeed, but I do not where are they placed.'' Albus said

''Yeah'' Bellatrix said not buying it ''just when were you planing to tell him?'' questioned Bellatrix in the moment when Snape entered the room

''I'm afraid I didn't have a proper opportunity.'' Dumbledore said

''What about now?'' asked Bellatrix ''We're all here Albus, don't you think that boy needs to know?''

''Know what?'' asked Snape

''Tell me what this means.'' Harry said confused looking at Dumbledore

''Well if you won't'' said Bellatrix turning away from Dumbledore and to others ''Yesterday morning, before all the fiasco, Dark Lord told me what are two last Horcruxes.''

''What are they?!'' asked Minerva

''Nagini'' Dumbledore said and sighing added ''And Harry himself.''

''What?!'' Minerva yelled while Harry just fell back on couch from shock

''You raised him, you protected him and for what?'' yelled Snape ''To kill him when the time comes?''

''I can't believe this! Albus, it can be.'' Minerva shook her head

''I'm sorry, but Harry needs to die. Voldemort himself must kill him.'' Dumbledore said

''I can't believe this.'' Snape said angry

''Bellatrix, Hermione'' started Albus ''You are here, I gather, to seek protection.''

''We're here to help you defeat Voldemort.'' said Hermione ''Then we'll go away, forever.''

''You will remain fugitives for the rest of your life?'' questioned Minerva even though she didn't want to change subject

''There is no way Bellatrix will be spared and you know it.'' Hermione said ''No matter what she did to help you win this war''

''I must speak to Harry alone''Dumbledore said ''Minerva would you be kind enough to escort Miss Granger and Mrs Lestrange to your office.'' Minerva nodded and lead both Hermione and Bellatrix to her office

Hogwarts hall was full of Aurors and fighters on Order's side. They were all waiting for Dumbledore to come and tell them the plan so when the doors opened revealing Harry and Albus, loud cheer echoed the hall.

''My dear friends'' started Dumbledore ''It's a sad time for Wizarding world, which is once again confronted with old enemy. We have information that say they will attack tomorrow morning, we need to prepare ourselves for another battle and another victory.''

Whole hall cheered ''Nothing is lost my friends, even if it may seems so. We shall fight and win!''

Dumbledore was great spokesman, it was easy for him to get many followers- mused Harry.

Minerva entered her office after Dumbledore's speech, still not knowing what to make out of situation. When she entered the office she almost forgot that it wasn't empty, but her memory was refreshed at the instant. Hermione was sleeping on the couch next to a fireplace while Bellatrix was holding sleeping Alice

''Alice, your moms love you.'' sighed Bellatrix ''Both of us, so so much. Even if we aren't here- we love you so much.'' she kissed her forehead gently

Minerva never knew that Bellatrix was capable of any sort of emotions in this world, but she was proven wrong.

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