No one mourns the wicked

Chapter 16

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I believe that if I should die,and you were to walk near my grave,from the very depths of the earthI would hear your footstepsBenito Perez Galdos

''Dad, this place gives me the creeps.'' said eight year old James

''There is no reason to be afraid James, the cemetery is not a scary place'' said Luna ''It's actually a place we came to remember our loved ones that passed away. Not to mention, a place you can see a lot of magical creatures.''

''But mom, still.'' responded six year old Severus ''There are thousand corpses around here.''

''Well, I'm sure your mother, Alice and I can keep them away.'' smiled Harry

''You want me to hold your hands?'' chuckled Alice

''Yes!'' both James and Severus said grabbing Alice's hands

Alice Black was second year Hogwarts student, proud to wear golden and red scarf around her neck. Anyone who had ever knew anything about Black family could see that she was truly its member, her black, curly mane tied into loose tail, her posture reeked of nobleness and importance. As a first year student she earned herself reputation as a skilled witch, got herself into trouble when she hexed fifth year Slytherin student for tantalising her friend. All the students were on watch as she passed by; she enjoyed that feeling of awe she got from others, just like her mother Bellatrix once had. But unlike Bellatrix, Alice had never tortured or hurt for fun, the idea of crossing that line never came across her mind. Her nature was more like Hermione's- she was kind to others, always ready to help and fight for what was right. Rumoures always existed, most often people would whisper that Sirius Black was her father. Alice knew very well history of both her mothers and their families, thanks to Harry and Luna who raised her as their own. They taught her not to care about what others think but to choose for herself what to tell people around her, including who her real parents are. She was very glad to have Harry and Luna as guardians because the hole of not knowing her mothers was more bearable when she had them. As a young child she often wondered what her mothers sounded like, how would they act towards her, how much they loved each other. Those questiones still lingered in her mind.

''Dad, do you miss grandpa and grandma?'' asked James

''Yes, of course I do.'' Harry said

''Aly, '' Severus pulled her sleeve ''I'm sorry you don't have moms, but I'm glad you're my big sister.''

''I'm glad I'm your big sister too, little one.'' Alice smiled with track of sadness as she put her arm around his neck and pulled him closer as they walked lonely paths of cemetery

''They are here.'' spoken Bellatrix as she watched through the window. Hermione got up looking through the window, the protection Dumbledore put around the castle was still strong, but it was matter of time when it would break under many attacks Death Eaters casted on it.

''It is time, then.'' Hermione replied sadly. Bellatrix grasped her hand strongly

Hermione took Alice in her arms, caressing her gently. ''Alice, we love you so much.''

''You'll be safe, don't worry, baby girl.'' Bellatrix said ''We'll be back as soon as we can.''

''We'll always be here for you, Alice. Forever, we'll stand by you, whether we're alive or not.'' Hermione whispered kissing her forehead

''You are the light that shines, Alice. You are the light of our lives.'' Bellatrix said kissing little cheek

Hermione put her down on pillow in small woven basket, wrapping her in the blanket. She then clasped her hands with Bellatrix and put them above Alice and started to read verses of spell from book Dumbledore had given them. Strong blue light, much like the one around Hogwarts, surrounded Alice.

''She's safe.'' Bellatrix said not sure who was she convincing- herself or Hermione. ''No one can harm her now.''

''I know'' said Hermione faintly ''Bella, dance with me.''

''What?'' asked Bellatrix confused

''You've never danced with me.'' replied Hermione ''Dance with me. For just a moment.''

Bellatrix took her hand and lead her in the middle of the room. They started moving in some melody only they could hear, Hermione put her head on Bellatrix shoulder, taking in that familiar smell of honey that filled her heart with dear memories.

''You are the best thing that had happened to me.'' Bellatrix whispered kissing Hermione softly

''I know.'' smiled Hermione ''And you are the love of my life.''

It wasn't until her fourth year at Hogwarts she was given small bottle with silvery-blue content.

''What is that?'' asked Alice looking at Harry

''Memories.'' he said ''Your mothers memories, actually. Hermione left them for you, with a letter in which she said I was to give them to you when you grow up a little. Well, you've grown so much Alice and it's time for you to have it. Merlin, your mothers would be proud.''

''But I would have to have Pensieve to see them.'' Alice replied

''Yes, you would.'' he smiled, she always knew everything. ''Well, there is one for you downstairs, Minerva brought it earlier this afternoon. Only you and person you give permission will be able to see the memories.''

Alice's eyes sparkled, filled with tears ''Thank you.''

Harry walked through the forest, his heart beating uncontrollably. He was walking to meet his death, memories came floating through his head. Dursley's terror, Albus' kindness and wisdom, Minerva's maternal love towards him, Ron's teasing and friendship at the beginning, Hermione's laugh, her smile, her kindness, the way she used to roll her eyes at him, her true friendship, her love towards Bellatrix, her happiness at their house with Alice in her arms, the way she tousled his hair as he tried to help her in the kitchen. He remembered how Luna helped him, how she was there, how beautiful she was, how she was only person, beside Hermione, on this world who made his heart skip a beat.

He approached his enemies, Voldemort turning around to see him

''Harry Potter'' he smiled ''you came to die?''

''Do your worst.'' said Harry

''Oh I will'' he laughed

Harry started to raise his wand but Voldemort already yelled ''Avada kedavra!''

Harry managed to bend backwards as the spell hit him and knocked him down.

''The boy who lived, ladies and gentelmen'' Voldemort mocked as others laughed

''Narcissa'' he called ''check if he's dead. We wouldn't want to have any problems later.''

Narcissa swallowed hard as she approached Harry, she knelt next to him and grabbed his hand to check for pulse on his wrist.

''He's dead.'' she stammered and loud cheer could be heard as Narcissa hold a hand that still had a pulse.

Minerva barged into her office ''Harry's dead!''

''Dear God'' whispered Hermione as tears fell down her cheeks

''We have to go'' Bellatrix said ''Remember the plan Dumbledore came up with!''

''I know, I know.'' Hermione said taking small glass bottle and letter ''Give me a second.'' she brought her wand to her temple extracting one last memory she wanted their daughter to have.

''Hermione, we must go!.'' Bellatrix pleaded

Hermione put the bottle next to Alice in her basket, kissing her forehead for the last time before she ran out of office.

Hogwarts soon became a battlefield. Dead bodies lied around the castle as Death Eaters fought against the Order. Voldemort was approaching the Great hall levitating Harry's body.

A lot of Aurors were there fighting Death Eaters, but the fight stopped as Voldemort came in throwing Harry's body in front of Dumbledore.

''Your chosen one is dead.'' Voldemort spoke ''Was he truly everything you had?''

Hermione stared at her dead friends body, trembling from the sadness and shock.

''I was waiting for you.'' smiled Bellatrix as she stood in the middle of Chamber of secrets looking at Nagini as she slither in it

She wished she had Gryffindor sword, but she only hold Basilisk fang. Nagini saw her and immediately lifted her head and body into attack pose. She tried to bite Bellatrix few times but she successfully ducked those attacks.

Bellatrix gripped the fang stronger as she sprang forwards stabbing Naggini just below her head and cutting her downwards. Nagini let painful sound as Bellatrix stabbed her, but managed to bite Bellatrix on shoulder.

''Agrh!'' Bellatrix yelled as she pushed away from Nagini who fell down and died

She grasped her wound knowing Nagini left enough poison to kill her. She took her wand out trying to heal herself when she heard footsteps approaching. She automatically pointed her wand towards Death Eaters coming her way.

''Look who we have here.'' one of four man said ''It's your wife Lestrange.'' other said

''Avada Kedavra!'' Bellatrix killed one of them

''You bitch'' yelled Dolohov raising his wand but Bellatrix was still faster killing him on the spot

Rodolphus and Avery started to attacked her and she successfully defended herself until the poison became to strong. Her vision blurred and she fell on her knees

''I'm going enjoy every minute of killing you'' spat Rodolphus

''No!'' Avery said ''Dark Lord wants her himself!''

Alice was lost in the memories her mom left her- they truly loved each other. She was there, she could feel them, their magic, their power, their happiness. She watch them laugh, cuddling and making faces at her. She felt love, she was loved- they loved her.

Their relationship was hard to understand, but Alice did. The last memory was most painful for her- her mothers dancing before the battle in which they have died, them telling her how much they loved her. She was their light, light in darkness of their lives.

She collapsed as the memory ended, her sobs out of control. She felt arms holding her, hugging her and supporting her dead weight.

''Shhh, honey, everything will be alright.'' whispered Luna ''We're here, I'm here.''

Voldemort gloated as he held his wand high, pointing at Dumbledore. Behind each man stood small army of people with raised wands ready to die.

''Why did you ever believed that you are better than me? That you can kill me? That you can beat me?!''

''Winning can be very deceiving Tom'' responded Dumbledore

''How can a corpse be deceiving?!'' laughed Voldemort

''My Lord'' Rodolphus called ''We found her!''

Everybody looked towards two man dragging Bellatrix, who was only half walking, effects of poison taking its toll.

''Bella!'' Hermione screamed

It wasn't until Alice's fifth year that the real identity of her parents was revealed.

She was sitting on her Potions class, listening Slughorn's rambling about his old times. The potion they were trying to make was very hard one, most of the student failed at it few times before get it right. Alice wasn't one of those students, she got her potion right from the start, everybody gawked at her in envy.

''Dear Merlin, Miss Black'' gasped Slughorn ''I can't believe you done it at first try! Well done, well done! 30 points to Gryffindor.''

''Thank you sir'' she replied with smug face

''You know'' Slughorn started in a serious tone drawing attention of all the students ''It seems you took upon Bellatrix Black, you look almost like her while she was your age and not to mention that she was the only one who ever did this potion on her first try.'' Alice's heart floated with pride ''I'm not sure Sirius would like that.''

''Those rumours are false.'' responded Alice

''So, Sirius is not your father?'' questioned Slughorn

''No, sir.''

''Well, you still resemble Black's a lot.'' Slughorn mention

''I should, since Bellatrix Black was my mother.'' replied Alice extracting gasp out of whole class and shocked expression out of Slughorn

''Bellatrix was your mother?'' stammered Slughorn ''Bellatrix' and Rod's daughter in my class, I can't believe it.''

''Actually, Bellatrix' and Hermione's daughter is in your class, sir.''

Whole class broke into loud noise as students started verbalising their thoughts.

''Bella!'' Hermione's scream echoed the Great hall as Rod and Avery threw Bellatrix in the middle, next to Harry's body, between Voldemort and Death Eaters and Dumbledore and the Order

Minerva stopped Hermione who was running to Bellatrix. Everybody looked at Hermione in shock, reading in her actions, what they believed was betrayal.

''Bellatrix, my dear'' said Voldemort but not loud enough for others to hear ''For her, Mudblood, you betrayed me for a dirty whore?''

''I betrayed you'' said Bellatrix barely speaking as poison spread through her body ''for love. For love of my life.''

''Then you'll die because of it.'' he said anger in him raising

''Attack!'' he screamed and pointed wand at Bellatrix ''Avada Kedavra!''

''Bellllaaa!'' Hermione broke loose from Minerva's grasp and jumped in front of Bellatrix, green spell hitting her chest.

''No!'' screamed Bellatrix as Hermione lifeless body fell on her. Voldemort smiled knowing he delivered Bellatrix final blow, that he destroyed everything she ever loved.

With final amount of strenght she had Bellatrix hold Hermione as close as possible kissing her one last time

''You and me are forever, my love.'' were the last words Bellatrix ever spoke

''Mom, dad?'' questioned Harry

''Hello son'' her mother greeted him

''So, I am truly dead.'' he said

''No, no, my boy'' his father said

''Your life is only beginning.'' his mother reassured him ''You are here because a part of you, a part of Voldemorts soul had to die.''

''But I'm alive?'' he asked confused

''Yes, your soul is still intact.'' she confirmed ''You will live again.''

''I love you.'' said Harry

''We know son'' his father smiled

''We are so proud of you Harry, who you have become, who you will be.'' smiled Lily ''Don't forget to love Harry, it's salvation from pain.''

''Harry...'' he heard Hermione's voice. He turned to his right- Bellatrix stood there holding hands with Hermione, they looked so peaceful, so happy, all worries removed from their faces- which now looked well rested.

''Why are you here?'' he demanded ''No! Please Hermione...''

''Harry, take care of Alice'' said Hermione ''You are all she has now.''

''No...'' tears fell down his cheeks

''Harry, take care of our daughter.'' said Bellatrix ''Don't let her forget how much we love her.''

He was moving away, but it wasn't his feet that were bringing him back. They all smiled, looking peaceful, saying their goodbyes.

He woke up and first thing he saw was two dead bodies a feet away- Bellatrix lying on the floor, her arms around Hermione. One could mistake their death for sleep. Tears rolled down as he grabbed his wand and took in his surrounding, Voldemort battling Dumbledore, others fighting as well in ruins of what was once called Great hall.

''Voldemort!'' he screamed causing silence in Great hall ''I'm right here, you son of a bitch. Come and get me.''

''I've heard you cause real flood of news in Potion class.'' Minerva said looking at Alice who was sitting on a chair in front of Minerva's desk

''Well, I answered a question.'' responded Alice

''So I heard.'' chuckled Minerva ''You know, you are just like them.'' she sighed ''Your mothers were so brilliant, Alice, and you are perfect mixture of them. I am happy to have you in my dorm.''

''You're just saying that because of them.'' Alice said sadly ''My mom, Harry.''

''I'm saying that because you are remarkable young lady Alice. Don't you ever think that you are who you are because of them, their deeds- good and bad aren't what creates you. Your deeds, and your deeds alone, are what makes you who you are.'' said Minerva with stern look

''Yes, ma'am.'' nodded Alice with smile

''Now, did you find Pensieve useful?'' questioned Minerva

''I did, professor.'' Alice confirmed

''But...'' said Minerva sensing there is more

''I'm lacking one memory.'' said Alice quietly

''Which would that be?''

''The one of their death.'' Alice stated swallowing hard.

''I knew this day would come.'' sighed Minerva ''Did you ask Harry?''

''Not yet.'' she admitted

''Well then, we should get to Dumbledore's office so I can show you my memory.'' said Minerva ''If you want it, that is.''

''Yes, I do.'' nodded Alice

Voldemort was dead and everybody cheered, Death Eaters scattered around, trying to escape. Harry walked to where Hermione's and Bellatrix' bodies were lying, he fell on his knees starting to sob.

Everyone who looked at him, thought the same thing- Hermione betrayed him for that murderer! Well everyone, except small handful of people who would never dared to say anything about it.

Harry felt hand squeezing his shoulder, he looked up and found Luna standing behind him looking worried. He got up, turned around and hugged her strongly.

''Luna...'' he started

''I know.'' she whispered ''I know, I'm here.''

''You and Alice are going to their grave, aren't you?'' asked James

''Yes, we are'' Harry said ''You and Severus will go with your mom and we'll see you at home.''

''Ok, dad.'' Severus smiled

''See you soon'' Luna said in a way it sounded as rhetorical question and at Harry's nod, both she and boys went on their way.

''I was only month and half when they died.'' spoke Alice as they walked towards the tomb

''Yes, well twelve years flew by fast.'' said Harry

''They still hate them'' Alice said sadly

''Alice, listen to me'' Harry said stopping. Alice turned towards him ''Your mothers were one of the bravest people I knew, they gave their lives for what they believed in. For your safety, for my safety, for this world- don't go forgetting that.''

''I'm not forgetting.'' said Alice ''But sometimes I wish they ran away and hid, I would have my moms now.'' pearls of her sadness rolling down porcelain cheeks.

''I know'' Harry whispered hugging her tightly ''And I know for a fact that they would be happiest if they could be here with you.''

''C'mon, lets get these flowers where they belonged.'' he suggested and Alice nodded

Beautiful white marble tomb was isolated from others, it always looked painfully new as if their bodies were placed there only yesterday. As they approached the tomb, magic around it made them invisible. Only few people were allow to came in premises of the tomb, spells protecting it from any vandalism.

A whisper could be heard in the distance as a child asked his mother

''But mom, why is no one going there?''

His mother sighed and answered ''Because no one mourns the wicked.''

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