No one mourns the wicked

Chapter 2

Well, I'm pleasantly surprised :D Thank you for your reviews, you made my day :D Also in first chapter I referred to Bellatrix in 3rd person, but I think it's much more intimate and powerful to refer to her in 2nd person so now I'm writing in 2nd person.

Also, the rating has been changed to M. So you know what that means.

The songs- Halestorm Innocence and Familiar taste of poison

Darkshadow-lord -yeah, well I'm not sure if Hermione will become completely evil, but I promise that Ron will be hexed ;)

Here is new chapter, I hope you'll enjoy

You ache for thingsYou don't understandThat your tears don't mean a thingAnd I only come when you scream

I told you

Child don't follow me homeYou're just too perfect for my hands to holdIf you choose to stayYou'll throw it all away

We found our way to the Ministry. Hundred thousands crystal balls were on the shelves around us. We already had our wands in hands, ready for battle if it turned out that it was really a trap. Harry finally found his prophecy, just when he heard what it had to say which is- I have no idea what, he was the only one who heard it, a masked figure approached. I knew it wasn't you, you were much smaller and you definitely did not wear mask on missions. You said that it wasn't fair if people don't know who they're fighting against.

Lucius took off his mask and tried to convince Harry to give him the prophecy. And then I heard your laugh echo through the room sending shivers down my spine.

''He knows how to play, itty, bitty baby Potter.'' you mocked

''Bellatrix Lestrange.'' breathed Neville. You looked at him and said:

''Neville Longbottom, is it? How's mom and dad?'' you smiled wickedly.

''Better now because they'll be revenged.'' he made a step forwards but Harry stopped him. Your wand was already in your skillful hands, you were ready to fight.

Lucius tried to calm the situation, but Harry stubborn as always demand the answers.

''You dare to speak his name?'' you half whispered and then screamed ''You FILTHY HALFBLOOD!''

God, I hated him at that moment, he just needed to make you that angry. I never saw you that angry, it scared me and made me hungry for you at the same time. While Harry was busy talking with Lucius, I looked straight into your eyes and I saw that look again- 'you're mine'. I shuddered while vivid pictures of our fucking invaded my mind. Ginny's hand brought me back to reality. Death Eaters surrounded us and they everything got blurry. We ran, smashing sound of glass breaking fulfilled the hall, small pieces of glass around us. And then I felt someone grabbing me and lifting me in the air. I found myself on other end of your husbands wand. You were next to us, your wand pressed against Neville's head. Everybody were captured except Harry who was standing opposite of Lucius in the middle. When your husband tugged me little harsher you growled

''Watch what you're doing.'' you ordered

''Why do you care what I do with Mudblood here?''

''That mudblood can be a fine toy for me. And if you don't stop, I'll hex you into next week.'' you finished

''Relax my dear, I'll be good.'' he said noticing venom in your eyes

Sirius apparated and then other members of the Order. We ran away from the fight and when we were already at the exit of the room I saw you killing Sirius. My heart stopped for a moment and then I saw Harry running after you- I had to follow. You couldn't be hurt, oh my God, you killed Sirius and I still wanted to protect you. Why I didn't know, all I knew was that Harry will try to kill you.

''Hermione!'' I heard Ron yell as I ran off. I didn't care for anything except Bella getting out of there alive. I entered the room and I saw you on the floor, Harry standing in front of you with his wand aimed at you. Voldemort appareted and tried to make Harry torture you, I would've intervened but I knew Harry isn't capable of doing something like that. Voldemort soon had him without wand. You moved away and after noticing me you came to me. You grabbed me and apparated us.

You apparated us to your bedroom. You had that hungry look in your eyes and I must admit that I have never seen anything so beautiful as Bellatrix Lestrange in bloodlust. You were beautiful, but you were so poisonous. And then the memory of you killing Sirius came floating in my mind, making rage starting to boil in me. You saw change in me and you attacked. You pushed me against the bedroom door, trying to pin my arms- but this time you were met with resistance. You smiled at that and gave me the look which meant- 'let the game begin.'

You pushed me- I pushed you, you sat on the bed grabbing me and making me straddle you. You ripped my sweater off- I bit your neck making it bleed. You growled at that and you painfully grabbed my wrists bending them behind my back so I would lean backwards and then you bit my stomach in return. I screamed in pleasure which was intertwined with pain. I couldn't let you win that easily, so I pushed my leg that was resting between your legs hard against you- you gasped and released my shoulder.

''You little bitch...'' you moaned

You released my wrists grabbed my hips and lift us up. You slammed me against the wall next to the bed and kissed me hard. I released your waist and stood on my own, scratching your back trying to hurt you as much is possible. You pulled at my jeans and roughly took them off, I started unlacing your corset- you tried to batter my hands off. I got pissed at that so I hit you with my fist, well that was wrong move because before I knew it my hands were on the wall. You charmed them so I couldn't move them and then looked straight into my eyes and said:

''Don't you know that you're the most beautiful on my mercy? Fight if you want, but I'll win. Because you want me to.'' you smirked. And I hated you because I wanted you more then anything before. I should have been smarter and walk away, you're a murderer- I saw it today. But you're not murderer with me, you're a forbidden fruit for me. A rose with poisonous thorns which could kill in a second.

You ripped my underwear apart and tried to spread my legs. I didn't want to give in that easily so I tried to cross my legs, but you caught my ankles and spread my legs roughly. You smiled wickedly and began to tease me and you knew how to do that, only you could turn my anger into lust in matter of seconds. I begged, I was always proud how I never begged, but you I begged. I begged you to give me a release, but you toyed with me again and again. Painfully bit to my thigh had me moaning and you grinned, I hated that you had such a control over me, but hell I'll give into you any day.

''Give me what I want or let me go and I'll do the job.'' I growled impatiently. I knew what reaction I was looking for- and I got it. Three fingers were roughly inside of me. In every movement they were deeper and harder bringing me closer to the climax. Your lips bit my stomach, my hips, my breasts, my neck and they swallowed my scream of release.

You let me go finally and I finished unlacing your corset and pulled the dress down completely. I pushed you on bed and straddled you, locking my lips with your breasts and pushing my fingers into you. I knew you needed a release and that teasing you wouldn't be smart. So I gave you what you wanted the most- fast and hard fucking. The feeling of you around my fingers was amazing, your taste addictive, your smell intoxicating. You shuddered underneath me and moaned my name in pleasure.

Next thing I knew, I was on my back again- the game started again.

It was 4 am when I decided that it's time to go back. The last time I saw Harry and others was at 10 pm and I knew I had to go back. Maybe he's hurt though I doubt that Bellatrix would be here if he was dead. Voldemort would contacted all of his followers to present his success.

''It was my job.'' you said as I put on my clothes. Every time a cloth scratched my skin was painful, which was expected due to all sore places I had at the moment.

''What was?'' I asked turning around

''Killing him.''

''No, it wasn't. You chose to do it. Or did Voldemort asked you to do it tonight?'' I asked bitterly expecting to be yelled at or hit for mentioning his name.

''My job is to make sure he wins.''

''He won't.'' I interrupted


''Would you leave him for me? Would you stop being a Death Eater?'' I asked

''Would you left your friends and your golden girl status?'' she spatted back

''I'll see you soon Bella.'' I said and appareted back to the castle.

Would I leave everything because of her?

I breathe you in again just to feel you Underneath my skin, holding on to The sweet escape is always laced with a familiar taste of poison

I tell myself that you're no good for me I wish you well, but desire never leaves I could fight this til the end But maybe I don't want to win

So the explicit scene here- sorry if wasn't good, this is my first scene with that kind of sex. Well, anyway I hope you liked the chapter. Please R&R-make my day :)

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