No one mourns the wicked

Chapter 3

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Away to taste the night,Free and loose we fly!Follow the madness,How do you know what's real?


''Where were you?'' Ginny screamed at me the moment I entered Griffyndor common room

''What?'' I stood shocked

''What what?'' asked Ron, I haven't noticed him when I entered.

''You went after Harry, but Harry never saw you in that room! Where did you go?''

''I panicked so...I appareted.'' I lied. I wasn't sure when did lying stared to be so easy for me.

''Where to?'' asked Ron

''Hermione?'' a sleepy voice called from the stairs. I turned around and found Harry at the bottom at the stairs. He hurried towards me and hugged me tightly.

''Are you ok?''

''Yes Harry, I'm fine. Tired, but fine.''

''You're hurt.'' he exclaimed looking at my wrist. It was severely bruised from Bella's strong grasp. How can I explain this? Shit, I should've put the spells on it immediately.

''I'm fine Harry. I'm sure we all have few bruises.'' I said in my calm voice.

''Not like those. It looks like someone bound you and you resisted.'' said Ginny

''Guys, I'm fine. If I was bound and taken away, I wouldn't be here. I just need a shower and sleep.'' I insisted

''Where were you?'' asked Ron looking suspicious ''Went to see your boyfriend and tell him that you're fine?'' he asked mocking

''Ron, leave her alone. Even if she was with her boyfriend...'' started Harry

''Harry, why are you defending you? She ran off cowardly from the Ministry and she ran to her boytoy.'' said Ginny accusing immediately

''Did he make you feel better?'' asked Ron with bitter sound in his voice ''How did he do that? Ha?''

I was tired of them all. Harry was a brave hero, but that didn't apply to Ginny. Ron was complete moron with bruised ego and his sister was a match to him. She was always like Molly- making her goddamn perfect family. Harry would kill Voldemort and then marry Ginny. They would have little kids and they'd live happily ever after. Yuck, how hideous. The other part of a plan was for me to marry Ron and settle down. Not gonna happen, why would I even look at him when I can have Bellatrix? He'll never be as good as you. And now I should make that clear.

''I've ran, yes.'' I admitted '' And I've ran to a person who knows how to make me feel. Why do you think you could make me feel anything Ronald?'' I asked him going behind his back and then returning to my position in front of him and Ginny. ''You're a poor excuse for a man. Only a boy with childish intentions. Don't worry Ronald, I feel much better. As always when I'm with my boytoy.'' I said in my mocking tone when I mentioned boytoy. And I decided to really push it because frankly, I was mad at them.

''And as always it was perfect. Just like I love it, I was touched powerfully and deeply.'' I grinned at the that, remembering what happened earlier.

He was furious and took a step towards me. At the moment I thought he would hit me so I gripped wand inside my pocket. Harry grabbed his arm

''Ron, enough. Let her be, she's involved with a man. Maybe one day she'll change her mind.'' Harry is always clueless one when it comes to people. I have to admit that even Ron had better skills.

''Now, after all of this I free to shower and sleep?'' I asked

''Hoping that water will wash away your sins?'' bitterly asked Ginny

''Why would I wash away my sins when I love them so?'' I asked with my confused face and then added ''I'm going to settle with washing dirt and blood away and with keeping my sins so they can keep me entertained at night.'' with that I left them.

I hated to admit it, but my body was on very edge of collapsing. I touched the marks you left on my body- the red lines your fingernails left on my stomach and on my back. Bites that were already blue on my neck, collarbone and particularly nasty one on my shoulder. Less angry bites and lines were on my thighs, one could think you were actually going easy on me looking at those. You probably did, even tough I never understood why.

I was asleep the moment my head met the pillow.

''Why are you doing this?'' screamed Narcissa

''Lower your voice.'' Bellatrix warned ''I'm not your husband nor your son, have respect.''

''You're fucking a Mudblood! Are you mad? I know you are insane, but this...''

''Shut up!'' roared Bellatrix ''What I do with her is not your concern. You will be quiet about this and I'll help Draco.''

''What? How? Dark Lord already marked his arm. He has no choice, how could you help him?''

''I'm not imbecile like your husband. Give me little time and I'll make Severus help him. He'll always be Dumbledore's little spy.''

''You promise?'' Narcissa asked

''Cissy, you'll be quiet and I'll make my part of deal. But if you'll be bad girl, I'm going to make sure that he needs to kill in order to stay alive. You and I both know that he's not strong enough to bear that fact. Hermione Granger is off limits. No one is allowed to hurt her, do you understand?''

Narcissa nodded. ''Good, if your husband is planing something involving her I am to be told immediately.'' finished Bellatrix and exited the room.

I woke up little after 2 pm. I decided to eat and then head to library. Luckily Ginny was already up and wasn't in the room. I made my way to the library without running into someone.

''Miss Granger?'' I heard McGonegall's voice call

''Professor?'' I asked turning around

''Are you alright? I haven't seen you yesterday after the battle in Ministry and Harry said you came back very late. Ronald said it was pracitcally morning already. You are very familiar with the fact that students aren't allowed to wonder off in the middle of the night. Especially after yesterday's events.''

''I am alright, professor. I know I shouldn't have run off, but I needed to calm down.'' I admitted

''Hermione, since when your friends aren't able to keep you calm and safe?'' asked Minerva surprised

''Few months. They have their ideas, I have mine. It's not Harry, he's the same boy he always was. Ron and Ginny on other hand are making my life living hell sometimes. They don't know when to stop and I am sorry for breaking the rules, but I just needed to get myself together.''

''Doesn't Harry help you, at least? I mean with them.''

''Ginny would make his life hell then and frankly I don't wish for that.'' I said. I also don't want Harry be with me more then he should, I'm not safe at the moment. Ron and Ginny are idiots, but at least their hunger for fame is great enough to be loyal to Harry. I, on other hand, will never be loyal to Voldemort but I can not guarantee that I won't be loyal to Bellatrix.

''I understand Hermione. I hope the situation will get better.'' she patted me on shoulder and carried on.

I went to library, but I didn't find anything interesting to read. Everything interesting I already read. I sighed, what was I supposed to do? Going in common room or my room would end up in murder. I was prepare to kill Ginny or Ron, it didn't matter. Deciding that Dumbledore would not be pleased by me murdering first Weasley I saw, I went outside. Stroll by the lake would do the trick.

And it did, I laid on the shore- it was peaceful around me. I remembered the night I first saw you here and I smiled. One of the happiest memories in my life, the rest of them are connected to Harry and Ron in our first three years in Hogwarts. I have loved being there then, but at that moment I just loved you. Harry was my friend, but in a way he betrayed me- selling me for a cheap love affair with Weasley. Just like I sold him for you, I laughed at that and wondered if I gone mad. But it wasn't laugh caused by madness, it was a laugh made by despair. A part of me was like a bug desperately trying to grasp a leaf or a haulm before crashing into the water and drowning. And I laughed because I wanted to drown, to drown in you.

''Hermione...'' I heard a voice call. Startled I got up and looked around- there was no one there.

''Hermione, come to me.'' now that was creepy. I turned around once again, I started to panic when there wasn't anyone to be found.

''Relax.'' I heard a voice and I looked at your direction. You were hidden behind a tree. I went to you wanting to wipe that smirk off your face.

''What are you trying to do? Make me loose my mind?'' I asked angry. I wasn't angry at you because of Occlumency and you knew it.

''Well they say I'm crazy- and I can tell you, it's not that bad.'' you smirked

''Oh are not crazy. You and I both know it. You just don't want to justify your actions to others so you pretend to be crazy.'' I spat back

''You sure about that?'' you were in front of me in a second, your hands on my shoulders, your eyes locked on mine. It was the last try of keeping your mask on and I called your bluff.

''Yes. I'm sure.'' I said

''Why are you so sure?'' you asked licking my ear shell

''I know things that belong to me.'' I said ''You are mine Bella, just like I am yours.'' I smiled

''You're going to give into me? You'll leave everything for me?'' you asked me, your arms circling my waist pulling me closer.

''Will you leave it for me?'' I asked even though there was no need for it. I knew it.

''Yes, everything'' you said, kissed my neck almost tenderly ''only for you.''

The magic circle started again. I smiled at that.

''There's only a week left.'' Ginny said as she entered the room ''I can't wait to go home.''

''I didn't know you're talking to me.'' I commented dryly. She didn't talk with me for three days, since that day at Ministry.

''Oh, c'mon Mione. Look, I know that one day you'll see I only wanted the best for you.'' she smiled. Best? Ronald? Is she mad?

''Sure you do.'' I said

''Mom asked if you want to come to the Burrow at the end of summer?''

''I can't, sorry. I have plans for whole summer.'' I said

''What plans?'' she questioned. Being home alone while my parents are on a summer cruise and being with Bella.

''Family cruise.''

''Oh, too bad. We'd love to have you, especially Ron.''

I sighed and the thoughts in my head were- Don't kill Ginny, don't kill Ginny, don't kill Ron, don't kill Ginny. (you get the picture).

Say my name, say my name Cause no one is around you Say, "Baby, I love you"

Sick puppies-Say my name

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