No one mourns the wicked

Chapter 5

Remember that this story is AU and it doesn't follow the original storyline. This is a chapter that really shows they have feelings for one another. I mean it is love/hate relationship and most deffinently destructive love.

wild artemis, Darkshadow-lord and yamiperv -well Dumbledore always know something is up ;) But no, it's not his personal expiriance because the boy in the story dies.

greeneleka- I agree with you :)

I hear you calling and it's needles and pins I want to hurt you just to hear you screaming my name Don't want to touch you but you're under my skin.

Alice Cooper-Poison

I never tried to sabotage classes and I was always the active one, even in Potions. So it's not so weird that my professors gave me curious glances all daylong because I never once asked something and was barely listening. The words Dumbledore had said were running my head, if he knew, I'd be dead for sure. Then I would never be able to see you again and that wasn't an option. I needed to think of something, but nothing was coming to my mind. I wasn't able to meet you in the middle of the week and Friday was far away, you didn't know about my tumoil and Dumbledore's words.

''Hermione?'' Ginny's voice snapped me out of my thoughts.

''Hmm?'' I asked

''Are you okay? It seems like something is bothering you.'' her eyes probed mine as if she tried to read my mind. 'Yes, Ginny there is a beautiful Death Eater who I'mthinking off'

''I'm fine, thinking about classes tomorrow.'' I replayed

''Well, you'll be in trouble if you'll pay attention like you did today. McGonegall asked you the same question twice before you even heard her. That's not like you Hermione.'' commented Harry

''Did your 'boyfriend' make you angry or something?'' mocked Ron

''Ron, c'mon, cut it out man.'' Harry said

''Yeah Ron, maybe they had a fight or something. What did that imagined boy did now?'' asked Ginny cruerly

'Well, go to hell Weasley's! God, you annoy me. Maybe I should just tell Bella to Crucio them for few minutes.'

But then I remembered the words you said the first time they made me this angry. '' There is no need for you to loose your nerve. The Ginger wants you and next time just agonize him. Tell him what I can do, tell him he'll never be enough. Make him suffer, you know he deserves it.''

''I assure you Ginny that my lover is not imgined.'' I said trying not to loose my calm

''You say that, but there is never anyone around you, you never hang out with anyone but us. So the only logical seluction is that you're lying.'' shrugged Ginny

The week before you had bent me over an armchair and fucked me roughly and that had been only a begining of the evening. I never healed any of my wounds knowing that the feeling of pain would ramain for at least 4 days. And schratches, along with fading bruises were still visible.

''How about I show you somthing that would make you believe?'' I asked

''Please do.'' spat Ginny thinking I was bluffing. I knew that I couldn't show any real scratches and bruises, but there was this bite you left on my shoulder.

''Okay.'' I said and unbuttoned first two buttons of my shirt. That allowed me to strech the shirt backwards a little reavealing your mark. The bite was normal looking now, like any other girl would have after a night of passion. I smiled, it needed 4 days to reach that phase. I remembered how it hurted when you pierced my skin with your teeth, my blood running down my shoulder and then my arm. Yes, I was pretty sure they would think I was bitten by an animal or a cannibal if they seen it then.

''I'm sure you can conclude that I was not able to bite myself.'' I smiled ''Is that enough evidence? Or would you like to know what I've thought about today during the classes?''

''Who did that? I though...but nobody saw you...'' muttered Ginny

Ron angrily got up and demanded ''Yes, I want to know.''

I came closer to him and whispered to his ear ''I remembered how good it was. I was remembering the feeling of being bent over and fucked properly. I can still feel it, deep inside of me. Bite on my shoulder and grip on my waist and hair. You know I never beg Ronald, but I've begged that time- yes I did. I begged for it again...and again.'' I finished

He clenched his jaw, turned around and went upstairs without saying a word. Harry and Ginny couldn't hear anything because I whispered deribaletly on Ron's other ear, away from Ginny's probing eyes.

''I'm going to bed. I'm tired.'' I said as I went to girl's dormitory.

After I finished dressing, as always I put silencing charm around my bed along with another charm you thought me- the charm that would make an illusion of me sleeping soundley. I could jump on the bed whole night long or screaming at top of my voice and all my roommates could see was me sleeping firmly.

I dreamt of you that night- the war has begun and Voldemort tried to kill me. You jumped in front of me protecting me, the green spell hit you in the middle of your chests and I screamed

''Belllllaaaaa...'' I woke up screaming. I took in my enviroment, I was in my bed, it was the middle of night, I glanced at the clock- 1.45 am. I sighed

''If something happens to you Bella...'' I muttered to myself without even noticing someone's body next to mine.

''What happened to me?'' I jumped turning around. You were sitting at the edge of bed.

''You're okay'' I jumped on bed again hugging you tightly ''You're okay.'' I said again kissing you. YOu kissed me back, looking at me little funny.

''Promise me you'll never leave me.'' I said holding to you

''Why would I do that?'' you asked sencierly wanting to know ''It was only a dream. I'm not leaving you.''

It hit me in that moment- you were at Hogwarts, at girls dormitory. It was dangerous, so dangerous, you were crazy coming thoughts stopped. You came because of me and you're here holding me. You haven't came for sex, you came to...see me?

''Bella, how did you get here? If someone finds you...''

'' one will find me. I just wanted to see you.'' you said


''Yeah, why does that souns funny to you?''

''I thought you were just...'' I stopped myself

''What?'' you now demanded

''Nothing, I never thought you'd just came to see me.'' I said honestly

''Don't let it get to your head.'' you said trying to play it nonshalant. But you and I knew you were lying.

''You're lying.'' I called your bluff

''What are you talking about?'' you asked

''You care.'' I whispered ''You genuely care for me.''

You said nothing and looked down, suddenly finding something interesting on my sheets. I put my hand under your chin and slowly, metting no resistance, lifted your head. Our eyes met and I knew it for sure. I have been doubting for weeks, but in that moment I knew- you loved me.

''I love you Bella.'' I admitted

You were in a little shock and then you shot me your famous grin ''I knew it.'' you said and then much quietly you added ''I love you too.''

I leaned over and kissed you, but it was different this time. It wasn't rushed and full of pain, it wasn't fucking. It was making love. It was crazy of us to do it in my dormitory with my roommates around us, but at the time we couldn't care less. The only thing that mattered were your lips on mine, your caresses and whimpers.

It was 5.15 a.m. when I looked at my nightstand. During summer we lost that tendancy of leaving after sex and that night wasn't a difference. You slept next to me, my head resting on your shoulder, your wild, black curles spread over my pillow. That was the picture I wanted to see every morning I woke up.

''Why aren't you sleeping?'' you asked

''Because I wanted to look at you for a while.''

''I look the same as I did few hours back.'' you simply said opening your eyes

''No, when you're asleep you look much more peaceful. Your ghosts dissappear while you're asleep.''

''Sometimes they do, sometimes they attack while I sleep.'' you said and asked ''When will your roommates get up?''

''At 6.30. In a little more then an hour.'' I said sadly seeing where this is going

''Well, then I better be going. Don't want to cause you a trouble.'' you sighed

''You're not my trouble Bella, you're my salvation.'' I whispered

After 3rd class, Harry and Ron came running towards me.

''Hermione, we need to talk to you.'' said Harry dragging me towards one of empty corridors

''What is it Harry?'' I asked little shocked by his agression

''You need to pack your bags, now.'' he said

''What's going on?'' I asked confused

''It's long story,'' said Ron ''We have to go, now. You need to help us find Horcruxes.''

''A what?''

''C'mon. Just get ready to go, Minister of Magic will arrest us along with Dumbledore if we don't disappear.'' he dragged me towards the Griffyndor tower

''Wait a minute. Why would he arrest me? I haven't done anything.'' I protested

''You're one of my best friends, he thinks you know everything Dumbledore showed me.'' said Harry ''Hermione, it's not only that, but the fact that we can stop Voldemort and I need your help to do so.''

''Okay, okay. Let me grab my bag.'' I said

I put my stuff into my suitcase and looked towards my bed. I'll find a way to see you Bella, I'll be with you soon again.

We apparated in some forest. Dumbledore was waiting for us there

''I'm glad you found your way. I'm glad you joined them, Miss Granger.'' he said. I didn't respond, I just looked him in eye letting him know that I haven't given up on you. I'm still not sure if he knows who you are, but the message is clear.

''I expect you to contact me every once in a while and let me know how is search going.'' said Dumbledore ''Any questions Harry?''

Harry shook his head and with that Dumbledore appareted.

''So what are we looking for?'' I asked

Harry and Ron started to explain everything. I had hoped that this adventure was small one, not the biggest one in my life. I realised I won't be seeing you as soon as I hoped, but I stayed determined to find you and tell you where I am as soon as possible. I knew I couldn't live long without the pain and love you gave me.

I dont mind where you come from As long as you come to me

I dont care, no I wouldn't dare To fix the twist in you You've shown me eventually what you'll do I dont mind I dont care As long as you're here

Sick puppies- All the same

I hope you liked it :D tell me your thoughts, R&R!

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