No one mourns the wicked

Chapter 6

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Here she comes, here she comes. I've been waiting for so long. Here she comes Rose again from the flames My little Phoenix

Tarja Turunen-My little Pheonix

We were searching for Horacruxes, we slept in tents and ate what we found in the forest. I tried to think of a way to see you, but Harry and Ron were never keep me out of their sight. I also grew tired of Ron's constant complaining of how I only think about my boyfriend and how's that slowing us down.

''I don't understand! Why I'm not enough?'' yelled Ron. I hated the fact that I have to collect wood with him, but otherwise we would freeze to death. Heat charms we knew only could do so much.

''We've been through this Ron. Why can't you just accept that I won't date you and that I'm not in love with you? You're my friend, like brother not like lover.'' I said for 100th time.

''That's because I've been acting like your friend and not like your lover.''

''Ron, I don't want you to act like my lover. It wouldn't change anything.'' I assure him. I mean it really wouldn't because I'm in love with you. Yes, not a perfect fairytale with handsome prince, but I'm more then happy with my black, killer goddess.

''We'll see about that.'' I heard Ron say and the next thing I knew I had my back pressed against the tree and him pressing against me.

''Let me go!''I screamed ''Harry!''

''Oh, shut up.'' he yelled as I struggled more. I couldn't believe that a man I trusted, I grew up with will rape me. Tears came streaming my face as I tried to kick him and push him away. My attempts failed because his hands were everywhere, his mouth on mine. When he thrust his tongue in my mouth I found my opportunity to escape so I bite his tongue and as he yelled in pain I called:

''Bellllllaaaa!'' I screamed hoping for a miracle

''You bitch!'' he said slapping me across my face ''Who the fuck is Bella?''

''That would be me.'' I heard your voice. I turned my head to my left and saw you standing there in your black, leather corset. Ron was scared to death when he moved away from me, I fell on the ground. He drew his wand but you had him disarmed in a second.

''You worthless, idiotic, moron! Are you mad?'' you asked furious ''She told you not to touch her. I've been putting up with you for too long! Crucio!''

Ron fell down on his knees screaming in agony. This kept on going on for few minutes, but then I yelled ''Bella! Please.'' you stopped torturing him and he just went completely still on the ground, panting heavily. He tried to remain conscious but he failed.

''Are you alright?'' you asked cupping my face and making me look at you

''I'm sorry, '' I started to sob ''I tried to stop him, but he caught me off guard...'' you hugged me tightly and glanced at Ron. I felt your body stiffen and I heard you growl angrily. I looked at Ron, he was unconscious, but his pants were undone and his underpants were visible.

''He didn't.'' I said knowing what was going through your head ''You came in time.''

''I'm glad I did. You're going with me.'' you said sternly

''I can't, Harry...''

''Is already at Malfoy Manor, this idiot is going there too. I'll hide you and that's the end of the story.''

''What? Harry...oh my...I need to help him!'' I said moving away from you

''What for? Look at your life and friends! One was ready to rape you and other was watching him pressure you for weeks! I'll protect you from Dark Lord and I'll protect you from them.'' you said

''Bella, I...'' I started but everything faded to black. The last thing I saw was you trying to catch me.

3rd person POV

Harry and Ron were in the Black Manor on their knees refusing to talk, Harry's beaten up face was the main reason why Dark Lord wasn't invited yet. They couldn't summon him and then find out that they had wrong one.

''Where is the Mudblood?'' asked Lucius

''She wasn't with them.'' Bellatrix said casually ''Where did you get the information about her running with them in the first place?''

''I was told by Draco.'' Bellatrix looked at her nephew

''I assumed...she disappeared when they did...'' said Draco

''Useless, like his father.'' Bellatrix snorted and before Lucius could say anything she said to Narcissa ''Take them to the basement. The moment the swelling goes down we'll be able to know who he is.''

Narcissa knew where she needed to take them and it was not the basement. She lead them to the bedroom and before they walked in the room, she putted the charms around them. They could see everything around them, but not vice verse.

''Hermione!'' shouted Harry and tried to reach her but he bumped into something

''That would be the wall I created.'' said Narcissa ironically ''Like any other wall, his function is keeping something separated or to help keep someone inside.''

''I thought walls held roofs.'' said Ron

''I guess it depends on the point of view.'' shrugged Narcissa

''What will you do to her?'' asked Harry but Narcissa was silent.

Room was very big, Hermione was laying on the queen size bed. It was dark, but classy room, seeing the bookcase on one side of the room Harry thought that Hermione decorated the room.

''Don't hurt her.'' said Ron

''Like you tried to in the forest?'' questioned Narcissa ''No, she will not be harmed. You are here to be shown.''

''What do you mean by that?'' asked Harry ''Ron would never...''

''Try to rape her?'' Narcissa cut in ''But he did. I guess you do not know who are your friends.''

''You're a liar!'' shouted Harry.

Before Narcissa could reply, Bellatrix walked in room.

''Oh God...'' gasped Harry ''I'm Harry, just don't let your sister hurt her. Please...''

''There is nothing I can do.'' said Narcissa and added ''Look and be quiet.'' she ordered with her wand pointing on him

''Hermione...'' said Bellatrix gently ''Honey...wake up.''

''Bella...go kill someone.'' grumbled Hermione

''Okay.'' Bella shrugged and stood up. Hermione sat up immediately ''I was...oh you didn't go away. Don't do that.''

''You think you can order me around?'' asked Bella

''I'm not ordering you, I'm asking you nicely.'' said Hermione '' Please come to bed.''

''I hate the fact that you have me wrapped me around your finger.'' growled Bella removing her boots and with quick charm replaced her corset and dress with black, tight nightgown

''You love it, besides it goes both ways.'' said Hermione as she felt Bella climb to bed.

''Spots!'' called Bella and house elf appeared

''Yes mistress Bellatrix?''

''Bring Hermione dinner.'' elf disappareted

''I'm not going to eat.'' mumbled Hermione

''Yes you will. You pass out today, besides that Ginger moron tried to rape you.''

''I don't want to talk about that. Please. I can't believe he tried to...'' Hermione's voice trailed off. Bella hugged her and kissed her shoulder nipping there.

''I don't want to see this. But you will, they don't know you're here. Original plan that Bella came up with was different, but I decided to torture you a bit with this. Have fun boys.'' with that she disappareted

''Bella...''moaned Hermione

''Your dinner, miss.'' elf said apparating and surprising Hermione who just crooked ''Thank you.''

Bellatrix laughed at that ''I can't believe you got scared by her. Honey, she's just an elf.''

''Don't laugh. I didn't expect her at all. Besides I have trust problems lately, my so called friend betrayed me in the worst way possible.'' said Hermione, getting up from the bed, revealing her nightgown which was also made to show her body off.

''We all betray people around us. I'm betraying Dark Lord, you're betraying your friends, he...''

''I'm not betraying my friends.'' Hermione cut in

''No?'' asked Bellatrix getting up and sitting at the bedroom bench at the bottom of the bed. ''Why do you think that?''

''I never stopped helping them and I never gave any information to you. I believe in their goal, it's just that I can't live without you.''

''You're sleeping with the enemy.'' shrugged Bellatrix and then smiled wickedly ''How does it feel?''

''Well, to tell you the truth...'' said Hermione as she popped strawberry in her mouth ''She could be better. I start to think she lost her initial touch.'' she grinned

''Maybe I need to remind you what means to be with me. I agree I'm getting too tender with you.'' said Bellatrix getting up and pulling Hermione against herself

''I think you do.'' moaned Hermione as Bella's teeth found her neck

''What the hell is she doing?'' asked angry Ron trying to find a way out of enchanted circle

''Are you sure?'' asked Bellatrix one last time, making sure it wasn't too soon after all that had happened in the forest

''For the love of God, Bella, I promise I'm fine. Just take me already.'' Hermione said impatiently and in a second she was slammed against the table, her lips attacked by Bellatrix, she moaned at the roughness of Bellatrix' lips and touches.

Bellatrix tugged down Hermione's nightgown showing the glorious body underneath it. Hermione did the same to Bellatrix, showing her perfect pale tan, along with few scars, perfect breasts, slim and firm stomach. Hermione crashed Bella's body against her own. The touch became rushed, the feeling of pain and pleasure intertwined once again until that final scream of pleasure.

''You okay?'' asked Bellatrix

''Hmmm..'' Hermione murmured against the skin of Bella's skin

''She's sick! That woman has her under Imperio, there is no way she would be like this!'' yelled Ron after seeing Hermione having sex with Bellatrix

''Bella,'' said Hermione as she kissed Bella's shoulder ''I need you to do something.''

''What would that be?''

''I want you to make love with me, but like you did in my parent's study room.''

''Don't you think you're little too sensitive for that at the moment?'' asked Bella as she traced scratches her nails left on Hermione's skin

''No, I don't wish you to be rough this time. I just want to know to who I belong.'' Bellatrix kissed her again and Hermione locked her legs around Bella's waist. Bella carried her to the bed where she gently placed her down. She lied on top of Hermione, pulling thin sheet over them. She murmured some sort of spell and kissed Hermione passionately.

''I told you! She's under some sort of spell.''

''I don't think it's a spell for controlling, Ron.'' said Harry

''Oh please, what else would be? Now I finally understand why she refused to date with me!'' said Ron looking at Harry and for a second forgetting about Bellatrix and Hermione. However the next moment he heard Hermione's loud moan

''Yesss, Bellaaaa''

''What the hell?''

''Like I said- that spell wasn't made for controlling her. It was made for...entertainment.'' said Harry

''Fuck Hermione,'' Bella moaned now '' How can you be this tight after all the things we've done?''

''The wonders of women nature.'' smiled Hermione

''She has...'' Ron trailed off ''Let me out of here!'' he punched the enchanted wall

''Please Bella'' moaned Hermione as Bella decided to tease her by slow pace

''Please what, lover?'' asked Bella smiling

''Faster, go faster.''

''Ask nicely.'' smirked Bella

''Bella, please go faster and harder.'' asked Hermione knowing that Bella could torment her until the next day

''Your wish is my command.'' said Bella moving in faster and harder pace

''Yessss'' Hermione gasped at the welcome penetration

Bella had an idea so she stopped and pulled out of Hermione

''No, no. Bella please...''

''I'm not stopping, just turn around and lie down with your legs together.''

Hermione growled at this ''I don't think that...''

''Hermione, you want to come, let me make you.'' Hermione finally complied, lying on her stomach with her legs together, but of course not completely. Bella entered her again, but from this new angle and the fact that there was less room then before, the sensation was at least five times stronger.

''Fuck!'' exclaimed Hermione arching back and gripping the sheets.

''Oh Merlin, yes.'' growled Bella as she started to move faster and deeper

''Yes, Bella fuck, you're so good.'' gasped Hermione as she was nearing her orgasm. ''I'm going to...Fuck! Bella!''

''Yesss'' moaned Bella as she felt Hermione's walls clench around her. With two more thrusts she came inside Hermione.

''That was...'' breathed Bella as she rested on Hermione

''Yes, it was.'' confirmed Hermione

''I see you had fun.'' commented Narcissa dryly as she saw both boys having erections ''Bella has not lost her touch I imagine. Follow me.'' she finished

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