No one mourns the wicked

Chapter 7

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The moon and the dreams we shared Your trembling paw in my hand Dreaming of that northern land Touching me with a kiss of a beast

I know my dreams are made of you Of you and only for you Your ocean pulls me under Your voice tears me asunder Love me before the last petal falls

Nightwish- Beauty and the Beast

3rd persons POV

Harry and Ron were tossed into the dungeon and left to learn how to deal with news.

''That slut! Spreading her legs for a Death Eater! For a woman!'' yelled Ron

Harry just sat in the corner of the small cell, while Ron paced like a mad man.

''Why are you quiet Harry? She's sleeping with an enemy who killed your godfather! The only family you had!''

''Just because she's sleeping with the enemy doesn't mean...'' started Harry

''Doesn't mean what? Are you blind Harry? We just saw Hermione getting fucked by Bellatrix Lestrange! You told yourself that she's not under any spell which means she's willingly letting'' Ron trailed off

''Letting her fuck her?'' finished Harry ''Maybe she's letting her because she's good.''he added

''What?'' yelled Ron again

''Stop with the yelling Ron! You're getting at my nerves. Also sorry for bursting your bubble but if you hadn't noticed, Hermione enjoyed herself tonight. It seems that she's really having feelings towards Bellatrix.''

''Sick feelings! They are both women! On opposite sides of the war!''

''On contrary Ginger'' said a voice, both boys turned to see Bellatrix standing in front of their cell ''We're not on any side. She believes in your cause, I don't believe in anything. I'm done helping Dark Lord, but I'm also not helping you. The only one who I'll help will be Hermione.''

''Why are you doing this? Not helping Voldemort?'' Harry questioned

''She asked me to.'' simply said Bellatrix

''What did you asked in return?''


''What does that even mean?'' asked Ron angrily

''It means that I asked her to leave after the war with me. We'll have to be on the run forever, but at least we'll be together.''

''That won't happened!'' mocked Ron ''Even if Aurors don't find you, Hermione will want to finish school and then you'll be busted! Every school in Magical word do a background search on its students.''

''Don't worry about that Ginger.'' Bellatrix spat

''You'll make her miserable because you'll be the reason she'll have to run!''

''I'll gladly run forever if it means I'll run with her.'' said the voice behind Bellatrix. Hermione walked up to the cell ''Harry, I...''

''It's okay Hermione. You don't have to explain.'' Harry cut her off

''Yes she does! She needs...'' Ron was hit with a spell and he fell on the floor

''Bella!'' Hermione yelled

''What?'' she asked innocently ''It's just a stunning spell, moron will be up soon. Too soon if you ask me.'' she added

''You sure?'' asked Harry

''Positive.'' she smiled ''Trust me.''

''Bella if this will have some sort of permenate effect, you'll be sleeping on the couch!''

''What? Why?'' whined Bellatrix ''Oh, alright. You kill my mood sometimes, you know that?'' Bellatrix waved her wand at Ron

''There, no effects at all! Happy?''she asked and then added ''Like a little rash would kill him.''

''Yes, I'm happy now.'' Hermione smiled and ignored the comment about rash. Harry watched with amusement his best friend and Bellatrix bickering. He couldn't believe that Hermione was really in love with her, but he could see that it was truly honest kind of love. On both parties, which made him remember Dumbledores words on forgiving and dark times. He never thought he would be able to forgive Bellatrix for killing Sirius, but he was having second thoughts about it.

''Hermione, what will happen now?'' he asked

''We have a plan. You'll give this potion to Ron, we can't alter his memory because other, more powerful wizards will sense that. This potion will make Ron forget on this situation for some time and it's not really traceable.'' Hermione finished

''Okay. I get it.'' he nodded his head

''Now, we get you out of here.'' Bellatrix stated and opened the cell

After following Bella through the tunnel, they found themselves in the woods near Malfoy manor.

''I'll see you soon, alright?'' Bellatrix kissed Hermione

''Please stay safe.'' Hermione said

''You know I will.'' she winked ''Bye Harry, keep her safe.'' and she appareted

''Hermione, what will happen when the potion wears off?'' asked Harry while they were sitting around the fire

''He will know and he will tell it to others.'' she answered

''Well I'll...'' he started

''No you won't.'' Hermione cut him off and added ''You won't defend me or Bella. You'll do your job and end up as a hero.''

''But that isn't right.'' protested Harry

''Just for once in your life Harry, don't do the right thing. Just this once look the other way and forget about us. If you support us they'll stop trusting you and we'll be either gone or dead so we'll have no benefit out of your sacrifice.''

''Hermione, what I'll do without you? You're my best friend in this whole word.'' he said

''You'll keep on living and you'll receive a few messages a year or post cards from us. You'll get away from Ron and Ginny if you wish to and make new friends. You'll have a job and popularity, money and friends. You'll have everything.'' Hermione offered

''Probably Ron will have it too. But you'll be on the run, without the money and with your reputation damaged.'' he retored

''Black family is all but poor. Besides, I like to travel and maybe I persuade Bella to move in the Muggle world.''

''Bellatrix Lestrange in Muggle world? Good luck with that.'' he laughed and received a punch on the shoulder

Hermione, Harry and Ron found their way to the Cottage. Arthur, Molly, Ginny, Minerva, Albus and William were already waiting for them.

''Thank God you're back.'' exclaimed Molly hugging Ron

''Are you alright?'' asked Albus

''We're fine.'' said Harry

''What happened?'' Minerva asked

''We were kidnapped by Malfoy and Bellatrix.'' said Ron

''What?'' six voices yelled

''We are fine now, nothing happened. We managed to run.'' Hermione offered

''Dear Merlin.'' said Molly ''C'mon, let's get you something to eat.'' dragging them into the kitchen

Later on, when everybody except Harry, Hermione and Dumbledore went to bed, the investigation began.

''What happened in Malfoy manor?'' asked Dumbledore ''And don't tell me you managed to escape because they would never do such a mistake, not even Lucius.''

''We...'' started Harry

''Had luck on our side.'' Hermione finished ''Few angry Death Eaters who were arguing, along with completely useless Lucius were keys to our escape.''

''Yes.'' confirmed Harry

''Mr. Weasly doesn't seem to remember anything.'' stated Dumbledore

''That is the truth.'' confirmed Hermione ''I'm afraid that Ron hit his head while we were taking the advantage of the situations.''

''You seemed awfully clean for someone who just finished fighting in the battle.'' Dumbledore said

''Our clothes were torn so we stitched it back with magic. There was no reason for upsetting Mr. and Mrs. Weasley more then they had to be.'' answered Harry

''That makes sense.'' nodded Dumbledore not believing them

''Well, if that's all I'll be going to bed.'' Harry said

''That's all. Goodnight Harry.'' responded Dumbledore and Harry went upstairs

''It's rather late...'' started Hermione

''I warned you Hermione.'' sighed Dumbledore ''You didn't listen to me.''

''What are you talking about?'' Hermione asked

''It's your heart my dear, it belongs to someone.'' he said ''You are in terrible position for your heart belongs to the Dark and your mind belongs to the Light.''

''You're wrong sir.'' she denied

''No, I'm not. I've know for quite some time that you're in love with some Death Eater, but I've hoped you'd get over it.'' he shook his head ''Now I know I was wrong. You still love them and I'm not sure who that is, but it is someone who was in the Malfoy manor today because that person helped you escape.''

''What will you do now?'' asked Hermione defeated

''Who you love is not my concern, as long as it doesn't interfere with our cause.'' said Dumbledore simply ''I do hope you know what you'll have to sacrifice for them.''

''Sir, you know more about magic then anyone I ever met.'' Hermione started ''When a person dies, where does it go? Her soul, I mean.''

''In afterlife. It's to be reunited with the souls of the people who were most important to it during the life.'' he said

''So, we're happy in afterlife? We don't go there to suffer for our sins?'' Hermione questioned

''No Hermione. We receive the peace there, our inner demons disappear. You see for all the bad persons, who enjoyed doing bad deeds is a punishment.''

''I understand sir.'' she smiled

''But, Miss Granger, don't think about death just yet. Think about life we still have.'' Dumbledore said and then stood up and wished her goodnight.

Forever shall the wolf in me desire the sheep in you

Nightwish- Beauty and the Beast

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