No one mourns the wicked

Chapter 8

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I used the deadwood to make the fire rise The blood of innocence burning in the skies I filled my cup with the rising of the sea And poured it out in an ocean of debris

Linkin Park-Burning in the Skies

Time is going by very slowly in my eyes. Three days have past since we've escaped the Manor. For three days I wasn't able to see your eyes or hear your voice, feel your arms around me or your lips on mine.

''Hermione, I want to talk to you.'' my musing is interrupted by a ginger boy behind me

''What is it, Ronald?'' I ask him. I barely look at him these days which is not a surprise really, after all he did betrayed me in the worst way possible

''I want to apologise for what happened in the woods few days ago.'' he says

''Ronald, I do not wish to talk to you. I'm offering few words a days so others wouldn't be suspicious, but let me make perfectly clear, I do not intend to have any contact with you after this is over.''

''Hermione, I am really sorry.'' he says and leaves me alone at the back porch

''Hermione...'' I hear your voice in my mind and I smile. You're here. Now everything will be alright again. I move towards the rather big tree and find you behind it

''Bella, it's dangerous for you to be here.'' I said

''That is not a greeting I wanted.'' you say, pulling me against your body and kissing me roughly

''Bella...'' I try to stop you from pinning me against a tree but I fail miserably as I let you continue

The kissing, rushed touches continue for few minutes when a yell pierce our ears

''Hermione!'' I can hear Ginny's voice ''Where are you?''

I end our kiss and try to even my breathing.

''I should just curse her, maybe she'll get the point.'' you say and I chuckle, I mean it's not like I haven't thought about it

''Let's go.'' you say ''There is a warm bed with our names on it.''

''They'll get worried.'' I say trying to do the right thing but failing miserably because there is no place on Earth I'd rather be then with you

''Harry! Ron! Hermione is missing!'' I hear Ginny yelling

''Hmm...I guess they are already getting worried.'' you grin ''So shall we?''

''Yes, we shall.'' I smile and embrace you so you can apparate us

3rd person POV

''Harry! Ron! She's missing!'' yelled Ginny as she entered the house ''Hermione is missing!''

''What?''exclaimed four grownups and one teenager

''She was sitting at the porch half an hour ago.'' said Ron

''I know that Ronald, but she isn't there anymore! I called her, but there wasn't anyone.'' Ginny said

Dumbledore and Harry were calm, knowing where Hermione is- well, Harry knew little better then Dumbledore.

''I'm sure there isn't a reason for worrying too much.'' exclaimed Dumbledore

''Albuse!'' Minerva said shocked ''Girl is missing, it's a middle of a war! How on Earth is that nothing to worry about?''

''She'll get back when she'll be ready.'' said Harry ''I believe she'll come back tonight or tomorrow morning.''

''You're too calm for this situation.'' said Molly upset ''What do you know and we don't?''

''Harry, what the hell?'' asked Ron

''She'll come back. She is entitled to her own life and as long as she isn't doing anything to harm us, there isn't a reason to stop her.'' Harry replied

''But where is she going?'' asked Arthur

''Is this about her boyfriend?''Ginny exclaimed

''She has a boyfriend?'' Molly asked surprised ''But I thought her and Ron...''

''Her and Ron will never happen.'' Harry cut her off ''And it's for the better.''

''What?'' Ginny asked ''One thing is to support her while she's sneaking out and whoring around, but to say that person is better then Ron?'' she finished furious ''I'm not talking to you!''

''Alright. You don't need to, at least I'll be in peace.'' Harry said

''Ginny!'' exclaimed Molly not wanting to see her daughter breaking up with Golden boy.

Harry went outside while Ginny locked herself in her room.

''I can't believe this!'' Minerva said ''We have bigger problems then teenagers love triangles! We are in war for the love of Merlin! There is a meeting tonight and all members of the Order will be here, so let's try and spare them this drama.''

''What are you thinking of?'' asked Bellatrix as she looked at Hermione who was lying next to her

''I'm thinking how the potion will wear off and how Voldemort will find out along with the Order. How we'll have to run and how we'll never be able to have kids because they would be targets.''

''That really is a wide spectre of thoughts you have there.''sighed Bellatrix ''You knew it would be like this. I've told you what will happen and you said you were ready for it; are you?'' asked Bellatrix looking in young woman's eyes.

''Bella, I am ready for it. I'm just concerned how we'll make it out of this alive.'' Hermione caressed Bellatrix' cheek ''After that, everything is easy, because I'll follow you to the end of the Earth if I need to.''

''We'll find a way, we could always strike a deal with the Order.'' suggested Bellatrix

''No! We'll be judged and prosecuted or they'll call us insane and lock us up in St. Mungos .'' Hermione replied

''The Order is our only chance if we wish to stay off the run. Are you sure you don't want to try? There are your side, after all.''

''I'm sure. If you haven't noticed, I have only one side now. You.'' Hermione said as she pressed herself against Bellatrix

''Well then,'' Bellatrix moaned as she turned around and lied on top of Hermione kissing her neck ''We better make sure Dark Lord looses this war. Because if I know one thing for sure, is that Order will be easier to deceive.''

Hermione apparated in front of a cottage 45 minutes before the beginning of a meeting. Both her and Bellatrix had concluded that she needed to be on that meeting. As she walked in the cottage she was met with four grownups who started immediately

''Hermione, are you alright?'' Minerva hugged her

''Where were you? We were so worried!'' said Molly

''I'm fine. I just had to take care of something. I'm sorry I had you worried.'' Hermione said ''I should have told you I'm coming back for the meeting.''

''Yes, you should have.'' said Minerva

''Don't you know that it's dangerous for you to wonder around?'' Molly asked ''What if somebody kidnapped you and took you to Malfoys or even worse Bellatrix Lestrange?''

''Don't worry '' Hermione replied coldly ''I was much safer where I was then I will ever be here.''

''And where was that?'' asked Molly trying to read her mind subtly

''It doesn't matter.'' Hermione replied successfully closing her mind

''Let's move this in the living room, almost all the members are here already.''

After all members gathered in the living room, Dumbledore explained what happened, why the Ministry was looking for them all and what are we looking for. Members were not pleased that this was hidden from them for almost a month but they, as always, listened to Dumbledore

''How many Horcruxes are left?'' asked Moody

''Three are destroyed and five are still somewhere.'' said Dumbledore ''Snape is trying to find out where are the others, as are Harry, Hermione and Ron. They will be found and destroyed.''

''Are you sure we should leave something this important only in their hands?'' asked Kingsley

''We all have our roles.'' Dumbledore replied ''It wouldn't be smart to take care of other peoples missions. We can function because we're a team in which we all have our part. Is that clear enough?''

''Yes sir, it is.'' replied Kingsley

''You still didn't tell us what happened in Malfoy manor.'' said Tonks looking at the Trio

''I don't remember.'' shrugged Ron ''I got a hit in the head.''

''There are potions to cure that, boy.'' Moody said

''I don't see why anyone would want to remember the beating.'' Harry replied

''What happened?'' Tonks asked again

''It doesn't matter. We know where the house is, but we also know that there is no way we can get inside.'' said Hermione

''You escaped, there must be a way.'' Kingsley said

''True, but since they were trying to kill us casting various spells at us while we were escaping, we can presume they protected that entrance as well.'' Hermione said

''I remember a cell'' said Ron out of blue ''Somebody coming towards us, but I don't know who it is.''

''So you do remember something.'' said William

''I don't know. This is all I can remember, but the more I think about it and the more you're talking about it, the more I remember.'' Ron said

''He can't remember yet Harry. Potion will wear off in time, but the more he's stimulated to remember the sooner potion will stop working.'' whispered Hermione

''Can we stop talking about this?'' Harry said ''If there was useful information we would tell you about it. Stop making us remember what happened there.''

''I'm sorry, you don't want to relive that again.''Tonks apologised, but Dumbledore only eyed them as that was a conformation of Harry's knowledge about Hermione's affair with Death Eater

Sanest choice in this insane world: Beware the beast but enjoy the feast he offers

Nightwish-Beauty of the best

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