Chapter 9

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''Good evening Bella.'' greeted Hermione.

''Good evening Hermione.'' smiled Bella. ''Would you like a cup of tea?'' she offered.

''I would love that. How was your day?'' asked Hermione walking to Bella.

''It was busy and you were right, Umbridge is a bitch. No one will learn how to defend themselves with these kinds of classes. I know that Ministry doesn't want to confirm that Voldemort is back, here you go,'' Bella said giving Hermione her cup, ''but what they're doing is risky. They should continue with normal classes because this way they are showing that something is indeed wrong.''

''You've given this a thought, haven't you?'' Hermione asked sitting next to Bella on the couch.

''Don't lie and say that you haven't. You are, after all, best friends with the-Boy-who-survived.'' Bella commented.

''It's the-boy-who-lived, and I have given this a lot of thought because Harry counts on me. He knows I'll follow him into the fight. '' Hermione answered sipping her tea and then asked, ''Bella you are pure blooded witch, right?''

''Yes, I am. Why?''

''Well, your parents- did they teach you to hate people like me? You know the muggle-born?''

''My parents, well we weren't close. But yes, they have taught me I should think less of muggle-born witches and wizards.''

''Why don't you hate me then?'' Hermione asked and Bella froze. She was taught to think less of people like Hermione and looking at the older version of herself, it was clear that she embraced the prejudices of her family.

''I'm not sure. I think that certain people pulled me from my family just in time so didn't to become like them. I'm really grateful for that.'' Bella answered.

''So you're not close to your parents at all?''

''They're dead. I still have two sisters alive, but we don't communicate.''

''I'm sorry to hear that. I understand if you do not wish to speak about it, but what happened?''

''My parents died in First war and my sisters and I, well we just went our ways and they are very different.''

''But you're still in family business?'' Hermione asked confused.

'What family business? Oh, shit- the dragons!' Bella thought.

''Sort of, the people who took care of me are in that business.''

''I'm sorry for everything that has happened to you. But from what I can see, it still made you a pretty good person and because of that, I'm going to tell you something. Harry is starting a group called Dumbledore's Army; since we cannot get a proper education in DADA classroom we'll get one elsewhere. If you wish to join, we're happy to have you.'' Hermione said.

''Thank you very much Hermione, but you know that I'm really busy with my family business and stuff, but I'll tell you what, if you by any chance are in need of a teacher I'll help out.''

''You think you're better than Harry?'' Hermione asked raising her eyebrow.

''I know I am. He's still only a child even if his destiny is to kill Voldemort.'' Bella calmly said.

''I'm sure that you know spells Bella, but let's be honest. Harry's been fighting with older more skilled wizards his whole life and he participated in Triwizard tournament last year. I think he has a little more experience.''

''You don't know what I've seen in my life and you definitely don't know how I fight. I offered my help and now it's on you to mention offer to Harry. ''

''Okay, I'll tell him.'' Hermione said.

The owl flew in through the open window and threw a note to Bella.

Miss Black,

There is a meeting at my office this evening at 8 pm. Your presence is required.

Albus Dumbledore

Bella read the note, threw it in the air, waved her wand and the note burst into flames.

''Wait a second, you just used non-verbal magic.'' Hermione stared wide-eyed at Bella.

''Yes Hermione, I had to use it to prove a point. Now I'm going to shower and go to dinner.'' With that Bella stood up and went to her room.

''Hello Bellatrix, I'm glad you came.'' Dumbledore said.

''Good evening Sir, Tonks, Moody.'' she nodded towards two figures sitting on the couch.

''First of all, Bella I wanted to thank you and congratulate you on a very good job. And I also wanted to ask you if you're up for a small mission.''

''What mission, sir?''

''You know that Voldemort is gathering his followers.''

''Yes I am aware of that sir.''

''Then you must understand that we need to do the same.''

''Yes Sir, so the mission is to gather allies.''

''Yes, Moody, Tonks, and you are assigned this task. You will be away for 3 weeks, you leave on Monday. Is that alright with you?'' Dumbledore asked.

''Yes sir, that is fine with me. But sir, I wanted to talk to you privately if that's possible.'' Bella said.

''You know that it is. I've told you that already. C'mon, we'll talk here.'' He pointed to the other side of the room and placed silencing charm around them.

''Sir, I wish you to tutor me.''

''Why do you want that Bella?''

''Sir, you're the greatest wizard of our time. You taught me how to obscure my mind and I know you can teach me how to perfect my spells and my dueling skills. You just need to show me, I'll train very hard if you're willing to teach me. I need to try and be as good as, well...Bellatrix.''

''Alright Bella, if you still want to when you return I'll help you improve your skills, and Minerva will show you how to direct your energy to make your spells much stronger.''

''Thank you Sir.''

''Hey where did you disappear to after dinner?'' asked Hermione as Bella walked into the living room.

''I had to see Dumbledore. I'm afraid I'll be gone for a while.'' Bella said.


''I need to take care of some things, but I'll be back in 3 weeks.''

''3 weeks? What happened?'' Hermione asked.

''Nothing bad, I assure you. It's, you know, the dragons. We're having some problems handling several dragons properly, so two other trainers and myself will go and try to fix the problem.''

''What if you get hurt?''

''Hermione, I'll be fine.''

''Last time I saw you after your job, you were covered in cuts and bruises, and a few of them were fairly deep wounds.''

''Hermione, I'll take care of myself. I promise.'' 'Bellatrix Black! What the hell are you doing? She's no one to you! Stop justify yourself to her!' ''Why do you even care?'' Bellatrix asked harsher then she meant to.

''Why do I care? Because I like you and I know for the fact that you like me too. So stop avoiding the issue.'' Hermione shot back.

''I'm not avoiding it Hermione. I'm just not the sure we're on the same page.''

''The point is: you're afraid of getting hurt.'' Hermione said raising her voice.

'She's very determined and beautiful young woman and I thought she would be a good match for you.'

'You always picked the smart, beautiful ones. Just like Hermione Granger.'

''Why do you like me? Like you once described me as arrogant, and you don't like what I do for a living, so why would you like me?''

''Your behavior frustrates me, yes, but I don't like to see you get hurt. I like you because there is actually someone interesting behind that mask you hide behind. You have everybody fooled, but not me. You actually have a heart behind those walls you put up.''

Hermione was right and Bella knew it. She played tough in front of other students; she already had a reputation like she had previously in Hogwarts. Do NOT mess with Noire. Already every person in Hogwarts knew that. She acted arrogant and she may have thrown a spell or two just to show who the boss is. Yes, a part of her was still Slytherin material, but then again she had changed too much to be one.

''Fine, I do like you. You're right, but that doesn't mean anything. I like lots of girls, so what?''

''Say whatever you want, but I'm going to ask you something and if the answer is no, we won't talk about this anymore. Bella, would you like to go on a date with me?''

'The task! The task! You need to protect her and Harry and Ron! You can't protect them equally if you're in love with one of them! Bella!'

''Yes, I would like to go on a date with you. This weekend is Hogsmead trip and if you want we can go out then.''

''I would love to.''

''Okay, so you ready?'' Hermione asked walking out of her room.

''Yes, I'm ready, but we're not going to Hogsmead.'' Bella said smiling.

''Then where?''

''It's a surprise.''

Bella and Hermione walked on the same path as the rest of the students, but they wandered off at some point. They walked into the Forbidden forest and came upon a meadow. Bella took a stick from behind a rock.

''This is a portkey, so grab the other end.'' Bella said and Hermione did. Instantly they were transported to a park. Hermione recognized this park. They were in London, muggle London.

''You brought me to London?'' asked Hermione with a smile.

''Yeah, I'm taking you up on that offer of showing me all cool things that muggles do. We're on date, so let's make this a muggle date.'' smiled Bella.

''Well then, we're off to cinema.'' Hermione said.

''What is that?'' Bella asked as Hermione grabbed her hand and began walking.

''Thank you Bella, I really do mean it. It was a great date. There is one thing missing though.'' Hermione said as they were walking to the Gryffindor common room.

''Oh yeah, and what's that?'' Bella asked confused.

''Hot snogging.'' Hermione grinned.

''Well that can easily be arranged.'' Bella grinned back.

''Why do you kids always do that? Do you really think I want to know?'' Fat Lady asked.

''Well don't listen then.'' Bella told her. Hermione just said the password so they went in before Bella could start an argument with the portrait.

''Where were you?'' Ron asked as Bella and Hermione walked in common room.

''Well good evening to you to Ginger.'' Bella sneered.

''Bella.'' warned Hermione. ''We were in Hogsmead, why?''

''We didn't see you there.'' Harry commented from his spot on one of the couches.

''Well, maybe because you were just at one place? We were walking around most of the time.'' Hermione offered.

''Yeah, that's probably it.'' Ginny said, smirking at the two girls.

''Ginny...'' Ron started.

''What? They were walking around for few hours, they must be frozen. You two should go and get warm. Like really warm.'' Ginny said with a devilish smirk.

''Yeah, I agree.'' Harry said.

''Whatever, but I want details on what's new in broom shop.'' said Ron.

''Broom shop?'' asked Bella.

''Yes, you were walking around the whole day; you must've been by the broom shop.''

''Yeah, we walked by it. They have some new models." commented Hermione. ''Good night now, I'll see you tomorrow.''

''Good night.''

''Okay, that was weird.'' Bella said.

''Tell me about it. Ginny will never let me live this down. She's been bugging me about my relationship with you for like a month now. I mean really.''

''Really? Well then, I think you should create some memories to share with her.'' grinned Bella and pulled Hermione towards herself.

After a heavy snogging session they decided to go to their rooms. Besides, things were moving too fast for Hermione's liking, and they both knew that the next three weeks of their separation would be hell.

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