Chapter 11

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Bella walked into their apartment and immediately saw Hermione. She was finishing the dishes and she turned towards her.

''Bella you're back!'' Hermione said and hurried to Bella.

''Hello my dear'' said Bella as she hugged Hermione.

''Bella, why did you lie to me?'' Hermione asked.

''What are you talking about?'' Bella asked wondering if Hermione finally figured it all out.

''We met with Bill yesterday and he talked about some mystery Auror. It matches- the mystery Auror shows up only with Tonks and Moody, they were on the mission for the last 3 weeks and the days when mystery Auror shows up match with the nights when you weren't here.''

''Bill talks too much.'' Bella commented.

''Why haven't you told me who you are?'' Hermione asked getting angry.

''Who am I?'' Bella said feeling panic rising inside her.

''You're an Auror.'' said Hermione like it was the most obvious thing on Earth.

''But Hermione I'm not an Auror.''

''Of course you are. Bill says you are.'' Hermione said confused.

''Sweety, I'm not an Auror. Yes I have trained like Aurors do and I have passed exams, but I'm not officially an Auror.''

''Why? If you passed the training and exams then I don't see any reason why you shouldn't be an Auror.''

''It's a long story Hermione and I'm not so sure I am allowed to tell you about it. I'll have to talk to Albus and if he says it's okay I'll tell you everything. Alright?''

''I don't understand why you need approval to say something to me?'' said Hermione turning away from Bella and walking back to the kitchen.

''Because, I report to Dumbledore and no one else. It's not like I want to keep secrets from you, I'm forced to.'' said Bella walking after Hermione.

''Bullshit! If you'd wanted to tell me...'' Hermione said turning to look at Bella.

''If I could I would. When I'm able to tell you, I will.'' Bella said with her best 'I'm sorry, I can't do anything, please understand' face.

''Promise me that if he says yes you'll tell me everything.'' Hermione said.

''I promise.'' Bella smiled.

Hermione smiled and pulled Bella in kissing her passionately. Bella kissed her back but when Hermione's hands moved down the left side of Bella's ribs, Bella yelped in pain. Hermione broke the kiss and moved her hand away.

''What's wrong? Where does it hurt?'' asked Hermione.

''I have an injury on my left side, I'm sorry I didn't mean to startle you.''

''You didn't, but let me look at the wound.''

''It's fine.'' Bella assured her.

''I want to see. Now.'' Hermione demanded.

''Fine, let's go to my bedroom I need to dress the wound anyway.'' Bella said.

When they walked in her bedroom Bella threw the bag she carried on her bed and Hermione watched her disappear into the bathroom.

''I want to see the wound and I won't be seeing it if you're in the bathroom.'' Hermione commented.

''I was just picking up some bandages.'' said Bella walking out.

''Sorry.'' Hermione apologized.

''It's okay, I know it's a lot to process, but I have to say you're doing very well.'' Bella said untying her corset.

''Here let me help you with that.'' Hermione said and in two steps she was behind Bella.

Every move of Hermione's hands caused the corset to loosen little by little until Hermione removed it completely. Bella stood there in her bra and pants and Hermione couldn't help herself when she ran her hand over Bella's back and planted a small kiss on her shoulder.

''You're so soft and so unbelievably beautiful.'' said Hermione as she traced the scar on Bella's right shoulder. Bella shivered at Hermione's touch and said.

''You think I'm beautiful? With the scars I already got and the ones I'm sure to get in the future?'' Bella turned around to face Hermione. ''Will you be able to love me with all my scars? Not just the ones on outside, but the ones on the inside as well?''

''Yes, I'm not sure how or why but these 2 months with you...have been like some other life. I don't feel like I'm in school, I feel like we're somewhere so very far away, and yes Bella. I'll be able to love you, as a matter of fact, I think I already do.''

''Minerva, I think we'll need to talk to Bella and Hermione tomorrow.'' Dumbledore said.


''Come look,'' said Dumbledore pointing to the well in front of him. Minerva walked over to Albus and looked down into Well of souls.

''Oh my...how is that possible Albus? You did all this on purpose, didn't you?'' Minerva asked in shock.

''I do not know what you're talking about.'' Albus said seriously.

''You put them in an apartment together because you knew they are soul mates. You pushed Bella into this mission because of Hermione, didn't you?''

''Bellatrix is excellent Auror, that's why she's on this mission.'' Albus said.

''We have a lot of good Aurors protecting the Golden trio.'' Minerva pointed out.

''Yes, well none of them can be this close to them, can they now?'' asked Albus.

''Yes well, true but still you had to know this is bound to happen.'' Minerva said.

''Yes, indeed I knew that this would happen. There are very few couples who are actually soul mates. When I sensed the connection between Hermione and Bella I did everything in my power to bring them together. Minerva, there are very dark times in front of us and what they need is love and support and if I managed to do that with this little arrangement I have made, I'm happy.''

''Is that it Albus, because I have a feeling there is more.'' Minerva said.

''This is their destiny and we cannot stand in the way. It's crucial that we not stand in their way.'' Albus said annoyed little bit. His wife knows him too well sometimes.

''Destiny? Like Harry's destiny?'' questioned Minerva.

''Yes my dear, there is a prophecy about our dear couple, and it may come as a shock to you, but we must let them be.'' Albus said.

''I hope you know what you're doing.'' Minerva said.

Hermione was awoken by sunlight coming through a window. She blinked a few times and took in her surroundings. She wasn't in her room. She knew very well where she was, the warm body cuddling her and strong arm draped over her proved it. She was in Bella's bed. Their clothes were scattered around the bed and she smiled at the memories of the previous night.

''Good morning.'' purred the voice behind her.

''Good morning.'' Hermione grinned and then looked at the clock on Bella's nightstand. ''Merlin's beard! We'll be late, we have to be in class in 20 minutes.'' Hermione jumped out of bed. ''C'mon! You'll be late too!'' She shouted as she hurried to her own room to change clothes.

10 minutes later the girls made their way to their classrooms. Hermione had History of magic and Bella DADA.

''I didn't see you at breakfast this morning.'' Harry commented when Hermione sat next to him.

''I over slept.'' Hermione quickly responded.

15 minutes into the class there was a knock on the door and professor McGonagall walked in.

''I'm sorry Cuthbert, but I need to speak with Miss Granger.'' McGonagall said.

''Very well Minerva, Miss Granger gather your things and follow your Head of House.'' professor Binns said to Hermione. Hermione gather her things and went after professor McGonagall. ''Goodbye, professor Binns.''

The woman in pink walked up and down the classroom blabbing on and on about something when Albus Dumbledore walked in the classroom and saved Bellatrix.

''Professor Umbridge, I'm sorry for interruption but I need to speak with Miss Noire.''

''Very well,'' woman squeaked. '' you may go and talk with Headmaster.''

''Miss Noire fell free to take your belongings, you will not be returning to class.'' said Dumbledore.

''And why is that?'' asked Umbridge.

''I'm afraid that it is a private matter concerning Miss Noire, Dolores.''

''A private thing that you know of?'' she continued her interrogation.

''Yes, since I am the Headmaster of Hogwarts it's my job to notify the students of what happened to their dear ones. Good day Dolores.'' and with that Dumbledore and Bellatrix walked out.

''Nothing has happened, don't worry.'' Dumbledore said when they were outside the classroom ''I just need to talk to you.''

10 minutes later in Minerva's office

Hermione was sitting in front of Minerva McGonagall.

''Hermione I assume you do not know why you are here.'' said Minerva asking for confirmation.

''You are right professor; I don't know why I'm here.'' Hermione confirmed.

''You are here because I need to prepare you. Miss Noire is with Headmaster at the moment and she is getting permission to tell you who she really is. I'm here to tell you that her being here involves very powerful magic, not just an Order mission. The most important reason of all is destiny. Miss Granger are you aware what Well of souls is?'' asked Minerva.

''Yes, I have read an article about it. It's supposed to show all the souls on this planet.'' Hermione said.

''You are correct as usual. The Well of souls indeed contains images of all the souls in the world, but it only show us the souls we wish to see. I'm sure that the article never mentioned the location of the Well.'' at Hermione's nod Minerva continued. ''It is here at Hogwarts, in Dumbledore's office. Yesterday I had a rare chance of looking into the Well and I was little bit surprised when I found out why Albus asked me to watch it. Hermione, do you know what soul mates are? In magical world I mean?''

''I'm pretty sure that my definition is not even close to the real one.'' Hermione said.

''Soul mates in the magical world are very unique Hermione. There are very few couples on this planet that are really soul mates. Yesterday I witnessed of an amazing event- two souls merging into one.''

''I understand that, but what all of this has to do with me?'' Hermione asked confused.

''When two souls merge together nothing can separate them, they belong together forever, and if the couple decide to separate, their souls will remain together. They will never truly love anybody else as they'll forever love their soul mate. It is the most complex thing on this world because it consists of two of the most surprising, undeniable things- love and magic.''

''Professor, why are you telling me all of this?''

''Because it is your soul I saw merging with other yesterday.'' Minerva said.

''What? No! That's impossible, my soul has to be free, I'm with...'' Hermione stopped afraid she'll say too much.

''You're with who Miss Granger?'' asked Minerva cautiously.

''I...I'm with Bella.'' Hermione stuttered.

''Well that is very good, since your soul is now one with Bella's.'' Minerva smiled.

''Really? You're serious?'' Hermione said with smile on her face.

''Very much so, Hermione.'' said Minerva with small smile.

''So we're soul mates?'' Bella asked again with smile on her face.

''Yes.'' Albus nodded.

''And I'm allowed to tell her who I am? The truth?'' asked Bella.

''Yes Bellatrix.''

''What if she hates me?''

''Give her time to process things if she needs it. Do not pressure her and do not pull away from her, she finally got in through those walls you've built around yourself. Don't make her pass them again.'' Albus warned and Bella nodded.

''You and Hermione are getting the day off from classes. Use it wisely.'' Albus said.

10 minutes later Hermione walked in their apartment and immediately spotted Bella on their couch.

''Hey.'' Bella said nervously.

''Hi.'' said Hermione. ''I heard you spoke with Dumbledore.''

''Yeah, did Minerva tell you that we're...soul mates?'' asked Bella hopefully.

''Yes, she did.'' Hermione said with smile. ''She also said you'll tell me who you are now.''

''Yeah, Dumbledore said I can tell you.'' Bella said looking into her hands. ''I'm just not sure that you want to know.''

''Sweety,'' Hermione started and took Bella's hands in hers, ''I'm not going to run. Maybe, in worst case, I'll need a little time to see this in the big picture. It can be that terrible, can it?''

''We'll see. Hermione, what's my name?'' Bella asked and Hermione looked at her like she was crazy. ''I know it's stupid but just answer.''

''Your name is Isabella Noire.'' Hermione answered with annoyed look.

''What's my nickname? Small amount of people know my full name around here.''


''Do you know what Noire means in French?''

''Have no idea, never learnt French.'' Hermione answered.

''It means black. So then my name in English would be...'' Bella started.

''Bella Black.'' Hermione finished and then looked at Bellatrix. ''Like...''

''Like who Hermione? There is only one person who was known by that name. Well nickname, if you just look at the name.''

''Bellatrix Lestrange.'' Hermione whispered, Bella looked at her but didn't utter a word.

''You're her?'' Hermione yelled and backed away in fear.

''Hermione please calm down. I'm not Bellatrix Lestrange, I'm Bellatrix Black. When she was 17, I mean when I was 17.'' Hermione looked at her confused ''This is difficult and confusing, please Hermione sit down and let me tell you the whole story.''

''You're her. How could I let myself do this? To fall in love with a...a...Death Eater? I let a Death Eater take my virginity!'' Hermione shouted shaking her head.

''I'm not a Death Eater, Hermione. Let me explain, please.''

''I need some air.'' With that Hermione ran out of their apartment.

''C'mon mate, we'll be late. We only have a 20 minute break and next class is Potions.' 'Ron said to Harry who was searching through some papers.

''Ron, relax I put it here, just let me find right one.'' Harry said.

''Did you see Hermione today?'' Ron asked.

''Aha! Here it is.'' Harry said pulling a paper. ''No, I haven't.''

Like on some strange clock, Hermione ran through the common room crying. Not stopping when boys called out her name. Next Bella ran past them yelling after Hermione, begging her to stop.

''What the hell was that?'' Ron asked.

''We should go after them.'' added Harry.

''I think you're...''Ron said nodding.

''Insane!'' Ginny said. The boys turned to her. ''You're not going after them. Hermione will tell you everything later, I'm sure, but right now there is no reason for you two to get involve yet.''

''Hermione please stop.'' Bella yelled after her again and she finally did. They were on the Shore of Black Lake.

''Why? Why did I have to fell in love with you? I gave myself to you! They won't speak with me ever again!'' Hermione screamed.

''Who won't speak with you?'' Bella asked.

''Harry, Ron! They're my best friends.'' Hermione said with her voice was still raised but not to a yell like before.

''I can see this was a bad idea. I'm very sorry for what I've done, I'll just ...'''

''You'll what Bellatrix. I don't want you to do anything! And that is why I'm awful person. I cannot bear to lose you and I'm willing to sacrifice everything, including my best friends who've always had my back, who trusted me.'' Hermione sobbed falling to her knees.

Bella rushed to her and hugged her, pulling her as close as possible. ''Listen to me, please. Hear the whole story and then you'll see that it's not as bad as you first thought.''

''Is that even possible?'' Hermione asked.

''Well I am here aren't I?'' Bella retorted.

''You are.'' Hermione said tracing the lines of Bella's face. ''How did something this beautiful become so...cruel?''

''Bad decisions, too much bad parenting and too much blood wanting.'' Bella simply said.

''Do you have need to hurt people?'' Hermione asked.

''When they hurt me or someone I love, yes.''

''Do you think you'll hurt me?''

''I will never, ever hurt you Hermione. Your soul is my soul and if I hurt you I hurt myself 10 times more. Literary.''

''I love you Bella. I'm sorry for snapping before.'' Hermione said as she put her head in crook of Bella's neck.

''I love you too. I love you so much I didn't even know was humanly possible.''

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