Chapter 12

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The week flew by for Bellatrix and Hermione. All of their days were spent in classes, and few missions in Bella's case and evenings in common room with Harry, Ron and Ginny. Ginny was very suspicious when it came to Bella and Hermione, but whenever she asked Hermione anything about their 'friendly' relationship Hermione called her crazy. So tonight she decided to use a different tactic.

''Hey Bella, does Hermione still have trouble sleeping?'' asked Ginny.

''Trouble sleeping?'' Bella asked confused.

''Well yeah, she always complained about how she never gets proper work out and how she can't sleep at night.'' Ginny asked smiling innocently at Bella.

''Well I haven't notice that she has problem sleeping, then again she has her own room so I don't know if she's asleep at all.'' smiled Bella. Big lie, Hermione hasn't left her bed all week and Bella liked that. Very much.

''Well I guess that you found a place to exercise Hermione.'' Ginny grinned at her friend. ''I mean your apartment must have room for all your exercises.''

''It does, in fact while I was still at home I pulled out some interesting information about this particular kind of exercise. There is exercise for almost every place in apartment; kitchen counter, couch, wall, bed, coffee table, and of course the floor.'' smiled Hermione. Bella looked at her, eyes wide, but other than that with a serious face. The boys, of course, hadn't notice anything.

''On the kitchen table?'' asked Ron. ''I'd like to see that one.''

''I think you'll have to practice a lot to get there Ginger.'' Bella replied darkly with murderous look in her eye.

''Do you practice every day?'' asked Ginny, false innocents coating her voice.

''Oh yeah, I must, I don't want to be unable to sleep at night. Sometimes I even have to do it when I have a gap between classes, just quick one.'' Hermione smiled back.

''Do you feel better after it? I mean you know I have those dreams about...well you know...and I have trouble sleeping at night.'' Harry said.

''Yeah, I feel like I'm in heaven after it.'' Hermione said.

''Well then can you show me those exercises?'' Harry asked kindly, completely oblivious.

''No I can't because on some exercises you have to have a partner to help you with and I can't always be there you know.'' Hermione said.

''Well Ron can help me with those if you're not around.'' Harry offered.

''Well if you prefer it that way, I'm okay with it.'' Hermione smiled, trying not to laugh.

''What?'' asked Harry, confused by her comment.

''Ginny knows those exercises.'' Hermione said suddenly. Payback is a bitch. ''I'm sure she'll be more than happy to give you a hand, or something else.'' Ginny was as red as her hair, and Bella was trying not to laugh but failing miserably. The boys were just completely confused (go figure).

''So are your parents coming here tomorrow Hermione?'' asked Harry trying to change the subject, whatever it was.

''Yes, they're coming. Yours' Ron?''

''Yep, they're coming.'' Ron smiled. ''Even Charlie and Bill are coming on Sunday to have a barbecue by Black lake. Your parents, you and Bella are invited.'' Ron smiled.

''We'll be there.'' Hermione smiled and Bella nodded.

''Hey, you can show me those exercises then Ginny?'' Harry asked with a friendly smile. Hermione and Bella burst out laughing and Ginny blushed furiously.

''Ignore us Harry. I'm sure Ginny will be more than pleased to help you out.'' Hermione said between laughs

'I'm gonna kill you!' Ginny mouthed to Hermione.

Unknown to our group of heroes in the common room, Hermione's parents were already at Hogwarts. Elizabeth and William Granger sat in front of Albus Dumbledore in his office. Minerva honestly thought of getting Madam Pomfrey just in case that Hermione's parents have a fit or pass out.

''Are you serious?'' asked William.

''Yes, Mr. Granger, I would never joke about this.'' Albus assured him.

''So, what are you telling me is...that my baby girl has found her soul mate and that she'll spend her life with her. And that she's gay too, and that in few months she'll...I'm very sorry but I find this very unlikely.'' Elizabeth said.

''Mrs. Granger, would you like to come with me? I want to show you something. We'll leave Albus and your husband to talk this through while we take a walk around the grounds.'' Minerva said.

''Sure, I'd love that. God knows I need some fresh air.''

Minerva and Elizabeth walked through Hogwarts in the direction of main garden.

''You were serious, weren't you?'' Elizabeth asked.

''Yes, I was. I know that it scares you and I know that this is very hard to accept, but your daughter is now permanently connected with someone; someone who makes her heart jump, someone who'll make her angry and happy, and most of all someone who will always be there for here. Soul mates are very rare and your daughter is very lucky to have found hers.''

''And that prophecy you told us about?''

''It's their destiny and I know it may seem strange, but as Albus said-it will save lives. A lot of them. Albus usually knows things, it's very strange and most times very annoying, but he's right. I don't have any doubt in that.''

''But with something this big coming in her life, how will I ever be able to leave her on her own. What kind of mother would that make me?'' Elizabeth asked looking to the sky.

''Well I can tell you that you will be here for a big part of it. Albus has organized groups of students that want to know more about muggles and he is in a need of a good anthropologist.''

''You mean...''

''We want to offer you the job. You'd be teaching from April to June. Two months, you think you can handle it?''

''I'm pretty sure I can.'' smiled Elizabeth. ''I really cannot understand it, but I'll try my best to be there for my daughter.''

''I'm sure that with the time you'll spend here, it will be much easier for her.''

The two women walked back to Albus' office.

''I'm glad you two are back.'' Albus smiled.

''Elizabeth...I honestly don't know how to handle this.'' William said looking completely lost.

''I know, but we'll have to get through it. It's her life and her destiny.'' Elizabeth said putting her hand on her husband's shoulder

''Yeah I know, but it doesn't mean I'm going to like it.''

''Are you ready to meet my parents?'' Hermione asked walking out of the bathroom.

''Well I don't know, but I'll meet them tomorrow regardless. Look, I don't know if they'll like it or not but you and I aren't some teenagers in love for the first time. We're more than that and maybe we should just tell that to your parents.'' said Bella getting in bed.

''I'm not sure they'll understand what we are, they are after all muggles, but we can give it a try.'' Hermione said.

''Tomorrow is your 16th birthday. Excited?'' Bella teased.

''Oh yes, I wonder what I'll get from my girlfriend.'' Hermione said looking thoughtful.

''I wonder too.'' said Bella with grin.

It was 9 am when Bella and Hermione made their way to Great Hall. They decided to have breakfast with their friends.

''Happy birthday Hermione.'' smiled Ron, getting up and hugging her.

''Happy birthday 'Mione.'' Harry smiled and kissed her on cheek, hugging her tightly.

''Happy birthday you dirty woman.'' whispered Ginny as she hugged Hermione. Hermione slapped her shoulder lightly and glared at her best friend.

''I've got your present here, but I wouldn't advise you to open it near boys.'' Ginny grinned.

''Okay...''Hermione said.

''C'mon, let's see your presents.'' Ron said excited.

''Ron! Ginny!'' yelled Molly and hurried to her children to hug them.

''Hey mom.'' they said in union.

''Harry." Mr. Wesley greeted and shook his hand.

''Hermione!'' a feminine voice called. Hermione turned around to see her parents standing few feet away.

''Mom! Dad!'' Hermione ran and hugged them. ''I'm so glad you made it.''

''We're happy to be here.'' smiled William.

''C'mon, let me introduce you to Wesley's.''

Hermione and her parents were walking towards Hogsmead. Bella was on a mission and wouldn't be back for a few hours, which was great for Hermione because she needed to tell them about Bella.

''So Hermione, anything new in your life?'' asked Elizabeth.

''Uhmm...'' Hermione swallowed hard. ''Yeah, there is actually. I'm in relationship with my roommate. Her name is Bella, she's very nice and comes from nice family and has a big heart and...''

''Hermione! Please relax, you'll get heart attack. C'mon let's go to pub and you can tell us all about her.'' smiled William.

After 30 minutes Hermione explained everything to her parents and to her surprise they had taken it very well. Too well in her opinion, but she didn't want to push her luck.

''So when are we going to meet Bella?''

"At the barbecue tomorrow.'' Hermione smiled.

''I can't wait.''

Bella came home around 9 pm and found her girlfriend sitting on the couch reading a book and drinking tea.

''Hey baby.'' she smiled.

''Well hello to you too.'' said Hermione and kissed Bella who was now sitting next to her.

''Did your parents arrive safely?''

''Yes, they're here in Hogsmead. They can't wait to meet you tomorrow.''

''Yeah, well I can't wait to meet them too. I just hope your father won't kill me or something.''

''I'm sure you'll be fine sweetie. So what did you do today?'' asked Hermione.

''You know; mission, visited Andromeda, and came home.'' smiled Bella.

''Are you hurt?'' Hermione asked

''No, I'm fine, I do have something for you.'' said Bella and reached in her bag. ''Happy birthday love.''

''Sweet Merlin, Bella you shouldn't have.'' said Hermione as she opened the box.

Hermione was in the shower when Bella finally decided what to wear. She thought it through and decided to just be herself; so black dress, corset and leather boots. She looked in the mirror and she was pleased. She looked hot, very hot. She, however, forgot where she put her hairband so she went to Hermione's room, which was now really a storage room, to look for it. Instead she found something very interesting on Hermione's bed hidden under one of her shirts. She grinned when she read the title and went back to their room.

Hermione finished dressing and she was pleased with her dress choice, a simple white cotton dress. It was November, but she knew that Mr. Wesley would use magic to make it feel like summer time. She turned around to see her girlfriend standing in the doorway with a very sexy black dress on with her hair up in a ponytail, but still long black curls fell on her shoulder. She looked very much like she had when she first met her. Simply beautiful.

''Hey sexy.'' greeted Bella.

''Well you're not looking to bad yourself.'' winked Hermione and turned towards mirror one more time.

Bella dropped something on the bed and then went to Hermione and hugged from behind and looked in the mirror. They looked so different; one in white and one in black, one held innocence in her eyes and the other danger; one was made to protect and fight and the other to be kind and help others. So different and yet so undeniable perfect together.

''So let me ask you something, I found this book on your bed.'' Bella smirked.

''What book?'' asked Hermione suddenly becoming nervous.

''Ohh...I forgot the title...oh yeah'' she grinned. ''100 spells to make your sex life better.''

''Ginny bought it for my birthday.'' Hermione said.

''Well, I'm curious as to when you intend to show it to me?''

''I don't know.''

''That's the wrong answer, the proper one is-this evening.'' Bella grinned as her hands made their way to Hermione's thighs.

''We have to go, Bella don't start something we won't finish. You need to meet my parents and I'd like you to be...not obvious about our sex like. That means no sly comments with Ginny or being too intimate with me.''

''Don't worry honey, I'll behave.''

The girls were making their way to their group when Hermione noticed her parents. They saw her approaching and looked over at Bella.

''Mom, dad, this is Bella my roommate.'' They knew that nobody knew about their relationship.

''Good day sir, ma'am.'' Bella greeted.

''Hello Bella, I'm William and this is my wife Elizabeth.'' Bella nodded.

''Hey Grangers come here.'' yelled Charlie and they walked over to join them.

They were all sitting at the table, and Hermione felt proud and angry at the same time. Charlie and Percy were looking at the Bella like she was a piece of meat, a delicious piece of meat, but still a piece of meat. She wanted to kick their asses. Bella wanted to kick Ron's and Ginny's because they almost drooled over Hermione. They both decided not to cause a scene and distracted themselves with conversations. Elizabeth notice the exchanged looks between her daughter and Bella. Bella was discussing something with Arthur and Bill and was currently proving her point. William concentrated on the conversation.

''Sweety come and show me where bathroom is.'' Elizabeth said to Hermione.

''Sure, it's this way mom.''

As they made their way Elizabeth said.

''She is beautiful, really. I mean, honestly, she's sexy.''

''Mom, geezzz.'' blushed Hermione.

''Oh Hermione, you're not 10. I know that you and she are probably...'' Elizabeth started.

''Mom! I'm not discussing this with you.'' Hermione almost yelled, her cheeks burning red.

''Oh dear, you're so funny.'' laughed Elizabeth. ''It's perfectly alright sweety; I had sex when I was your age too.''

''Oh my Goooood...''Hermione shook her head.

Elizabeth, Bella and William had a pleasant talk about lot of things and Hermione was very glad they got along. In fact, when she was saying goodbye to them her dad said 'she got herself a catch'. Hermione smiled at the memory as she was making herself and Bella tea.

''Genere muto- spell that makes women's clitoris enlarge into penis she would possess if she was a male.'' Bella read out of the book.

Hermione almost chocked on her tea. ''Don't kill yourself please.'' Bella grinned.

''Stop reading that, we don't need it. I like our sex life as it is.'' Hermione said.

''Genere mutation-changes all female reproductive organs into male reproductive organs.'' Bella continued.

''Will you stop reading that?'' Hermione asked again.

''Why? Would you have a problem with using one of these spells?'' asked Bella knowing full well that Hermione wouldn't have any problem, quite opposite in fact. ''Or does the mention of it make you all hot and bothered?''

''Oh my...''' said Hermione as she felt Bella's lips ghost on her ear.

''You and I both know I wouldn't have any problem with those spells.'' smiled Hermione.

''Well then, please allow me.'' Bella grinned and pulled out her wand.

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