Chapter 13

Hello, I'm back. I'm sorry for my absence I was in London and Paris. It was wonderful ;D Anyway new chapter...for you my readers :**

''Professor McGonagall?'' Hermione asked raising her hand.

''Yes Miss Granger?'' asked Minerva as she looked up from her teacher's desk.

''May I please be excused? I'm feeling a little nauseous.''

''Yes, Miss Granger you can be excused. Take your time.''

'What the hell is wrong with me? I thought it's only Stomach bug, but this isn't stopping. I can't believe it; I spent the whole weekend in my bed eating only soup and toast.'

"Aghhh." Hermione moaned as she hurried towards girl's bathroom. Just when she stepped in her stomach flipped and she ran to the nearest stall losing the contents of her stomach once again.

After their class, Harry, Ron and Hermione were walking towards the common room. They had two hours free and Hermione thanked God and Merlin for that.

''Hermione I think you should see Madam Pomfrey.'' Harry said.

''I'm fine.'' Hermione just said.

''That's why you keep vomiting and looking pale as a ghost?'' asked Harry.

''Look I must've ate something bad on Friday. That's it, I'll be over it in a day or two.'' Hermione dismissed them and ran towards her room/apartment.

''Hey babe.'' Bella greeted her as she walked in.

''Bella! You're back.'' exclaimed Hermione and rushed to her.

''I told you it wouldn't take long.'' Bella said hugging Hermione and kissing her.

''Are you feeling better than yesterday? I felt really bad for having to go...'' Bella started.

''I'm fine.'' Hermione interrupted Bella. ''I must have eaten something bad. It'll go away in a day or two, and I assure you I'm much better then I was Saturday.''

''Are you sure? I don't want anything happening to you.'' Bella said looking at Hermione suspiciously.

''I'm fine and I'll get better soon. Now are you alright?''

''I'm okay, just few bruises really.'' Bella said smiling.

''Good to know. Are you looking forward to Christmas? We're off in two days.''

''Yeah, I really am.'' Bella said. ''Who is coming to 12 Grimmauld Place anyway?''

''Albus, Minerva, Moody, Tonks, Kingsley, Weasley's, my parents, Fleur and her wife and...hmm...well your sister Andromeda.'' Hermione said not knowing what to expect at the news of Andromeda.

Bella sensed her hesitation and smiled. ''Hermione relax. I assumed that my little sister will be there, its okay.''

''Oh, good.'' Hermione smiled.

It was Wednesday and they arrived at 12 Grimmauld Place, Hermione's stomach hadn't stop being so damn sensitive. Harry's dreams saved Mr. Weasley's life, and if that wasn't enough Harry insisted on talking with her about his dreams and she had attend all the DA training sessions. Harry was making sure they knew how to fight, but honestly those spells were nothing compared to what Bella had shown her. Last week's events and the stomach bug that started on Friday and still hadn't stopped were making Hermione extremely tired. Everything was crashing down on her- helping Harry, making sure Ron doesn't do anything stupid, worrying over Bella, making sure that their relationship stays undiscovered, trainings in DA, exams...

''Sweety, are you alright?'' Bella asked as they were walking to their room.

''Fine, I'm just very tired.'' said Hermione smiling but Bella knew she was lying.


''Stop it! I'm fine, okay? I'm just tired. I'll go to sleep early and I won't get up till tomorrow afternoon and I'll be fine.''

''Hermione, sweetheart!'' Elizabeth exclaimed excitingly.

''Mom!'' Hermione said and hugged her mom and then her dad. ''Dad, how are you two?''

''We're good, but you don't look too good yourself.'' Elizabeth commented.

''Good day Mr. and Mrs. Granger. Well, if she would listen to me and go to the doctor...''Bella started.

''But I won't because it's pointless. I just need some time to rest.'' Hermione dismissed Bella.

''I think Bella here is right'' said William.

''Dad please...'' Hermione whined.

The dinner was in full swing, everyone was laughing and talking and just being happy, which was great considering the situation they were in. Hermione was also having fun, yes she did feel exhausted, but she seemed to be much better. That is, until she suddenly got up and the world started spinning around her. She grabbed her chair trying to keep her balanced.

''Hermione?'' Bella asked getting up.

''Sweety?'' Hermione could hear her parents saying.

''I'm fine really...'' Hermione said and backed away from the table wanting to assure them she's alright, but she was far from fine and she collapsed on the ground unconscious.

''Hermione!'' screamed Bella.

Hermione awoke the next morning, on Christmas Eve. She blinked a few times trying to adjust her eyes to the light that was coming through her window.

''You're awake.'' she heard Bella's voice next to her.

''Hey baby.'' Hermione said.

''Are you okay?''

''Better, but not great honestly.''

''I'll go and get Madam Pomfrey.'' Bella got up from chair kissed Hermione's forehead and went out of the room.

She got back with Madam Pomfrey, Albus and Elizabeth.

''Oh honey, thank God you're alright.'' Elizabeth hurried to her daughter and hugged her.

''It's good to see you're among living again Miss Granger.'' said Dumbledore with smile.

''Thank you sir.'' said Hermione as she grabbed Bella's hand.

''I must say that for a woman in your condition, you've been acting very stupid.'' commented Madam Pomfrey.

''My condition?'' Hermione asked confused.

''What condition? Is it serious?'' asked Bella looking mortified.

''Oh don't worry my dear'' said Madam Pomfrey. '' It's nothing millions of women before you haven't survived, you're just pregnant Hermione.''

''What?'' screamed Bella and Hermione in unison.

So do you like? :DD I love you all, thank you for reading this story :**

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