Chapter 14

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''That's impossible.'' Hermione said. ''I just have the flu or a stomach bug.''

''Miss Granger,'' said Madame Pomfrey, ''I've been doing this job for many years, trust me you're pregnant. Now, like I said- you are in much worse shape than a woman in your condition should be. Bella, Ginny, Harry and Ron all confirmed that you haven't eaten properly in the last week and it's taking a toll- not only on you but on your unborn child as well.''

''I didn't know...I thought...I...'' stammered Hermione. Bella took Hermione's hand in hers but stayed quiet as she was in too much of a shock to speak.

''Madame Pomfrey, I will ask you for few moments alone with Mrs. Granger and our students.'' Albus said and Pomfrey left the room.

''Sir, it was my fault.'' said Bella. '' I...''

''Bellatrix, everything is alright. If we're being perfectly honest, we knew this will happen.'' Albus stated.

''What?'' Bella said. Hermione looked up in shock.

''It's true." Elizabeth confirmed.


''When we visited you at Hogwarts in November, professor Dumbledore and professor McGonagall had a long conversation with your father and me. They said this would happen- you can imagine the shock on your fathers face when your Headmaster said you'll get pregnant.''

''How could you have possibly known this would happen?'' Bella asked.

''Bellatrix, we all have our destinies and we cannot avoid it at any cost.'' Dumbledore said.

''Why haven't you told us? We would...we could've stop this.'' said Bella as the idea struck her. ''You could have stopped it and you didn't. Why on Earth didn't you?''

''Because it was meant to be.'' Dumbledore told her.

''Meant to be? Do you really think we're ready for a child?'' Hermione asked.

''Sweety, take it easy. Don't upset the baby.'' Elizabeth said.

''Mom! How can you be calm? Your 16 year old daughter is pregnant!''

''You forget I was only 19 myself when I gave birth to you. Sweety now seriously, you need to breath properly so you don't hurt this child.''

''I want to ask you one question sir,'' Bella said ''why are you so sure we'll keep it? You said it was meant to be, where is your guarantee that we'll keep it?''

''Bella!" said Hermione.

''Bellatrix, I know you. Neither you nor Hermione would be able to kill this child.'' Dumbledore said and both Hermione and Bellatrix knew he was right.

''I'm going to get Madame Pomfrey and you two will have to step out. She needs to check on Hermione's state.'' said Elizabeth and ushered them out.

Bellatrix took her coat and went outside. After 20 minutes of only the freezing cold as a companion, she heard approaching footsteps.

''Sis, you okay?'' asked Andromeda.

''Not really. Why? What have you heard?'' Bella asked.

''Nothing, Dumbledore said you are in need of a shoulder to cry on or a person to talk to.''

''Hermione is pregnant.'' Bella said.

''What?'' exclaimed Andromeda. ''Wow, I never thought she would give in Ron's courting.''

''What?'' yelled Bella.

''What? You said she's pregnant and I know Ron has the hots for her so, wait...he isn't the father? Who the hell is? Harry?'' asked confused Andromeda.

''I'll kill that little ginger if he comes near Hermione...''

''Sweety you really have it bad, but she's pregnant with someone else's child. Do you really want to get in the middle of that?'' Andromeda cut in.

''Andromeda, the father isn't Harry and most definitely isn't Ron. There is no father, the child is mine.'' Bella said.

''Sweety it's very good to step in like that, but...''

"'Dromeda! It's really my child, like biologically mine.'' said Bella.

''That's impossible, I mean...'' and then light bulb went on. ''You used sex spells?''

''Ugh! I...Ginny bought this book for Hermione's birthday and it contains various sex spells. There are two very similar ones- one that just give you an extra appendage and other that actually changes your organs completely. And on one occasion I cast the wrong spell and instead of getting the appendage I...''said Bella giving her sister knowing look.

''And you got her pregnant?'' Andromeda asked and started laughing.

''I see nothing funny in this.'' Bella scoffed.

''Oh, I'm sorry Bella.'' Andromeda chocked out through her laughter. "I'm sorry, I'm stopping. I'm just laughing at the situation, not you.''

''I don't want to bring my kid into this world.'' Bella said.

''What?'' asked Andromeda, now deadly serious.

''I love Hermione and I'd love nothing more than to see that little prefect creature,'' Bella started, ''but to bring it to this world? Now? When a war is coming, in which both me and Hermione will have big roles? I can't leave my child without parents. There is a big chance of me and Hermione getting killed.''

''Bella there is no guarantee for anything in our lives. You may die in the war, but you might die the day after it in some stupid accident. We don't know that.'' said Andromeda. ''Look, I'm just saying that you should think about this and don't say anything to Hermione before you make up your mind. She really doesn't need stress, what she needs is her girlfriend with her now. Pomfrey is done with her checkup.'' With that Andromeda walked away and left Bella on snow by herself.

''Maybe it's too much for them.'' Minerva said to Dumbledore in the study.

''Minerva, this child is blessed with two magnificent parents. Once they see that they will be good parents, they'll see this as the door to their future, not as a problem. Give it time.''

''How is she?'' asked Ron.

''I was outside for an hour, how am I supposed to know Ginger?'' snapped an annoyed Bella.

''Why were you there in the first place? She was our friend first!'' 'Because she's my soul mate and she's pregnant with my child.'

''Because I took her upstairs, remember? I knew you weren't too bright, but still...'' Bella said.

''You...'' Ron started to get up and was reaching for his wand when he felt something under his chin. Bella had her wand pressed to his neck.

''Don't even try it. I don't have time for your amateur wand weaving. So sit down and be a good boy.'' Bella had her role in this story. Her reputation said she never backed down, unless she was with Hermione. She was arrogant and full of herself for a reason- she needed to keep them safe. She needed to make sure they don't like her. What would be the use if she failed to protect the-Boy-who-lived only because she was too close to someone else and saved that person instead? Well she blew that with Hermione, didn't she?

Ron backed down and Harry started up in a calmer tone.

''She's our friend and we're worried. We just want to know if she's okay and what's wrong with her?''

''She'll be fine. She hasn't eaten properly because of stomach ache, she was weak and the result was all of this. She'll be fine, she just needs to rest.'' Bella said.

''Okay, thank you.'' said Harry.

Everyone came to see Hermione that day except the only person she needed to see. At 11 p.m. Hermione gave up on hoping Bella would come and turned off her bedside light. She lay there pondering about the situation with only the moonlight lighting her room when she heard the door open. Bella came in wearing her pajamas and approached Hermione.

''Hello sweetheart.'' Bella said but Hermione only turned her head away from her.

''Sweety, please look at Me.'' begged Bella but Hermione didn't move a muscle.

''I'm so sorry'' started Bella. '' I left you here alone and I'm sorry. I just needed to think.''

''Think? About how you don't want this child?'' asked Hermione turning her head to Bella, her eyes filled with tears.

''No!'' Bella said immediately.

''Then about what?'' demanded Hermione.

''I was thinking about bringing our child into this world. In a world with an approaching war and how our child could end up without it's parents and I was thinking if we should even have it. Then I stopped and realized that in that moment I would kill our child. And I wanted to smack myself with a brick for even having that idea. I want to hold our child, and I want to see those perfect eyes looking at me. I want to see that culmination of our love. I beg of you to forgive me for my moment of weakness.''

''Bella, please don't do anything like that again.'' Hermione sobbed. ''I can't go through this alone.''

''Shh baby, we'll go through this together. Always together. I won't leave you, trust me. I love you.'' Bella hugged Hermione.

''Dumbledore said we need to keep it a secret and once we're back in school he'll tell us how we'll keep it hidden.'' Hermione said after few minutes of lying on Bella's shoulder.

''I thought so. I'm still surprised that they knew this would happen.''

''I was surprised when my father came in and told me that everything will be alright. I thought he would be mad.''

''Well, I guess we had a lot of surprises for a day. Don't you think?'' Bella said as she kissed Hermione's head.

''Yeah, we did. But there is one thing I'm not looking forward- lying to Harry and Ron.''

''Well, if it's any consolation I'm not looking forward to see your father tomorrow.'' Bella said with small smile.

''Yeah, I wouldn't want to be you in that moment.'' Hermione giggled.

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