Chapter 15

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''Hermione, you're okay.'' Ron said hugging Hermione. Bella growled in background.

''Yes, I'm fine Ron. I'm much better, Madame Pomfrey made me a potion and gave me a thorough lecture about the importance of health.'' Hermione smiled.

''Well that's a good thing. You had us all worried last week and especially last night.'' Harry said giving her a hug too.

''Yes, I know I did. I'm sorry, I honestly thought it was just a stomach bug.'' Hermione offered.

''But it's not?'' asked Ron.

''No, I...'' Hermione started.

''Miss Granger, Miss Noire can you please accompany me to study?'' Dumbledore said more then asked.

''Yes, of course sir.'' Bella said and with Hermione went after Dumbledore.

Grangers and Minerva were already in the study. Once they were all seated around the table Dumbledore started.

''We all know why we are here. Miss Granger is pregnant and we need to reach an agreement on some things. Miss Granger, Bellatrix there are few rules you will need to follow. First of all you are not allowed to tell anybody about Hermione's state, Hermione you are required to take a potion every day that will conceal your pregnancy. Your state will be monitored by Madame Pomfrey and you must listen to her. Is that clear?''

''Yes, sir.'' they both nodded.

''Good, further more Mrs. Granger will begin teaching at Hogwarts this year. She'll teach a group of students who had asked for additional knowledge in muggle studies. She'll be a guest at our school from April to June. Bellatrix you will continue your training with me and to work for The Order, I'm afraid your part in this task" Dumbledore purposely avoided the word war, '' is crucial and we cannot let you miss out on a second of it. I give my word to you, Miss Granger, that I'll try to make sure nothing happens to her while she's on the job.''

''Thank you sir.'' Hermione smiled,

''Well, that's all we wanted to tell to you. Now, do you have any questions?'' asked Minerva.

''I'd like to know if I can speak with professor Dumbledore for a while?'' asked Bellatrix.

''Not a problem Bellatrix, I was just about to take a walk. Would you be so kind as to join me?'' Albus enquired.

''I'd love that.'' Bellatrix got up, kissed Hermione's head and said. ''See you soon sweetheart.''

When Albus and Bellatrix were out of the room Hermione turned to her mother.

''Mom, why haven't you told me you're coming to teach at my school?''

''I wanted it to be a surprise and I wasn't really allowed to tell you anything up to this point.'' Hermione nodded.

''Mom, dad, are you...'' she sighed and managed to breathe out, ''are you disappointed in me?''

''What?'' both of her parents exclaimed.

''I...I'm sorry...I know you didn't want your teenage daughter to get pregnant but I really, really love Bella and I want this baby...and all this...but I don't want you to be mad at me...'' Hermione began to sob and her parents rushed to her.

''Sweety, listen to me.'' said William. ''We're not disappointed in you, far from it. You were always so mature for your age, you were always a straight A student and most importantly you were always a good person. Your mother and I are proud of you.'' he kissed her forehead.

''And we know that you're young and scared about this, but don't be because you won't be alone. You have a beautiful girlfriend who loves you, you have excellent professors who'll stand by your side and you'll have us. Two parents who will love your child as much as they love you.'' Elizabeth said.

Minerva looked at them and a tear escaped her eye. In that moment she understood what Albus had told her. This child will be a very happy one, because it'll have a family who'll adore her/him.

''Bella, I hope you don't mind going to Diagon Alley with me.'' Dumbledore said as they left the house.

''No, sir. It's quite alright.'' Bella said. ''Sir, I'm in my 7th year at Hogwarts and I was wondering...''

''What will happen when you finish the school year?'' Dumbledore cut in.

''Yes, I can't leave them.''

''You won't need to. You'll be at Hogwarts as a DADA professor in training. You will help the professor, it'll be a part of your cover and you'll be with Hermione.''

''Thank you, sir.'' Bella smiled.

''No need to thank me, your child needs you both.''

''Sir, I also wanted to ask you if there is any chance of Hermione and me getting married? Of course nothing public, just us.''

''I thought you'd ask that.'' Albus chuckled. ''Well Bellatrix that is a reason we're here.'' he said and nodded towards the sign above the store.

''But it's Christmas, the jewelry store is closed.'' Bella said confused.

''Well, this particular store is not closed for us today. My friend is an owner and I might have said I'll be coming around. Between you and me, I kind of forgot to pick up a necklace for Minerva yesterday, due to unexpected events.''

''I'm sorry.'' Bella said with small smile.

''Oh that's alright, c'mon Bella I have a necklace to pick up and you have a ring to buy.''

An hour later they exited the store and made their way back knowing they had a Christmas lunch Molly was preparing waiting for them.

''Bella, can I ask you something?''

''Yes, of course.''

''Can I preform the magical bidding between you and Hermione?''

''I'd be honored sir.''

''Hey honey.'' said Bella as she walked into their bedroom.

''Hey, where have you been? The lunch is in 15 minutes.'' Hermione asked.

''Sorry, Albus and I had to discuss something.''

''Is everything alright?'' Hermione questioned.

''Yeah, it's perfect.'' Bella smiled, walked up to Hermione and kissed her.

''What are you not telling me?'' asked Hermione suspiciously.

After lunch Bella talked with all the grownups in the house and they decided that her idea of how to spend the afternoon wasn't bad at all.

Around 4 p.m. Molly came into the living room.

''Kids, pack your things. We have a little surprise for you.''

''What kind of surprise?'' Ron asked.

''It's a surprise you'll love, trust me. Now get ready, we're leaving in 30 minutes.''

''Bella can I speak with you?'' asked William.

''Of course sir.'' Bella answered and after a few moments found herself in the study.

''I want to know few things Bellatrix. First of all what are your plans for future?''

''To continue my work as an Auror, sir. And to be a wife to your daughter and mother to your grandchild.''

''Where will you live?''

''For the time being, we'll be situated in Hogwarts. After that, we'll buy a house or an apartment, we'll have to talk that through.''

''Do you love her?''

''Yes, I never loved anyone as much as I love her.''

''Will you hurt her?''

''Not intentionally.''

''Very well, I have one question left. How on Earth did you conceive this child?'' Bella's eyes widen and she blushed.

''Well kids, welcome to Winter Wonderland. Have fun.'' Molly said and gave them some muggle money.

Kids as well as grownups scattered around the Hyde Park. After some time, Bella and Hermione moved away from the group and found themselves alone in the meadow covered in snow, a few white trees surrounding them. Bella knew it was her best shot so she pulled Hermione into a kiss.

''Not that I'm complaining, but what was that for?'' asked Hermione as she backed away for air.

''Because you make me complete and happy Hermione, and it was it was a prelude to this.'' Bella said, kneeling down on one knee in front of Hermione.

''Hermione Jean Granger, will you marry me?'' Bella asked.

''Yes Bella! Yes, I'll marry you.'' Hermione said and jumped on Bella, both of them falling into the snow.

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