Chapter 16

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Hermione was in her 5th month of pregnancy. She was really trying to act like she did before the pregnancy, but hormones almost always won out. She was angry at Ron a lot. It bothered her that she needed 5 years to get used to his behavior and she lost her tolerance in 5 months. Ginny asked her often is everything alright and she would always say it was stress, or Harry's dreams, or DA, that sort of thing.

Bella had been gone for two days and Hermione was lonely in their apartment by herself. She drank her potions and went downstairs to breakfast. The Great Hall wasn't full, which was usual for 7 am. She did however find Harry eating his breakfast rather slowly.

''Bad dreams?'' she asked.

''Yeah, they're getting worse. It's like he's in my head. And Umbridge is...agghhh."

''I know. Relax Harry, everything will be alright. We'll all get through this. I promise.'' Hermione smiled and patted his shoulder.

''Thanks I needed that.'' Harry smiled back.

''Now, I need to eat and leave before Ron comes in. I'll only get sick watching him stuff everything in his mouth.'' Harry laughed at that.

''Hermione, can I ask you something?'' He asked.

''You know you can Harry.'' smiled Hermione taking a bite of her toast.

''Are you in love with Ron?'' Hermione choked on her piece of toast. After she took a gulp of milk she answered.

''No Harry! Where in Merlin's beard did you get that idea from?''

''Well, you know they say there is a fine line between hate and love. And since you hate everything Ron does lately...''

''Oh, no Harry. I don't hate Ron; I just hate his behavior sometimes, well most of the time. Because of all this stress involving your dreams, Ministry, Umbridge, DA, the Order...I just don't have enough strength to tolerate him.''

''Oh, well that's a reasonable explanation.'' Harry said returning to his breakfast.

''Hey Hermione, Harry look at this.'' Neville said running up to them with the morning edition of the Daily Prophet.

'Mass breakout from Azkaban!' the title read. Reading further Hermione saw a list of escapes. One name caught her attention- Bellatrix Lestrange.

''You okay Bella?'' Moody asked.

''No. She's out. I'm out. That means he's gaining strength and he has enough followers to start bigger attacks.'' Bella said.

''It's quite alright to be afraid.'' Andromeda told her.

The three were in Andromeda's living room. Tonks was upstairs changing her ruined clothes while Moody and Bella didn't even bother to move away the torn clothes or mend their wounds. They would normally do it, but the news so alarming that they just stared in nothing particular. Tonks didn't see the paper when they walked in.

''This was what I was afraid of. He's getting stronger, what the hell will I do now? Where can I hide Hermione and the baby that is safe?'' Bella asked.

''What baby?'' Moody's head snapped around to stare at Bella.

''I don't think Hermione will want to leave. Don't even suggest that to her. She'll eat your for breakfast! You can't mess with pregnant woman.'' Andromeda said.

''What if she, I...aghhh... What if Bellatrix Lestrange goes after them? After all we're the same person biologically. We share the same DNA, do you think she'll be able to sense the baby?''

''Enough!'' Moody yelled standing up and towering over Bella. ''What baby? Hermione's pregnant? Whose child is it?''

''Shit, I forgot you're here.'' Bella said

''Answer me Bellatrix! Whose child is Hermione having?'' Moody asked angry growing.

''Hermione's pregnant?'' A shocked Tonks asked as she entered the room.

''Mine. The child is mine.'' Bellatrix said.

''Bella it can't be yours, you don't have a di...''Tonks said.

''Nymphadora!'' Andromeda warned. ''It's possible. Now drop it.''

''It's yours? Are you insane? What part of- you need to stay neutral and not get too involved with them didn't you understand? If you're in love with her this will all fail.''

''It won't fail. I'll protect them.'' Bella tried to reassure him.

''If Hermione and Harry are dying and you can save only one, you'll have to choose between them. So who would you choose- the mother of your child or the Boy who lived?'' Moody asked her. Bella just remained silent.

''That's what I thought.'' Moody said. "I need a drink." He grumbled going to kitchen.

''What will I do? He's right, I lost my neutrality and now I can't protect them equally.'' Bella sighed and slumped down on the couch.

''You'll be able to protect them. Albus would not have encouraged you two to be together if he thought that it would be the downfall for The Order.'' Andromeda said.

''Oh Bella, everything will be okay.'' Tonks said but Bella was already dejected. Andromeda and Tonks sat next to her and tried to comfort her.

20 minutes later Bella calmed down but the room was still silent until Moody came back, drink in hand.

''Is it a boy or a girl?'' He asked.

''We don't know. We're going to find out next week.''

''Have any ideas for a name?''

''We can't really decide. It'll be one that is common in muggle world and in the wizard world. We have few ideas, but we'll decide when we know its gender.''

''Bella when you heard Lestrange was out- what was your first thought?''

''That she will come after Hermione and the baby.''

''And what was your first instinct?''

''To protect them at any cost.''

''That's what I thought.'' Moody said taking a sip of his drink. ''I know they'll be fine. I'm sorry I yelled before. I thought that the operation went down the drain, but I can see that it's not.''

''Hermione, I'm back.'' Bella said.

''Finally. Are you okay?'' Hermione said walking out of their bedroom.

''Yeah, I'm fine. Little bit shaken up, but fine. I gather you heard the news?''

''Yes, she's out.''

''Yep, I'm out.'' Bella sighed.

''She's not you.''

''She is. We're the same body, the same mind and soul just only years apart.''

''Those years make you two different people. Like ice and fire.'' Hermione said stroking Bella's arm.

''I hope you're right.'' Bella smiled. "Let's look at something I picked up.'' She said pulling out a catalogue with furniture. ''I thought we could buy a muggle room set and just cast spells on it as we need them.''

''I like the way you think.'' Hermione smiled.

''Do you think Bellatrix Lestrange can feel Bella?'' Minerva asked.

''I'm pretty sure that if anyone can she can.'' answered Albus.

''Albus what are we going to do? Why did you let this happen if you knew it could come to this?''

''Because of the prophecy.''

''But the prophecy involves only Harry and Voldemort.''

''There is another prophecy that is very important to us in the upcoming battle.''

''What is it?'' Minerva asked.

''It's here. Minerva, nobody is to know about this prophecy.'' Albus said pulling a glass orb from thin air.

Minerva took the ball from Albus' hands and heard the voice.

A child made by love and destiny,

A child made from Hades as

well as from Elysian fields

Will bring the past and present


3 lights will live because of it,

3 lights that will bring the


Bella walked around the Malfoy manor, looking in the sky. Something was different and she was determent to find out what.

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