Chapter 17

Here we go with new chapter :) Note that I haven't involved all the dialog between Lucius and Harry...this is story about Hermione and Bellatrix-it shows their emotions, thoughts and so on.

End of May

''Her room will not be pink.'' Bella stated.

''Why not?'' asked Elizabeth, who arrived at Hogwarts three weeks ago.

''Because that'll make her...'' Bella searched for the right word. ''Just no pink. It'll make her too girly.'' she finished. Hermione just laughed at her fiancée.

''How about light purple? It's not too girly and it's not dark.'' Hermione suggested.

''I agree.'' Bella said. ''It won't be pink.''

''Very well, however you want it is okay with me. I need to go to the class and try to avoid Umbridge.'' Elizabeth said and walked out their apartment.

''Bye mom.'' Hermione said and turned back to Bella, ''Now, where were we?''

''We were painting the walls.'' Bella smiled and with a wave of her hand the walls became light purple.

''I like it.'' said Hermione.

''I aim to please.'' Bella grinned.

''Good, you know there are other ways to hit the target.''

Bellatrix Lestrange paced back and forth in her bedroom. Something was different and even though she wanted nothing more than to find out what, her Lords wishes were different. She wasn't allowed to leave the house, which sucked because the only thing she could do was think about what changed. She always had good instincts and they told her she'll find out soon.

Dumbledore was on the run from the Minister of Magic, Umbridge and Kingsley. Of course Kingsley already knew that would happen, but he hadn't thought Albus would leave 'in style.' The Golden Trio was under bigger amounts of stress now; taking care of Hagrid's half- brother, Umbridge constantly breathing down their necks, OWL's, and Hermione's hormones.

Bella continued to go on missions, feeling guilty about leaving Hermione, but knowing she had to. She thought that Hermione would be safe at Hogwarts, she was wrong.

Umbridge had sent her little army of snakes to bring Harry, Hermione, and Ron to her office. She began demanding information about Dumbledore's location and threating them with the cruciatus curse. Hermione had had enough. She said Harry and she will take her to Dumbledore's secret weapon. Well she did not know that 'the weapon' was actually Hagrid's half-brother hidden in the forbidden forest. Umbridge got the ending she deserved, kidnapped by centaurs.

Harry had a planned on going to the Ministry by himself, but Hermione, Ron, Ginny, Luna and Neville insisted on going with him. Hermione knew she wasn't supposed to go anywhere, but she couldn't leave her friends in a time of need. They made their way to the Ministry on Thestrals.

''Harry, you looked at it now let's go.'' Hermione said watching the darkness surrounding.

''Yeah mate, let's get out of here.'' Agreed Ron.

And then a dark figure appeared in front of them. It was Lucius Malfoy who started to threaten them and demand the prophecy. Luna tugged on Hermione's shirt and Hermione looked at the row to her right, Death Eaters were coming their way. The sound of mad laugh made her look back towards Lucius.

''He knows how to play.'' Bellatrix Lestrange mocked, ''Itsy, bitsy baby Potter.'' She smirked and then looked at Hermione.

''Bellatrix Lestrange.'' Neville hissed. Bellatrix looked at him, and smirked.

''Neville Longbottom, is it? How's mom and dad?''

''Better, now that they'll be avenged.'' Her wand was up long before Neville's was even halfway up. Hermione shivered, this woman had the same movements and battle stand as her Bella. Which was not a shock, her logical brain was telling her, since they are the same person.

''You filthy half-blood!'' Bellatrix screamed.

''Now, Bella let's take it easy. All we want is that prophecy...'' Lucius said, but Hermione couldn't focus on him. She locked her eyes with Bellatrix's and she could tell that the older woman was looking for something in her. Then Harry yelled out.

''Now!'' They all shouted ''Stupefy!'' and ran away. Hermione, Luna and Ginny ran in one direction as thousands of falling glass balls separated them. She felt herself being grabbed and swirl her in the air. The next thing she knew she was knelling on the ground and a wand was pressed against her neck. She was looking at Harry who was in the middle of the room standing opposite Lucius. Harry turned over the glass ball to Lucius and then bright light appeared beside him. Sirius punched Lucius in face and then whole room was full of bright lights a massive fight erupted between the Order and Death Eaters.

Hermione was once again in air, but she was dropped on the ground. Rodolphus Lestrange was standing above her, his wand drawn.

''Time to die Mudblood.'' He smiled and Hermione grabbed her stomach and closed her eyes.

''Bombarda Maxima!'' Hermione heard and Lestrange was thrown across the room bleeding heavily and unconscious. She looked up and saw Bellatrix Lestrange standing in front of her.

''Get up Mudblood!'' Hermione obeyed. ''How is it possible?'' Bellatrix wondered out loud. ''You're carrying my child- explain how that is possible!''

Hermione saw black smoke begin to surround her. This time when they landed she wasn't dropped on the ground; she landed on her feet with strong familiar arms wrapped around her. She looked up and saw the mask Bella always wore on her missions.

''Honey, stay here and don't move a muscle.'' Bella said. ''I'll be back in a minute.''

Bellatrix Lestrange looked at her cousin and yelled ''Avada kedavra!''

''Protego!'' Yelled the voice of the mysterious Auror. The shield stopped the curse from hitting Sirius.

'That's the mysterious Auror.' thought Harry.

Bellatrix and Auror apparated and started dueling while flying around the room. The fight went on for a few minutes before they crashed into a shelf full of prophecies.

''You're good.'' Bellatrix said.

''You're not bad yourself.'' said Bella.


''Protego!'' The fight continued on the ground and after few minutes of fighting Bellatrix smiled.

''The only person in the world who has that fighting style, battle stance, and is this skilled is me. Which would mean that you are me and that Mudblood is carrying your kid. Nice job, she's hot. Now the only thing remaining is to find out how the hell there are two of me.''

Bella stayed quiet and Bellatrix spoke again.

''I'd love to stay and chat, but my Lord wishes for us to leave. See you soon, Double Me.'' she laughed and disapparated.

Bella returned to atrium to see Dumbledore, Harry, the Minister of Magic and his associates standing in the room finally admitting that He's back.

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