Chapter 18

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Bella returned to the atrium only to see Dumbledore, Harry, the Minister of Magic and his associates standing in the room finally admitting that He was back.

Everyone looked in her direction. She was still wearing her mask which caused some of Fudge's idiots to draw their wands.

''Stop!'' Albus shouted. ''One of ours.'', and gave them a look which caused them all to lower their wands. Bella immediately apparated and went in the direction of the hall where she had left Hermione.

When Bella got closer to the hall she could hear her name being screamed.

''Bella!'' Hermione yelled again, the pain in her stomach being unbearable. Bella appeared in front of Hermione and ran to her side right away.

''Hermione, what happened?''

''My stomach hurts, the baby...'' she groaned in pain, ''I think that the baby is coming!''

''It's too early...way too early...'' Bella said helping Hermione up. Hermione tried to stand up, but she failed so Bella picked her up in her arms and apparated.

Bella apparated to the front of the hospital wing in Hogwarts and ran into the examination room.

''Madame Pomfrey!'' she yelled.

''What's wrong?'' The witch appeared to their right and seeing the state they were in exclaimed, ''Oh Merlin, what happened to you two?''

''She's in pain, we've been in a battle at the Ministry and when I came...'' Bella put Hermione down on one of the hospital bed, ''She was sobbing and told me that her stomach hurts her. She lost conscience on the way.'' Bella finished as she watched Madame Pomfrey examined Hermione. ''It's too early, the baby...'' Bella felt tears sting her eyes, ''Will they be alright?''

''I honestly don't know.'' said Madame Pomfrey. ''This is not my area of expertise; we must take her to St. Mungo's.'' Pomfrey said and grabbed something from her table. In a moment three people apparated next to the hospital bed.

''What is the emergency?'' asked one going closer to the Hermione.

''Stop!'' Bella yelled her wand raised.

''Bella, they are doctors from St. Mungo's. They're here to help us.'' Madame Pomfrey said grabbing Bella's hand. She nodded and lowered her hand.

''She's 16 and she's in 7th month of pregnancy. She was in very stressful situations regarding a magical duel after which she complained on stomach pain and she lost conscience. And gentleman, it's very important for her security not to tell anyone about this case.''

''Very well Madame'' said one, ''Are you coming with us?'' he asked looking at Bella.

''Yes, I am.'' Bella nodded and took his hand. They apparated to the hospital and Hermione was laid down on the bed and taken away from Bella. She tried to follow them, but they stopped her. She could only watch as Hermione disappeared into one of the rooms.

Half an hour later Bellatrix was going crazy. No one wanted to say anything about Hermione or their little girl.

''Bella!'' Minerva yelled, seeing her and running to her side. ''What happened?'' Bella noticed that Dumbledore, Tonks, Andromeda, and Moody were making their way towards them as well.

''I went to her after I finished fighting with Bellatrix and she was on the floor screaming in pain,'' Bella told them. ''She said that her stomach hurt and when we reached Hogwarts' Hospital wing she'd already lost consciousness.''

''And what happened when you came here?'' Minerva asked everybody standing behind her, waiting for Bella's answer.

Bella shook her head. "I don't know. Madame Pomfrey is in there with them, but they didn't let me...'' and then she broke down and started sobbing. ''What if something happens to them? I couldn't bear the thought of that...'' Minerva pulled the sobbing woman in front of her into a tight hug.

Andromeda came to Bellatrix put her hand on Bella's shoulder and Bella let go of Minerva and was pulled into her sisters arms.

Moody and Tonks stood there shocked. They have never seen Bella cry, and they never expected to. But there she was, crying her eyes out over Hermione and their child. After years of watching people betraying each other, lying, watching people getting killed in most painful ways, Moody saw love again. Pure love full of compassion, passion, truth, and sacrifice. At first he thought that Dumbledore was mad letting this happen. Jeopardizing the whole Order, but now he knew Dumbledore was right- as usual. Because, this was the key to their victory, this is what they were fighting for. Love.

''Where is Hermione?'' asked Harry as he, Ron, Ginny, Neville and Luna were getting ready to leave the Ministry.

''I haven't seen her since...''Ron started, ''After the Order came in and fight begin.'' he finished.

''Well that was several hours ago!'' Ginny said. ''Where the hell is she? How could we lose her?''

''We didn't lose her.'' Ron said. ''Fudge wanted us interrogated, what we could say? No?''

''We could have find Hermione!'' Harry yelled. ''I can't believe we let Fudge and his idiots separate us."

''Let's just start looking.'' Neville said.

''Right, Ron and I will go to the...''Harry started.

''There is no need for that.'' A voice drawled out. They all turned around to see Snape standing behind them.

''What do you mean by that?'' Harry asked angrily.

''Yeah!'' said Ginny. ''We need to find her.''

''Hermione was injured and she's being taken to the hospital for care.'' Snape said

''What?" yelled Ginny.

''Take us to see her! Right now!'' Ron yelled stepping up to Snape.

''I can't do that. Dumbledore said you must return to Hogwarts and you will.'' Snape raised his hand to stop any kind of protest ''The moment we have news about the health of Miss Granger you will be the first to know.''

''My dear followers,'' Voldemort started. ''We lost a great man today in Rodolphus Lestrange, but fear not. His death will be avenged!'' he screamed and everyone roared their approval, except Bellatrix.

''Bellatrix, my dearest, are you alright?'' Voldemort asked with fake curiosity and care.

''I'm fine my Lord. I just need to rest.'' Bellatrix said.

''Why do you not weep the death of your dear husband?'' asked Narcissa looking at Bellatrix who sat on the couch.

''Oh please Narcissa'' she let out a laugh. ''I never had a husband, everything was only on paper.''

''Did you kill him?'' Narcissa asked.

''Would it matter?'' Bellatrix asked turning her head to her little sister.

''The act itself-no, but the reason behind it would.''

''What is the only thing I never let anyone touch?'' Bellatrix asked as she stood up and went to her sister. Narcissa sat in an armchair and looked at her sister who was currently leaning on both arms of a chair.

''Something that you believe is yours. No one is ever allowed to touch somebody or something you put claim on. Even the Dark Lord never did...'' Narcissa's voice died.

''Exactly my dear sister.'' Bellatrix smirked.

Hermione was inside for an hour and a half. Bellatrix paced around, Andromeda even took her wand afraid that she might kill somebody. The doctor finally came out.

''Headmaster Dumbledore.'' He called out.

''Doctor.'' Albus nodded. Everybody stood around the doctor and waited for the news.

''I need to speak with the girl's parents or the father of a child.''

''That would be me.'' Bella said stepping forward. ''I'm the other mother of the child.''

''Alright, well you can come with me and your Headmaster so I can explain everything to you.'' the doctor said and walked back towards the room Hermione was in.

''Alright, I won't lie to you.'' The doctor said when Albus and Bella walked to him. ''She was in bad shape when you brought her, she had internal bleeding and there was a big risk of her survival as well as the child's, but Miss...''

''Bl…Noire'' Bella quickly corrected herself.

''Miss Noire you have two very strong girls. Your daughter was born 2 months early and she is very small, but after few potions and a week under our care I'm sure she'll be alright. Your girlfriend is resting, we managed to control the bleeding however her heart stopped once during the surgery but thankfully we were able to revive her. She's still in some danger, but we're keeping an eye on her. Don't you worry.''

''Can I see them?'' asked Bella

''You can see your wife for few minutes, but no more. She's in a room with other patients who are, like her, in risky situation. But you can be with your daughter longer.'' he said.

''Thank you doctor.'' Bella said.

''The nurse will come and take you to see your daughter first and then your girlfriend.''

Dumbledore thanked the doctor and put a reassuring hand on Bella's shoulder before turning to go inform the others of their conditions.

The nurse cast some sort of spell on her and she was allowed to enter the nursery. She stopped in front of the little bed and stared at her daughter. The other children were so much bigger than her, but she was the only one moving. She was trying to reach something. Bella put her finger in front of the baby and she could feel tears forming in her eyes as her daughter grabbed her finger with her tiny hand.

Hermione was on the bed, she looked like she was in deep sleep. Her skin was pale, the belly Bella was used to was now gone. She looked tired, even in her sleep.

''Hey beautiful.'' Bella said warmly taking Hermione's hand in her own. '' You must be strong and pull out of this. For me and our little girl, I just saw her. She is so beautiful, the most beautiful baby in the world. We needs you Hermione, the world needs you. What will we do without the brightest witch of our time? What will I do without you? Don't you know by now, that you are the soul of my soul? Without you, the world makes no sense- without your laughter the world is so quiet, without your smile the sun doesn't shine as bright, without you the world fells so empty.'' Tears fell down Bella's cheeks. ''Come back to me soon, my love.'' She kissed her lips and exited the room.

Bella wiped away her tears as she walked to the waiting room.

''Did you see them?'' asked Tonks, Bella nodded.

''How are they?'' Andromeda asked.

''Hermione is still asleep. She doesn't look good, she looks tired...but our daughter...'' Bella said ''She's perfect, perfect little angel. Merlin, she so small- the other kids look like giants compered to her.''

''It doesn't mean anything. She'll probably out grow them in few years. She'll be perfect little child with two best moms in the world.'' Tonks said and pulled exhausted Bella in for a hug.

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