Chapter 2

Second chapter is here :D Oh and my Latin is a bit rusty, so if I wrote something wrong, please forgive me. ( I hope I remember all declinations and conjugation correctly ) This is for Rose, my friend and beta of this story. My dear, thank you for helping me and for putting up with me :**

Somewhere hidden, few days after the meeting of The Order

Nicolas Flamel was dead for all the world. For the whole world, except for Albus Dumbledore. Since they distroyed the Philosepher stone, three years ago, Nicolas started to show all signs of his age. His face had more wrinkles, his eyes looked tired and his movements were slower. Nobody knew where Nicolas was, not even Minerva. His only contact with the world was Albus. Even though Minerva tried to convince Albus, several times, in telling her where he was, she never succeeded. That evening, after dinner at Hogwarts, Albus apparated in front of Nicolas' house.

''Good evening, Nico.'' Albus greeted.

''Good evening, Albus. I almost thought you forgot about your old friend.''

''I would never forget my oldest friend.'' said Albus.

''Yes, well, old-that I am. But I've heard you've been busy. Tri-wizard tournament is finally over.'' stated Nicolas.

''So you do keep up with the world''

''My friend, just because I'm legally dead doesn't mean I'm really dead. I still keep up with it, there is no other thing to do anyway.'' Nicolas said ''C'mon, let's go inside, tea will be good for our old bones.''

''So Nicolas, you are bored with this way of life.''

''You can say that again.'' confirmed Nicolas

''Well, you can always help me with something. That way you would have something to do.'' Albus suggested

''What kind of help?'' asked Nicolas

''Magical help, of course. Our old enemy came back and it's just a matter of time when he will be strong enough to start a war.'' said Albus

''How do you know that?''

''Cedric Digorry died in the Tri-wizard tournament. He was killed by Voldemort. Harry was there and witnessed it.''

''I can see that bad things will happen again. I just hope that I will indeed die before I get the chance to see destruction of our world, once again.'' spoke Nicolas sadly. ''Well I need your help in stopping that.''

''Tell me what's on your mind, Albus.''

''I think that Voldemort will have much more followers this time. I also think he already has a plan for taking over the Wizarding World. The Order is functioning again and we will meet at the end of this week. But I needed to talk with you first because, well, you are the only one, besides me, who knows how ancient magic works. And we will need it. And we must not fail, because I believe this is our leverage.'' stated Albus

''Ancient magic? What exactly do you wanna do Albus? I am only a expert in a few fields and if you came because of them I'm not sure that you know what you're getting yourself into. Messing with time isn't that smart. It can change things on better, yes, but it can also destroy them just as much.''

''Well, I do not plan to alter the past that much.''

''You don't?'' Nicolas asked.

''I do, but just hear the plan out and tell me what you think.'' started Albus.

Later that night, Albus's and Minerva's private chambers

Albus Dumbledore walked into his bedroom with a grin on his face. Nicolas said he would help.

''I had it. It's enough.'' stated Minerva and continued ''You're going around, talking to people about this plan, considering this and looking into that...''

''Minerva, dear...'' he was silenced with one glance.

''I'm not finished. And after all that doing and thinking you still won't tell me what is going on.''

''Minerva, my dear, everything about this plan could have failed if I didn't get the support of Nicolas today. But he agreed to this plan so there is no reason why I shouldn't tell you.''

''Well then, speak up. I want to know.'' Minerva said

15 minutes later

''Albus are you out of your mind?'' Minerva almost screamed. Albus had expected this reaction

''Minerva, it's a good plan.''

''Good plan? No, Albus. A good plan is, when you save up your whole life and then have enough money to buy yourself a good weekend house. That is a good plan. Altering the past is not, I'll say it again, NOT a good plan. You could change everything.''

''If everything will go as planed we'll have more information about him.''

''Yes, but Albus that's hoping. Hoping that everything will be alright is good, but with matters as this, it just isn't the smartest thing to do. What if something changes? What if a fatal mistake happens and it alters history in such a terrible way. You know, if bad happens he could win the First war. And if worst happens she will be on the other side.'' sighed Minerva.

''I know bad things can happen. But this can turn things around, give us leverage because we would know what happens inside.'' Albus said sitting next to his wife

''But how do you plan to do this without being noticed? There is no way.''

''Well there is. You see, these last few years I did some research. Voldemort kept coming back, so I thought having a plan wasn't such a bad thing. Our answer lies in ancient magic and that is why I went to Nicolas. We can make this work Minerva, we have to. This plan has to work. Because we will win easier then.''

''I hope you know what you're doing.'' said Minerva getting up and kissing Albus on his forehead.

First official meeting of The Order, 12 Grimmauld Place

Everybody were gathered around the table, in the diningroom, and all stood in shock with their eyes wide open and their mouth hanging. They all stared at Albus.

''Told you, you should have prepared them better. It is sad to see a bunch of grown-up wizards in this condition.'' stated Minerva.

''Let me get this straight.'' Sirius recovered first ''You want to change history with help of ancient magic so you could change the future, with her help?''

''Yes, that would be the plan.'' confirmed Albus

''And what if everything backfires? What if, in wanting to help, we actually do worse?'' asked Molly.

''Well, I hope that will not happen. But I must say there isn't any garantee for this plan.''

''Albus, for this plan, for this magic to work you need to have at least two persons who know about ancient magic. And in this room, that person would only be you.'' Tonks stated

''Not exactly, please let me introduce you to my old and dear friend Nicolas Flamel.'' Nicolas Flamel stepped into the room, receiving surprised gasps from almost everyone in the room.

''Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.'' Nicolas greeted

''Good evening, Mr. Flamel. I don't want to be rude, but aren't you dead?'' asked Tonks

''Dora! Be civil.'' said her mother giving her 'the look'.

''It is alright, don't worry about it.'' Nicolas assured.

''So any questions? We have all we need. And we are doing this now.'' Albus stated.

''I have a question. For this, if I remember correctly, you need a certain item to do this.'' said Andromeda.

''Yes, you are right. And we do have it.'' Albus said and turned around. He placed the well preserved wooden box on the table. He opened it and placed the item on table. The hourglass wasn't filled with sand, no. It was rather empty, only one single spark could been seen.

''Well, since the Hourglass of Seth is right in front of us, I don't think we can find more technical difficulties.'' Arthur said.

''So what now?'' asked Tonks.

''Now we need to take this Hourglass and put it under a spell. This is very complicated spell because it combines ancient magic of Egypt and Greece.'' answered Nicolas

''Let's move this to living room. We made a room for this there.'' Minerva said and started to walk towards the living room

Albus and Nicolas placed the Hourglass in the middle of the room. They stood on opposite sides with the Hourglass between them. Everybody else were pressed into the wall, far away from the Hourglass. And then Albus and Nicolas drew their wands pointing to each other, casted a spell and started to declaim:

''Tempus,tempus aeternumNoster praeteritus, futura nostra inclinebimuspraeteritus eritrecordatioSanctus fatumnos servabimus''

Albus and Nicolas disappeared. Everyone looked where they just stood, but after a bright light nobody was there. After ten minutes they all still stood in their places waiting. After 20 minutes they were already starting to worry. And just when Lupin decided to go and check on the Hourglass, bright light illuminated the room once again. When light disappeared they looked towards the Hourglass and they saw Albus and Nicolas standing were they were in the first place and the body of young woman by the Hourglass. A young woman they've all heard about, even though some of them never met.

I hope you liked it. Also like I said, my Latin is rusty, but the meaning is this:

Time, time eternal

Our past will change our future

past will be remembered

Saint destiny will keep us safe.


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