Chapter 19

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''Bella?'' Hermione called

''I'm here love.'' said Bella grabbing Hermione's hand

''Is she okay?'' Hermione asked worried

''She's fine. She's perfect.''

''You promise?'' asked Hermione

''I give you my word-she's fine.'' Bella smiled ''I should call a doctor.''

''Okay, I'll just sleep for a little bit.'' Hermione said and drifted off to sleep

''You were right, she is perfect.'' Hermione said taking their little girl in her arms

''Just like her mom.'' Bella smiled

''Well, I think she looks like you not me.''

''Oh no, no. Can't you see that spark in her eyes? Just like her mother, she'll be troublemaker.'' grinned Bella

''Me? A troublemaker? I am a good girl, just for you to know.'' Hermione smiled

''Yeah, that's why you broke every rule in Hogwarts.''

''Oh be quiet.'' laughed Hermione

''I demand to know where is Hermione!'' yelled Ron

''We all do'' Harry said and added ''We haven't seen or heard from her in 8 days and the last information's you told us was that she's in hospital. Is she okay?''

''She's fine Harry.'' Bella answered before Minerva as she walked in Minerva's office

''How would you know that?'' asked Ron

''I know a lit of things Ginger. Not all of us are incompetent as you are.'' she shrugged

''Have you seen her?'' asked Harry

''Yes, as a matter of fact I have. My mother is a doctor'' Bella lied '' and I took opportunity to see Hermione and wish her fast recovery.''

''In which hospital?'' Ron asked

''A muggle one Ginger. If you know how to use Underground, I'll gladly tell you the way.'' Ron just huffed angry

''I know how to use Underground.'' stated Harry

''Well then, I'm sure you know how to find her.'' Bella said and walked away

''Tell me which hospital!'' yelled Harry, but Bella was already out of the office

''Are you serious?'' Bella asked

''Why not?'' countered Hermione

''I'm not sure that living with your parents is what we need...'' Bella started

''And why is that?''

''Because we need to learn how to this right. And if we'll have your parents around, we'll never learn how to take care of things on our own.''

''And you know everything about kids?'' asked Hermione

''Well I do know few things about kids. You're forgetting that I have two younger sisters- who do you think took care of them?''

''Bella, don't get me wrong but you won't be around always. What if you go away on a mission and I don't know how to take care of our daughter?'' Hermione questioned

Hearing the panic in Hermione's voice Bella sat next to Hermione, took her hands in hers and said ''You will learn everything with time and I don't have a doubt in my mind that you'll be the greatest mom on the planet.''

''Just for a little while. A few weeks, please.'' Hermione pleaded

''Very well. We'll move in with your parents until we finish decorating our room in Sirius' house.''

''Bella! What will I do with school, I've been away for 9 days and I haven't sent message to Harry or Ron! I can't believe I forgot about them!''

''Hermione!'' Harry exclaimed and ran towards her, pulling her in firm hug

''Hi Harry'' she hugged him back and then saw the rest of group coming towards them ''Hey, guys.'' she greeted them

''Hermione! You're okay, thank Merlin.'' said Ron pulling her in hug

''Yeah, I'm fine. Just needed little rest and recovery.''

''Well you're timing is perfect.'' said Ginny ''I never thought you would avoid classes'' Ginny teased

''What can I say? Even I need rest to heal properly.''

''What happened anyway?'' asked Harry ''They told us only that you're in hospital.''

''I was hit with some spell from behind. I'm not sure who casted it or what spell it was, I just know I awoke in hospital a week later.'' Hermione felt terrible for lying to her friends, but they would never understand.

After afternoon with her friends Hermione made her way to her 'room'. When she walked in she expected to hear Bella talking to their daughter or some kind of noise, but she was met with silence. She walked towards bedroom and found out why everything was so quiet. Bella fell asleep on a couch in nursery with their daughter sleeping soundly on her chests.

Hermione smiled from ear to ear and wondered will future be so bright as it was now.

Bella and Hermione walked down the street of muggle London. Nobody knew about their little family and that was the safest choice. It was middle of August and they lived at 12 Grimmauld Place. They stayed with Hermione's parents for 2 weeks and then moved to their summer destination. They had few problems on the way and the biggest was when Iris got a high fever one night and as every new parents they were scared to death. But it was just a little flu.

''What's her name?'' asked a blond bending to see the baby better

''Iris Victoire.'' Hermione responded

''She's beautiful, on her mothers.'' blond smiled and turned away

''Wait a minute!'' Hermione called ''How do you know?'' she asked

''I heard you're a smart girl Hermione and Bellatrix, younger or older, would never fell in love with you if you weren't. So use that big brain of yours.'' with that said the blond appareted

''Here, I got you vanilla.'' said Bella ''What? What happened?'' she asked seeing Hermione's face

''I believe I just met your sister Narcissa.''

''She indeed is perfect Bella.'' Narcissa said

''How did they named her?'' asked Bellatrix

''Iris Victoire.''

''And did you looked at her closely?'' Bellatrix asked

''Yes, I have. She has your eyes Bella, anyone who ever known our family will know that the child is Black.'' Narcissa responded knowing what Bella is asking

''Good. She's my daughter and she's Black.'' Bellatrix smiled

''Bella, what are you thinking?'' asked Narcissa

''Don't give me that look Narcissa, I will not harm my own child. I just want to protect her. I already went through few scenarios and have few plans, that child will not be harmed.''

''What about your younger self?''

''Well, if something happens to her I'll gladly took a child and raised her. We'll see how everything will go, Dark Lord has plans and now I need to take in consideration new factors.''

''You will not tell him about young Bella or her connection with Hermione?'' Narcissa asked

''Of course not you fool! He'll want to use her and when he would realise she won't back down he would kill her. And that would leave my child without a protection.''

''25 years.'' said Narcissa

''What?'' asked Bellatrix

''I haven't seen you care for something in over 25 years. And now, here you are- caring for your child. I never thought you're still able to do so.''

''I don't care for a child!'' Bella huffed '' I just want Black's line to carry on- when you and I both know that your son is a real Malfoy.'' Bella said with disgust.

Narcissa didn't even flinched at her sisters words- she knew Bella hated her husband and her son was a lot like her husband. But she also knew that Bella is lying, she cared for a child that is only biologically hers. For a child that will never know her as a mother, because she has parents, real ones. Situation was confusing, but Narcissa was glad to see her sister back again. Even after 25 years.

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