Chapter 21

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''I don't like this.'' Bella commented.

''Noted, for 100th time.'' An annoyed Hermione said. Sighing she added, ''She has a right, you know.''

"What right? Iris is our daughter, not hers.''

''Biologically you two are the same. Same blood, same genetics and that makes Iris her daughter too. Besides, she knows that she can't do anything to her or us- we're protected.''

Bella sighed, she would say yes- she knew that. But if she was truthful, it wasn't the usual fear of Bellatrix Lestrange that gave her pause, she was afraid to meet what was possibly her future.

''Hermione, Junior.'' The couple turned around to find Bellatrix standing a few feet away from them.

''I have a name.'' Bella said angrily.

''Yes, but it's already taken.'' Bellatrix grinned. ''Now, does this mean that I can see Iris?''

''Yes, it does. You said that it's our choice when and where we'll be meeting, so we'll be meeting at Hagrid's hut. You'll leave your wand at your home or wherever it is you're staying, the grounds are under observation so be aware of that.'' Hermione finished, knowing full well that if Bellatrix wanted to really harm them she would find a way.

''Very well, I'll leave my wand and I won't try to do anything.'' Bellatrix stated seriously.

''Let's go then.'' Hermione said, turning around and walking towards Hagrid's.

''If you try anything, I'll hex you into oblivion.'' Bella growled.

''Oh, is that your favorite hobby too?'' Bellatrix chuckled and then seriously added, ''I know you don't believe me, but if it'll make you feel better there's always the Unbreakable vow.''

''Alright, Minerva is in the hut, we'll have it done in a minute.''

They walked towards the hut and Bella just opened the door enough so she could ask Minerva to come outside.

''What is this about?'' asked Minerva. She took hard look at the women in front of her, the resemblance was terrifying and a shudder went down her spine. 'If we brought a second Bellatrix in the world...Merlin help us.'

''We're going to make an Unbreakable vow, take out your wand.'' Bellatrix said.

''Alright, I presume this is about Iris.'' When the women nodded Minerva took her wand and pointed at their clasped hands.

''Bellatrix Lestrange, do you promise not to harm Iris Victoire Black?'' asked Minerva.

''Yes, I do.''

''Do you promise not to harm Hermione Jane Black and Bellatrix Black?''

''Yes, I promise I will not harm them when I'm visiting Iris.'' Bellatrix responded, letting both Bella and Minerva to know that she doesn't plan to hold back in battle.

''Do you promise to protect Iris if need be?'' This question was asked by Bella, and it left Minerva in shock.

''Yes, I do.''

The Unbreakable vow was cast and all three women went inside the hut. When Bellatrix entered the hut, she saw Hermione holding a little child in her hands. Minerva carefully watched Bellatrix and was shocked. She believed that raven haired Death Eater wasn't capable of any kind of feelings, but she was proven wrong.

''This is Iris Victoire.'' Hermione said seeing Bellatrix just standing there in some kind of stupor.

''She's...she's beautiful.'' Bellatrix whispered. Iris had black hair and very dark brown eyes just like Bellatrix, but the child was clearly Hermione's, she had that something that Bellatrix just couldn't put her finger on.

''How old is she?'' asked Bellatrix.

''She's 4 months now. She was born on the 25th of May.'' Bella answered.

Iris looked at Bellatrix and even though Bella and Hermione both expected that she would cry, as she usually did with strangers, Iris just smiled and reached to Bellatrix.

''She has never reacted like that towards strangers.'' Hermione noted.

''She's not a stranger.'' said Bella in a gloomy voice.

''You, my little one,'' said Bellatrix, stepping towards Hermione and Iris, ''are the most beautiful creature I have ever seen.'' she gently ghosted her finger across Iris's cheek which caused the little girl to giggle.

It was November and the school year was in full swing. Hermione confessed to Minerva that she has been terribly tired, but that she wouldn't want it any other way. Bella went on missions and worked in classes, but she was able to be with Iris more than Hermione. Iris knew how to make her mom's crazy, so Hermione often found her fiancée sleeping on couch in Iris' room.

''You're getting soft, my brave Auror.'' grinned Hermione.

''Yes, well I don't want my bookworm not to be ready for school in the morning. And a crying baby would make her grumpy.'' Bella shrugged.

''I am not grumpy.'' protested Hermione.

''Thank you for proving my point.'' Bella grinned at Hermione.

''I hate you sometimes.'' Hermione said rolling her eyes.

''No, you don't.'' grinned Bella and trapped Hermione against fridge. ''I'm hot, charming, witty and you love me.''

''Oh please.'' Joked Hermione. ''Now let me pour some milk in my coffee.''


''What do you mean-no?''

''How many definitions of 'no' you know?'' Bella smirked, remembering their first encounter on the back porch of Sirius' house.

''Flash back, hmm?'' laughed Hermione.

''Oh yeah, there are many flash backs at the moment.'' grinned Bella as she began kissing Hermione.

''Well, you must tell me about them.''

''How's about I show you?'' smiled Bella pulling Hermione to her.

The cry of a hungry baby echoed through the house.

''I'll get it.'' said Hermione.

''Natural birth control.'' sighed Bella.

Bellatrix arrived in Forbidden forest twice a month. She spent few hours with Iris with supervision of Bella, Hermione, and Albus or Minerva.

''Are you alright?'' asked Hermione looking at Bellatrix who was limping.

''I'll be fine.'' Was Bellatrix's short response.

''If you're hurt, you should seek medical help and you can come...''

''I'm fine Hermione. This is nothing comparing with things I've been through, and besides my job isn't the safest one and I'd like to see her before I die.''

''Why would you die?''

''There is a war out there if you hadn't noticed. I can die at any moment and honestly I don't want to lose any more time with her.'' She looked at Iris who was busy with playing with her hair.

''I know that we usually don't speak and all that, but I want to ask you something. Why do you follow him?''

''I am who I am, a murderer who'll be hunted down by everyone except Death Eaters. If the Dark Lord wins I will be free and if not I'll make sure they kill me in the battle.''

''Well if you showed to the people...''

''There is nothing to show because they'll always see a murderer.'' Bellatrix said with finality in her voice.

''Let me look at that leg of yours.'' Hermione said. ''You need help, maybe I can help. I've healed Bella dozen times.''

''Fine, you can look.'' said Bellatrix lifting her dress to her knee. The wound was pretty deep and nasty, but Hermione knew how to treat it because Bella had come home with worse. She muttered few spells and Bellatrix was good as new.

''Thank you.''

''My pleasure.'' smiled Hermione.

Bella jumped up from her chair cursing herself for drifting off when she should be watching over Hermione and Iris.

''Relax, Junior.'' Bellatrix grinned. ''That look of terror doesn't suit you.''

''I should be watching you, not sleeping.'' commented Bella dryly.

''I won't hurt you or Iris, haven't you figured that out in these last two months?'' asked Bellatrix.

''A person must always be prepared.''


''Why aren't you acting like the sadistic witch everybody knows you as?'' asked Bella.

''That's what they think and I never bother to correct them. In fact it earned me my status.''

''Of cold blooded killer?''

''Of a skilled witch who's not afraid to go to any means to complete her task.''

''Look, I know that you're hiding something.'' Harry said as he and Hermione walked back to class.

''What are you talking about?'' asked Hermione.

''You're hiding something from us and I know you have your reasons, but if you need anything or want to talk, I'm here.'' he told her.

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