Chapter 24

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Minerva couldn't sleep and decided to see if Hermione and Bella were still awake. She knocked on their door, but after hearing a sob she entered the room.

''Hermione, what happened?'' she asked running to her favorite student.

''It's Bella...she's...'' Hermione sobbed as the older woman's arms pulled her close.

''What did Bella do?'' Minerva asked as she hugged the crying girl.

Hermione was still too shocked to give Minerva a proper answer, so Minerva patiently waited for Hermione to calm down.

''She left on a mission.'' Hermione finally said, still gasping a little. ''I told her Bellatrix and I kissed and she left.''

''Hermione, I'm sure everything will be alright. You just need...'' Minerva tried but couldn't find the right words to comfort the girl. ''Just give her a little time. She needs to process everything you said and come to terms with it.''

''She said she isn't angry at me, but at the situation.''

''You told her what Albus did?'' questioned Minerva, mentally kicking herself for trying to protect her oaf of a husband. He had the best intentions, but he can be so dumb sometimes, forgetting people are not chess pieces to be toyed with.

''No, I didn't. I knew she would get angry and confront him.'' Hermione told her and then she realized what Minerva was actually asking, ''Minerva, our loyalty to the Order is unquestionable. We will not switch sides or stop helping you; there is no need to worry. However, I must say that your husband is a complete...aghh.'' finished Hermione in anger.

''Idiot? Moron? Complete dunderhead? Yes, he has his moments. I'm afraid that war brings out the best and the worst in us. He's always shown his determination, tactical skills, and courage when he was in a fight, but he also shown his ability to treat people as mere objects.'' Minerva sighed.

''I understand him and that's the problem. I understand why he did that and why he decided to bring Bella into the future in the first place. He's being a good leader, he thinks about the end goal and he'll stopping at anything to achieve that. My heart just got in way of his goal and he decided to play at my emotions and connection with Bella, to help him lure Bellatrix.'' Hermione said a whirl of emotions in her trying to come out.

''Bella and Albus aren't here now. Talk to me, maybe I can help you.''

''Bella is Bellatrix, just the one who's fighting on our side. They share movements and gestures; the way she laughs is identical to Bellatrix. The look Bellatrix has in her eyes when she plays or sings to Iris, it's the same one Bella has when she's with Iris. They are the same and I...'' Hermione trailed off.

''Hermione, are you attracted to Bellatrix?'' Minerva asked calmly.

Hermione was losing an internal battle. What she tried so hard to hide came out into the open. ''Yes, I am.''

''Did you tell this to Bella?'' Minerva asked with slight curiosity.

''No, I just told her I feel a weak connection to her. Minerva I would never cheat on Bella!'' Hermione said defending herself before she could be attacked.

''I never said you would.'' Minerva calmly stated, knowing that the reason for Hermione's outburst was due to the fear of losing Bella. Who could blame her really? She is connected to two women, who are essentially one person only years apart.

''Sis, what are you doing here?'' Andromeda asked as Bella entered the house.

''I'm crashing here tonight.'' Bella told her.

''What happened?'' Andromeda asked as she eyed Bella.

''Nothing. What do you think, I come to see you only when I have a problem?'' Bella lashed out at her.

''I didn't say that. I merely noticed that you showed up at my house in the middle of the night without Hermione and Iris. That indicates that something is wrong.'' Andromeda shot back.

''I'm going to bed. I'll probably be gone when you wake up.'' Bella said as she went upstairs to guest room.

'Won't you be surprised tomorrow?' thought Andromeda smiling to herself.

And Bella was indeed surprised the following morning when she found out that Andromeda is going on a mission with them.

''She's not an Auror. She'll get injured or killed.'' Bella argued.

''I'm a grown woman and I'll do what I want.'' Andromeda yelled at Bella, acting very much little a stubborn teenager.

''And what do you want?'' spat Bella, ''You never know what you want.''

''That's not true!''

''When Ted Tonks said his favorite colour was blue you agreed with him, when father said that blue doesn't fit you, you nodded your head and listened! You don't know what you want because you always follow the others!'' yelled Bella.

''There is one difference in this.'' said Andromeda looking Bella in the eyes. ''You forget that I'm not 15 anymore. I've grown up and I'm doing this to help the cause, just like I did during the First war.''

''Fine, but I'm not saving your arse.'' shrugged Bella. Both Bella and Andromeda knew it was Bella's way of saying 'you're right, I'm sorry.'

Minerva walked into the Forbidden forest slightly shaking her head.

''You wanted to see me?'' voice questioned.

''Yes Bellatrix, I wish to speak with you.'' Minerva said in her most intimidating voice.

Bellatrix stepped out from behind a tree, ''Speak then.''

''You're confusing Hermione.'' Minerva told her.

''Your husband made her confused.'' Bellatrix retorted.

''Why do you say that?''

''I doubt Bella would allow me to spend this much time with Hermione if she knew about our connection. The only logical answer is that Dumbledore didn't say anything to Hermione or Bella.'' shrugged Bellatrix.

''You're making things worse for her.'' Minerva accused.

''How am I doing that? I promised I wouldn't pressure her and I promised not to do anything she doesn't want to. The only thing I've told her was the truth about our connection.''

''She's confused and scared. Bella left on a mission after a huge fight without apologizing. Hermione has been sobbing in her room and you tell me it's not your fault? Partly at least?''

''She's what?'' Bellatrix asked shocked, ''Why did Bella leave her without sorting this out?''

''Because she's confused and angry.'' Minerva sighed.

''I have to go.'' Bellatrix said and apparated before Minerva had a chance to speak again.

Hermione watched Iris for few minutes before walking out of her room to the kitchen. She was sipping her water when she heard purring behind her. She knew it wasn't Crookshanks because he sounded differently. She drew her wand and spun around. She was met by a black panther, very similar to the one who saved her from Draco.

But this cat was little older and had many scars visible. She always thought that the panther was Bella, now she had proof. However this time, in front of her wasn't Bella.

''Bellatrix.'' she breathed. The cat transformed into Bellatrix.

''I've heard Bella was an idiot today. I'm sorry for causing you problems.'' she said truthfully. ''Are you alright?''

''No.'' Hermione said. ''I want my wife.'' She began to sob again. Bellatrix took the few steps towards Hermione and pulled her in hug.

''She'll come back and you'll be alright. I know myself and right now she's kicking herself for hurting you. Her temper and pride got in the way of seeing things clearly. None of this is your fault Hermione, trust me.'' Bellatrix finished.

''Thank you, I needed that.'' Hermione said.

''C'mon, you're tired as hell, go to bed.'' Bellatrix said lightly pushing her towards her room. ''I'll show myself out.''

''You're right; I'm barley standing on my two feet. Thank you,'' she smiled at the woman. ''You should say hi to Iris before you go.'' she smiled weakly before entering the bedroom.

Bellatrix indeed went to see Iris and watched her while as she slept. She decided that it was time to get going so she went towards the main door, but she glanced to the bedroom and even though her mind scream at her not to she did. Quietly she opened the door and watched a sleeping Hermione. Bellatrix stopped breathing for a moment or two; Hermione truly was the most beautiful person she ever saw. Bella was indeed a lucky lady; Bellatrix concluded closing the door and transforming into her animagus.

The Aurors and Andromeda were in Paris for three days already and they were scheduled to go home the following morning.

''Will you tell me what the problem is already?'' Andromeda asked Bella.

''What problem?''

''You've said 5 words to us in three days. There must be something bothering you, so tell me already.''

''Fine...'' sighed Bella.

''Bella!'' Tonks came running in the room, ''Come quick!''

Andromeda and Bella followed Tonks into the living room of the house they rented. Bellatrix stood in the middle of the room with her wand pressed against Lupin's neck.

''A word with you, in privet.'' growled Bellatrix. ''And you'' she said to Lupin, ''Stop trying to kill me! You won't succeed and I'm getting headache.'' she finished and pushed him aside.

''What do you want?'' asked Bella, ''Except my wife?'' everyone stared at Bella.

''Your wife is my wife, you fool.'' she said, ''But, I'm not here because of that, I'm here because you're an idiot! She cried because of you almost whole night. Don't you see what you have? She's standing up against magic to be with you, you moron! Did they erase your memory when you were brought into the future, because it's obvious you do not remember your parents.'' yelled Bellatrix. Bella looked at Bellatrix shocked, knowing at what she's getting at.

''I'm not like him.'' said Bella.

''No? You sure? Your wife is home crying because of you and you left her and your child both unprotected and alone.'' challenged Bellatrix.

''What was I supposed to do?'' asked Bella, ''I have a job to do and I was surprised by news I found out.''

''Your job is not as important as they are! If it is, then you need to resort your priorities.''

''Why are you giving me a lecture? You're a follower of Voldemort, a psychotic killer without a heart.'' yelled Bella.

''I'm giving you a lecture because I don't want you to end like me. An aurors job is the same as a Death Eaters and it's a job that takes away a lot. I'm giving you a lecture because I'm giving up on Hermione and Iris and chance of a happy life because I think you deserve it.''

''What am I supposed to do?''

''Go home to your wife and child. But remember, if you hurt her again like this, I'll hunt you down and gladly take your place.'' she finished.

''Bellatrix...'' Andromeda's shaky voice could be heard.

''Hey sis,'' said Bellatrix looking at her, ''you still alive?''

''Cosi cosi. You?'' smiled Andromeda remembering how they used to do this all the time.

''Getting too old for this shit.''

''I hear ya.'' chuckled Andromeda. ''My arm is killing me and I've only been in a 15 minute fight.''

Bellatrix noticed a wrapped gash at Andromeda's upper arm.

''Who did that?''

''Never mind.'' Andromeda said quickly.

''Yaxley.'' Tonks cut in.

''Nymphadora!'' Andromeda yelled at her daughter.

''Thanks.'' smiled Bellatrix.

''Don't kill him.'' Andromeda said, her words lacking any sincerity.

''Oh, I won't.'' smiled Bellatrix, ''No fun once their heart stops.'' and then apparated.

''Still insufferable.'' sighed Andromeda.

Bella came home in the middle of the night and found Hermione in Iris' room. She was sleeping on the couch, the book which she was reading still in her hands.

''Honey.'' Bella whispered putting a hand on Hermione's shoulder.

''Bella?'' Hermione's sleepy voice asked.

''Hey, honey. I'm back'' she smiled weakly. ''I'm so sorry. I was being unfair to you. I promise I'll never do anything like that again. You and Iris are everything to me and I'm sorry I haven't been showing you that lately.''

''I know we are the most important thing to you, what I want is your understanding about this whole situation.'' Hermione said to her.

''You have it Hermione, I love you and I trust you. You've never shown anything except loyalty to me, even if magic was against you.''

Hermione smiled for the first time in four days and sat up to kiss her wife.

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