Chapter 25

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''Bella.'' greeted Dumbledore as she entered his office.

''Dumbledore.'' she smiled.

''Thank you for joining me and Severus on this meeting.''

''I thought the whole Order will be here.'' said Bella.

''No, this is only for your ears I'm afraid.'' Dumbledore said.

''Alright, what's the problem?'' asked Bella.

''It's not the problem Bella, it's a solution.'' smiled Dumbledore.

''I'll bite.'' shrugged Bella ''What is solution?''

''His death.'' Severus said.

''Come again?'' Bella said as she looked at Severus.

''Relax Bella, we all die. So will I, very soon I'm afraid. You see my death is imperative in our mission, it will persuade Voldemort that Severus is on his side and it will put Harry, Ron and Hermione on right track.'' finished Dumbledore.

''How can you do that?'' Bella asked. ''Don't you see what you do to people? You'll hurt Minerva, I don't want to mention the damage your death will do to Harry. You've already put Hermione and me in awful situation and from what I gathered you plan on making Snape kill you. How can you do that?"

''There is a reason for everything Bella, war hurts people I know but a greater good is the most important. He must fail this time Bella, because I don't think there will be anyone able to kill him if Harry doesn't.'' Dumbledore said.

''Tell me what I need to know.'' said Bella.

''Voldemort is a great wizard Bella, but he is not immortal. The only reason why he's alive is because his soul is split. You cannot kill a man without his soul so he split his soul and until now he survived. Objects in which a person puts a part of its soul is called Horcrux.''

''How can you split your soul?'' asked confused Bella.

''Every time you kill, a part of your soul tears apart and if a person committing the murder had drank potion before he or she killed, they can put a part of soul in an object. Voldemort did so, that's why he is still alive.'' Snape explsined.

''What can I do?'' asked Bella.

''Try and find out what are the Horcruxes.'' Dumbledore said simply.

''How am I supposed to do that?'' asked Bella ''I'm not on Bellatrix's good side at the moment, thanks to you.''

''I'm sure you'll try your best.'' said Dumbledore.

''I presumed you'll be here this time.'' smiled Bellatrix seeing Bella.

''I can't trust you alone with my wife obviously, so I am the only option.'' Bella responded.

''Is Iris up?''

''Yes, she's playing with toys in her crib.''

''You left your child alone in a bedroom?'' asked Bellatrix.

''The doors are open and I can see her perfectly from this chair. Besides, I've played with her for last two hours, I deserve a break.''

''Right, well then I should go and take over.''

Bellatrix walked up to Iris, who when she saw Bellatrix smiled widely and reached towards her.

''Hello, little girl. How are you today?'' asked Bellatrix as she picked the baby up from the crib. ''You're getting big, little one. Yes, you are.'' she smiled.

''I can't understand it.'' Bellatrix turned around to find Bella standing at the doorway. ''How could I've become you? What happened to me that I decided to throw away all of this- loving wife and children for Him? More importantly, why do you care now? After the years of destruction and hate, how on Earth have you found love?''

''I got lost along the way, I've let myself believe in something that is not real. But mostly I enjoyed the power, you know what I'm talking about.'' Bella knew what she was talking about- about that sense of victory, feeling bubbling in the pit of her stomach every time she killed someone. ''I didn't Hermione like you, no one I'd choose over Him. I care today because I have a child and a wife, even if they are yours.'' she sighed.

Bella was astounded by those words and a revelation hit her, but before she could speak up Bellatrix started to talk with Iris again.

''You were so tiny when you were born, your mommies and I were worried about you. But now, I know you're truly Black and that you're going to survive through this all.'' smiled Bellatrix.

''You saw her when she was in infirmary?'' Bella questioned.

''Did you really think I wouldn't go and see her?'' asked Bellatrix. ''I never thought I would feel like I did that day. That was the day I decided that I live for her, not for Him anymore because...''

''Because when you see your eyes staring back at you, you know you will do everything to protect your child.'' finished Bella ''She resembles us so much.''

''Yes, she does. She's a real Black, though I hope she inherited Hermione's temper.'' Bellatrix said.

''You're not the only one.'' laughed Bella.

''She's sleepy. I'll put her back in crib and try to put her asleep.''

Bellatrix took a toy out of Iris' hands and when she tried to protest about it Bellatrix shushed her quietly. Baby looked into Bellatrix' eyes and locked her glance with Bellatrix'. Bellatrix hummed for a minute or two before she started to sing.

And finding answers

Is forgetting all of the questions we called home

Passing the graves of the unknown

As reason clouds my eyes, with splendour fading

Illusions of the sunlight

And the reflection of a lie will keep me waiting

Love gone for so long

She walked slowly around the crib gently patting the baby.

This day's ending is the proof of time killing all the faith I know

Knowing that faith is all I hold

And I've lost who I am

And I can't understand

Why my heart is so broken

Rejecting your love

Without love gone wrong


Less words

Carry on

She put Iris in crib, stroking her little belly with her fingers.

But I know

All I know

Is that the ends beginning

Who I am from the start

Take me home to my heart

Let me go

And I will run

I will not be silenced

All this time spent in vain

Wasted years

Wasted gain

All is lost

Hope remains

And this war's not over

There's a light

There's the sun

Taking all the shattered ones

To the place we belong

And his love will conquer

The baby fell asleep and Bellatrix smiled genuinely. Both her and Bella walked out the bedroom.

'' Can I stay until she wakes up?''

''Yes, it's okay.'' said Bella ''You really love them, don't you? Really, honestly love them.''

''I've told you before, I do love them. Iris and Hermione are the only family Bellatrix Black ever created. You created.''

''Bellatrix, promise me you will protect them.''

''I've already gave you my word and made an unbreakable wow. You already know I'll protect them, why are you questioning me?''

''I know about Horcruxes. I need to find them.''

''There are eight of them, but I don't know where they are. I'll find out.'' Bellatrix said. ''I'll be back in half an hour.'' with that she appareted.

''Narcissa.'' greeted Bellatrix.

''Bella.'' said Narcissa ''To what I owe this pleasure.''

''I don't think you'll find this pleasurable. I need you to find out what objects are Horcruxes.''

''How could I found out? Only He knows what they are.'' huffed Narcissa.

''Your skills will be in handy, I guess.'' shrugged Bellatrix.

''I'm not seducing Dark Lord just to protect that Mudblood and brat of yours!'' Narcissa yelled.

''You are,'' said Bellatrix and walked up to her, ''if you want me to protect your son. It's eye for an eye Narcissa, you protect my child I'll protect yours.''

''You're mad, he'll never tell me.''

''Try and I'll protect your precious son.''

''You're back.'' said Bella.

''Yeah, I needed to put my plan into action. I hope it'll work out.'' she smiled.

''She's still asleep, but before she wakes up I wanted to tell you something.'' started Bella. ''I'm sorry for what I've said and I'm sorry for not seeing how much you've changed. You were wrong Bellatrix, this is not only my family. It's ours, yours, mine and Hermione's.''


''I know. I know who you are and what you do, I can't ask you to change that. It would only result in your death. I want you to know Iris and Hermione, because I know. Minerva told me that Hermione's soul is partially connected with you, I can't be the reason she never get to, at least, know you.''

''I would never...''

''Then don't, but get to know her at least. War is coming, one of us will die probably and we both need to know Hermione good enough to predict her moves and protect her.''

''Alright.'' agreed Bellatrix.

''Narcissa.'' Bellatrix greeted.

''I've been successful, Dark Lord has allowed me to enter his bed.'' said Narcissa with disgust.

''I need to find out what they are as soon as possible. Narcissa, tomorrow I'll fulfill my part of the bargain. Your son will be protected and he won't need to kill anybody.''

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