Chapter 26

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''Hello dear.'' Bellatrix said making Hermione jump.

''Bellatrix, do you have to do that? I will have a heart attack one day.'' said Hermione holding to her chests.

''You do know that the heart attack isn't deadly in Wizarding world, right?''

''Yes, I do know that. What are you doing here anyway?''

''I'm waiting Bella, I have the information she needed.'' said Bellatrix.

''Oh, would you like a coffee?'' asked Hermione.

''Coffee?'' confused witch asked.

''I'll get you one, alright? You decide if you like it or not.'' smiled Hermione.

''Is Iris up?''

''No, she's asleep but I know she'll be up very soon. She started to walk on her own and she's making the most of it. She walks few steps, then she falls down on her butt, but she's up in a second moving even quicker. She also decided to skip sleeping because walking is much more fun to do.'' said Hermione.

Bellatrix laughed at that. ''She's like Andromeda, she also ran up and down the house when she was a baby. I remember when I was four and she was two, she just learnt how to run and talk at the same time. I just wanted to sleep, but she kept waking me up so I made up a game which never allowed her to do both at the same time. With time I managed to persuade her to run in circles.''

''That's terrible.'' said Hermione laughing at the picture.

''I had to protect her from our parents and that meant I never let them see her having fun.'' shrugged Bellatrix.

''Here you go.'' handing Bellatrix a cup of coffee.

She cautiously smelled the drink and had a sip. ''This isn't bad.''

''I know, plus it gives you more energy.'' nodded Hermione.

''Mommy!'' a yell echoed through the small apartment.

''Our daughter is up.'' said Hermione and walked into Iris' room.

Bellatrix was taken aback with the 'our daughter' comment. Hermione was thinking about the same comment as she made her way to Iris' room.

''You awake sweety?''

''Yes, mommy.'' said Iris.

''Your mom is here.'' Iris smiled widely at that.

Hermione walked out with the baby in her hands.

''Hello sweety.'' Bellatrix smiled.

''Mom!'' exclaimed Iris reaching to Bellatrix.

''Come here.'' said Bellatrix taking Iris and kissing her on the cheek, ''How is my little girl? Are you good?'' Iris nodded.

''I've heard you can walk. So lets see it.'' Bellatrix said and put Iris slowly on the floor. Iris immediately started to walk around.

''Good girl, mom is proud of you.'' Iris turned around slowly with big smile on her face, but quickly ran off.

''You're beaming.'' said Hermione with smile.

''My only daughter is walking on her own, I'm allowed.'' protested Bellatrix taking her cup of coffee and sitting at the kitchen counter.

''It's alright, I haven't meant anything bad by it.'' chuckled Hermione leaning on kitchen island.

''Oh, shut up.'' Bellatrix rolled her eyes. ''By the way, I always wanted to ask, but never got a chance. How did you conceive Iris?''

Hermione chocked on her coffee and started to cough; Bellatrix laughed as she stood up and patted Hermione's back until she stopped coughing.

''Do we need to talk about it?'' Hermione asked face turning bright red.

''Yes. I want to know, I mean I doubt you were planning on having kids at this age.''

''You're right we didn't plan to have kids this soon. It's Ginny's fault really, she suspected that something was going on between Bella and me so she gave me this book '100 spells to make your sex life better'.''

''I know that book, few interesting spells.'' Grinned Bellatrix, ''Especially the one on 53rd page.''

Hermione blushed because she knew on which spell Bellatrix meant and the picture that was in her head made her blush even harder.

''You're imagining me and that spell aren't you.'' Bellatrix smiled seductively.

''Moving on.'' said Hermione. Bellatrix laughed out loud.

''Mommy?'' Iris interrupted pointed at the glass.

''You're thirsty?'' asked Bellatrix and Iris nodded.

''What should I get her?'' She asked Hermione.

''There is a juice inside. She loves it the most.''

''Like mother like daughter.'' smiled Bellatrix as she opened the fridge and took out a juice.

''That's what Bella said too.'' Hermione shook her head.

After Iris finished her drink she ran off hoping she would finally break something. It wasn't because she didn't try hard enough, but you can't break magic and Bella and Hermione enchanted everything.

''So where were we?'' Bellatrix questioned, ''Oh yes, you were imagining me and the spell on the 53rd page.'' she winked and Hermione blushed again.

''Anyway, the book has two similar spells.'' said Hermione

''You messed up the Genero muto and Genero mutation haven't you?''

''Not me, Bella.''

''How on earth did you two manage to do that?''

''We were in a hurry and she forgot which meant what, so she just murmured the spell she first remembered.''

Bellatrix laughed again. ''It's not funny, Bella almost had a heart attack when she heard the news.''

''I would too.'' Bellatrix managed to say through the laughter. Hermione slapped her arm.

Bella walked into the apartment to see Bellatrix laughing and Hermione slapping her arm.

''Hey.'' said Bella.

''Hi honey.'' Hermione said and greeted her with a kiss.

''Mom.'' Iris said running over. Bella took her in her arms and kissed her cheek.

''What's so funny?'' asked Bella smiling.

''I'm laughing at Hermione's expression and ability to blush in two seconds.''

''She asked me how we got Iris.'' Hermione cleared.

''Ahhh, I get it.'' Bella smiled.

''Down.'' was a simple command and Iris was running around again.

''Iris, do not touch that book!'' said Hermione sternly and Iris put it down in a second.

''We have to talk about Horcruxes.'' said Bellatrix ''I'm on my way to see Dumbledore, you two coming?''

''I'll take Iris to Madame Pomfrey and I'll join you in his office.''

When Hermione, Bella, Bellatrix, Minerva and Dumbledore all settled in Dumbledore's office the meeting began.

''Like you all know, there are eight Horcruxes. Narcissa managed to find out what are they. Horcrux can be any object, but Dark Lord chose the objects with meaning to him.'' Bellatrix started, ''First two Horcruxes are already destroyed, first part of his soul was in Quirinus Quirrell, but when Harry killed him he destroyed the part of a soul along with him. Second Horcrux was his diary which Harry also destroyed. So there are six left- Marvolo Gaunt's Ring, Salazar Slytherin's Locket, Helga Hufflepuff's Cup, Rowena Ravenclaw's Diadem and two unknown.''

''Unknown?'' asked Hermione

''Well, that he didn't reveal and I personally think it's too dangerous for Narcissa to try and dig deeper.''Bellatrix responded

''Never mind, we will cross that brige when we come to it, we need to find the ones we know about and destroy them.'' Bella said ''How will we find them?''

''I know that Helga Hufflepuff's Cup is in my vault.'' smiled Bellatrix. ''But the locations of the others I do not know.''

''Now, we know what the Horcruxes are. I'll talk to Harry tomorrow and let him know about everything.'' said Dumbledore.

''Hey Mione'' greeted Ron as he sat in armchair.

''Hi Ron. Where are Harry and Ginny?''

''Have no idea, though Harry did offer to help Ginny with Potion homework.'' he said. Hermione smiled knowing that Harry and Ginny had finally gotten together.

''Hey Ron, when are you going to ask Lavander our?'' asked Hermione.

''I don't know.'' he blushed.

''You really should, I think she really likes you.'' said Hermione.

''Has she said anything?''

''Yep, she said you're cute.''

''I'm going to ask her out tomorrow.'' he smiled ''Thanks Mione.''

''Not a problem Ron.'' she smiled ''Now, tell me what's new in the Quidditch championship.''

''Oh, right. I watched the game yesterday...''

''Are you sure this is the place sir?'' asked Harry looking at the old, abounded house.

''Yes, I've hid Marvolo Gaunt's Ring there.'' said Dumbledore ''Let's go. We need to find it.''

''Bellatrix, Lucius, Severus and Draco, you will go to the Dead man's cliff. There is an old house and inside is a ring I want. Tear the house and all the people you need to, but get me that ring!'' yelled Voldemort.

''Yes, my Lord.'' said the four voice before they apparated.

''Here it is Harry.'' said Dumbledore ''Just where I left it. Harry reach into that bag I gave you.''

Harry reached and pulled out the Gryffindor's sword and gave it to Dumbledore. After giving the sword to the Dumbledore the four dark figures tore through the windows and finished appareting. Draco, Bellatrix, Lucius and Severus stood in front of them. Harry and Dumbledore drew their wands.

''We need that ring.'' said Lucius.

''You're not getting it.'' Harry replied.

''You little brat!'' yelled Bellatrix. ''Crucio!''

''Protego!'' defended Harry.

''Stupefy!'' Dumbledore stunned Lucius.

''Sectumsempra '' yelled Harry but Severus put a Protego around himself.

''Harry put on a strong protego!'' ordered Dumbledore and Harry did so. He put all of his energy into it while Dumbledore grabbed a sword and smashed the Ring.

''No!'' screamed Lucius.

''Harry, run!'' Dumbledore grabbed him and they ran into the hallway and into some room. Harry found himself push in some sort of hidden cabinet.

Draco stood in front of Dumbledore.

''Draco, you don't need to do this.'' said Dumbledore.

''You don't understand, I have to kill you. Dark Lord order me to, if I don't kill you he'll kill me and my mom. He will know that you were here tonight and he will know if I let you go.'' said Draco crying.

''I know. It'll be alright, everything will be alright.'' said Dumbledore in his ever calm voice.

''Kill him Draco!'' said Lucius walking into the room. ''You can do it! I know you can.''

''Seems that the boy can't do it.'' mocked Bellatrix. ''I guess somebody else will have to do it.''

Severus pointed his wand towards Dumbledore.

Seeing his second guessing Dumbledore said ''Severus please.''

''Avadra Kedavra!'' the spell his Dumbledore in his chest and he fell on the floor. Four figures appareted and Harry ran out of the closet.

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