Chapter 27

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''No!No! Professor!'' yelled Harry shaking Dumbledore as if that would bring him back.

After crying helplessy for few minutes, Harry apparated them.

''I'm wondering where is Harry for so long.'' stated Ron

''Where is your sister?'' Hermione asked

''I don't know, why?'' asked confused Ron

''Nothing.'' smiled Hermione ''Don't worry, I'm sure Harry is in good hands.''

''Hey guys, what are you doing?'' Ginny walked in the common room and sat on the couch

''Talking about Quiddtich and wondering where Harry is.'' replied Ron

''Have you seen Harry?'' asked now worried Hermione

''Nope, I've been studying for my test tomorrow.'' Ginny answered

'Dumbledore must have invited him to that talk' mused Hermione

Harry apparated with Dumbledore's body in Minerva's office. Her office was the place they appareted in the first place and Hogwarts magic allowed them to apparate back on the same spot.

''Did the mission...''started Minerva hearing a loud crack but seeing her husband's dead body,she dropped the book she was holding and ran to his side

''Albus?'' Minerva said with shaky voice ''Oh Albus...''

Harry moved back and leant back on the desk, tears falling down his cheeks.

''What happened?'' asked Minerva

''Lucius, Snape and Bellatrix were there. They atacked us, then Draco showed himself. Voldemort wanted Draco to kill Dumbledore, but he couldn't do it.'' said Harry

''Who did it?'' asked Minerva holding Albus' hand ''Who did it?'' she yelled this time

''Snape. Snape killed him.'' Harry answered in low voice

Bella was watching Iris when she heard familiar crack behind her. Iris giggled and reached out with her hands towards Bellatrix who was standing a feet away.

''Hey baby.'' Bellatrix picked Iris up and gave her a kiss on her little perfect cheek. Iris immediatly put her hands in her mothers thich hair

''Is the ring destroyed?'' asked Bella raising from her seet

''Yes, it's destroyed. Bella...'' started Bellatrix, but Bella cut her

''He's dead. Severus had killed him.''

''How did you know?'' confused Bellatrix asked

''I knew it would happen, I just wasn't sure when. But when I saw your face...'' she trailed off

''I'm sorry. Look I have a confession, I presumed that he'll...''

''Don't.'' Bella cut her off again ''We all play games, it's war out there. How you knew or what did you do with it...I don't care.'' she sighed ''Hermione dosen't know about this. She always counted on Dumbledore to guide us through this mess and I never had any intention on messing up her ideas.''

''Don't you think you should?'' Bellatrix asked taking Iris to her room ''She has a right to know.'' she put Iris down in her play space

''What I choose to tell my wife is not your buissness!'' Bella snapped

''Don't go yelling at me!'' shot back Bellatrix putting silencing spell on Iris' room ''You should have told her!''

''I have a job in the Order! I can't tell everything to my wife! I need to protect her and sometimes I can only do that by not telling her something.''

''Your job is to make sure she lives through this hell!'' Bellatrix yelled back ''You're not helping her by not telling her the whole story! If something happens to you, she'll be short on informations and that puts her in risk!''

''The Order will...'' started Bella but this time Bellatrix cut her off

''I'm sorry to burts your bubble, but Order wants to win a war not save your wife!''

''You have no idea what you're talking about!" Bella shouted

''Shut up! I've been through this once before Bella! I know what I'm talking about!'' yelled Bellatrix ''War brings sacrafices, you saw it yourself on missions and today with Dumbledore. Trust me when I say that there is no battle free of death! And if your death or Hermione's, or anyones for that matter, is what will help to win this war- they will do it. And they will do it without a second thought, no matter how much you did for them. In the end you fight for everyone, but you fight against death alone.'' Bellatrix finished

''There are things she shouldn't know.'' said Bella much more quieter then before

''You're lowering her chances of survivng by depriving her informations!'' Bellatrix said

''She would have tried to do it differently. She would search for alternitive way and there was no time for that.''

''You didn't know when he was supposed to die. You said it yourself.'' acussed Bellatrix

''Never the less, she would slow down the proces. I couldn't allow that, I told Dumbledore his plan was safe with me.''

''I can see you have learnt nothing. Your priorites are still not sorted correctly and your loyalty to Dumbledore was bigger then your loyalty to her.'' Bellatrix shook her head

''That's not true. I'm loyal to Hermione.'' defended Bella

''I never said you weren't. I said that your loyalty towards Hermione was beaten by your loyalty to a cause and a people who are willing to sacrifes you and your family in a heartbeat. Maybe when you realise what situation is you'll learn to value what you've got. But I guess I'll have to take things in my own hands to protect Hermone and Iris.''

''What are you talking about?''

''Like you said, there is a war out there and everyone plays their game.''said Bellatrix and added ''Your wife is coming.'' before apparating

''I'm beat, I'm off to bed.'' said Hermione getting up ''Tell Harry I said hi when he comes back.''

''Sure will.'' said Ron

As Hermione apprached the door, she heard a loud crack from other side. She expected to find Bella in company of Minerva or Bellatrix as she walked in, but instead she found concerned Bella.

''What's wrong?'' Hermione asked

''Harry and Dumbledore have destroyed the ring.'' Bella replied

''Well that's great news, why are you in bad mood?'' asked Hermione confused

''Hermione, Dumbledore...'' she sighed looking her wife in the eyes ''Dumbledore is dead.''

''What?'' shricked Hermione putting her hand on her mouth trying to stop a sob which already escaped ''When? Who told you this?''

''Bellatrix said he is dead. She left a moment you came, but she wouldn't tell me what happen in detail.'' Bella lied

Harry, Hermione, Ron and Bella were standing in Headmaster's office looking at their Transformation teacher who was sitting on a couch with glass of a whiskey in her hand.

''Professor?'' approached Hermione and put a hand on older woman's

''I informed Ministry about the sitation and they are on their way. I'm not sure what will happen now.'' she spoke in her Scotish accent which was now belted with broken note

''Professor, I am so sorry about this.'' said Hermione

For the first time Minerva turned her head from the fireplace and looked at her ''I know you are, sweet girl.''

Familiar crack filled the room as Kingsley appareted out of breath ''Minister and his associates are on the way! Harry, Ron and Hermione must run! They will publish that Dumbledore's death is their fault!''

''What?'' exclaimed Minerva and Bella in the same moment

''They will not let this story out, they created a new story in which Harry and his friends are the ones responsible for this. They don't intend to let out that Vo...that He's back.''

''They said...'' started Minerva

''They lied!'' Kingsley said ''They haven't said anything about incedent in the Ministry last year, all those stories in the press were never confirmed. You knew that! They couldn't handle a panic and they still can, so they are avoiding truth.''

''They don't have much time as it is, why prolong something that should have been said a year ago?'' asked Minerva

''There will be causelties because of their stupidity!'' Bella yelled

''They don't care Bella! They are saving their ass, trying to camoflage the real situation! Just as I'm trying to save your ass and think of a plan for your escape!'' Kingsley said

'And they will do it without a second thought, no matter how much you did for them'

''What now?'' asked Minerva

''They run with a mission of finding all Horcruxes!''

''Go! Let's go!'' Bella yelled pushing Harry, Ron and Hermione out of the office.

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